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Gloom of Held is a short story included with the purchase of Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita, released on September 24, 2013. The story was written by Akuno-P. It follows Held, the incarnated tree god that resides within Held's Forest, and his encounter with Elluka and Irina Clockworker.

Plot Summary[]

In Held's ForestElluka Clockworker approaches her old friend, Held. After the god awakens, Elluka explains to him how she had not acquired the real Twin Blades of Levianta and expresses frustration over their failure to gather up any of the vessels of sin; she punches Held's trunk, although the god reminds her that he can't feel it. When Held indifferently remarks that they could only wait until they acquired the vessels, Elluka angrily reiterated that she is a volunteer. The two debate their respective responsibilities towards protecting the world from the Seven Deadly Sins; while Elluka points out their birth was in Held's forest, Held points out Elluka was the one who released them. Elluka admits her culpability in the destruction of Magic Kingdom Levianta using the Clockwork Secret Art. During this, Held and Elluka also speak on the newly rebuilt Holy Levianta, and Held warns her that it may still be dangerous. During their conversation, Michaela visits and is promptly sent away.

After commenting about the spirit, Elluka speaks to Held about the new servant she had acquired, a girl with no magical talent who is a descendant of Mikulia Greeonio. Like her ancestor, Elluka explains that the girl also shares the appearance of the Original Sinner, even though the first 'Ma' candidacy was a failure and she would not have children. The two discuss the likelihood of people sharing the same face, blood related or otherwise, through generations. Held admits that the occurrence of people sharing the same face is more common in this world than in the Second Period, and that Levia-Behemo would know more about it as the creators of humans. After Elluka asks fruitlessly where to find the two gods, they return to the subject of Elluka's servant; after affirming that the Demon's presence wasn't in the girl, Elluka informs Held that she used a spell to keep her in the house. When Held asks if she left the girl food, the sorceress realizes that she did not, and leaves in a hurry with Michaela flying after her.

Several hours later, Held is visited by Irina Clockworker with a new body, surprised to see her medium was male. After asserting that her name was now AB-CIR, Irina abandoned her host body, complaining about having to possess a man, and approached the god. The two briefly discuss the oddity of the sorceress possessing a male medium, with Irina refusing to discuss her reasons. The cat then begins scratching at Held's face, to the god's annoyance, and demands to know Elluka's whereabouts. In response to Held's curiosity, she explains that Elluka had taken one of her pawns and she wishes to get them back. As they talk, Held notes that Irina would be unable to destroy his true body, and that in fact he could harm her directly if his tree was destroyed. 

Despite this, Irina continues to scratch at Held, asking why he had not told Elluka of her existence. The god explains that he does not want Elluka and Irina to meet. Irina asks if he doesn't wish Elluka to come in contact with a HER, despite sending her to collect the vessels of sin; as Held denies this, Irina declares that she will meet Elluka someday and steal all of her body and soul. After explaining that she was too busy to do it herself at the moment, Irina loses her patience and resumes questioning him and scratching his trunk. After some time, Held refuses to reveal Elluka's whereabouts and Irina gives up, taking control of her subordinate and leaving.

After she left, Held calls upon Gumillia, asking her to tell the other spirits to strengthen the forest's magic barrier, to keep out anyone with great magic power. Although Gumillia points out this will also keep Elluka out, Held insists it would be for her own good. Before the spirit leaves, Held also warns her that one day she may have to leave the forest for a time, to make sure Elluka doesn't come into contact with a certain person. With that, the god sends Gumillia away and prepares to sleep.



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The story's title refers to Held's serious and gloomy demeanor as he deals with his encounters with both Irina and Elluka.

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