The Great War[note 1] refers to the conflict fought between the allied nations of Elphegort, Beelzenia, and Jakoku and the Union State of Evillious and United States of Maistia. Fought across the entire world, the struggle continued to escalate for over six years.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

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In retaliation to the corruption plaguing the USE Dark Star Bureau, fighting broke out within Levianta in August of EC 983 and escalated into full civil war. During the conflict, Dark Star Bureau Director Gallerian Marlon was killed within his home and the perpetrator, Nemesis Sudou was arrested by USE authorities. In the wake of the failing Union State of Evillious, the Tasan Party began to rise to power within Elphegort.

Nemesis Sudou was later pardoned and released from prison. Soon after, in EC 989, the Tasan party gave her the seat of vice party leader by popular vote. After the party leader, Gammon Octo, mysteriously disappeared, Nemesis became the new leader. With Nemesis and the party gaining support both domestically and abroad, the Tasan party took power in Elphegort in EC 993. Afterwards, Nemesis established herself as dictator of Elphegort and gained absolute political power.[1]

Invasion[edit | edit source]

Shortly after, Nemesis ordered the Elphegort military to invade the Lucifenian Republic. Elphegort was then immediately expelled from the USE in retaliation for the violation. Elphegort's invasion continued unimpeded by the sanction. Once the Green Country gained complete control of Lucifenia, it joined in a military alliance with Beelzenia and Jakoku.

Led by forces in Marlon and Holy Levianta, the USE army planned a large-scale siege strategy against Elphegort. The neutral United States of Maistia then declared its support for the USE and its member nations. In response, Jakoku declared war on Maistia shortly after and the fighting expanded across the entire planet. The USE army launched its counterattack against Elphegort and began retaking ground in Lucifenia.[1]

Punishment[edit | edit source]

Suffering under the siege, Nemesis ordered the development of a new weapon to combat the threat, dubbing it "Punishment". With the absolute ruler spearheading the project, a prototype was developed.[1] In EC 998,[2] the Punishment prototype was tested in the Millennium Tree Forest, resulting in the entire forest completely obliterated by the terrifying device.[1]

Afterward, Punishment was fired upon the United States of Maistia, decimating the entire Maistia continent. Due to a misconfiguration in the aiming of the weapon, it destroyed Elphegort's ally, Jakoku, immediately after. Shortly after the USE army successfully liberated Lucifenia,[2] countless Punishments were fired upon the entirety of Evillious, resulting in the destruction of the Third Period in EC 999 and bringing the worldwide war to an abrupt conclusion.[3]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the souls within it initially returned to the Heavenly Yard to live in their afterlives. Due to the imbalance of power between the Heavenly and Hellish Yard, however, the Hellish Yard achieved dominance over the Third Period and the souls were drawn back down as the two planes began to merge. Planning to turn the balance of power, the god of the Heavenly Yard began preparing for a countermeasure with the cooperation of the spirit of Allen Avadonia.[3]

Civilian Perception[edit | edit source]

Following Elphegort's initial invasion of the Lucifenian Republic, the USE and Maistia as a whole were opposed to the illegal action, resulting in Elphegort's expulsion from the union state. Likewise, the neutral Maistia gave its support for the USE's cause in the war and joined in the fighting after Jakoku pulled them into the conflict.[1]

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Conceptualization and Origin[edit | edit source]

  • The war is likely inspired by World War II, with the warring parties resembling their real world counterparts and sharing similar roles in the conflict.
  • The use of Punishment to end the war is likely inspired by the atomic bomb created by the United States military and first used against Japan to end World War II.

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