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"If you died, you would, disappear from this world. I, don't want that. I really, really don't want, you to disappear."

Gumillia, born Gumillia Matsumoto and later codenamed Eighth Sniper, was the apprentice of Elluka Clockworker and a former forest spirit of Held. Secretly tasked by Held to watch over Elluka, Gumillia was incarnated as a human and became the mage's disciple. Accompanying Elluka in her quest to collect the vessels of sin, Gumillia became involved in numerous events caused by the sin vessels, later assuming the role of Master of the Hellish Yard following the Duel of Merrigod Plateau.


Early Life[]

"It's possible that I'll someday need you to briefly leave to outside this forest."
"What for?"
"There's a human I don't want Elluka to meet. Should the time come that that human attempts to contact Elluka, I want you to become her monitor, and watch over her so that person doesn't go near her."
―Held and Gumillia[src]

Originally an earthling from the Second Period, Gumillia was the assistant of Levia Barisol and the fiancée of her other assistant Michael Arklow.[1] She and 61 other crewmembers on the Climb One were later killed during the creation of the Third Period. Held Yggdra used their preserved spirit data to make them reincarnate into forest spirits in Held's Forest, Heldogort,[2] in BT 528.[3] Having lost any memories of their former life and instructed to remain in the forest by the now-god Held, Gumillia became good friends with Michaela as spirits, as well as meeting the sorceress Elluka Clockworker.[4] Sometime after the Venomania Event, Gumillia caught sight of the aristocrat Gumina Glassred praying to Held at the Millennium Tree on several occasions.[5]

In EC 324, Held tasked Gumillia with telling the other spirits to strengthen the barrier around the forest to prevent powerful mages, even Elluka, from entering for a while. As Gumillia questioned him on the issue, they listened as Held cryptically told them that he may someday task them with protecting Elluka from someone. Afterwards, Gumillia had all of the spirits strengthen the barrier as commanded, and later lowered it sometime after.[6]


"Gumillia would be a fine apprentice. That one is very level-headed–should be able to make sure you don't shirk your tasks."
"So I'd be getting a babysitter too, huh?..."
―Held and Elluka[src]

Gumillia in animal form

In January of EC 499, Gumillia and Michaela saw the sleeping Held being attacked by Elluka and, in chipmunk form, Gumillia threw pome fruit at her. After Elluka quarreled with the two spirits, she departed through the forest.[4] When Michaela went missing some time later, Gumillia searched ceaselessly for them until finding the robin two weeks later in a human home, trapped in a cage. Setting their friend free, Gumillia watched them talk to an old woman and then slipped out with Michaela back to the Millennium Tree Forest.

There they watched Held lecture Michaela and, when Michaela complained, followed it up with a lecture of their own.[5] Around this time, Held told Gumillia his plan to have them monitor the amnesic reincarnation of Levia and Behemo by acting as Elluka's human apprentice, helping the mage collect the vessels of sin. Gumillia was furthermore instructed to reseal Elluka's memories if they ever seemed to return.[7] Several days later, Elluka returned and Held offered both Gumillia and Michaela to become her apprentices, although stating they would return to being spirits in three years.[5]

The two spirits followed Elluka through the forest until they reached the location for the Reincarnation Ritual where they would receive their new human bodies. Instructed to imagine a beautiful Elphe woman who wasn't alive during the ritual, Gumillia picked Gumina Glassred while Michaela picked Eve Moonlit; imagining Gumina's past pilgrimages, the spirit incarnated into a woman with Gumina's appearance.[5] Once the reincarnation was complete, Held overwrote the saved copy of Gumillia's memories into her newly wiped mind.[7]

Gumillia studies under Elluka

After confirming Michaela and Gumillia's new appearances, Elluka took them to an abandoned house and, while they lived with her, taught them everything necessary about humanity between magic training; during this time, Gumillia learned how to cast plant and water magic. As time progressed, Gumillia excelled under Elluka’s tutelage, often helping Michaela with her studies.[5] She also realized that her vision was skewed to be very far-sighted.[8]

A month since their incarnation, Elluka announced that Gumillia would join her at the Lucifenian Royal Palace to continue her magic training the next day, while Michaela searched for a vessel of sin in Elphegort. The next morning, after packing their luggage, Gumillia said her farewells to Michaela as she and Elluka went on their way to Lucifenia.[5] On the way, Gumillia ended up admitting her poor eyesight to Elluka and explained how, since she had become human, she could see incredibly far but was unable to see things close up.

Gumillia tries getting her glasses back

Quickly understanding how Gumillia's human body had different vision from her chipmunk one, Elluka summoned a pair of glasses for her to use; looking through them, Gumillia was surprised to see back at her normal close-up range before her new vision left her disoriented. Elluka then removed her glasses, pointing out that Gumillia's far-sightedness was more useful for their search; met with the girl's protests, she eventually conceded that the glasses would help her with her search, but forbid her from wearing them in her presence so as not to ruin her image.[8]

After that, the two traveled to the Kingdom of Lucifenia and Gumillia was admitted to the royal palace as Elluka's apprentice. There, she continued her studies in preparation for learning the Clockwork Secret Art to remove the Demon of Pride from Princess Riliane.[9] At the same time, Elluka taught her what she knew about the other vessels of sin such as the Glass of Conchita.[10]

Green Hunting[]

"I've decided too. If you're going to remain human, Michaela, then I won't return to being a spirit either."
Cha4 img (1).jpg

In EC 500, Gumillia briefly attended the funeral of Leonhart Avadonia with Elluka.[11] A year and a half since last seeing Michaela, Elluka gave Gumillia a Very Amazing Green Onion to send to her so that they could contact the other girl. With all the other couriers being executed, Gumillia awkwardly handed the magic tool off to the servant, Allen, to give Michaela on his trip to Elphegort.[12] Not long after that, Michaela contacted Elluka and told her that the Venom Sword was in the Freezis Mansion.[9]

Several days later, Elluka took Gumillia and fled after Princess Riliane ordered the Millennium Tree Forest burned and the Kingdom of Elphegort invaded.[13] Escaping to the Lost Woods as it burned, Gumillia helped her master conjure a large rainstorm to douse the flames, sacrificing Elluka's Ziz Tiama. Resting in the forest, the two were approached by Germaine Avadonia, although they only spoke briefly with her before leaving.[13]

Not long after, Elluka contacted Michaela and listened as she explained her role in their current predicament, King Kyle Marlon having fallen in love with her and rejected his engagement with Riliane as a result. After Michaela denied Elluka's order to incarnate again as a spirit, wanting to stay and protect her friends, Gumillia joined in that she too intended to stay as a human to protect someone, to her master's outrage. After Michaela told them both that she would be hiding in a well in the forest, the two women cut contact.[14]

Eluding the Lucifenian army, Gumillia and Elluka went to Keel Freezis' mansion, only to find it burned down and the Venom Sword missing, salvaging some other property instead. After a short rest, they headed to Michaela's hiding spot at the old well in the forest, only to find Michaela dead with Kyle Marlon crying over her corpse. The two managed to retrieve the body and later witnessed it become a tree sapling. Astonished, they visited Held and learned that Michaela was chosen by the earth god to succeed him as the Millennium Tree. After Elluka argued with him, Gumillia told Held her decision to remain human.[15]

Chasing Demons[]

"Keel's children were very cute, but I didn't understand why Elluka was so surprised upon seeing Mr. Keel's wife."
―Gumillia's writings on their time with the Freezis Family[src]

During the Lucifenian Revolution, Gumillia and Elluka traveled to the Freezis Mansion in Marlon to explain what had occurred to Keel, and he told the pair to give the sapling to Clarith. Before they left, the two women negotiated with Keel to give them the Venom Sword and a place to hide from Lucifenia in exchange for some of his salvaged property.[16] While there, Gumillia met Freezis' children, Yukina, Shaw, and Aile.[17] After hiding out at the mansion for several months, the two returned to Lucifenia once The Daughter of Evil was executed.

In EC 501, they traveled to the Held Monastery in Elphegort and met with Clarith, explaining the situation with Michaela. Wishing to keep Michaela herself, Gumillia used an incantation to summon Michaela's spirit so she could decide who to stay with. After Michaela and Clarith's loving reunion, Gumillia begrudgingly gave Clarith the sapling and suggested she plant Michaela in the forest. As they left, she told Clarith that The Daughter of Evil had been executed.[18] About a week later, the nervous Gumillia went back to the convent to check on Clarith and found Riliane there as well, freed of her possession, and let Elluka know of her discovery.

The two decided to continue their search for the vessels of sin in the east and stopped by an Asmodean inn to prepare. While writing her report of their progress there, Gumillia was interrupted by Elluka, who had discovered that the Demon of Lust and Demon of Pride were both somehow absent from their vessels. They reluctantly decided to delay their departure east until they had solved this new mystery.[16]

Gumillia and Elluka returned to Lucifenia; as part of their investigation, Elluka had them pursue King Kyle since he had been possessed by the Demon of Lust during their last meeting. With the King annexing Lucifenia as part of Marlon, Elluka and Gumillia infiltrated the royal palace where he resided and learned the Demon of Lust was gone and he had since been possessed by the Demon of Pride.[19] Once they found that Kyle owned another one of the hand mirrors for the vessel, they attempted to steal it and were discovered, forced to flee and losing the Venom Sword during their escape.[20]

They were later added to the "Witch Hunt" decreed by King Kyle.[17] Suspicious of Kyle's two consecutive possessions, Elluka and Gumillia traveled to Marlon in EC 502 to investigate his mother, Queen Dowager Prim. While attempting to find Prim at Marlon Castle, they were instead ambushed by the Special Maneuvers Task Force and the sorceress, Abyss I.R. After Elluka was defeated and captured, Gumillia fled, unwittingly carrying Elluka's soul inside her.[21]

Beelzenian Court Mage[]

"You, an outsider, hold an important office in the Beelzenian Empire? That's amazing."
"Well, it was from Elluka's connections."
―Yukina and Gumillia regarding the latter's prestigious position[src]
Gummy slave.jpg

Later that year, Gumillia answered a summons that the Beelzenian Emperor sent for Elluka; after she begged him to give her refuge from Marlon, he accepted and she was made into his adviser, living just outside of Rucolebeni.[17] When the former members of the Lucifenian Resistance sought refuge in the Beelzenian Empire, Gumillia convinced the emperor to incorporate them into the military; a year later, she did the same with the arrival of Germaine Avadonia and Chartette Langley.[17]

In EC 505, Gumillia secured Yukina's entry into Beelzenia and sent a summons for her to come to the Imperial City for the Emperor.[22] Anticipating the child would refuse, Gumillia set out to meet with Yukina and tracked her to the old Conchita Mansion ruins. After meeting with the girl and reintroducing herself, Gumillia stayed with her at a hotel in the north-western region of the empire; the next day, she agreed to help Yukina meet Germaine and set out to the garrison of the Langley Troops on foot.

Gumillia meets Yukina in the Conchita Mansion ruins

On the way to the garrison, Gumillia caught Yukina up on some of what had happened since she saw her last, as well as briefly inquiring about Yukina's own reasons for coming to Beelzenia. Arriving at Rucolebeni's cemetery, the pair met with Chartette who, after haphazard introductions, brought them to the Langley Troops' base. Later, at the group's head quarters, Gumillia ceased her silence announced she was going back to attend to something and departed, with Yukina's thanks for her help.[23]

Two weeks later, war broke out between Beelzenia and Marlon as hordes of undead soldiers attacked the Empire's western cities; Gumillia met with the Emperor to discuss their plans to counteract the monsters. When the meeting had finished, Gumillia learned from Chartette that Ney Phutapie was somehow responsible for the soldiers, and she investigated the bodies of the undead herself, finding that they were all former victims of the Gula Disease.

A few days after that, Gumillia listened to Yukina's testimony on the incident as well and determined that Ney had indeed reanimated the dead using the Glass of Conchita. After sharing with Yukina all that she had learned, Gumillia was called away to consult the Emperor on his prior meeting with Riliane Mouchet and his plans to launch an attack on Retasan Fortress the next day.[10] During this time, Yukina questioned Gumillia about why she was wearing glasses since the last time she saw her; hoping that the glasses would help her find Elluka, Gumillia evaded giving her a clear answer.[8]

Exorcising the King[]

"Wh-where are you going to go now?"
"I was considering, looking for Ney. If what she had with her really was the 'Glass of Conchita', I can't let her get away."
―Yukina and Gumillia[src]

Once Retasan was captured two months later, Gumillia resigned and left the Imperial City to search for Ney and apprehend the Glass. After hiring Germaine as her bodyguard, she prepared to leave for Lucifenia only to be approached by Yukina on the day of her departure; after explaining her new plans to Yukina, Gumillia tried to leave without her, only for the girl to refuse and tag along anyway. As she, Germaine, and Yukina started got in a stage-coach to leave, the girl explained how she could get them into the Lucifenian Royal Palace disguised as her bodyguards.[10]

Agreeing to the plan, Gumillia and her compatriots arrived in Rollam, where Kyle was attending a dinner party at Corpa's mansion. After Yukina had met with Kyle and obtained permission for them to visit the royal palace,[24] Gumillia and Germaine disguised themselves as Yukina's masked Asmodean bodyguards of the Almoga Morabez ethnicity and,[20] the next day, entered with Yukina to have an audience with Kyle. While Kyle and Yukina talked, Gumillia and Germaine knelt silently with her and were able to avoid removing their masks when Kyle's guard ordered them to.

After the meeting, they accompanied Yukina as she searched the palace on the pretext of looking for new novel ideas. That evening, the three of them were invited to stay at the Lucifenian Royal Palace and they moved into the palace's guest rooms. During their stay, Gumillia learned from Yukina that Kyle still kept one of the hand mirrors in his possession and she devised a plan to steal it with Germaine. Later that night, as they prepared to execute their plan, they were attacked by the Special Maneuvers Task Force and their room was bombed. Surviving the blast, the two "bodyguards" fled while battling the task force members throughout the palace.

During this time, Gumillia retrieved the Venom Sword and secured the mirror from Kyle's room; while Germaine acted as a diversion, Gumillia took Yukina to Riliane's old room and the two escaped to the stables via the secret passage in the fireplace. Their escape was suddenly cut off by King Kyle, who arrived after them and took the mirror back from Yukina. As the two girls confronted Kyle on his behavior, Gumillia tried to reason with him that he was being misled by the demon, only for Kyle to succumb completely to his demonic possession. After Kyle transformed, he sent Gumillia flying as he took off into the night sky with his new wings.[20]

Afterwards, the injured Gumillia and Yukina regrouped with Germaine and fled. Blamed for the King's sudden disappearance. Later on, with Germaine's help, they traced Kyle's trajectory to the Millennium Tree Forest.[25] Two weeks since then, Gumillia and her companions searched the Millennium Tree forest, with Germaine leading them through the Lucifenian portion and Gumillia taking them the rest of the way to the old well where Michaela died. Although sensing traces of the demon's magic there, she found that Kyle had already left and there were no further clues inside. As they left, the three passed by Ayn's grave and prayed to it before moving on.[25]

After consulting Held on the approaching fight with Kyle, the demonic king himself tracked them to the forest; as he attacked Germaine, Gumillia cast the Clockwork Secret Art on him. Amplified by Michaela's spell song, the distortion field created by the technique successfully freed Kyle of the Demon's possession and rendered him unconscious. After she sealed his second hand mirror, Gumillia learned from Kyle that he had lost his memories, and she was given safe passage to Marlon in order to uncover the mysteries surrounding these events.[26]

Finding Elluka[]

"It's getting late tonight, and Kyle isn't here. You're probably tired from your trip. We have some guest rooms prepared, so feel free to rest here. We'll have a more in depth conversation about things tomorrow."
―Keel to his guests[src]

Later on, Gumillia and Germaine received invitations from Keel, asking them to join him for a future dinner party he'd host in Marlon and return via the ship he sent to them. Accepting his offer, the two accompanied Kyle, Admiral Dylan, Yukina, Shaw, and his entourage on their voyage to Marlon on the King's flagship, the Royal Victoricia.[27] During the journey, Gumillia became reacquainted with Shaw and made him her underling. When a giant ziz tiama attacked the ship the next day, Gumillia argued with the gunner to have her modify the cannons to be able to harm the monster; denied access, spoke directly with Dylan over the matter.

After finally being granted access to the cannons, and having arranged for Shaw's help beforehand, Gumillia had the boy and his entourage aid her in adding magical enhancements to the cannons. Once they were finished, she had the gunmen shoot the octopus' weak spot, its forehead. Although the cannons broke down from the backlash, the ship was nonetheless able to escape the incapacitated octopus. As Kyle congratulated Gumillia, she grimly told him about how Elluka had received a ziz tiama once while in Lucifenia and that, although this was a different octopus, only Elluka had the power to control and grow such a creature.[28]

Gumillia confronts Abyss I.R.

After they arrived at Jamet, Gumillia and the others took a carriage to the Freezis Mansion, splitting off with Kyle. After Keel formally received Gumillia and Germaine, they accompanied him to the dinner table to chat while the Freezis children reunited with their family. Later, dinner was served and Gumillia ate with Germaine and the others. When they were finished, Keel recommended they stay the night in the guest rooms and share their story tomorrow; Gumillia watched the drunk Germaine start to horrify Keel and Mikina about their dangerous voyage before they all quickly retired for the night.[29]

As everyone headed for bed, Gumillia left the mansion and headed north into Column Forest and performed magic rituals in preparation for an oncoming battle.[19] She since stayed with the Freezises in Bariti; once Elluka seemed to arrive unexpectedly, Gumillia suggested they talk in private and brought her to the forest. There Abyss I.R., using Elluka's body, attacked and nearly overwhelmed Gumillia before Yukina and Germaine arrived to joined the fight.

As the battle turned in their favor, Abyss I.R. tried to take Gumillia's body for herself, only for Elluka's spirit to wrestle control of her body back from Abyss at the last moment. Gumillia quickly assured the still fighting Germaine that Elluka was back in control before passing out, and Germaine carried her back to the Freezis Mansion.[19]

Battle of Castle Hedgehog[]

"But, there is some worth to trying. If Ney is, the one who killed Michaela, then I want to hear that, from her own lips. And, if it's possible... I want her to apologize."

Later on, King Kyle visited with Elluka in the Freezis mansion while she was in Gumillia's company. Gumillia listened as Elluka filled the king in, and when Kyle in turn explained the undead soldiers sighted in the north and Prim and Ney likely being at Castle Hedgehog. As Kyle failed to recruit Elluka's help with his planned attack on them, Gumillia offered to lend her power to the weapons of his soldiers and was subsequently embarrassed by Kyle's thanks and apology for their past history. She shortly after convinced Elluka to help as well due to the involvement of the Glass of Conchita, as well as the unsolved mystery with the Venom Sword and the mirrors.

After their meeting with Kyle concluded,[30] Gumillia and Elluka spent the next few days engraving enchantments into all the soldiers' weapons to help them combat the supernatural threat. They then traveled with the army to Lioness and helped oversee the supplying of more weapons to the troops in the main square. During the battle across the Blood Pool region, the mages remained at Lioness Castle to avoid the undead soldiers while in their weakened state.[31]

Following the battle, Gumillia met with Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Germaine, and Elluka in one of the castle's bedrooms while Kyle explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney, Ney having been brought back bound, unconscious, and without her weapons. After Kyle presented the red glass, hand mirrors, and Clockworker's Doll, Gumillia took out her own two hand mirrors and the Venom Sword once prompted, laying them beside the other vessels. During the discussion, she helped convinced Elluka to heal Ney's psyche with magic, wanting closure on her being Michaela's murderer.

Afterwards, Gumillia and Elluka prepared to return to Bariti, Gumillia collecting the vessels. They, like everyone else, were interrupted by a sound outside the room; after Keel left to check it out, everyone in the room was rendered unconscious by a blue flash. They soon awoke to find the vessels of sin missing, Keel seriously injured, and Ney dead.[31] Over the course of two weeks, Gumillia and Germaine assisted Elluka in their search for their attacker, Elluka deducing that Abyss I.R. was actually the red cat she always had with her and that she had taken possession of the missing Mikina to steal the vessels of sin.[32]

Searching East and West[]

Once she determined Lucifenia was Abyss' most likely destination, Elluka sent Gumillia to search for her in Levianta just in case, while Germaine searched Lucifenia and she continued searching Marlon. Gumillia then engraved a mark into Germaine's sword to help her locate Abyss' true form once she found her before leaving for Holy Levianta.[32] After Germaine successfully defeated Abyss I.R. and freed Mikina, Gumillia and Elluka collected and sealed the Glass of Conchita and Marlon Spoon in her possession.[33]

In EC 508, Gumillia and Elluka became involved in the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse and Abyss I.R,[33] losing possession of the Glass of Conchita to the villainous sorceress.[34] After the gun was invented, Gumillia discovered a means to infuse magic into bullets to great effect.[35] In EC 548,[36] Elluka and Gumillia traveled through the Eastern region in pursuit of the Twin Blades of Levianta.[37]

Elluka and Gumillia disguising themselves as natives

In EC 549, they came upon a large wall and watchman blocking their path, the watchman having been ordered by his king to let none but his own people through the gates.[38] Unable to pass through, Elluka and Gumillia repeatedly tried to disguise themselves as the guard's race, coloring their hair and then skin. As the guard refused for a third time, Gumillia ducked for cover once Elluka snapped and blew the watchman away with a powerful wind.[39] As they finally passed through the gates, they saw no great city beyond them and, perplexed, continued their journey.[40] Reaching the ocean,[41] they took a small boat across the sea to Jakoku.

Finding the entire nation in the throws of civil war, the mage duo allied with the Tokugawa faction in their struggle against the Hatsune faction, learning that the red cat mage served Princess Jahime Hatsune as "Julia IR". Reunited with Chartette Langley and meeting Gaou Octo, the mages faced Julia IR and her Crimson Robed Masses in many battles until finally defeating the Hatsune faction in the Battle of Jagahara later that year.[35]

Afterward, Gumillia and Elluka continued searching for the Twin Blades of Levianta in the reunited nation before finally giving up and leaving Jakoku in EC 558.[36] Some time after they returned to Evillious, the duo learned Clarith and her monastic order, the Sisters of Clarith, erected an examinations system to protect the new Millennium Tree, and were given permits to freely visit it.[42]

Playing Heidemarie[]


During the late sixth century EC, Elluka decided they should disappear from the public eye; with Shaw Freezis' help, the women took the identities of his deceased great granddaughters, Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre. Assuming the identity of Heidemarie, Gumillia became an officer of the World Police's International Works Department in Marlon while Elluka became a newspaper reporter in Elphegort.[43] Afterward, Gumillia became involved in numerous investigations over the years while pursuing leads on Abyss and the vessels of sin,[43] often reckless and irresponsible in her duties.[44]

During this time, a fellow investigator, Willus Zorach,[45] taught her how to construct a unique revolver which she modified with the ability to use both regular lead and magic bullets.[46] After the Lioness Burning Incident allegedly perpetrated by "Elluka Clockworker" in EC 597, the mage duo were forced to stick with their false identities to avoid police pursuit.[43] In EC 606, Heidemarie was made part of the investigation into the Père Noël assassin Fifth Pierrot;[47] during the investigation, she became acquainted with Rolled Constable Ayn Anchor.[45]

Heide also became an avid fan of the diva Rin Chan after her debut at Milanais Theater, often skipping work to attend her concerts.[44] A year later, Willus shot and killed Fifth Pierrot, ending the case.[45] Sometime after Ayn was stationed in Toragay, he confessed his feelings of love to Heidemarie and she dated him for a week before flatly telling him that she had no feelings for him. They ended the relationship, while agreeing to stay in touch.[47]

After Aceid's Deputy Mayor Banner was attacked on August 15, EC 609, Heidemarie was assigned to the case and investigated the crime, for which Père Noël's leader First Santa Claus had taken credit.[48] While there, she attended Rin Chan's concerts on September 1 and September 10. During the latter half of that month, she allowed a Schuburg Newspaper reporter to interview her regarding Rin Chan's lip-syncing claims and she adamantly defended the idol.[44]

Toragay Epidemic[]

"I wouldn't say, there was no connection, at all."
"Oh? Then tell me, Investigator Heidemarie Lorre. You were pursing the criminal of the Rin Chan kidnapping case—what relevance does that have to the owner of an inn!?"
―Heidemarie and Hob Homer[src]

Heidemarie encounters Hanne

On October 6, Heidemarie learned Rin Chan's manager Ton Corpa was murdered and the diva abducted allegedly by Fifth Pierrot earlier that morning; after zealously investigating Fifth Pierrot's whereabouts,[47] she followed a lead that Fifth Pierrot and Rin Chan had taken a carriage to the Toragay inn and traveled to town.[44] Breaking into the inn, she raided the building to find Rin Chan and, instead, ran into "Hanne," in Toragay to conduct an interview. After talking with her "sister,"[47] Heide confirmed from the innkeeper, Brigitta, that the inn wasn't actually connected to the crime.

She was shortly after summoned to Marlon headquarters by Chief Hob Homer on October 15. As Heide tried to defend her actions to the furious Hob, she was surprised to learn that the police had already determined that Fifth Pierrot and Rin Chan had been dropped off at the Kihel checkpoint after passing through Toragay. She placidly protested as Hob took her off the investigation in light of the trouble she had caused and her previous misconduct, including her unauthorized interview regarding Rin Chan. Agreeing to go visit Hanne on her time off, Heide left after refusing to let Hob confiscate her gun.[44]

Arriving in Toragay two days later, Heidemarie went to the inn to apologize for her earlier behavior and found Ayn helping construction workers make repairs to the building, greeting him. The two later began talking about their respective reasons for being in town; Heide learned that Hanne had gone to consult Dr. Puerick Rogzé on an issue, while the innkeeper was also out at the moment. Ayn also explained how he and Hanne were in Toragay investigating the death of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim, Hanne suspecting Kaspar's wife Margarita was involved in his death and her own father's illness.

Heide further listened as Ayn explained how he was discreetly investigating the Père Noël black market, having determined Kaspar Blankenheim was the previous head dealer and that the black market had been moved north of Toragay after his death. The two caught sight of a commotion and they followed it to the Charity Institute, where they witnessed the director, Rita Flohn, screaming for help with the comatose children. After Ayn examined the children, Heidemarie learned they had the same symptoms as Dr. Felix and the Marquis.

As Ayn resolved to fetch a doctor from Aceid, Heidemarie prepared to watch the children only to witness them, and Rita, pass away from their illness.[44] Afterwards, she borrowed Ayn's map of Elphegort marking Calgaround as the new black market's suspected location.[43] Later that day, Heidemarie was summoned to the Freezis Foundation's headquarters in Marlon to see Shaw Freezis, who had just passed away. Along with Hanne, Heide met up with Shaw's chief aide, Bruno Marlon, who led her and Hanne to see Shaw's lifeless body; approaching his coffin, Heide silently mourned her dead friend.[44]

Gumillia Once More[]

"Now that Shaw Freezis has died, it'll be difficult for us to leverage any more influence with the foundation. And with the way things have turned out now... there's no point in hiding who we are."
―Elluka to Gumillia[src]

Once the two were done mourning, Heide and Hanne witnessed Bruno reveal, holding them at gunpoint, that he would use his authority as the Foundation's "Bruno" to have the World Police arrest them, Hanne for being "Elluka Clockworker" and Heide as a suspect in the deaths at the Charity Institute. Although trying to resist, Hanne convinced Heide to let the members of the Interrogation Execution Department restrain them and take her gun, taking the women away not long after.[44]

While imprisoned in the World Police headquarters' prison, Heide explained to Hanne the situation at the Charity Institute and the two women discussed the possibility Margarita was responsible for that as well. Afterwards, Hanne declared to Heide that it was meaningless now to pretend to be Shaw's great-grandchildren, and the two prepared to escape their cells using their magic. Before they did, however, Ayn and Hob arrived to free them from their cells. Once freed, Gumillia was touched when Hob returned her gun to her and explained how he couldn't allow Bruno to abuse justice like this, both men knowing that the women were innocent.

Not long after, Heide and Hanne learned that Toragay had become quarantined due to its "mysterious epidemic"; at Hanne's signal, Gumillia knocked Hob out and Hanne likewise knocked out Ayn so the two wouldn't be complicit in their escape.[44] So freed, the women returned to Aceid and shed their disguises, putting back on their mage robes. Officially returning to their identities as Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia, the mages departed to the local hospital where Dr. Felix was being treated.[43]

After arriving at the hospital, the duo learned that Margarita was no longer visiting her father and had headed out to meet with her "mother." Gumillia quickly surmised that they needed to go to the black market in Calgaround next, and their conversation was interrupted by Dr. Felix waking from his coma. Gumillia watched Elluka attempt to question the doctor, only for him to babble about a doll, have a convulsing fit, and die. Elluka returned to Gumillia and revealed that Margarita resembled Eve and the Clockworker's Doll, among others.

Elluka further brought up her belief that Margarita had contracted with a Demon of Sin to make her poison, and that they could stop the epidemic by killing her. The two left for Calgaround; encountering Toragay's coachman trying to get through a World Police blockade, Gumillia and Elluka intervened and the officers were blown away. They then fled from the police in the coachman's carriage, Elluka convincing him to take them through a shortcut to Calgaround.[43]

Saving Toragay[]

"If you, are the 'Red Cat Sorceress' apprentice, then your opponent, can be me, an apprentice as well."
―Gumillia challenging Fourth Shadow[src]

Arriving at the mayor's mansion in the rain, Gumillia followed Elluka inside when they were greeted by the alleged Mayor "Julia Abelard". As Elluka confronted the mayor, the two learned that Margarita was on the second floor; they also learned of Père Noël's involvement in the incident, with Julia being the leader, "First Santa Claus," while Kaspar and Margarita were "Second Dealer" and "Third Sleep Princess" respectively. Margarita had created several versions of Gift with which she killed Kaspar, Marx, and now all of Toragay. After their opponent taunted Elluka, Gumillia also learned Fifth Pierrot had been in the mansion and that Rin Chan was currently in the basement.

After bantering further, Gumillia and Elluka learned that Julia had covered the mansion in Inscription Marks that suppressed their nature spells and spell songs. As Julia tried to burn Elluka with fire, Gumillia used a water spell to douse it and then pointed out to Elluka how Julia's red cat was missing. Found out, "Julia" revealed she was actually the Père Noël second-in-command, Fourth Shadow, and also the one who had manipulated Margarita. Gumillia then dueled Mayrana herself with her gun; as Shadow dodged her attacks, she cast the Clockwork Secret Art to slow her down and sent her opponent into a panic.

When Shadow tried to escape outside, Gumillia manipulated the greeonian plateau roses to ensnare and kill Shadow once and for all.[43] Gumillia and Elluka then quickly found and confronted Margarita upstairs; as Elluka failed to make Margarita see reason, Gumillia watched the woman commit suicide and reminded her of Rin Chan. After finding the girl staying of her own free will in the basement, Gumillia was horribly shocked when Rin Chan happened to admit that the lip-syncing allegations had been true after all.

Nonetheless, the three prepared to go to Aceid before the Père Noël assassin, Sixth Venom stabbed Elluka in the back and escaped. Horrified, Gumillia and Rin rushed the wounded Elluka to Aceid, where she was admitted to a hospital and treated.[43] While Elluka recovered, Gumillia went back to retrieve the Clockworker's Doll and found it missing, along with Mayrana's corpse. She began investigating Père Noël and confirmed that the true Julia Abelard was a Lucifenian aristocrat.[42]

Gumillia and her master at the ruins of Toragay

Once Elluka recovered enough from the hospital, Gumillia met with her master in the desolated streets of Toragay on November 15, reporting everything that she had learned. While planning to look into Père Noël in Lucifenia, the two were interrupted by the coachman, who noted that a lot of townspeople were still missing. Hearing faint voices in the distance, Gumillia pinpointed the noise as coming from the Blankenheim Mansion and the three went inside.

Following the voices to the basement, the group discovered the missing townspeople alive in the cellar, learning that Egmont used a nutritional drug made from Millennium Tree sap to counteract the "epidemic's" effects. Egmont then told them about the animal paths used to bypass the Sisters of Clarith's church to reach the sacred tree. Elluka and Gumillia contacted Dr. Puerick Rogzé to examine the substance for a potential cure to the Sixth Gift and reached the new Millennium Tree themselves. While there, Gumillia watched while Elluka met with Dr. Rogzé and discussed the possibility of creating a cure from the tree sap.

After Puerick left, Gumillia listened to Elluka surmise that Père Noël's plan had been to unleash the epidemic upon the masses and monopolize sale of the remedy. She then stood by as Elluka finally talked with Michaela, debating letting Puerick use her sap and discussing their recent progress with collecting the vessels of sin. During this, Gumillia caught sight of Margarita Blankenheim standing nearby and shocked, and watched as Elluka left after her shortly after. When Elluka finally returned alone, she hypnotized Gumillia into forgetting what she had just seen and the two mages set off for Lucifenia.[42]

Père Noël[]

"Hey, Miss Santa. If possible, I'd like for her to be made a member of Père Noël—of Sept, if you could. You know of her strength quite well, yes?"
―Elluka regarding Gumillia[src]

Gumillia and Elluka are recruited into Père Noël

During their investigation of Père Noël in Lucifenia, Elluka's legs stopped functioning and Gumillia helped push her around in a wheelchair. After discovering Isabel Ismael possessed the Venom Sword, the mage duo confirmed the Rolled prostitute's true identity as Yuzette Ora and "Seventh Magician", determining she was the intended target of Fifth Pierrot's recent prostitute killings. They thus took over ownership of Yuzette's residential brothel; once Fifth Pierrot murdered Yuzette on February 11 of EC 610, Elluka arranged for him to bring First Santa Claus, the real Julia, to meet with them later.

During their meeting on February 13, Gumillia posed as Elluka's hypnotized servant to convince Julia and Pierrot, really Lemy Abelard, that Elluka was Third Sleep Princess in Elluka's body. Afterwards, she was recruited into Père Noël's Sept as "Eighth Sniper" while Elluka joined as the new "Seventh Magician".[45] Afterward, the mages continued to act as loyal members of Père Noël, while planting evidence of Yuzette's true identity and crimes for the World Police to trace back to Bruno and Julia.

After Bruno was arrested on suspicion of being the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim and President Julia fell under suspicion, the two plotted to flee Rolled on September 3. Gumillia also helped wheel Elluka to a meeting with Lemy, where her master offered for the young boy to escape with them. After they left, the two sensed that Lemy had betrayed them to Père Noël and escaped the city.[49]

The two later returned to Rolled when Fifth Pierrot's serial murders began again, Lemy killing anyone who opposed his mother. Intending to use Ayn, who was investigating the murders, to lure out Fifth Pierrot, Gumillia sent Ayn a message on December 25 telling him to meet "Heidemarie" before the Abelard Mansion at 2:00 AM the next morning. Staking out the meeting place, the two saw Fifth Pierrot confront and attack Ayn in a nearby alleyway; as Lemy prepared to stab Ayn, Gumillia shot the assassin in the chest and seemingly killed him.

Later on, the two received a letter addressed to Elluka from Julia, challenging her to a duel at Merrigod Plateau and revealing she was her sister-in-law, Irina Clockworker.[50] Days after the World Police mounted a search for Julia and Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb, Gumillia accompanied her master to the Abelard estate and they found that all of Irina's vessels of sin were missing. They then headed towards Merrigod Plateau to answer Irina's challenge and defeat her once and for all.[51]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau[]

"It'd be irresponsible to want to end this at a stalemate. Gumillia's literally holding the golden key."
―The Demon of Wrath[src]

The next day, Gumillia joined Elluka in traveling to Merrigod Plateau on the coachman's carriage; during the ride, she broke free of Elluka's weakening hypnosis and recalled her master meeting Margarita, determining she had subsequently absorbed Eve's soul. Speaking with Elluka during the ride, she learned of how "Irina Clockworker" was the girl who was supposed to become Elluka's sister-in-law and the true identity of the red cat mage, determining she'd figured this out after absorbing Eve's soul.

They were then stopped when Gatt Coulomb attacked the carriage, killing the horse. Confronting him, Gumillia watched as Elluka eventually defeated Sixth Venom with Eve's lightning magic. Leaving the charred but unconscious man for the authorities, they took the golden key that he wielded and continued to Calgaround on foot, Gumillia tasked with holding onto Grim the End as she wheeled Elluka up the hill. The two talked about the battle they had ahead of them before reaching the city.

Failing to find Irina there, they headed instead to Apocalypse Cliff, where the tomb of Pale Noël was.[51] In the early morning of January 30, they found Julia in the tomb before Pale's grave and the two mages entered into battle with their nemesis. The fight was later interrupted by Lemy Abelard's entrance. Shocked to see him alive, Gumillia listened to Irina's explanation that he was contracted to the Demon of Gluttony and that contractors were unable to be killed unless through the power of another contractor.

Gumillia prepares to shoot the golden bullet

Not long after, the four of them engaged in another duel, Elluka fighting Julia and Gumillia fighting Lemy; each time Gumillia shot Lemy, whether with lead or magic bullets, he would quickly heal from his injuries and get back up to relentlessly attack her. Over the next two hours they all continued their assault, Gumillia finding she couldn't kill Lemy no matter what method she tried. As she despaired over her situation, Gumillia heard a voice in her mind and eventually realized that the voice was the Demon of Wrath.

As she continued to try ignoring the demon, he taunted her hopeless situation and offered to make her a temporary contract so that she could kill Lemy using Grim the End. Despite her persistent protests, Gumillia finally agreed to his offer and made a contract with him. Transforming Grim the End into a golden bullet, she swiftly loaded it into her gun and, with it, she killed Lemy once and for all.[46]

As Julia cradled her dead son and sobbed, she learned that the demon had once been the human called Seth Twiright. She and Elluka then easily defeated Irina, Gumillia watching her master and Irina argue briefly over it. As she watched, Irina released her hold on her human body and approached as a red cat; she revealed that Seth Twiright had installed "Black Box Type S" in the body's heart, shortly it activated and the cat exploded. Enveloped in the dust and smoke, Gumillia resisted the blast, until she lost consciousness.[7]

Straight to Hell[]

"What is this place?"
"…Ah, a new arrival. This place is the Hellish Yard. Where the dead assemble."
―Gumillia and Kaidor[src]

Gumillia regained consciousness in Levia's inner psychological world, finding herself in what looked like a Leviantan temple. Ascending to the top, she found Irina in her true human form, standing front of the Sin ark. The two were soon joined by Behemo, Eve Moonlit, and finally Levia. As Gumillia struggled to maintain the facade of asking where Elluka was, Irina revealed that she too knew the truth about "Elluka Clockworker" and brought her up short. Gumillia approached her former master, learning that Levia had regained all of her memories, and followed her as she approached the Sin Ark. As Levia confirmed that they were all inside of her inner psychological world, Gumillia glimpsed a reflection of her own true form in the Sin ark.

Gumillia listened as Levia and Irina discussed how the latter had realized the truth about Elluka Clockworker; when Levia surmised the true reason that Gumillia had been sent as her apprentice, Gumillia broke down crying and admitted everything to her. Afterward, she watched Irina and Levia talk further and learned of how Irina intended to continue their duel here. Next, Irina revealed that she had experimented on the Clockworker's Doll so that now Eve was able to be awakened as the "Master of the Court".

After Eve summoned the Court around them, Irina explained that the realm made it possible to even kill gods; once she'd challenged Levia and Behemo to duel, Irina fell into an argument with Levia and Gumillia about her reasons for doing so before silencing them. The duel was, suddenly, again interrupted by the Demon of Gluttony, who also joined the duel. After the demon Banica clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic, the blast blew Gumillia out of the Court and into the Hellish Yard.[7]

Coming to in her new surroundings, Gumillia approached the dead Kaidor Blankenheim, unrecognizable to her in his new appearance, and he explained to her how she was in hell with the entrance to heaven close by. Although Kaidor personally wasn't ready to enter the Heavenly Yard, he explained that everyone was allowed to go with there being no Master of the Hellish Yard to judge the dead. Directed to check the door to heaven with newcomers, Gumillia took her leave.

Near the door, she spotted Behemo as well as Seth, in his true form as a living mask; from him, she learned that the impact had simply blown them all to the Hellish Yard despite all of them still being alive. From Seth, Gumillia learned he had been affected due to the hole that the Demon of Gluttony created to enter the mental world, with Seth noting that the other occupant of the Golden key had also been blasted somewhere else.

With Levia, Irina, Eve, and the Demon of Gluttony nowhere in sight, Gumillia tried to follow Behemo into the Heavenly Yard to ask Held for help, only to be barred entry due to being a still-living mortal. As she questioned Behemo for help, Gumillia learned that Levia was the former Master of the Hellish Yard, and that she and Behemo originally intended to destroy the Third Period. As Behemo departed, he made a passing remark that there was a miasma in hell that would eat away at her soul.[52]

Judge of the Dead[]

Master hellish.jpg

Left alone with Seth, the two eventually worked out a deal that Gumillia would wear him on her face and they would work together to research and stop the miasma. From there, Gumillia put on the mask and looked for research materials as prompted.[52] In the intervening years, she took up the role of Master of the Hellish Yard and took over the defunct underworld, fixing things up so that the souls of the dead would be sorted into Heaven and Hell based on their sins.[53] Gumillia from then on began managing the realm, standing before the gates to the Heavenly Yard to stop demon contractors from reaching paradise and to judge souls for their sins.[54] At some point, Gumillia's physical body rotted away and left her in her earthling form.[55]

After the soul of Giyara accidentally ended up in the Hellish Yard, the Master allowed him a wish to compensate for the inconvenience; eventually, the aged monk wished for Gakusha to regain his memories. Peering into the Third Period, she determined Gakusha's identity and granted the wish. During this, she noticed that Allen Avadonia, who was meant to be confined in Black Box, was nonetheless reincarnated into the ground world due to Behemo's interference, conversing with Seth over the matter.[56] When Seth asked her to test his newly-completed Neo Black Box, Gumillia refused.[57]

The Master later learned that Levia's soul had been separated from the entity Ma and forcibly reincarnated into Nemesis Sudou; unable to leave the Hellish Yard, she sent Seth within Grim the End to protect Nemesis instead. Then she, along with Michaela, watched over her former mentor as she grew up.[2]

World's End[]

In EC 999, Nemesis destroyed the Third Period and it subsequently merged with the Hellish Yard; as Gumillia discovered that all of the sin contractors had escaped to the ground world,[58] she left the Hellish Yard and met with Sickle and Michaela, the three deciding to reduce the influence of the Second Period in order to allow humanity to decide the ruined world's fate. Having learned of Sickle's plans, Gumillia was tasked with rounding up the contractors and dragging them back into hell after Allen met with them.

The Master of the Hellish Yard eventually brought Sateriasis Venomania, Gallerian Marlon and Kayo Sudou back to hell.[57] Not long after, Michaela met with Gumillia and discussed the revelation that Nemesis' body was still alive due to her being a contractor but that her soul, Levia, had been separated from her. With Levia living a delusion of being in the former Second Period, Nemesis' body had been mindlessly trying to reenact the destruction of the world, and would end up destroying every soul on it if not stopped. As such, hoping to see Nemesis again, Gumillia accompanied Michaela and Allen to go find Levia. After Allen freed Levia from her delusion and her soul rejoined Nemesis, Gumillia met her along with Allen, Michaela, and Seth in the ruined world.

Once Allen had explained the situation to her, Nemesis approached Gumillia and she explained how she had used Seth to protect her, before quarreling with Seth over how he did it by just keeping her soulless body alive. She then watched as Michaela laughed over how Gumillia and Nemesis looked like twins now, and listened when Allen explained that they should go to Evil's Theater next. With Michaela, Allen, Nemesis, and Seth, the Master of the Hellish Yard set out to save the world.[2]

Final Duties[]

Parting ways with Allen, Nemesis, and Michaela, Gumillia returned to gathering up the contractors, this time to protect them from Gammon Octo and the "Sleep Princess" Michelle Marlon. She later tracked down Prim in Marlon, and, the woman supposedly having contracted with Eve, she paused her time and took her along. After finding Riliane with Michaela, she introduced herself as Master of the Hellish Yard and pulled the girl down into the ground as well. As they went, Gumillia let Riliane down in accordance with her protests and the two talked before arriving in the underworld.

There they met with the other compatible contractors, namely Kayo, Gallerian and Sateriasis. As Gumillia prepared to leave, putting Kayo in charge, Gallerian stopped her and questioned her about why she was gathering up the sin contractors. Immediately after, Gallerian summoned Michelle and a confrontation broke out among the contractors. When Gallerian and Michelle were forced to flee, their departure blew all the contractors away and Gumillia, along with Seth, was forced to started over.[57]

She then mended the barrier between the Hellish Yard and the Third Period. As Gumillia tracked Prim down to Asmodean and captured her again, she noticed the dark clouds resulting from Riliane and Allen's reunion in the western sky, deciding to travel to Evil's Theater through the ground to stop it.[59]

During Allen and Nemesis' confrontation with Ma, Gumillia contacted Allen through a green onion. During their conversation Nemesis used the green onion, asking Gumillia to have Seth break her contract; once Ma swapped into Nemesis' empty body and fell to the ground, Gumillia had Seth break Nemesis' demon contract as requested, thus killing Ma.[60] Following this, Gumillia dissolved her partnership with Seth.[61]


Historically, Gumillia would be remembered for her various actions over the course of her quest for the vessels of sin. She was noted as having defeated the corpse soldiers during the Retasan Coup,[62] while Jakoku's history noted her as having wielded a powerful matchlock and siding with the Tokugawa faction.[53] Aside from this, Gumillia's name went down in history as one of the murderers of Lemy Abelard, although following the Duel of Merrigod Plateau it was noted that the former spirit had seemingly gone missing.[21]

Personality and Traits[]

"I am, older than you. Therefore, be polite. Speak politely, with your elders."
―Gumillia's strict expectations for respect[src]

Gumillia was a stoic but temperamental woman. Seeing things from a stark black-and-white perspective, she was serious, blunt, mature, and largely responsible; this bluntness accompanied a perfect sincerity on her part when stating her feelings. Being naturally loyal and obedient to her superiors, Gumillia was also very stern and would often lecture others for breaking rules, not treating her with respect, or not meeting her expectations. She similarly took her job as Master of the Hellish Yard very seriously, speaking archaically and stringently enforcing the rules of the yard; she would be lax on them, however, depending on the situation.

Gumillia's typical expression

Because of this and her nature as a spirit, Gumillia had trouble expressing herself and could appear emotionless. This was demonstrated how she, even more than Michaela, was slow to take to living in human society; she was at first unable to even smile properly and never cried save for very rare cases. She commonly spoke haltingly and left awkward pauses in conversation, lacking social awareness and oblivious to sarcasm. However, Gumillia's social disabilities did make mild improvements over time. Similarly, she slowly took to some aspects of human life, such as becoming an ardent fan of Rin Chan's music, although she never showed interest in activities like dating.

Despite this emotionless exterior, Gumillia's authoritative nature made her impatient and she could act very impulsively in the course of her duties or to protect her friends. She would become irrational, sometimes violent, as a result, with complete disregard to the consequences of her actions. Her rash temperament resulted in some mild hypocrisy, believing violence was wrong while often employing it in response to even minor annoyances. Despite these emotional lapses, she usually maintained her calm and low-key demeanor, often making her difficult to read for others.

Skills and Abilities[]

"She really is a smart girl."
―Elluka regarding Gumillia's impressive progress[src]

As a forest spirit, Gumillia was an ageless immortal, primarily existing in an incorporeal form. While in her spiritual form, she could fly and heal from any wound almost instantly while in Held's Forest. She could also transform into the form of a chipmunk to interact with the physical world while in the forest, though also able to be injured or killed. While in her spiritual form, the spirit couldn't be perceived by non-magically trained beings. Similarly, only magically trained beings could communicate with her in either form.[4]

Gumillia utilizing her wide vision range

After incarnating as a human, Gumillia retained her eternal youth as the form of Gumina Glassred. She was also unnaturally far-sighted,[5] although unable to clearly see anything within her immediate vicinity and supplementing her vision with glasses.[8] Although having difficulty emoting as a human, she was a quick study and learned much about human society in the span of a month.

Due to her nature as a forest spirit, Gumillia possessed incredible magic power; being a quick study nature, she quickly excelled as a mage. Among her talents, she was able to predict the weather,[5] cast water spells, enact the Clockwork Secret Art, and sing spell songs. She also had a particular talent for propagating and manipulating plant life, even for combat use; her power also increased when in forest environments due to her previously being a spirit. She was similarly proficient in a variety of inscription marks and crafting magic tools, evidenced by her creation of her magic-bullet using Fireworks Gun. She also became proficient in using a revolver and supplemented her spells with her firearm.[43]

As Master of the Hellish Yard, Gumillia possessed the ability to open portals via a hand gesture,[58] as well as peer into the Third Period.[56] Because she wore Seth, a mask with a will, she was also able to see in the dark and read minds.[52] Independent of her magical power, the Master of the Hellish Yard was very knowledgeable about the different realms and held authority over hell, allowing her to manage and discipline the underworld as she saw fit as well as repair its long abandoned machinery for her use.[56]

Character Connections[]

Held Yggdra: Gumillia's creator. Gumillia respected Held greatly and often occasionally carry out his commands among the other spirits, as well as respecting them herself, no matter how puzzling. She also was fiercely protective of the god whenever he was threatened. Despite this, she decided it was best to leave Held behind to remain human, although Gumillia still looked to him for guidance and aid in her future endeavors.

Elluka Clockworker: Gumillia's mentor. Although originally joining her under false pretenses and incensed at a lot of Elluka's lackadaisical behavior, Gumillia became completely loyal to her mentor over hundreds of years of being by her side. Unable to fulfill her role of sealing Levia away in the end, she stayed devoted to her and, similarly, protected Nemesis with the knowledge that her soul was formerly Levia.

Michaela: A fellow forest spirit and friend. Although not remembering their relationship from the Second Period, Gumillia and Michaela were very close, with Gumillia taking a very protective role towards Michaela whenever the latter was upset or in danger. Gumillia continued to look after her while in Lucifenia, sending the Green Onion with Allen so they could communicate; after her death, Gumillia jealously guarded her remains and became anxious when no longer able to care for her. 

Seth Twiright: Gumillia's collaborator. Forging a contract with him out of necessity, Gumillia was eventually forced to work with Seth while trapped inside the Hellish Yard, having a vitriolic partnership with him. After assuming her role as hell's master, Gumillia began wearing the mask as an article of her outfit, utilizing Seth's powers to better serve her duties. Despite their long partnership, Gumillia was no better at understanding him than anyone else.

Irina Clockworker: Gumillia's enemy and later superior. While also warned about Irina by Held, Gumillia saw her as an enemy of Elluka and opposed her accordingly, although not always aware of her true identity under the sorceress' aliases. While joining Père Noël under her command, Gumillia was especially careful in following Irina's orders in order to deceive her, but remained disloyal to her.

Gallerian Marlon: One of the Master of the Hellish Yard's charges. Sending Gallerian to Hell as a result of his corruption, the Master was disdainful of Gallerian's court tactics and greed. As an extension of this, she was disgusted by his one-track mind that pursued corrupted justice even after his death, trying to collect the sins even when it didn't matter anymore. Due to this she was quick to send him to Hell whenever given the chance, pronouncing her own judgment of his sins.

Kayo Sudou: One of the Master of the Hellish Yard's charges. Due to Kayo sharing the same appearance as her mentor, the Master felt sympathetic towards her, not sending her to hell but instead deciding to keep her around to tailor her clothes.

Clarith: The one whom Gumillia trusted Michaela's remains with. Gumillia was resentful of Clarith for being the one chosen to take care of Michaela, although grudgingly appreciated the love that Clarith and Michaela shared. She allowed the former to take the latter's remains, but still felt uneasy about doing so, this uneasiness only subsiding after some time.

Yukina Freezis: Gumillia's travel companion. Gumillia saw Yukina as a cute child and tagged along as her playmate when staying in the Freezis Mansion. As an extension of this friendship, she later aided the girl in her travels through Beelzenia, although she was exasperated by Yukina's inattention to proper honorifics and would act without thinking of how it would affect the girl, such as leaving without any prior notice.

Germaine Avadonia: Gumillia's employee. Gumillia appreciated Germaine's skill in swordsmanship, her reason for hiring her, and she was a trusted bodyguard over the course of this employment.

Gumina Glassred: The inspiration for Gumillia's human body. After observing Gumina's pilgrimage to the Millennium Tree Forest, Gumillia thought her to have a suitably beautiful appearance.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Gumillia's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, GUMI, starting with the same letters; the two also wear glasses as a commonality.
  • Her surname in the Second Period, Matsumoto, matches the pronunciation of the characters 松本, which translate to "base of the pine tree".
  • Her codename, Eighth Sniper, alludes to her role as a marksman and assassin of Père Noël.
  • The Master of the Hellish Yard's role as manager of hell and use of the Demon of Wrath as her mask may be a reference to Satan, the patron demon of Wrath.
  • The Master of the Hellish Yard is connected to the event of Hell in Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.


  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Gumillia was voted as the sixth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.
  • While acting as Master of the Hellish Yard, Gumillia's response to Allen's lack of honorifics when speaking to her is the exact same response she told the servant centuries earlier.
  • While falling asleep during work one time, Gallerian dreamed of meeting the Master of the Hellish Yard in hell and being offered a chance to be exonerated of his sins if he gave up his material wealth;[63] Nemesis presents Gallerian a similar deal months later.[64]
  • In the Seven Crimes and Punishments album booklet, the Master of the Hellish Yard is labeled as a "strange mystery".
  • According to the Hänsel and Gretel in Capriccio Farce, the Master of the Hellish Yard possessed Grim the End.[65]
  • Wondering what happened to the original incarnations of the Servants, Gammon Octo questioned if they needed to ask the Master of the Hellish Yard to find an answer.[66]




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