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Gestures were a method of casting magic spells. As they were activated using physical actions, these spells usually did not need incantations.



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Brainwashing[note 1] was a type of spell associated with the Demon of Lust and its contractors. Targets that were of the user's preferred sex were brainwashed via eye contact with the caster while they invoked the spell, which was distinguishable by a colored glow in the irises. When successfully used, the spell caused the target to fall in love with the caster regardless of their existing sexuality,[1] and become subject to their will.[2]

Create Matter[]


A type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker. It allowed her to create objects at will in a short amount of time, as with Gumillia's Glasses.[3]

Summon Fire[]

Fire Magic.jpg

A type of spell. It allowed the user to conjure flames and manipulate their size and shape. Said flames were impervious to regular water, and could only be countered by Water Magic. The user could also manipulate the flames in such a way that they avoid burning the target's surroundings,[4] or specific body parts of her target themselves.[5] A specific type of blue fire magic was associated with the Salem Dunbar and his inheritors, among them Irina Clockworker[6] and the Netsuma Clan during the era of the Magic Kingdom Levianta.[7]

Summon Water[]

A type of spell associated with Gumillia. It took existing water and enchanted it; doing so allowed the user to manipulate it. Magical water was powerful enough to douse flames conjured by a fire spell. Because it used existing water, the spell's power was dependent on the surrounding environment.[4]

Summon Wind[]


A type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker. It took the existing air and manipulated it into wind,[4] and with enough power could form a tornado. Among other methods,[8] the winds could also be countered with powerful fire magic and snuffed out by the flames.[4]

Unlocking Spell[]

The unlocking spell[note 2] was a type of spell associated with Irina Clockworker. It allowed the user to instantly unlock locks with a snap of their fingers. Unlocking spells that could unlock ordinary mechanical locks were considered to be easy, while those required to unlock locks with magical enhancements were more difficult.[9]




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