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The Glass of Conchita[note 1] was one of the Vessels of Sin, inhabited by the Demon of Gluttony. Duke Banica Conchita was among its most prominent owners, infamous for causing the Disappearance of Evil Food Eater Conchita.



Sometime during the BT era, a regular wine glass was fabricated with Second Period's technology in Asmouse and put for sale in a store. Later on, Adam Moonlit and Eve Zvezda purchased the glass while out shopping.[1] After the couple fled to Elphegort, they made a small home in Held's Forest, furnishing it with some of their belongings from Magic Kingdom Levianta, including the red wine glass.[2] When Hänsel and Gretel created the Vessels of Sin in EC 014,[3] the glass was used as the vessel for the Demon of Gluttony.[4] Afterward, the twins released the vessels into the world.[5] Sometime during the EC 100s, the glass' powers of reanimation were invoked.[6] Some time afterward, the glass ended up in the stomach of a baemu pig.[4]

Unsuspecting Curse[]

Around the turn of the third century EC, the glass ended up in the village of Gula in the Beelzenian Empire. Unleashing a pathogen among the populace that ate the pig, the villagers began to die off at an increasing rate each day for ten years until the village was virtually wiped out. About a hundred years later, the glass ended up in the stomach of another baemu.

In November of EC 296, the baemu ended up at the Conchita Mansion in Gasto and was killed in preparation for the celebratory birthday feast of Banica Conchita. The glass was later extracted from the pig's stomach during the kitchen preparations and stored in Duke Muzuri Conchita's treasury. After everyone but the newborn Banica ate the pig, the household staff began to die off one-by-one each day.

After six days, the Duke had his servant Ron Grapple retrieve the glass from the treasury and gave it to the mage AB-CIR to help alleviate the "Gula" disease. The disease then continued killing off the family and staff until the Conchita household was virtually wiped out.[4] During "his" service to Lord Somi Hedgehog of Lioness, the wine glass was taken from AB-CIR when the mage was briefly captured and imprisoned by the Marlon army.[7]

Disappearance of Conchita[]

Some time after, the glass was acquired by Arte and Pollo and hidden in a hole in the back of their room's fireplace at the Conchita Mansion. In July of EC 323, Ron Grapple found the glass while cleaning the twins' room and attempted to throw it out before being stopped and killed by Arte and Pollo. The following day, the glass was filled with the newly created Blood Grave and placed in Duke Banica's room.

The next morning, the woman drank the wine from the glass and forged a contract with the Demon of Gluttony.[8] Revitalized in health and physique, Banica began to indulge in more gruesome and disgusting cuisine, using the vessel as her personal wine glass. Some time after, the duke used the glass to revive the deceased servants as her undead army.[9]

After being poisoned with Wrath magic in a murder-suicide attempt by her cook,[10] Banica devoured him and his wrath magic-infused body severely weakened the demon. Once she cannibalized the rest of her staff that August, Banica devoured herself along with the weakened demon,[11] becoming the new Demon of Gluttony of the wine glass.[12]

Shortly after, Elluka Clockworker and Platonic discovered the bloodstained glass with Banica's baby son and took them from the mansion. During their journey out of Gasto, Platonic stole the wine glass from Elluka and fled with the vessel.[11] After the thief abandoned her illegal trade and returned home, she kept it in her possession for some time before it presumably passed back to AB-CIR.[12]

Story of Evil[]

Sometime after, AB-CIR lost possession of the vessel. It was later reclaimed around the EC 480s by Queen Prim Marlon. In EC 490, Abyss I.R. used the vessel to spread a Gula epidemic across Beelzenia,[13] killing countless people, seemingly including the intended target, King Arth Lucifen d'Autriche.[14] In EC 491, Abyss I.R. transplanted the Demon from her glass into one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia.[15]

The demon was later recalled to the Glass by Abyss I.R. and the sorceress used it to create another Gula epidemic, killing countless more including its intended target, Queen Anne Lucifen d'Autriche.[13] In EC 505, the vessel was later given to Ney Phutapie in EC 505 and the assassin used the glass to revive the Gula infected dead in Beelzenia as her undead army.[16]

Later that year, Ney used the glass to create another plague in northern Marlon, infecting and killing countless before the assassin revived them to build up another undead army.[17] During the ensuing battle at Castle Hedgehog, Banica possessed Ney completely and the assassin dropped the glass before wildly attacking her half-brother Kyle. After the blonde-haired girl was subdued, Kyle brought the glass to Lioness Castle and it was subsequently sealed by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia.

Soon after, Abyss I.R. took the glass along with the other vessels of sin assembled at the castle and removed their seals.[13] Afterward, Banica absorbed the dead reincarnation of Gretel's soul into the Glass. When the Marlon Spoon was used by Abyss I.R. two weeks later, Gretel intervened and canceled out the Demon of Greed's power with her master's own.[18] After the sorceress was defeated, the vessel was collected by Elluka and Gumillia and subsequently sealed.[19] Sometime after, Elluka lost the vessel to Abyss I.R.[20]

Père Noël[]

In EC 549,[21] Julia IR held the glass in her hand following her battle with Chartette Langley.[20] Around the turn of the seventh century EC, Julia Abelard stored the wine glass in her mansion's treasury in Rolled. While Julia's son Lemy examined the glass from the treasury in EC 603, Gretel possessed the reincarnation of Hänsel and forged contract between him and the demon. The glass was later wrapped as a present and gifted to Lemy for his birthday on December 27.

It was kept on a shelf in the boy's room afterward.[22] After Lemy's death on December 26, EC 610, Julia moved the glass to his grave following his burial. Once the contractor revived on January 29 of the next year, Lemy took the glass.[23] The next day, Banica absorbed the reincarnation of Hänsel's soul into the Glass upon his final death.[24] It was soon after found by the World Police and stored in their vault.[25]

Dark Star Scandal[]

Afterward, the Glass passed into the hands of numerous owners over the centuries.[12] After Banica's subordinate Eater Sabella incarnated as a death god and began working at the Graveyard restaurant,[26] the chef stored the vessel at the establishment.[11] The Glass was later confiscated by the USE police in the early EC 980s and collected by Gallerian Marlon.[11] The vessel was then stored in the judge's home.[12]

Evil's Theater[]

After the completion of Evil's Theater in December of EC 982, the Glass was transferred there.[27] Sometime before EC 990, Banica became the Master of the Graveyard, while Hänsel and Gretel became the "Servants".[28] Using the glass to revive the dead, the Master of the Graveyard and her servants guarded the theater, capturing and devouring most intruders.[29]

World's End[]

After the destruction of the Third Period in EC 999, Michaela summoned all seven vessels together for Allen Avadonia.[30] Later on, Hänsel manifested his form as Pollo and took the glass with him to Asmodean to meet with Allen before taking him to Beelzenia.[31]


Similar to the other vessels of sin, the Glass served as a container for the Demon of Gluttony's essence and allowed the demon to possess or influence its owner.[32] From the glass, the demon was able to fuel the owner's hunger and appetite, warping their tastes to become increasingly grotesque.[33] After Banica became the new Demon of Gluttony, those she possessed began to share her character traits.[13] As the demon was the source for the Glass of Conchita's powers, sealing the vessel subsequently sealed the demon and left the object powerless.[32]

The Glass was also capable of generating a pathogen for the Gula disease.[13] When conjured by the original demon, the plague stemmed from an infected baemu pig the glass resided in and spread the infection to any who ate the pig's flesh. Over time, the number of deaths per day would steadily increase so long as the demon's vessel remained in the area; conversely, if the wine glass was removed from the area, the death toll would remain at one per day until the plague ran through its duration.[34]

The Glass could also reanimate the dead as "Corpse Soldiers" via pouring wine from the Glass onto the intended corpse.[9] The ritual could also be performed upon a general area by simply pouring the liquid onto the ground near where the dead lay or were buried. After Banica Conchita replaced the original demon, the ritual required the dead to have died of Gula as a prerequisite to their revival.

The soldiers were obedient to the will of the vessel's holder, though they could be difficult to control in large amounts and would otherwise rampage indiscriminately.[16] They also felt pain and could suffer from their prior decay.[9] Like all the vessels of sin, the Glass of Conchita was able to kill a demon contractor through the Demon of Gluttony's power.



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The vessel's representative sin is derived from Gluttony of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The sin's original form, the seed, is depicted in Chrono Story as a pomegranate; the pomegranate is often referred to as the "fruit of death" in Greek mythology, connected to both the god Hades and the Underworld.


  • Although the Japanese word for the sin of gluttony in the Seven Deadly Sins is 暴食 (boushoku), mothy used the word 悪食 (akujiki) by mistake.[35]




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