"A brigand, huh? Heh heh, I get that a lot. The ancestral head of the Yarera family was once a pirate, so I’m told. I take it as a compliment—So, whaddya want?"

Gusuma Yarera, full name Great Super Marvelous Yarera, was the deputy head of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate and the older brother of Mira. After being pleaded to by Gallerian Marlon, the man agreed to aid him in his efforts to indict Loki Freezis, later working with him throughout his tenor as a judge.


Early LifeEdit

Sometime during the mid-EC 900s, Gusuma was born to the president of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate and grew up as a member of the Yarera Family along with his younger sister Mira. At some point, the man learned that his ancestor was a pirate, taking pride in his heritage. At one point, his mother adopted Jorm Zusco after his family died, although the man grew up unstable and wound up on death row after killing over ten girls. When Mira began dating Loki Freezis despite the families' rivalry, Gusuma strongly opposed the idea,[1] prohibiting her from going anywhere with him.[2]

A Composite RevengeEdit

In EC 961, Gusuma was visited by Mira, Gallerian Marlon and Ma after Loki had attempted to murder Gallerian. When Gallerian confessed Loki's crimes and stated that he wanted to bring him to justice, Gusuma expressed his resentment for the man. Agreeing to help, the man explaining that it would be hard to get the money they needed to out do the Freezis' bribe for setting Loki free if he couldn't convince his mother to go along with it.

Ma then suggested springing Jorm out of prison to earn their mother's favor. Impressed by the woman's convincing nature, Gusuma jokingly asked her to marry him and Ma playfully retorted that she wasn't fond of bears. Gusuma then managed to pay off a smaller bribe to Dark Star Bureau Director Hanma Baldured to suspend Jorm's death sentence.

A year later, Gusuma attended Loki's trial with Gallerian and Mira. Despite having produced a large bribe, Gusuma revealed to Gallerian that Loki's father and brothers had also given Hanma more money the night before, making the payers of the biggest bribe uncertain. By the end of the trial however, Loki was sentenced to thirty years in prison. While comforting his crying sister, Gusuma reminded Gallerian not to break his promise about Jorm.

Later when Mira visited Loki in prison, Gusuma checked on Jorm along with Feng Li and Ma on order of his mother a week before his release. Despite his warning about Jorm's unnatural abilities, Ma peeked through the window of Jorm's cell and Jorm, excited at the sight of a woman, began demanding she gave him her body and wounded her. Gusuma expressed disappointment, having wished, like his mother, that Jorm could somehow be rehabilitated. He then concluded that Jorm shouldn't be executed, but still kept locked up.[1]

Tying Up Loose EndsEdit

In EC 978, Gusuma learned that Mira and his niece Michelle had been killed in the Titanis Sinking Incident. Told by Feng that they were investigating the scenes, Gusuma told Feng to hand over the perpetrator to him when they found them. After Gallerian asked him to fund his project to collect the vessels of sin, Gusuma refused; around that time, he also began blaming Gallerian for Mira's death. After Gallerian acquitted Bindi Freezis, the perpetrator of the Titanis' sinking, and began working with the Freezises, Gusuma was outraged by his betrayal, hiring hitmen.[3]

By EC 983, Gusuma had become appointed as the new president of the family firm, succeeding his mother. He was later approached by Gallerian, told that he was simply using Bindi for his money and still intended to take revenge. Lent the use of Lunaca Labora and Jorm by Gallerian, Gusuma then arranged for Postman to get Bindi from Alicegrad and bring him to Lunaca Labora, assembling his forces at the laboratory.

Once Bindi arrived, Gusuma revealed himself before him and told him of Gallerian's true feelings for him. Jorm then appeared and told his "big brother" that he had been off his medication and couldn't restrain himself any longer. Knowing he could never kill a man as the new head of the Yarera-Zusco firm, Gusuma let his brother have his way with Bindi. After sicing the deranged man on the Freezis, he lamented that Jorm was beyond help. After Jorm killed Bindi, Gusuma headed back to headquarters with his subordinates.[4]

Following his brother's alleged suicide in EC 984, Gusuma was rumored to have poisoned him. Following the rise of the Tasan Party, Gusuma refused to support it at first due to Nemesis Sudou, who was involved in the Titanis Sinking Incident, being in charge, although eventually giving his support.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"So it’s a battle of bribes then. If that means driving Loki away from my sister and striking a blow against the hated Freezis Conglomerate, that doesn’t sound too shabby for me…"

Gusuma was a cunning and pragmatic man. Having an unscrupulous worldview, Gusuma was not above making corrupt deals and committing murder if it happened to serve his interests. Similarly, he found the guile of others to be entertaining and was visibly impressed by Ma's connivance. Despite his willingness towards crimes, Gusuma was also careful to protect his position in the company, making sure he didn't directly kill anyone.

Due to his being business-oriented, the man valued his relationship with Gallerian, volunteering his own resources and putting a bounty over the judge's head after his apparent betrayal. However, Gusuma was capable of forgiveness and readily worked with Gallerian again when the latter lent him Jorm and Lunaca Labora for the purpose of enacting revenge on Bindi. Compounding this, Gusuma's mercantile nature sometimes took priority over his personal misgivings, as with his support of the Tasan Party led by Nemesis. Despite his cold-blooded nature, Gusuma had a softer side, respecting his mother's authority over the company and acting protective of his younger sister. He was also patriotic as a citizen of Elphegort.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Gusuma was a skilled businessman, able to attain the rank of deputy head of his family's business and being eligible for the position of president. As part of this, Gusuma was a capable planner, able to maximize his present resources and think of schemes that exploited the weaknesses of the law.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Mira Marlon: Gusuma's younger sister. They held a close relationship and cared for each other, Gusuma being greatly protective of her during her time dating Loki. After her death, Gusuma became devastated and worked to avenge her.

Michelle Marlon: Gusuma's niece. Gusuma never visited her that much, yet cared for her and was saddened by her untimely demise. Along with Mira, the girl's death drove him to have Bindi Freezis murdered.

Gallerian Marlon: Gusuma's brother-in-law and accomplice. Gusuma and Gallerian got along relatively well, even though they rarely saw each other after Gallerian married Mira. After Mira and Michelle's deaths, Gusuma grew to resent Gallerian and blamed him for the incident. Despite this, he grew worried of his psyche when Gallerian referred to a doll as Michelle.

Jorm Zusco: Gusuma's adopted brother. Gusuma cared for Jorm like family and hoped, despite all the crimes he committed, that he would reform and come home again. After using Jorm to kill Bindi, however, he accepted the fact that Jorm could not be helped.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The words "great", "super" and "marvelous" are synonyms of each other, meaning excellent or held in great respect.
  • His nickname, Gusuma, is derived from the first katakana of the Japanese spellings of the words that make up his full name.


  • Gusuma is described as being a gigantic man with an unshaven face.[6]



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