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Inheritors[note 1] were humans in the Third Period who were born with the powers of an individual from the Second Period, despite having no blood relation to them. Most of the abilities were inherited from the Demons of Sin.


Inheritors were beings that were, through unknown means, born with the Third Period abilities of an individual from the Second Period.[1] The abilities "inherited" were unique ones to the original earthlings and could not be learned by anyone who hadn't had the luck to be born with them.[2] Despite this, an inheritor's offspring could inherit the inheritor's abilities through genetics, exemplified by the Octo Family which continued to pass on the Prophetic Dream ability possessed by the original inheritor of Rahab Barisol. Individuals could also obtain these abilities by the Body Swap Technique as in the case with Elluka Clockworker, who received Lukana's Prophetic Dream ability after swapping into her body.[3] The inheritor could also retain their abilities even if moved to a new body, however, as in the case of Irina Clockworker retaining her blue fire magic even after her soul was placed in the plush cat and later in the Clockworker's Doll.[4]

Known Instances

Ability Original Inheritor
Blue Fire Magic Salem Dunbar Irina Clockworker
Prophetic Dream Rahab Barisol Lukana Octo
Artificial eyes Behemo Barisol Mikhail Asayev



  • The Zvezda family was theorized to be descended from Held Yggdra,[5] however whether a member was simply an inheritor or if they truly were related is uncertain.




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