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Gods[note 1] were supernatural entities existing in the universe that possessed immense magical power and technology. Originating as earthlings from the Second Period, they eventually created the Third Period and greatly influenced its history.​​​​​​​


Early History[]

Following the destruction of the Second Period due to the spread of HER, numerous earthlings boarded ships to find planets to repopulate, among them being the Climb One. Discovering a new planet, the seventy-two earthlings collaborated in creating a new humanity to populate it, led by the scientist Luna Hazuki.[1]

New Realm[]

The surviving earthlings completed their task in BT 528, sixty-two of them having been killed due to Seth Twiright. As the remaining earthlings quarreled over whether they'd be reincarnated as gods to watch over the Third Period, Climb One crashed and their physical bodies were destroyed, leaving behind only their spirit data. At some point, the robot TALOS and earthling Held reincarnated in the forms of a bat and a millennium tree respectively, leaving the others trapped within Climb One.[1]

Around that time, TALOS, now the sun god, turned an ended world into an afterlife for the souls of the deceased humans, the "Heavenly Yard".[2] Levia and Behemo Barisol later established a following as "gods" in Magic Kingdom Levianta, manipulating Queen Alice Merry-Go-Round into beginning Project 'Ma' to incarnate them as humans.

In EC 013, Levia and Behemo, impatient, manipulated Kiril Clockworker into incarnating them into a dragon body Behemo had created by having Kiril operate the Climb One's Black Box Type L; due to the Black Box's malfunction, Levia and Behemo instead reincarnated as gods into the corpse of Elluka Chirclatia, becoming the mage Elluka Clockworker.[1]

Held later met with Elluka Clockworker and tasked the amnesic incarnation of the twin gods to collect the vessels of sin scattered across the world for him. Following the Duel of Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611,[3] Behemo reawakened and ended up in the Hellish Yard while Levia's soul fused with those of Irina Clockworker and Eve Moonlit into one being: Ma. Afterward, Behemo left hell for the Heavenly Yard.[4] In EC 964, Ma expelled Levia's soul and made her reincarnate as a human, Nemesis Sudou.[1]

World's End[]

After the Third Period's collapse, the sun god began working with Held and the Demons of Sin to intervene with the world's end and restore the fallen human souls back to the Heavenly Yard.[5] Levia, having been separated from her physical body, was later restored as Nemesis by Allen Avadonia.[1] Later on, the sun god, Held, Behemo and Levia were incorporated into the Fourth Period as members of a group chat.[6]

Biology and Appearance[]

Gods existed as a result of rules laid out for the Third Period by the earthlings who created it.[7] Gods had humanoid forms and possessed humans' superb intellect. They also generally had millennia-long lifespans.[8] Should a god suffer premature death, the soul would undergo reincarnation, making them essentially immortal;[9] a god's soul was also exempt from the decay over time that normal souls experienced.[10]

The gods possessed immense magical power, incomparable to human standards. As a result, they were able to easily change forms, allowing them to take on a variety of appearances and shapes. They also had the capability to freely travel between different worlds.[2]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The gods worshipped in Levin bear resemblance in many practices and beliefs to that of the one God in Christianity.


  • According to Levia and Behemo's account of the Third Period's creation, gods allegedly prospered in the First Period before escaping their paradise and establishing the Second Period.[5]
  • The 72 "gods" and kin that escaped the Second Period's destruction may be a reference to the 72 demons listed in the Ars Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon.