Inscription Marks[note 1] were a method of casting magic. Consisting of symbols carved into an object or surface to perform a specific effect, they had a variety of uses.



The Acceleration Inscription Mark[note 2] was a type of inscription mark associated with Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia. When inscribed into an object, it increased its speed by speeding up the flow of time around it.[1] When used on weapons, it made them more effective, as with the case of swords,[2] cannons,[3] and guns.[4] As a side effect, the inscription mark shortened the object's lifespan, causing it to break down more quickly; it was for this reason that it was inadvisable to use acceleration symbols on living beings. The ones used by Gumillia were activated by the incantation "Rekles rev".[1]

Boost MagicEdit

A type of inscription mark associated with Nemesis Sudou. It could be carved into the ground as a circle and activated at will, and was used to boost the user's magical power.[5]

Enhance WeaponEdit

A type of inscription mark associated with Elluka Clockworker. Distinct from acceleration symbols, it greatly enhanced a weapon's power, as with the case of the rocket glove used by Kyle Marlon.[2]

Negate Spell SongEdit

A type of inscription mark associated with Mayrana Blossom. When placed on an area such as the walls of a house, they could seal the effects of any and all spell songs within said area. The ones used by Mayrana gave off a black light, and could be hidden from sight or revealed at will.[4]

Track TargetEdit

A type of inscription mark associated with Gumillia. As with the case of Germaine's sword, it could be carved into an object and, when activated, cause the symbol itself to shine a beam of light straight towards a target, allowing the user to utilize it for tracking.[6]





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