Hypnosis[note 1] was a type of magic associated with Eve Zvezda and members of the Zvezda family which could influence the minds and bodies of the target. Being a very powerful technique, it was difficult to detect and counter even for experienced mages.


Hypnosis allowed the user to manipulate the target's thoughts, memories, and perceptions through suggestion or direction by the caster. As a result, the caster could have the target believe and perceive any falsehoods that the caster desired. The spell could also implant false memories or remove real ones at the caster's discretion.[1] Through this power, the caster could do something as complex as force an individual to change loyalties or as simple as make them ignore something in a room.

The hypnosis spell could be cast upon a single, conscious target through direct eye contact, signaled by the user's eyes glowing green.[2] The technique could also be projected in a field within a large range, affecting everyone in the area; as a result, the technique could hypnotize the caster along with everyone else. While being cast, the hypnosis was capable of simulating human interactions such as eating, moving, touching and talking to those under its effects.[1] When wielded by Michelle Marlon as a contractor of the irregular twin Eve, the hypnosis could be used to completely control a soul's actions, making them puppets to her will.[3]

Despite its power, hypnosis required a tremendous amount of magic ability, with the only known users being the incredibly powerful sorceress Eve Zvezda or those using her magic. Should the technique not be continuously applied, the affected target could naturally break free of the spell over time or resist the spell outright, especially if the target possessed strong magical power.[2] Similarly, the target could break free of the spell if strong memories directly related to the subject of the hypnosis are triggered.[4] Otherwise, the hypnosis remained completely undetectable to even discerning eyes while under its effects.[1]




  • The different identities resulting from Eve Moonlit's hypnosis are referred to in narration as reincarnations despite the two being fundamentally different magic techniques.[1]
  • Eve's hypnosis shares many similarities with Brainwashing Magic in casting and its ability to alter memories, but differs in its specific effects; similarly, the magics come from two different sources.




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