Her Reason is a short story included in Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, released on August 26, 2012. The manga was illustrated by Ichika. It elaborates upon the origin of Gumillia's glasses and her reason for not wearing them in public until years later.

Plot SummaryEdit

After being pressed by Elluka, Gumillia relates that her eyes have been bad since her incarnation. After discussing how she is able to see minute details from far away but not close up, Elluka determines her long-distance eyesight is a result of previously being a chipmunk and she isn't used to a human's narrower field of vision. In response to Gumillia's complaints, Elluka reluctantly conjures a pair of glasses. While Gumillia is taking in her surroundings, Elluka surmises it's close to her old field of vision.

The sorceress warns Gumillia that the magic glasses were forcing her vision to widen and would make her feel dizzy at this stage. At that moment, Gumillia collapses into Elluka's arms from straining her eyesight and Elluka removes the glasses. She forbids Gumillia from wearing them except for when searching for the sins, as is their purpose. She adds that using them to find things would make it easy, but that Gumillia could only wear them when looking for the vessels of sin; when pressed, Elluka expresses the belief that her apprentice wearing glasses will make beautiful women look unattractive. Gumillia notes that was just like her and Elluka thanks her for the backhanded compliment.

Many years afterward, Yukina expresses surprise at Gumillia wearing glasses, unlike the last time they met. The child surmises that Gumillia's eyesight did not get poorer over time and that there must be another reason why she wears them. Gumillia decides to tell her and, not wanting to explain the whole story, summarizes that it was because Elluka wasn't there. As the curious Yukina presses for more details, Gumillia evades her wish by claiming she has official business to attend to. As Yukina tells the mage to explain the story later, Gumillia leaves and remarks to herself that finding what she was looking for would be easier with those glasses.



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  • At the end of the short story, Ichika wrote a small excerpt thanking mothy for being the artist of the manga and was glad to have visualized the charm of The Daughter of Evil Series through the nonsensical piece.


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