The Hedgehog Upheaval[note 1] refers to the conflict occurring throughout the Blood Pool region between the Marlon army and the corpse soldiers commanded by General Ney Phutapie. Spearheaded by an assault on the fortress of Queen Dowager Prim Marlon, Castle Hedgehog, the conflict permanently ended Marlon's imperialistic regime and prompted new changes to the royal government.



Following Marlon's annexation of Lucifenia, tensions arose between the country and Beelzenia. On the premise of wishing to capture fugitives hiding in the empire, and with the intention of capturing more mainland territory, Marlon invaded Beelzenia from its Lucifenian territory and ran a second invasion into Asmodean. During the course of the war, King Kyle Marlon continued to push for an occupation of all Evillious.

Following his exorcism of the Demon of Pride, Kyle was alerted to a conspiracy in the Marlon royal family to force Marlon's imperialist agenda. Obeying a summons from the merchant Keel Freezis, Kyle returned to Bariti along with his companions.[1] In response, Queen Dowager Prim Marlon retreated to Castle Hedgehog along with Ney Phutapie,[2] who began raising an army of undead in the Blood Pool region. Arriving at Bariti, Kyle met with the parliamentary official Arkatoir Marlon and Keel; doing so he learned of Prim's motives to build Marlon into the largest country in the history of Evillious using demonic possession.[3]

Preface in LionessEdit

Preparing to confront the queen dowager, Kyle assembled an army of 4200 troops to march on Blood Pool.[4] After arranging for the support of Germaine Avadonia and to have the soldiers' weapons enchanted by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia,[3] Kyle planned out the attack at dawn three days from then. Afterward, the army was divided into five units.

The second, third, and fourth units of 3500 soldiers were allocated to march on and eventually merge with the Marlon troops stationed at the country's northern garrison, suppressing the corpse soldiers and coordinating the defense of each major city in the region. The fifth regiment, composed of 300 troops, would continue to defend the fortress at Lioness while the first, an army of 400 troops, marched on Blood Pool to infiltrate Castle Hedgehog and secure Queen Dowager Prim.

During the planning, Keel Freezis secured a weapons deal from one of his associates and the weapons were transferred to Elluka and Gumillia for enchanting. On the day before the planned attack, the army traversed to the town of Lioness and weapon enchantment and distribution continued. During the period, Kyle added Germaine as one of his military commanders for the fifth army. Preparations were finished and the arms deal was finalized by sunset.[4]

Castle SiegeEdit

The following morning, the first army marched north along the river towards Castle Hedgehog. Having built up her undead army and spread it across the region, Queen Dowager Prim had General Ney stretched Kyle's second through fourth armies thin. The Special Maneuvers Task Force and an army of corpse soldiers were stationed within the castle under General Ney's command.

Meeting no resistant along the way, King Kyle positioned the soldiers around the castle to lay siege and sent in a vanguard force of fifty troops to search for Queen Dowager Prim. During the search, the corpse soldiers ambushed the vanguard and King Kyle ordered his troops to charge inside. Once they breached the castle's defenses and entered the main hall, the first army suffered numerous casualties while fighting off the undead troops. Spotting Ney in the battle, Kyle, Germaine, and a number of troops left the main battle to pursue the assassin as she fled.

Leading them to the courtyard, Ney headed up Heartbeat Clocktower while the Special Maneuvers Task Force's assassination squad ambushed the brigade. While Germaine and several soldiers held off the agents, Kyle took troops to pursue Ney. As Kyle's group ascended the clock tower, Germaine battled with the agents and was able to quickly subdue them before returning to the main battle.

Reaching the top of the spire, Kyle found Prim with Ney and the assassin fled out another exit. Sending his soldiers to capture Ney, Kyle stayed behind to confront his mother and gather her intentions; before they could apprehend her, the soldiers were killed by the assassin. After revealing everything to her son, Prim revealed her plan to have him possessed by the Demon of Lust before Ney returned.

In a fit of madness, Ney stabbed the Queen Dowager and she died in her seat almost immediately after. During the ensuing battle between Ney and Kyle, the concentration of Gluttony magic on the agent led to the corpse soldiers collapsing, and Germaine arrived to aid to the king. Working in tandem, the two subdued the general and, with the undead immobile, the battle was swiftly brought to an end.[4]


After the battle's conclusion, the undead were reburied in their proper cemeteries and Prim's, as well as Ney's bodies were buried in the Left Chapel. Following the end of his mother's conspiracy, King Kyle worked towards reinstating the independence of Marlon's Lucifenia territory and improving relations between the Kingdom of Marlon and other countries. During this time, he faced opposition by the merchants and nobles invested in trade with the region.[3] By EC 510, Lucifenia was restored to its former sovereignty and King Kyle abdicated from the throne. In his place, his half-brother Arkatoir ascended the throne as king.[5]

Civilian PerceptionEdit

During the span of the event, the public was unaware of Prim Marlon's conspiracy or use of the vessels of sin, few knowing the vessels even existed. The invasion on Castle Hedgehog was thus regarded as merely an effort to find and stop the cause of the corpse soldiers as well as assure the safety of the queen dowager. To prevent further chaos in Marlon's political climate, the conspiracy and undead prowling the country were then publicly credited to an unknown mage who escaped the battle shortly before aid arrived.[4]

In the run-up to the battle and during its course, the citizens of Marlon were terrorized by the undead attacks and spread of the Gula Disease.[2] Following the battle the populace was relieved, although puzzled, at the sudden conclusion to the attacks.[4] Seeing the annexation of Lucifenia as an illegal occupation, the surrounding countries on the Evillious mainland and Lucifenian citizens saw Kyle's restoration of their independence as an end to his tyrannical reign.[3]




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