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Ghoul Children[note 1] were artificial humans created by Seth Twiright. Based upon the method engineered by the god Behemo, they were created as part of Seth's experiments with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome. Many became infamous and despised in the Magic Kingdom Levianta.


Early HistoryEdit

Sometime around the BT 020s, Seth Twiright cloned his cells and developed them based on Behemo's methods, creating the first ghoul children: Pale Noël and Kiril Clockworker.[1] Pale later founded the criminal organization Apocalypse and led numerous insurrections across the Magic Kingdom Levianta while Kiril became a clockworker artisan for the Clockworker Family.[2]

Succeeding ModelsEdit

After determining the cloning method unviable, Seth developed another type of ghoul child, producing Meta Salmhofer in BT 022. Afterward, Seth continued the creation of ghoul children through seeds of malice implantation;[1] as the ghoul children caused havoc in the succeeding years, the mass outbreak of HERs became a growing concern within the Magic Kingdom.[3] In BT 004, the twelfth ghoul child, Irina Clockworker was successfully born and deployed as Kiril's little sister.[4]

In BT 002, Meta joined Pale in Apocalypse and the two entered a relationship, becoming even more infamous in the Magic Kingdom.[5] Around a year later, Meta was accepted as the test subject for the second Project 'Ma'. Presided over by Seth, Meta was implanted with a seed of god mixed with a seed of malice, producing Hänsel and Gretel on December 27, EC 0.[6] Meta fled with the twins shortly after. She was later killed by Eve Moonlit in EC 001 after the witch abducted her twins, raising them with her husband Adam.[7] As the years progressed, future Ma experiments faced continual failure.

In EC 013, Pale and his lover Milky Eights sired a child together.[8] In that same year, Irina was selected for the seventh Project 'Ma' experiment. Soon after, Kiril activated the Black Box within the ark Sin and freed the gods Levia and Behemo;[2] in the resulting destruction by the dragon Levia-Behemo, virtually all ghoul children were wiped out. Afterward, Seth transferred the critically injured Irina's soul into a red stuffed cat.[4]

At some point, Pale died and he was buried in a tomb at the northern tip of Merrigod Plateau,[9] In EC 014, Hänsel and Gretel killed their foster parents and split Eve's Original Sin to create the vessels of sin, spreading the devices of malice across the world.[10]

Ghoulish LegacyEdit

At some point, five ghoul children babies were frozen in Freezis pods and stored in a facility deep below Castle Hedgehog in Marlon. Following an earthquake during the latter half of the fifth century EC, one baby awoke and escaped. "Keel Freezis" later married Mikina Sfarz in EC 491 and sired children,[11] growing his business into a massive conglomerate over the years. After being hit on the head by Irina Clockworker in EC 505, Keel suffered lasting injuries and retired before dying.[12] On January 30, EC 611, the Zorach family shut down the remaining active Freezises, killing the four ghoul children under their care.[11]

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Apart from their artificial nature, ghoul children were physically identical to humans. Early ghoul children were also identical to Seth Twiright, sharing his exact same appearance, intellect, and deficiencies such as poor eyesight;[1] they also were some of the few capable of using Black Box Type L as a result of having Seth's DNA.[13] They naturally shared his genetic condition, Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome.

Later ghoul children were made into HERs through the implantation of seeds of malice into their developing cells. Despite this, ghoul children's personalities and dispositions varied greatly. Many possessed immense magical potential and could become powerful mages.[1] Ghoul children were also able to sexually reproduce with humans.[11]


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Ghouls are undead spirits or demons usually depicted as scavengers and human flesh eaters, often associated with graveyards and burial grounds.




  1. 人造体(ghoul child)
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