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[[es:Curación Mágica]]
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[[vi:Thuật Hồi phục]]

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Healing Magic was a type of magic involving healing the user from injuries, both major and minor, in a short period of time. It was one of the standard abilities of a demonic contract.


Healing magic involved accelerating one's regeneration from physical injuries at a quicker pace.[1] This could range from healing days in advance of the average human to completely recovering mere seconds after the wound was inflicted.[2] The strength of the healing magic could also be so strong as to resurrect someone from being burned to a crisp.

The only known healers were those who forged a contract with the Demons of Sin; as a result, only the power of another demon could kill a contractor.[3] The contractor's ability to heal was, however, affected by their proximity to the demon, with healing taking longer when they weren't near their vessel of sin.[4] The healing magic could also be hindered by blocking the demon's magic or weakening the demon; similarly, breaking a contract brought an end to the contractor's healing abilities.[5]

Healing magic manifested as an innate ability for Germaine Avadonia as a descendant of the gluttony contractor Banica Conchita, giving her accelerated healing with no conscious effort required save for eating a large amount beforehand.[1] Those with a familial connection to a demon of sin, such as Kayo Sudou, appeared to have healing abilities identical to those of a demon contractor.[6]




  • While Wrath magic is known to hinder the healing abilities of the Demons of Sin,[5] its effects can be negated and instead have healing properties when combined with ziz tiama ink.[7]



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