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Gilbert Calgaround was the Earl of Calgaround in Elphegort, and the husband of Countess Mikulia. Falling in love with the mysterious florist, the young Gilbert married the commoner with his people's blessing.


Early Life[]

Born in Calgaround in EC 118, Gilbert eventually became the head of the Calgaround Family and inherited its title as the seventh Earl.[1] Around EC 141, Earl Calgaround met the new and popular florist in town, Mikulia Greeonio, and instantly fell in love with her.[2]

Flower of the Plateau[]

Sometime after, Gilbert and Mikulia entered a romance and were blessed with the townspeople to have long and happy lives together.[2] Afterward, the two got engaged and later married each other in EC 147. When Gumina Glassred visited the family later on, Gilbert posed beside his wife while the prime minister painted their portrait together, hanging the finished painting in the town's royal library. In EC 151, Earl Calgaround was poisoned by Mikulia with Gift and died soon after.[1]


After his death, it was determined he had died of an unknown illness. In the years that followed, tales were passed down that he was possibly poisoned, connecting his death to the two other mysterious deaths believed to be perpetrated by Mikulia. A short story inspired by the tales of Gilbert and Mikulia entitled "Flower of the Plateau" was written by Yukina Freezis and became among the Lost List of Freezis Fairy Tale. The folklore surrounding Gilbert and his wife later prompted Hanne Lorre to investigate Calgaround to understand the truth about Mikulia Greeonio.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

Gilbert was a kindhearted and loving man. Despite his nobility, Gilbert wasn't afraid to mix with his people, openly marrying a commoner, and was seemingly loved by his people. While showing his transparent affections for Mikulia in their youth,[2] Gilbert was eventually killed by his wife.[1]

Character Connections[]

Mikulia Calgaround: Gilbert's wife. Falling in love with the beautiful and kind florist despite her lower station, he deeply and openly cared about the girl despite knowing little of her past. Never learning of her sordid history, he presumably continued to live with and love his wife until meeting an untimely end.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The name Gilbert derives from Germanic, meaning "bright pledge".
  • His surname, Calgaround (カルガランド), may be a subtle reference to the English term "Merry-Go-Round" (メリーゴーランド).