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The International Works Department,[note 1] also known as Justea,[note 2] was an elite police department in the World Police. Stationed at the Marlon World Police headquarters in Bariti, the department undertook investigations all across the Evillious region, involving itself in many high profile cases.



After the establishment of the World Police in EC 573, the International Works Department was established within the organization as part of the negotiations between the various Evillious governments and the Freezis Foundation. Once stationed at the World Police's Marlon headquarters in Bariti, the department's first chief named it "Justea" after the Beelzenian Emperor of the same name. Over the years, the elite officers of Justea assisted the other departments with numerous cases across the Evillious region.[1]

Père Noël[]

During the turn of the 6th century EC, Hob Homer became the new International Works Department chief. At some point, Heidemarie Lorre was recruited as a Justea officer; over the following years, the department received numerous complaints from various Evillious governments concerning Heidemarie's field behavior.[1] In EC 607, investigator Willus Zorach shot and killed the Père Noël assassin codenamed Fifth Pierrot.[2] In the latter half of August, EC 609, Heidemarie was assigned to investigate the attack on Aceid's Deputy Mayor Banner on August 15.

On October 6, Heidemarie took over the investigation of Ton Corpa's murder in Rolled, Lucifenia, and abduction of the manager's diva Rin Chan allegedly perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot. After tracking them to Toragay, the officer raided a local inn that night and confirmed the suspect and target weren't present at the establishment.[3] Heidemarie was later removed from the case and formally discharged for a vacation on October 15.

On October 17, investigator Heidemarie was made suspect in the mysterious deaths at the Toragay Charity Institute. On October 19, the officer was secretly arrested by the Interrogation Execution Department and imprisoned in Marlon. Later that day, she escaped and disappeared.[1] After the Toragay Mysterious Epidemic Disturbance case was formally closed, Chief Homer promoted constable Ayn Anchor as a Justea officer to replace Heidemarie.[4]

Rolled Serial Killings[]

On January 2, Ayn Anchor and Willus Zorach were assigned to handle the recent prostitute murders in Rolled allegedly perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot. On January 4, the investigators examined the corpse of Eloise Huguenet murdered earlier that morning and began investigating the local brothels.[4] After the murders suddenly ended, the investigation hit a dead end. Later on, Bruno Marlon pressured the department to recall the Rolled investigators to the Marlon headquarters before May 23 of that year.

In response, the International Works Department launched a secret investigation of Bruno, assigning investigator Qyoichi to handle the case. After discovering evidence connecting Bruno to Père Noël, the findings were forwarded to Willus and Ayn along with the termination order. After receiving the letters on May 17, the officers investigated the brothel on 7th block and the belongings of the recently deceased Isabel Ismael.

After discovering a connection between Bruno and the missing Kaidor Blankenheim, investigator Willus returned to headquarters as ordered for briefing on discoveries regarding Bruno while investigator Ayn headed to Elphegort to investigate Kaidor's past.[2] After gathering information over the following week, the investigators discovered Kaidor Blankenheim had replaced Bruno through Père Noël and was likely plotting to assassinate fellow Freezis Foundation vice president Nob Nicole.

On May 23, Willus and Ayn interrupted the meeting between the Lucifenian government and Freezis Foundation chief executives at the Lucifenian Palace and arrested Bruno.[5] After Kaidor's murder around mid September, investigator Willus investigated the crime scene at Castle Hedgehog. After the murders in Rolled restarted again in October, officer Ayn returned to the city to investigate. On December 26, Ayn answered an anonymous tip to meet in front of the Abelard Mansion and was ambushed by Fifth Pierrot shortly before the assassin was killed.[6]

Later Cases[]

After receiving a report that Julia Abelard was claiming to be the "Hero of the Revolution" in early February, officers Willus and Ayn visited the alleged former president at her detention cell in Elphegort. After interrogating Germaine Avadonia, the department officers signed off for Germaine to be transferred to Lucifenia while they continued investigating and monitoring the woman.[7] Justea continued to exist during the era of the Union State of Evillious. As tensions rose between the World Police and the Dark Star Bureau over the acquitting of supposed witches in trials, Justea was mobilized and began a secret investigation into the Dark Star Bureau.[8]

Organization and Structure[]

Functioning as a department within the World Police, the International Works Department was headed by a commissioner and functioned as the World Police's elite task force. Composed of officers from the different nations in Evillious, the department mainly staffed investigators; despite its officers differing in terms of experience and achievements, no actual hierarchy existed among the investigators.[2] As its members were given a great amount of freedom, Justea intentionally minimized its forces.[1] Due to being founded by the Freezis Foundation, the department was heavily influenced by the company and its owners.[9]

Known Members[]




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