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"What an annoying eyesore. Can’t you just sit here quietly?"

Gumina Glassred was an aristocrat of the Beelzenian Empire residing in Asmodean and one of Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. A childhood friend of Cherubim and his brother, Gumina grew opposed to her betrothal to Sateriasis. Scorning Cherubim to avoid his brother murdering him, Gumina was later enchanted and abducted by the Duke, becoming the sixth member of his harem.


Early Life[]

"Lasaland is a rainy place. I hated it when I was a child."
―Gumina Glassred[src]

Born in EC 115 as a member of the Glassred Family, Gumina was the daughter of Marquis Claster Glassred and his wife. Raised by her father, she learned how to paint and play the violin. She later met and became close friends with her betrothed, Sateriasis Venomania.[1] On October 16, EC 123, Gumina snuck out of her home and met up with Sateriasis in a forest near Lasaland during the night. After meeting his deformed brother,[2] the three often played together as friends, the boys often sneaking out of the mansion to play with Gumina in Lasaland's Workshop Street; there, Gumina often watched an old painter there paint portraits around the district. She also teased Sateriasis for watching the Gine Workshop make dolls, while noticing that his brother was always watching the blacksmiths.

The young Gumina meets Cherubim

The three continued to remain close when the deformed boy was finally released from house arrest as a servant and given the name "Cherubim." Knowing about his romantic feelings for her, Gumina agreed to not speak about her marriage to Sateriasis in front of him. During this time, she learned that the old painter gave Cherubim a portrait for himself. Around EC 133, Carol Shields was hired as Gumina's bodyguard and the two grew close.[3]

Around late EC 135, Gumina began to resent her betrothal to Sateriasis as being only her parent's decision, attempting to break off their engagement. She later overheard her fiancé and one of his subordinates planning to assassinate Cherubim at a party in December of that year. Learning that Sateriasis believed she had fallen for his deformed brother, Gumina worried for her friend. One day, while Sateriasis was watching, Gumina cruelly scorned Cherubim when he approached her,[4] demanding he never see her again with his "ugly" face,[5] hoping it would throw off Sateriasis' suspicions.[4]

Meeting Duke Venomania[]

"By all rights after the incident you should have been supporting Duke Venomania. Yet you haven't once gone to see him or headed to his mansion."
―Marquis Glassred to Gumina[src]

Afterward, Gumina heard that the Venomania household was massacred by an unknown assailant the day after the party, leaving Sateriasis as the only survivor but without his memory. Terrified by the implications, Gumina avoided visiting the new Duke Venomania. In March of EC 136, Gumina was summoned by her father and told that she would be joining him on a visit to the Venomania Mansion, scolded for her failure to visit him before then. Despite her attempts to protest, Claster commanded her to visit her own fiancé and brought her and several servants to the estate.

After she and her father greeted the duke, the melancholy Gumina sat and listened to the two converse about the recent disappearances of women in Asmodean. When Venomania confirmed his memories hadn't fully returned and that he didn't remember Gumina, Gumina listened to Claster say she'd be living with her fiancé from then on. Shocked, she watched as Sateriasis and her father argued over the decision and finally spoke up to break the following silence, advising her father to not rush the matter. Gumina then gave her approval to Sateriasis nonetheless meeting with her to possibly recover his memories. The two then excused themselves and returned home with their servants.

Three days later, Duke Venomania visited the Glassred manor to meet up with Gumina. Deciding to take a stroll through Lasaland like they used to, the two were accompanied by Carol as a bodyguard and set out, Gumina making small talk and telling silly stories during the trip. Once they arrived in town, she led them to Workshop Street and recounted her childhood memories to Sateriasis, greeting the old painter and telling her fiancé about her old teasing. Remembering Cherubim as well, Gumina was shocked when Sateriasis asked who he was. Taking him into a back alley for more privacy, she told him that Cherubim was his older brother.[3]

Venomania Event[]

Chara img2.jpg

After Sateriasis returned the two girls to the Glassred Mansion and left, Marquis Glassred departed to meet with the Beelzenian Imperial Family in Rucolebeni. During the middle of the night, Carol and Gumina heard noises and screams throughout the mansion; as Carol went to investigate, Gumina took a knife and hid, believing that the culprit of the Venomania household massacre had come to kill them as well. Carol then returned, seemingly unharmed, but Gumina's relief turned to shock when the brainwashed Carol restrained her.

Gumina then watched speechless as Sateriasis entered the room, sporting claws, fangs, wings, and horns. While she struggled, Sateriasis crowed over his triumph and intention to bring Gumina and Carol to his mansion and harem. As Gumina continued to scream and flail, Sateriasis invoked his Lust spell and she was brainwashed to fall in love with him.[3] Afterward, the two followed him back to his mansion and joined his harem, living in the basement with the other concubines.

Once there, Gumina began regularly spending her time with Sateriasis whenever he visited the harem, eventually receiving a new dress tailored by Lukana Octo to wear. Over time, she began treating Mikulia Greeonio with disdain as the jealous girl treated her like a rival; when Lukana attempted to reconcile the two's differences, Gumina failed to be convinced otherwise. As time progressed, Gumina also began painting portraits of her lover. Later on, Gumina had Carol find and give her Cherubim's old portrait, hanging the painting in her room.

The harem watches the painting burn

One day, while playing her violin, Gumina was visited by Lukana, who praised her musical skills. When Lukana asked if she had other hobbies, Gumina directed her to Cherubim's portrait and noted that she did paint. Later that day, Sateriasis interrogated Gumina about the painting. After admitting her and Carol's deeds, Gumina quietly watched in sorrow while the furious duke burnt Cherubim's portrait in the fireplace. Venomania then used his Lust spell to brainwash her into forgetting everything involving Cherubim.

Later on, Gumina had tea with the other harem girls while Sateriasis entertained the Marlon royal couple in his mansion, silencing Lolan Eve when she began demonstrating her dance.[6] In April, while Sateriasis and I.R. were away, Gumina and Lukana shared a conversation about the rain in Lasaland; the latter mentioning how Mystica, where "Sati" was, was always sunny.[7] She later played the violin in the basement's dining room to drown out the rain, while ruminating on her lost childhood memories.[8] After Sateriasis returned, Gumina returned to pleasing his whims.[9]

As the harem continued to grow, Gumina made friends with the noblewomen Sateriasis abducted, getting along with Sonika Sonic in particular. Despite their poor relationship, Gumina became worried about the allegedly ill Lolan. Noticing she couldn't remember Cherubim at all, Gumina decided to begin painting again.[6]

When the disguised Karchess Crim stabbed Venomania around the end of EC 136, Gumina broke free of his spell and began to flee the mansion with the others. The last to leave, she lingered behind to look upon him and realized he was actually Cherubim. As the duke reached out and breathlessly called for her, Gumina turned to escape, certain he had been trying to confess his love to her.[10]

Later Life[]

"In the end, Gumina didn’t respond to Carol’s question. She merely gave a lonely smile."
―Elluka's observations of Gumina and Cherubim's relationship from her memoirs[src]

Soon after Venomania's death, Gumina began to face persecution from devout Levin followers for having been his mistress.[11] Shortly afterward, she fled to Elphegort with her father Claster and Carol, seeking asylum with relatives in the Green Country. After settling there, the aristocrat became a civil official.[4] That same year, she became an active follower of Levin as part of the Held sect and began to regularly make pilgrimages to the Tree of Held.[12]

Gumina continues her painting hobby in Elphegort

As time progressed, Gumina continued painting portraits of Duke Venomania at her new estate in Elphegort, the walls of the room soon becoming filled with new paintings of him. She also recovered the burnt paintings of Cherubim from the Venomania estate and hung them in the room as well. In EC 138, she thought back about her relationship with Cherubim while painting yet another portrait of him, becoming saddened as she reflected on her lost love for him and foolish plan that sparked this tragedy.[13]

The following year, Gumina met with a woman she believed to be Lukana. Conversing with her, Gumina explained what happened since she fled from the duke's mansion and what had transpired between her, Cherubim, and Sateriasis. When Carol questioned if she attempted to destroy the engagement out of love for Cherubim, Gumina gave no reply and Lukana left soon after.[4]

Gumina later became Elphegort's first woman prime minister and an advocate for improving women's status within Elphegort.[11] Sometime after Earl Gilbert Calgaround married Mikulia Greeonio in EC 147, Gumina traveled to Calgaround to visit the couple. While there, the prime minister had the two pose for a portrait; after finishing the painting, she gave them the work before leaving.[14] During her life Gumina married, as customary for a woman of her status,[15] and gave birth to a child.[16]


Following her death, Gumina's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[17] Afterward, the girl returned to Duke Venomania's mansion in Lasaland and agreed to rejoin Sateriasis' harem along with Lukana, Mikulia, and Maylis.[18] Some time after, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Venomania back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[19] When all the souls of the Third Period started singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, Gumina eventually joined in their singing.[20]


Due to her success as Prime Minister, Gumina set a precedent for women in politics and the trend spread from Elphegort to its neighboring nations over the next few centuries,[11] with several females in positions of power by the turn of the 6th century EC.[21] Gumina's bloodline eventually led to Banica Conchita, who later became famed for her contributions to Beelzenian culture and society as both "Gourmet Noble Banica" and "Evil Food Eater Conchita".[16] When Gumillia was incarnated as a human in EC 499, she chose to be incarnated with Gumina's appearance, having once witnessed her pray to Held at the Millennium Tree.[12]

Gumina's painting of Mikulia and Gilbert Calgaround was left hanging in Calgaround's royal library during the centuries after her death. Elluka Clockworker, as Hanne Lorre, later visited the painting to confirm the connection between Calgaround's Mikulia and the girl from the Venomania Event.[14]

Personality and Traits[]

"Even now that he’s dead, he’s still possessed by that face and his lust. But that’s not his real form…You were his childhood friend, so you know that better than anyone."
"…You should…mind your own affairs."
―Allen and Gumina in an alternate timeline[src]

Gumina was an elegant but independent woman, wishing to live her own life. Well-bred and raised in an aristocratic family, she conducted herself as someone befitting her status, acting with grace and sophistication. Because of her upbringing, she could be stubborn or quarrelsome and didn't get along with those of different backgrounds, such as the lower classed Mikulia and Lolan. Despite this, Gumina connected with the lower class Lukana,[4] and seemingly repaired her poor relations with Mikulia after her marriage to Gilbert Calgaround.

Gumina acted somewhat rebellious since childhood, sneaking out at night to play with her friends, Sateriasis and Cherubim.[2] Growing up to become strong-willed and individualistic, she yearned to live her own life and, as a result, began to resent her marriage with Sateriasis for having been arranged. Following the Venomania Event, Gumina took charge of her family and social status, setting a new precedent as Elphegort's first female Prime Minister.[4] This stubbornness was another cause of her quarrelsome nature. Despite this, as a young woman she was kind and amiable with her friends and had acted meek around her poorly-tempered father.[3]

Since she was a child, Gumina enjoyed more artistic activities like painting or playing the violin,[1] and loved wearing white western dresses befitting the aristocratic style of the time.[22] In contrast, she hated the rain and always played the violin during a storm to drown out the sound of rainfall.[8] She also demonstrated a deep religious faith following her freedom from Venomania's harem, often making pilgrimages the Tree of Held once she fled to Elphegort.[12]

Skills and Abilities[]

Aside from being well educated and attractive as befitting her noble status, Gumina was accomplished in artistic fields during her upbringing, excelling as a painter and violinist in adulthood.[6] As a result of her creative nature, the girl also showed a degree of craftiness at a young age, able to sneak out at night, alone and undetected, in order to play with Sateriasis and Cherubim.[2] Because of her birthright, Gumina also had many resources at her disposal, including her loyal servant Carol Shields, who acted as her bodyguard.[3]

Gumina was also well-versed in politics and excelled in the field following her flight to Elphegort, able to earn the position as prime minister in the kingdom despite the social stigma she faced for her gender and past as one of Venomania's harem members. She also impressed her constituents during her time as minister, setting a precedent for women in positions of power that would continue for centuries.[4] In addition to this, Gumina was also able to inspire deep loyalty in her servant, such that Venomania's orders prioritized lower than Gumina's even under the brainwashing.[6]

Character Connections[]

Sateriasis Venomania: Gumina's childhood friend and cousin. Gumina cultivated a friendship with Sateriasis in childhood, although she did not love him enough to wish to marry him, and her regard for him ended after his planned assassination of Cherubim. When enchanted by the power of Lust, she fell in love with "Sateriasis" and joined his harem, but after he was killed she came to her senses and fled, realizing who he really was.

Cherubim Venomania: Gumina's childhood friend. Gumina cultivated a friendship with Cherubim in her childhood and came to care deeply for him, only cursing him publicly when the latter was to be assassinated by the jealous Sateriasis. Under the power of Lust she joined his harem, although believing him to be his brother; seeing his face return to normal, Gumina understood what she had lost and, although she left like the others, mourned for her friend. Realizing that she had loved him before his change, Gumina continued painting Cherubim's true face.

Lukana Octo: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Gumina got along with Lukana to an extent during their time enchanted by the duke, confiding her hatred of rain to her while the duke was away. After being freed, she continued to trust Lukana, choosing to confide in her the troubles that had occurred between her, Cherubim, and Sateriasis.

Mikulia Greeonio: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Gumina and Mikulia had a difficult relationship while both were enchanted by the duke, due to their differing backgrounds and Mikulia's jealousy of Gumina. Despite this, later on in life, Gumina seemingly repaired her relationship with Mikulia to the point of being willing to paint her portrait.

Lolan Eve: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Gumina and Lolan had a difficult relationship while both were enchanted by the duke. 

Carol Shields: A servant of Gumina. Gumina had a close relationship with Carol as master and servant, the latter usually accompanying the former and caring for her when the Marquis was away. Carol was very loyal to Gumina, to the point of prioritizing her will over Venomania's even under the duke's spell.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Gumina's surname is a kenning for a "red glass" and is likely a reference to the red glasses worn by her representative Vocaloid.
  • Gumina's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, GUMI, with both names sharing the first four letters.


  • Despite being his childhood crush, it is unknown if Venomania gave Gumina an emerald necklace to indicate she was one of his "favorites".
  • A Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Duke Venomania is titled "The Duke and the Four Women", likely a reference to Lukana, Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis' prominent appearance with Sateriasis in various media.




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