An untitled short story emailed to select purchasers of Deadly Sins of Evil: Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep starting on December 3, 2014. The story was written by Akuno-P. It portrays Seventh Magician's experiences with several of her clients during her tenure in Père Noël.

Plot Summary

In Lucifenia, Seventh Magician recounts how the Nativity Festival is celebrated during the end of the year. During this season, Santa Claus builds her popularity by doing good works for orphans as part of her ambition to rule the country one day; as an accomplice to her evil, works as a fake fortune teller after having been recruited by Santa Claus and her apprentice, Fourth Shadow.

While not having any magical ability, Seventh Magician tells fake fortunes officially while having a secret trade performing "miracles" with a vessel of sin for shadier clients. With no customers at present, Seventh Magician relaxes and ruminates on her clients and the past ten odd years. She then recalls when an older man with blue hair then arrives, bringing a severed head, and asks her to change his face to match.

After Seventh verifies the man's source for coming to her, she inquires after his and the head's identity. Although reluctant, he eventually reveals himself as Kaidor Blankenheim and the head as Bruno Marlon's. Seventh recalls Kaidor's past killing his wife and Bruno's as Shaw Freesis' escort and questions the man's intentions with Bruno's face. Kaidor presses Seventh if she can change his face and she agrees for the right compensation. 

After receiving money, Seventh leads Kaidor to the backroom and prepares to change his face, questioning him about his convictions to leave his old life behind. Afterwards, she takes out the Venom Sword and changes his face; since then, Kaidor lives as Bruno Marlon for long afterwards, though recently wishing to join Seventh and her comrades. At some point, Mayrana Blossom also visits Seventh Magician for one of her miracles.

Recalling her history with Fourth Shadow and little knowledge of her past, Seventh notes smugly that even her superior, Mayrana, doesn't have knowledge of magic that could change someone's face. After Mayrana points out that that power was only due to the Demon of Lust, Seventh also remembers her idolizing of First Santa Claus as Mayrana asks her to change her face to that of her superior's. Seventh guides her to the back of the shop and Mayrana lies down on the bed before being instructed.

Seventh calls on the Demon of Lust and changes Mayrana's face; she then watches as her customer examines herself and notices small differences between her face and Santa Claus'; Seventh mockingly apologizes and, despite Mayrana's protests, reminds her that her face can't be changed unless making a deal with the demon, to the woman's rage. Seventh then considers Mayrana's recent new identity as the mayor of Calgaround, in contact with the Sleep Princess to acquire a vessel of sin. As Seventh considers this, she answers a knock on the door and sees Gatt Coulomb.

Musing that it was unlikely Gatt would ask for her to change her face, Seventh welcomes the man in and begins to inquire about his real business while warming the room. Although hesitating, Gatt eventually explains that he has been dispatched to recover the Venom Sword. Guessing the implications of his words, Seventh debates with Gatt over her becoming obsolete and an obstacle in the course of Santa's presidential election, to which Gatt gives an indefinite answer. 

Seventh then wonders why Gatt is telling her this, only for the soldier to imply his intention to let her try and escape. Understanding Gatt's bloody past, Seventh notices the golden dagger at his waist and concludes that he would be able to kill her whether she contracted with Lust or not. Gatt states his intention to come tomorrow morning and leaves. In response, Seventh takes the Venom Sword and gets dressed, preparing to escape using the ability to change her face. Stepping out into the blizzard, Seventh stands in the snow and considers "Santa Claus'" actions during the end of the Nativity Festival. Verbally toasting to the New Year, she makes her departure.



  • Humorously, Seventh Magician's narration mentions how First "Santa Claus" typically delivers presents to children at the end of the Nativity Festival, referencing the tradition of Santa Claus delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve.


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