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"For the sake of your happiness."
―Margarita Blankenheim[src]

Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep is a song released by Akuno-P on May 23, 2011. It is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Sloth.


In ToragayElphegort, Margarita Blankenheim asks for someone to take her gift to sleep for the sake of their "happiness". She then speaks of how, even though her philandering husband, Kaspar, married her as part of an arranged engagement for her father's money and has forgotten their childhood promise, she still loves him and is alright with just being by his side. Claiming to be unable to handle seeing him always so weary, Margarita decides to give to him the "medicine" she learned to make from her friend Julia Abelard as a present, claiming it will help him sleep well.

She then regards how everyone in the city also has worries and so she gives her "medicine" to everyone to grant them repose. It's then revealed that Margarita actually poisoned everyone in the city; as the only one left, she has acquired the freedom and wealth she desired. Reiterating her wish to see her husband sleep with her poison, she states how she had been broken from being used like a doll and so wished to destroy everything.

She then says that now it's her turn to take her wonderful "medicine" and consumes her Gift, going from being the "Sleep Princess" to finally becoming the "Sleeping Princess". At the end of the PV, a dialogue between Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia is shown, resolving to head to Lucifenia to pursue Julia Abelard and take a closer look at Père Noël.


「さあ 眠りなさい⋯」

眠りなさいこのgiftで よく眠れるこのgiftで
私はそう 眠らせ姫 貴方の幸せの為に⋯⋯

政略の果て 決められた婚姻

欲に溺れる 無能\な遊び人

医者の娘の 財産だけ目当て

幼い頃の 約束も忘れて

不安な情緒 悩む貴方に
良い夢が見れるから 疲れた身癒せるわ

眠りなさいこのgift(薬)で よく眠れるこのgift(薬)で
私はそう 眠らせ姫 貴方の幸せの為に⋯⋯

誰もが悩み 抱えているのよ
父も母も 街の人達も
夜に眠れぬ みんなの為に
giftを作る 眠れる薬

嫌な現実 叶わぬ想い
夢の中なら 忘れられるわ
ゆりかごの中 赤子のように
目を閉じたまま 委ねなさい

幸せになった みんながみんな
ただ一人眠れぬ 私は代わりに

眠りなさいこのgift(毒)で よく眠れるこのgift(毒)で
私はそう 眠らせ姫 希望を求めた女

お飾りのドールのように 利用されるだけの日々に
もうとっくに壊れていた 全てを壊したかったの

とてもよく効く薬なの 永遠(とわ)に眠れるほどによく効くの
これでようやく私も眠れる 眠らせ姫から眠り姫に⋯⋯

さあ 王子様 (アダム)

"Saa nemurinasai…"

Nemurinasai kono gift de yoku nemureru kono gift de
Watashi wa sou Nemurase Hime anata no shiawase no tame ni……

Seiryaku no hate kimerareta kon'in
Soredemo anata wo aishita

Yoku ni oboreru munou na asobinin
Dakedo mae kara suki datta

Isha no musume no zaisan dake meate
Betsu ni soredemo shiawase yo

Osanai koro no yakusoku mo wasurete
Ii no anata no soba ni irarereba

Fuan na jousho nayamu anata ni
Totemo ii kusuri ga aru no yo
Yoi yume ga mireru kara tsukareta mi iyaseru wa
Watashi kara no purezento

Nemurinasai kono gift de yoku nemureru kono gift de
Watashi wa sou Nemurase Hime anata no shiawase no tame ni……

Daremo ga nayami kakaete iru no yo
Chichi mo haha mo machi no hitotachi mo
Yoru ni nemurenu minna no tame ni
Gift wo tsukuru nemureru kusuri

Iya na genjitsu kanawanu omoi
Yume no naka nara wasurerareru wa
Yurikago no naka akago no you ni
Me wo tojita mama yudanenasai

Watashi no gift wo minna ga nonde
Shiawase ni natta minna ga minna
Tada hitori nemurenu watashi wa kawari ni
Jiyuu to zai wo eta

Nemurinasai kono gift de yoku nemureru kono gift de
Watashi wa sou Nemurase Hime kibou wo motometa onna……

O-kazari no dooru no you ni riyou sareru dake no hibi ni
Mou tokku ni kowarete ita subete wo kowashitakatta no

Totemo yoku kiku kusuri na no towa ni nemureru hodo ni yoku kiku no
Kore de youyaku watashi mo nemureru Nemurase Hime kara Nemuri Hime ni……

Saa ouji-sama
Ano mori de watashi ni KISU o shite

“Come, sleep…”

Sleep with this gift, you’ll sleep well with this gift
Yes I am the sleep princess, for the sake of your happiness…

It was a marriage decided by the result of politics
Nevertheless I loved you

You’re an incompetent playboy wallowing in desire
But I loved you from before

You’re only after the wealth of a doctor’s daughter
Aside from that I’m happy, nonetheless

You can also forget our promise when we were children
If I can be by your side

For you who is troubled by anxious feelings
I have a very good medicine
You can have pleasant dreams, so your worn body can be healed
It’s a present from me

Sleep with this gift, you’ll sleep well with this gift
Yes I am the sleep princess, for the sake of your happiness…

Everyone carries troubles
My dad, my mom, and the people of this town
For the sake of everyone who can’t sleep at night
I’ll make this gift, a sleeping medicine

Unpleasant reality, unrequited feelings
If inside a dream, these things can be forgotten
Like a baby inside their crib
With your eyes closed, abandon yourself

Everyone swallowed my gift
And became happy, each and every one
As the only one who can’t sleep, I instead
Obtained freedom and riches

Sleep with this gift, you will sleep well with this gift
Yes I am the sleep princess, a woman who sought hope

In those days where I was only used like a decorative doll
I was already broken long ago, I wanted to destroy everything

It’s a very efficacious medicine, efficacious up to being able to sleep forever
With this, finally I too will be able to sleep, from the Sleep Princess to Sleeping Princess...

"Come, my prince, kiss me in that forest."

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV Text[]

Gift (英語)

「さあ 眠りなさい…」

~E.C. 609 Toragay-city Elphegort~






Gift (ドイツ語)















Gift (English)
1. Present, something donated; charity
2. A special ability; a talent from birth
3. ((British colloquial)) A cheap item; a task that’s easy to do

“Come, sleep…”

~E.C. 609 Toragay city, Elphegort~

With her marriage to Marquis Blankenheim
Reality is thrust upon her.

Margarita was troubled.
From her friend Julia she was instructed
On the means to refine the medicine of tranquility, “gift”.

She hands over the “gift” to her husband.

“It’s a medicine that’ll help you sleep well”, she said…

///rquis Blankenheim, Dead///
Dr. Felix, in Critical Conditi///
24 Passed Away at the ///stitute. Cause///
No End to ///ragay’s Turmoil Over its Strange Disease in///
///hind the Scenes, the Shadow of Criminal Organization “Pere Noel”?
///the Elphegort Government, Will the Freezis/// Dispatch an Inquiry?
///tween Toragay and Aceid Prohibited///
///Freezis Foundation To Deploy an Inquiry to Toragay.
///ay, in a State of Ruin///

Gift (German)
1. Toxin, poison, powerful medicine

Toragay was reduced to a ghost town.

Margarita had already become a sadistic murderer and perished.

Was it due to her circumstances,
Or brainwashing from that woman…?

Due to Margarita’s suicide,
The truth has fallen into darkness…

“…Such terrible circumstances.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“You’ve done well. So, how was it?”

“Right, well, it seems as though the vessel has already been taken away…”

“I see…”

“Furthermore, as I thought this matter appears to be linked to that woman… Julia.”

“Pere Noel…It looks like we’ll need to investigate deeper, huh?”


“Let’s go, Gumillia. To Lucifenia.”

“Yes, understood. Elluka.”

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Fifth Pierrot describes the events following Margarita's murders; it details the actions of Julia's organization Père Noël, of which Margarita was a member.

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Flower of the Plateau features a previous incarnation of Eve Moonlit, the true identity behind Margarita Blankenheim, who also uses questionable means to find happiness.

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Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The English word gift means "present", and is subtitled in the early song lyrics with the kanji for "gift" and "medicine"; the German word Gift means "poison" and is subtitled as such during the latter half of the song.
  • The song PV plays with this, showing the word's English dictionary definition before the song begins and later showing the word's German dictionary definition towards the song's end; fittingly, Elphegort, the song's setting, is inspired by Germany.
  • Similarly, the word used for "put to sleep" (眠らせ) also means "kill", alluding to the double nature of Margarita's gift.
  • The song's English title, "Belphegor's gift", is a reference to Belphegor, the patron demon of Sloth, and the aforementioned wordplay of the word "gift".
  • When drawing on inspiration for themes of "sloth" and "sleep", mothy was influenced by stories of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and to a lesser extent, Rapunzel.[1]


  • Like the other songs in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, the song PV begins with the phrase "さあ" (Saa).
  • The Evils Court booklet examines the causes of the Toragay Epidemic and confirms Père Noël's involvement for the inhabitants.[2]
  • Later in the booklet, Gammon Octo comments about Julia's involvement in Margarita's spring of murders and her connection to the Clockworker's Doll; based on this, he hypothesizes that Margarita was a deliberately-spawned incarnation of a demon.[3]
  • Throughout most of the song, bubbling sounds of Gift can be heard in the background.



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