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Incantations were a method of casting magic. Using certain words or phrases as a way to activate the spells, incantations could produce a variety of effects.


Manipulate Plants[]


A type of spell associated with Gumillia. It allowed the user to quickly grow and manipulate plant life, and could be used in combat. Among its applications were controlling flowers, vines, and tree branches. One technique in particular was activated by the phrase "Rewolf resal" and additionally involved adopting a prayer stance. It involved blooming a white flower over the user's head, and having said flower fire a laser.[1] The spell was dependent on the existing plants in the area.[2]

Move Demons[]


A type of spell associated with Irina Clockworker. It was activated with an incantation and allowed the user to extract the Demons of Sin from their vessels or hosts and move them around, usually to other vessels. The technique required a large amount of magical power to achieve, particularly as demons were more difficult to control than human souls.[3] Despite this, the technique could be used by those with no or little magical potential with assistance, as seen with Prim Marlon through use of the Clockworker's Doll.[4]

Project Spirit[]

A type of spell associated with Gumillia. It was activated as a ritual by the incantation "Revlover, a em ot, evag atnas". As with the case of Michaela, the target's spirit could be allowed to manifest as an intangible apparition outside their physical form. The ritual, however, was unable to project the target for very long and could only be used a certain number of times before being rendered ineffective.[5]

Restore Consciousness[]

A type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker. It was used on the undead and allowed them to regain consciousness and speak, as with the case of Ron Grapple. The spell was activated by an incantation and placing the user's palm on the target's head. When used, the target's speech was discernible, although fragmented. Following the spell's usage, the reanimated target could be reduced to a skeleton.[6]

Summon Lightning[]


A type of spell associated with Eve Zvezda. The spell was one of the five great destruction spells from the Magic Kingdom Levianta. It was activated by the phrase "Medvedi ubit", and was used to generate and manipulate bolts of lightning. The spell was extremely powerful and fast-acting.[3] Like Eve's other powers, it could be sealed in accordance with the laws of Nemu village.[7]

Swap Technique[]

Main Article: Swap Technique


The Swap Technique[note 1] was a type of spell categorized into two types, the Mind Swap Technique[note 2] and the Body Swap Technique; the former involved viewing into another's memories, while the latter involved the transfer of a person's soul to another body or object. The Body Swap Technique involved contact between the user and target's bodies, and was activated by the incantation "Onorhc Yrots".[8]




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