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"But what is this next battle? To give them a taste of their own medicine? It's foolish. Taking revenge can only bring about emptiness after it's over..."
―Germaine Avadonia[src]

Germaine Avadonia, born Zita C. Beelzenia, was the hero of the Lucifenian Revolution and the foster sister of Allen. Following the assassination of her adoptive father, Germaine founded the Resistance to overthrow Princess Riliane's terrible regime. Having inadvertently condemned her beloved brother in her quest for vengeance, Germaine became consumed with guilt, eventually joining her former comrades as a Beelzenian soldier in opposition to King Kyle.


Early Life[]

"Back then all the other adults had given up, like Chartette had already been murdered. But I... defied those adults, and went into the forest alone. I ended up getting surrounded by thieves ...I might have been killed right then. ...If you hadn't come to save me, Allen."
―Germaine to Allen[src]

Born into the Beelzenian Imperial Family on November 5, EC 480,[1] Zita C. Beelzenia was orphaned at the age of two after Leonhart Avadonia slaughtered her familiy, including her mother during the Kingdom of Lucifenia's war with Beelzenia.[2] Shortly after, the knight found the baby and, recognizing the crest of her family on her clothes, subsequently adopted her and named her Germaine.[3] Since then she accompanied her foster father as he traveled during Lucifenia's campaigns, waiting for him to return each day in a temporary house.[4]

Leonhart and Germaine are approached by the spies

Five years after she was adopted, Germaine and her father were approached by a group of hooded strangers, their leader demanding he give her up.[5] Fearing for her father's life, the little girl took a sword and jumped in front of the knight, intending to protect him from the strangers.[6] Shortly afterwards, however, Leonhart dealt with the intruders himself.[7]

After the war ended, Germaine and Leonhart moved to a more permanent residence in Lucifenia. Growing up headstrong, Germaine often accompanied her father to the local blacksmith whenever Leonhart's weapons or armor needed repairs, becoming close childhood friends with the blacksmith's daughter Chartette Langley.[8] In EC 491 she met Allen, her new foster brother, and was put off by his unsociable behavior. When Chartette went missing in EC 492 and the adults gave up searching for her, Germaine went into the Lost Woods herself to rescue her friend, suspecting she'd been kidnapped by bandits.

After being caught by some of the thieves, Allen arrived and rescued Germaine and the two finally bonded as they approached the bandits' hideout; they then confronted one of the bandits inside, only to discover Chartette was safe and that the bandit had already been convinced to reform by her. When they returned home, Leonhart found out about their adventure and scolded them, striking Allen. Germaine was later praised for her heroism and took all the credit for the rescue.[9]

Growing up, Germaine raised a puppy named "Chappy".[8] When Germaine expressed her interest in learning fencing to Leonhart, her father refused to teach her; afterward, she began spying on Leonhart teaching fencing to Allen and secretly practiced what she saw. Later on, Germaine went to a former soldier, York Le Corbusier, and had him help secretly instruct her in swordplay as well.[2] Once she'd grown, while drinking with Leonhart, she listened to her father amiably relate his fight with Gast Venom to her and learned of Gast's tendency to aim for the neck.[10]

Seeds of Rebellion[]

"...You think it got out that you were taking from the palace stores?"
"Probably, huh? Germaine, your dad's time has finally come. I trust you to take care of my funeral arrangements, when I'm dead."
―Germaine and her father[src]

Germaine's hysteric breakdown

In early EC 499, Leonhart announced he would be taking Allen to work at the royal palace and Germaine fought with her foster father until dawn the next day.[11] Nearly a year after Allen had left for the palace, Germaine gave up drinking wine on Leonhart's orders until the country's food shortage ended. On December 26, Germaine won in a brawl and, the next night, greeted her father as he returned home from the palace, checking that he didn't drink.[11]

Another night, Leonhart returned home concerned by the possibility that Princess Riliane would kill him for stealing from the palace stores to feed the starving citizens, Germaine insisting he wasn't doing anything wrong and would be alright. After Leonhart cryptically spoke to Germaine about atoning for his past misdeeds, they talked and ate and he was reminded to take something from the warehouse to bring to the palace. The next day, Germaine bid Leonhart goodbye for the last time. The following morning, Germaine went to the river and, after greeting Chartette, discovered Leonhart's dead body on the riverbank.

Germaine and Allen at the time of Leonhart's funeral

Descending into hysterics, Germaine fainted and awoke in Chartette's home, tended to by Chartette and Mr. Langley. Coming to the conclusion that "The Daughter of Evil" killed him, she became determined to take her revenge on Riliane. Later, she attended Leonhart's funeral; after comforting Mariam Phutapie and seeing Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice, Germaine vowed for her father and all the commoners of Lucifenia that she would overthrow Riliane.[8]

Forming the Lucifenian Resistance, Germaine visited the Lost Woods often for secret meetings in the abandoned house where she and Allen had fought off thieves years before. With the other four core members of the Resistance, she discussed the new recruits and lack of supplies. Minage told her many were willing to join but none knew how to fight, and Sekka suggested they ask the merchant Keel Freezis for aid.[12]

During the Green Hunting, Germaine and her followers tried to put out the fire burning the Lost Woods and were stopped by a group of Lucifenian soldiers, learning the forest was being burned by order of Princess Riliane as part of the invasion of the Kingdom of Elphegort. Suddenly, a rainstorm appeared and doused the fire, forcing the soldiers to retreat. Shortly after, Germaine discovered an exhausted Elluka and her apprentice in the forest; learning that they were being hunted by the Royal Palace, after the two left, Germaine questioned what was happening at the palace that was causing this.

As the Resistance gradually grew in size, Germaine was visited by Chartette and learned the reasons behind the Green Hunting; once the Green Hunting ended and the war between Elphegort and Lucifenia continued, Germaine met with Chartette and the other four core resistance members at their base. There they were approached by the mysterious masked man who joined their movement.[13]

Afterward, Chartette helped Germaine get in contact with Keel Freezis and she and York traveled to the merchant Corpa's mansion in Rolled to negotiate his aide for their resistance. While there, Germaine learned what had occurred with his servants Michaela and Clarith and of Michaela's recent death in the revolution. During her discussion with Keel, Germaine met Clarith herself. After introducing herself and York, Germaine begged Keel to lend aid to the resistance in exchange for securing Keel's confiscated properties from Lucifenia.

Clarith reporting to Germaine

She then asked Clarith if she wished to avenge Michaela's murder; when given a noncommittal answer, Germaine eventually accepted it and left with York.[14] Germaine began to communicate with Keel Freezis through Clarith; one day, they met at a tavern in Milanais Square, Rolled, and Clarith told her that Keel Freezis agreed to aid them, but that she herself lacked the courage to join the resistance movement.

Wishing her well, she watched as Clarith left and soon after witnessed a couple of men from the Venom Mercenaries, Yarera and Zusco, get into a conflict with the tavern owner and stopped York from getting involved. Afterward, the Resistance and she paid for their drinks and left the bar. Sometime later, Germaine visited their base in the Lost Woods for the last time along with York, Sekka, Minage, and the masked man that she suspected was really Kyle Marlon.

After discussing their army's numbers and the loyalty of the masked man, whom they were instructed to refer to as "Karchess", Chartette's father arrived with Leonhart's armor reforged for Germaine and a large sword for her to give Chartette. Germaine then spoke with York over getting Allen out of the palace, only to learn to her confusion that they couldn't risk it as Allen and Riliane had become very close. Confident that her brother could escape on his own, she put the matter to rest.[15]

Lucifenian Revolution[]

"Let's go! My comrades! The time for revolution has come!"
―Germaine to the Resistance army[src]
Cha3 img.jpg

The day of the Lucifenian Revolution, Germaine and members of the Resistance returned to the local tavern to prepare. Witnessing the molestation of a barmaid by the two mercenaries from before, York attacked one and Germaine threw a bottle at the other one before proceeding to punch him in the face. Subduing the mercenaries, she exited to the crowd assembled outside and, when asked, suggested they throw the mercenaries in the river. She then stood up before the crowd and announced the beginning of their revolution.[15]

Commanding the battle at Rollam, Germaine and her forces were supplied with weapons by the Freezis Firm and rallied;[10]newly armed, Germaine faced Riliane Mouchet during the fighting before the Resistance managed to defeat the Lucifenian army.[16] Weeks later, Germaine and her forces pushed the Lucifenian army back to the palace gates; while there, she linked up with Kyle and his forces, having successfully defeated the Venom Mercenaries and cut off their reinforcements.

At the gates to the royal palace, Germaine and Kyle spoke over needing to hurry before the soldiers fighting in Elphegort returned, and learned that Kyle had been injured by Gast Venom, who had killed Marc. York came and, after Germaine apologized to him for Sekka's injury in battle, she led the charge into the palace grounds' Heavenly Yard; there, the revolutionaries overwhelmed the Lucifenian soldiers until Mariam Phutapie began halting the resistance's advance. After Chartette came and distracted Mariam, Germaine followed Karchess as she led another charge inside the palace walls.

As they made their way into the Hall of Mirrors, Germaine suggested they split up, leaving him to keep anyone from escaping while she handled the search for Riliane. After talking, the two bid each other farewell and Germaine left with her team. Entering the Hall of Sounds, they were confronted by Gast Venom and Germaine threatened to make him pay for killing Marc. As they prepared to battle, Gast brought in reinforcements in the royal guard to enter and taunted Germaine before she rallied her troops.

Charging into battle, Germaine bantered with Gast before he assaulted her with a barrage of swift attacks. Recalling her father's story about fighting with Gast, Germaine was caught by a feint and barely managed to dodge a strike that grazed her eyelids. Blinded by the bleeding, Germaine listened for Gast's approach and remembered Leonhart mentioning that Gast always finished with a blow to the neck. Listening for his movements, Germaine dodged the attack and struck him with her blade. As the shocked Gast lay bleeding out, she questioned him about if he'd seen Allen or Riliane and received no leads before he died.

After Gast's death, Chartette came and Germaine learned that the injured Mariam had escaped; York also arrived and told her Karchess' report of the death of Prime Minister Minis. As Germaine was left to get treatment for her eyes, York and Chartette went on to search for the princess and Allen; hearing a report the princess had been captured, Germaine rushed to the Hall of Sounds to confirm for herself. Although unable to see her clearly, Germaine was unconvinced until the captured Riliane struggled and screamed for the revolutionaries to let go of her.[10]

Five days later, Germaine attended the peace talks in the Hall of Sounds between the Resistance, Marlon, and Elphegort; with the arrival of the Elphegort king, Thorny Elphen, the talks started and Karchess revealed himself as Kyle Marlon. As the meeting continued, Germaine urged the Elphegort king to show mercy to the captured Lucifenian soldiers and discussed the surviving members of the Three Heroes, Mariam having been stabbed to death and Elluka having fled. As Kyle announced that Lucifenia would become a Marlon territory, Germaine calmed the seething York and refused a part of Kyle's Lucifenian government when offered. She, along with the rest present at the meeting, did not object as Kyle announced The Daughter of Evil's execution date.[17]

Germaine later went to the underground prison to visit the princess for the first time since her bandages were removed. As she spoke with Riliane, Germaine suddenly recognized "her" face as that of Allen; she listened, shocked, as her foster brother told her the whole story about how the princess was his twin sister and that he swapped places with her so she could escape. After the revelation sank in, Germaine immediately insisted on letting Allen out; he revealed that Kyle had visited earlier and already determined he would be executed in Riliane's place, Allen claiming he had killed Kyle's lover, Michaela.

Nonetheless, Germaine brought back the prison keys to free him, begging him to escape. As she did so, however, Allen taunted her over also being a "Daughter of Evil" who used the people for her own revenge, revealing to the horrified Germaine that he had been the one to kill Leonhart. Two days later, Germaine stood in Milanais Square on the day of the execution and ruminated on the current state of things. She watched as Chartette caused a commotion in the crowds, likely also recognizing Allen on the scaffold, and stood by as the execution was carried out, resulting in her foster brother's death.[17]

Beelzenian Soldier[]

"Where's Big Sis?"
"Who knows? Probably getting drunk somewhere, huh?"
―Chartette and York[src]

Germaine later left the palace to go on holiday, joined by Chartette, and sent a letter to Keel to thank him for his help and to report the situation.[18] Three months into their trip, Kyle ordered for her arrest after incorporating Lucifenia as a Marlon territory and Germaine was forced to become a fugitive. Joined by Chartette, the two began traveling together across the region while avoiding capture from Marlon.[19]

While journeying through Asmodean, Germaine met her father's former sword instructor, Nahed, and received training from him. During that period, she witnessed the unique assassination techniques employed in the nation, seeing the wire glove technology used in conjunction with acrobatics.[2] In EC 503, the two met up with the former resistance members in the Beelzenian Empire. Seeking refuge, the two rejoined the Resistance as it took shelter from Marlon.[20] In EC 504, the two became soldiers for the Empire and resided around Rucolebeni, although Germaine spent large amounts of time drinking instead of performing her military duties.[19]

In EC 505, the drunken Germaine drifted into a stupor and had a nightmare about Allen and Leonhart, awakening to be chastised by Keel's daughter, Yukina Freezis. The two walked and Germaine learned Yukina had been traveling for a year before recounting her own journey with Chartette, although hesitant to share all the details. As Yukina asked questions about the Witch Hunt, and said that it was because Kyle believed Germaine had killed Michaela, Germaine eventually admitted she'd never even met the girl. Yukina later announced her decision to stay with them, insisting despite Germaine giving a string of excuses why she couldn't stay.[19]

Two weeks later, Germaine went to a bar in Rucolebeni and drank into a deep slumber, sleeping through the invasion of undead monsters into Beelzenia.[21] Three days later, she fought alongside Chartette in the battle against the army of the undead conjured by Ney Phutapie, holding them off until the refugees could take shelter. During a brief reprieve, Germaine saw Yukina supplying aid to the soldiers and recommended the child stay off the front lines, despite her enthusiasm. The battle soon after ended when Riliane Mouchet approached on horseback with an undead soldier skewered on her lance, claiming she came to speak with the Emperor.

Germaine and Lily argue while drinking

When the Empire launched its offensive on Retasan Fortress, Germaine refused to participate and stayed in Rucolebeni's bar. One day, Riliane and later Yukina joined them; as they talked about her decision to not partake in the fight, Germaine explained her belief that it was pointless vengeance. Faced with the rumors that she'd killed The Daughter of Evil to avenge her father, herself, she angrily denied them before the conversation fell to discussing Leonhart. Persuaded to take action as he would, Germaine prepared to leave for headquarters and sober up; before going, she affirmed that Riliane bore no ill will towards the resistance soldiers who had killed Commander Gaston Mouchet.[16]

Soon after, Germaine suggested they conduct nightly raids on Retasan and spread rumors that would sow chaos among Ney's soldiers. With the plan's success, much of Retasan was captured within several days and Germaine was planned to be given a celebration.[16] In the midst of the successful campaign, Gumillia arrived in the city and hired Germaine to be her personal bodyguard as they traveled back to Lucifenia to investigate Ney and Kyle. Interested in learning the reasons for Kyle's actions and wanting to help Lucifenia, Germaine accepted the job and took a temporary leave from the Beelzenian army.

The next day, the swordswoman attended to the carriage when she overheard Gumillia speaking with Yukina, who, once approached, questioned Germaine on her motives for coming along. Yukina then invited herself on the trip, explaining her plan to have them infiltrate the palace as her servants, to Germaine's exasperation.[16]

Saving an Old Friend[]

"Long time no see, Germaine. Unbelievable, that you would come to me like this."
"I decided to quit running away."
―King Kyle and Germaine[src]

After they reached Rollam, the three of them checked in at a hotel in the city. There Gumillia and Germaine disguised themselves as Yukina's masked Asmodean bodyguards of the Almoga Mobarez ethnicity,[22] escorting her to a dinner party at Corpa's mansion where she met with Kyle and told him of her planned visit to the royal palace.[23] The next day, they donned their disguises again and entered the palace with Yukina, using the laws of the Almoga Morabez ethnicity as an excuse not to remove their masks when confronted. They then accompanied Yukina through the palace until that evening, where they were invited to stay and moved into the palace's guest rooms.

During their stay, Germaine learned from Yukina that Kyle kept one of the vessels of sin, a hand mirror, in his possession as a gift from his mother. Devising a plan to steal it and escape, Germaine and Gumillia were bombed and attacked later that night by the Special Maneuvers Task Force, battling the task force members throughout the palace. Once they secured the mirror from Kyle's room, Gumillia took Yukina to flee while Germaine stayed to act as a diversion, being bombed again and then surrounded by the masked agents.

Germaine's shock by Kyle's retorts

After Kyle entered the room and had the task force withdraw, Germaine revealed herself to him on his orders; as she protested over Kyle's accusations that she conspired with Elluka and Gumillia to kill Michaela, Germaine learned to her shock that Allen had lied about being Michaela's murderer after all. Although greatly relieved, Germaine continued to argue with Kyle about his mistaken beliefs and warned him not to pursue his goals with revenge in mind, offering that they pursue their ideals together instead. She watched as Kyle grew pale, weakly asking for his hand mirror; when he then ordered her death, Germaine escaped outside through the bedroom window.

Pursued throughout the palace by Clive and the Special Maneuvers Task Force for some time,[22] Germaine spotted something flying in the sky. Soon after, she met up with Yukina and an injured Gumillia. Blamed for the King's sudden disappearance, they fled and eventually evaded their pursuers. Later on, when the two explained that the demon possessing Kyle had transformed him into a monster, Germaine recounted what she had seen and traced the trajectory northwest towards the Millennium Tree Forest.[24]

Two weeks since escaping the palace, Germaine entered the Millennium Tree Forest with her companions, talking to Yukina as she did about their current incredible situation in dealing with a demon. Following Gumillia's lead, they came to a well that Yukina explained was the entrance to a secret hideout for the Freezis Family, as well as the site of Michaela's murder. As Gumillia noted Kyle might have visited the place, Germaine investigated for clues but found nothing, although her behavior convinced Yukina for good that she didn't kill Michaela.

The three of them then left to check more areas for Kyle, after encountering and praying at the the grave of a soldier, Ayn.[24] Later on, the demon-transformed Kyle tracked the three and attacked Germaine in a crazed frenzy. Although managing to fend him off and protect Yukina, Germaine was left vulnerable with her sword broken; Kyle was then quelled by Gumillia and Michaela, freeing him of the Demon of Pride's influence.[25]

Trip to Marlon[]

"Huh!? I'm fighting with you?"
"Of course, that was what I'd planned."
―Germaine and Kyle[src]

Later on, Germaine and Gumillia received invitations from Keel, asking them to join him for a future dinner party he'd host in Marlon and return via the ship he sent to them. Accepting his offer, the two accompanied Kyle, Captain Dylan, Yukina, Shaw, and his entourage on their voyage to Marlon on the King's flagship, Royal Victoricia.[26] During their voyage, Germaine suffered seasickness and stayed in her cabin.

As the ship was attacked by pirates, Germaine went above deck and threw up at the base of the mast, to the disgust of one of the pirates. After recognizing the pirates as Yarera and Zusco, Germaine reminded Kyle of who they were before they both prepared to fight the two brothers, Yukina tossing Germaine a replacement sword from Chartette. Although unsteady from seasickness, Germaine then easily dueled the brothers with Kyle's help. As the battle turned increasingly in their favor, Germaine watched as Zusco and Yarera fled back to their ship using a wire, only for their ship to be sunk by a giant octopus.

Germaine brandishes her sword

As they attempted to evade the creature, Germaine bantered calmly with Kyle before he tasked her with protecting Yukina, keeping the girl safe as ordered.[2] After the octopus was defeated and they arrived at Jamet,[2] Germaine and the others said goodbye to the sailors while they headed off to the party; the group then took three carriages prepared for them, Germaine joining Gumillia and two attendants and suffering from carsickness during the bumpy ride. After they arrived at the Freezis Mansion, she dismounted from the carriage and watched Keel reunite with his daughter before she and Gumillia were reintroduced to him as well.

After being welcomed inside for dinner, she and her companions went to the dining hall and spoke about matters before the rest of Keel's family joined them. During dinner, Germaine gorged herself on all the food and drank the bottle of sherry wine. While drunk, she recounted the details of her terrible seafaring and added that they would have been dead had they been at sea any longer, only for Yukina and Shaw to hurry her to her guest bedroom for the night.[27] Later on, Germaine donated her Almoga Mobarez disguise to Keel for his collection.[20]

Sometime later, Yukina ran into Germaine practicing in the forest and told her how Elluka had visited but was acting suspiciously; they suddenly spied Elluka and Gumillia walking through the woods and proceeded to follow them and catch the beginning of their duel. Germaine soon intervened once Elluka revealed she was really Abyss I.R. and summoned three black bears, killing them with Gumillia augmenting her sword. Abyss I.R. then attempted to steal Gumillia's body only for the real Elluka to take control and fend her off, Gumillia assuring Germaine of this fact before passing out.

With the battle over, Germaine carried an unconscious Gumillia back to the mansion with Elluka and Yukina in tow. After placing Gumillia in bed, she learned from Elluka how she and Gumillia had infiltrated the royal palace after discovering the Venom Sword lacked its demon, explaining that Kyle had been possessed by the Demon of Lust before he was possessed the Demon of Pride. They had then went to Marlon to confront Queen Dowager Prim only to be ambushed by Abyss I.R. and the Special Maneuvers Task Force, forcing Elluka to transfer her spirit into Gumillia's body for the time being. Afterward, they all saw a red cat, Abyss I.R.'s pet, and learned that Keel's wife, Mikina Freezis, had chosen to keep it.[28]

The Hedgehog Upheaval[]

"I don't have that much interest in money; I'm not a mercenary."
Well then what do you want? I'll give you anything you demand, within reason."
If you promise that Marlon will withdraw from Lucifenia, I'll think about it.
―Germaine and Kyle[src]

Later on, Kyle visited the Freezis Mansion and Germaine showed him to Elluka's room, watching as Elluka explained to the king what had occurred. Afterwards, Kyle explained how the corpse soldiers were sighted up north and that Queen Dowager Prim and Ney both seemed to be at Castle Hedgehog, hence why he planned to soon march his armies upon the castle.

Once asked, Germaine initially refused to help Kyle in his fight until making him agree he would work towards withdrawing Marlon's occupation of Lucifenia. She then leaped out the window and began practicing her swordplay for the coming battle.[29] Later, she had Gumillia enchant her sword for the fight against the corpse soldiers and agreed to be one of the commanders for the first army along with Kyle. A few days since their meeting, she set out with the others for Lioness.

Arriving at Lioness Castle, Germaine attended Kyle's meeting with the first army that night and addressed the first army herself; she later joined in the subsequent banquet, drinking with the troops.[30] The next morning, she set out with the first army towards Castle Hedgehog in the heavy rain. After arriving at the castle's main gate and receiving the order to charge, Germaine led her troops into the castle and helped Kyle fend off the monsters in the banquet hall. They then pursued Ney into the courtyard, suggesting they split into two groups; Kyle to search Heartbeat Clocktower and Germaine the rest of the castle.

The two reminisced on their similar search for Riliane long ago in the revolution, before being ambushed by the Special Maneuvers Task Force. As Germaine confronted the four female assassins with a few troops, she sent Kyle to Heartbeat Clocktower to continue the search. Once she subdued the women, Germaine battled the corpse soldiers throughout the castle until they suddenly collapsed, dead once more; she rushed to Heartbeat Clocktower, only to find Kyle about to be killed by Ney.

Rushing to his aid, Germaine managed to distract Ney long enough for Kyle to use Chartette's rocket glove to incapacitate her. As she tended to Kyle, she explained what had happened with the undead army and, after Kyle asked for her sword, convinced him not to kill the helpless Ney. She then picked the girl up to take back to the castle, as Kyle was then tended to by several soldiers.[30] Afterwards, she met with Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Gumillia, and Elluka in one of the Lioness Castle bedrooms while Kyle explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney.

After Kyle had accounted for all the vessels of sin they'd collected, including the wine glass, a hand mirror, and the Clockworker's Doll, Germaine watched Keel and Elluka go back and forth about the demon-possessed objects. She then interrupted them so that they could discuss what to do with the comatose Ney, approving as the group discussed healing Ney and giving her leniency in light of the girl's manipulation by Abyss I.R. and a demon.

The group then heard a rattling sound outside the room; after Keel went to check it out, the door opened and the room was enveloped by a blue flash, Germaine was rendered unconscious. Once she and the others awoke, they discovered the vessels of sin missing, Keel with a serious concussion, and Ney dead. Everyone was then moved to another room for treatment and Keel was assessed by a doctor. Afterward, Germaine returned to the bedroom to check up on the still unconscious Kyle. Once he awoke, supposedly from a nightmare, she assured him they were safe before describing what happened to Keel about the vessels, Kyle then spotting Ney's corpse for himself.[30]

Search for Mikina[]

"Normally we'd take a small donation for this, but... We've already received plenty of donations from the Freezis family up to this point, so we couldn't possibly accept money from you, Miss Yukina... Naturally, that applies to Miss Germaine as well, being your friend."

Having fulfilled her role as her escort, Gumillia released Germaine from her service and, over the course of two weeks, Germaine assisted her and Elluka in their search for Ney's killer. Learning Mikina had gone missing, Germaine heard Elluka's deduction that Abyss I.R. was actually the red cat she always had with her and that she had taken possession of the missing Mikina to steal the vessels of sin. Determining Lucifenia was her most likely destination, Germaine went to search the area for her as instructed while Gumillia searched Levianta and Elluka continued to search Marlon.[31] Before Germaine left, Gumillia engraved a mark into her sword to help her locate Abyss' true form once she found her.

After arriving at a Lucifenian port town, Germaine searched until sunset and met Yukina by the coast, telling her about what had happened in her service to Gumillia. Yukina then told her she had come to visit an old acquaintance in the Held Monastery; knowing of the hillside church, Germaine led the girl there and into the main building. The two were stopped and interrogated on their business there by a teenage boy, Germaine arguing back and forth with the child. They were then interrupted by Clarith, to Germaine's surprise, who happily greeted Yukina and showed them to one of the guest rooms.

Taking tea and enjoying their accommodations, Germaine watched Clarith and Yukina talk until she departed for the guest room next door, allowing the two to converse in private. Later, growing hungry, she returned to check on the two and noted a blonde nun who had come into the room with them. During the ensuing tense silence, Germaine recognized the nun as Princess Riliane, eventually asking for her name. After the girl meekly said it was "Rin", Germaine hesitated before quietly bidding the girl farewell and leaving. She later joined Yukina for dinner and the two returned to their respective rooms for the evening.[32]

Two days later, Germaine encountered the masked Mikina along the coastline during the night and confronted Abyss I.R. at swordpoint. As she talked with the mage, ascertaining that she was still looking to collect a vessel of sin, the two were interrupted by Yukina, to Germaine's shock. As Abyss pretended to be Mikina in front of the girl, Germaine stopped her approach and quickly explained to Yukina what Elluka had shared with her about Abyss. She then used her sword to determine that Abyss I.R.'s red cat body was in a nearby shed on the beach.

She reached the shack and kicked down the door, only for the cat to slip past her and flee to Mikina's shoulder. As the three on the beach faced off, Abyss I.R. revealed she had a small spoon, another vessel of sin; she also remarked on Germaine's fast healing since their last battle, deducing that she might be a relative of Banica Conchita. Afterward, although trying to prevent it, Germaine was injured by a blast conjured by the spoon and watched, with Yukina, as Mikina was forced to confess how she had made a contract with the Demon of Greed and ended up collaborating with Prim and Abyss I.R. in their schemes.

Germaine is helped by her half-brother's spirit

After Mikina revealed her possession allowed her to freely use the vessels of sin even without magic, Abyss regained control and attacked Yukina with the spoon. While Rin snuck up on the mage and interrupted her flame spell, Germaine took the opportunity to approach her; when Abyss I.R. was again distracted by the Glass of Conchita's interference, Germaine swiped at the cat on Mikina's shoulder and was scratched on the neck by the fleeing feline.

As the cat sprinted away, Germaine was suddenly supported by Allen's spirit and, throwing her rapier, she seemingly skewered the fleeing Abyss. Examining the body, she noticed that the cat was actually a stuffed toy and threw it to Yukina to show her.[31]


Afterwards, Germaine traveled with Chartette to the east, feeling increasingly unlike herself since the beach battle. In EC 508, they arrived in Holy Levianta during the terrorist strikes caused by Neo Apocalypse. During this time, she encountered Riliane Mouchet and lost to a duel with her. Later on, while chasing after Neo Apocalypse, she encountered Abyss I.R. again and they battled, with Abyss taking advantage of Germaine's previous neck injury and defeating her.

Abyss I.R. then possessed her body,[33] using it for over a century and eventually taking the name "Julia Abelard" as an alias. During the Duel of Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611, Julia relinquished control of Germaine's body and left the woman unconscious within Pale Noël's tomb,[34] where she awoke confused by her surroundings.[35] The World Police then arrived and took her into custody as the fugitive Julia; detained at the police's detention center in Elphegort, she repeatedly told confused interrogators that she was the hero of the revolution, among other things. Beginning to rapidly age, a doctor checked her health and discovered she had about two months to live.

The old woman was later visited by Justea officers Ayn Anchor and Willus Zorach in early February. When questioned, she explained to them who she was and admitted how she had no memory of what happened between her fight against Neo Apocalypse and getting arrested, realizing aloud that Abyss I.R. must have taken over her body. Shortly after, Germaine requested to be transferred to Lucifenia and Ayn and Willus cleared her request, having her transferred to a prison in her homeland with Ayn as her guard. She later requested a temporary outing to see the city of Rolled and was granted permission, supervised by Ayn.

As Ayn pushed the elderly Germaine in a wheelchair through Rolled, she carefully looked at everything that changed in the city in the past hundred years and marveled at how clean of trash a familiar street had become. They then headed to Milanais Square, where Germaine heard the famous diva Rin Chan singing to a crowd; although enjoying her voice, Germaine declined joining the crowd. Remarking on what a nice country Lucifenia had become, she declared she had no more regrets. She then lived out her final months in prison, passing away in March of that year.[36]


Following her death, Germaine's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[37] Afterward, she returned to her role as the revolutionary hero, dressing in her famed red armor, and attended Princess Riliane's dinner party in the Hall of Mirrors,[38] happily partying with her.[39] Shortly afterwards, Germaine inhaled the Eighth Gift in the air and passed out with the other party-goers.

After awakening some time later, Germaine encountered Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. After introductions, the two discussed the situation with everyone else being asleep and the palace being surrounded by soldiers; when Arth decided to go ask the soldiers what they wanted, a flustered Germaine accompanied him. There, the two learned that the dead Tasan Party soldiers were there waiting for reinforcements to go after a "criminal" they hoped to capture. Returning inside, the two found more spirits waking up; Germaine filled them in on the situation, while Arth deduced the "criminal" the soldiers meant was Riliane.

Once everyone awoke, Germaine and the others met with Arth in the Hall of Mirrors and talked about the situation with the soldiers and Riliane. After Arth requested help protecting Riliane, and seeing York point out the terrible things she had done in life, Germaine refuted the idea that she deserved more punishment and was the first to offer her aid. After her, several others also came forward and they set out against the spirit soldiers.[40]

Fight For a New World[]

Along with her comrades, Germaine proceeded to do battle against the Tasan Party soldiers. During the fighting, after the Venom Mercenaries drove the soldiers back, she attempted to take out their head, Tony Ausdin, only to be hit repeatedly with the enemy side's advanced artillery. She was then pulled to safety by Allen, Mariam, and Leonhart, where she argued in defense of herself as she was chided for her recklessness.

When, later into the battle, the Black Box flew out over the Lucifenian forces and began to suck everyone inside, Germaine was one of the few spirits to remain. Not long after, the Black Box was defeated and the souls inside were freed, although no longer wishing to do battle.[41] Much later, Germaine met with Arth and alerted him to the sky changing to the north, the result of Ma threatening to destroy the world. With the few soldiers left that were willing to fight, Germaine and Arth led an assault on Evil's Theater.[42]

While Allen and Nemesis faced off against Ma possessing Riliane's body, Germaine joined in the chorus singing the Clockwork Lullaby to aid them. Near Ma's defeat, as Allen plummeted back to the ground Germaine rode up with the demonically transformed Kyle and caught him.[43] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Germaine participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[44] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[45]


Historically, Germaine was known as the hero of the Lucifenian Revolution who succeeded in overthrowing The Daughter of Evil. Her actions were later detailed by Yukina in her novel titled "The Daughter of Evil", telling the true events that occurred and becoming very popular centuries later. In the succeeding centuries, rumors spread about the mysterious leader of Père Noël, Julia Abelard, including that she had been a reincarnation of Germaine and that Germaine had become immortal.[46]

Personality and Traits[]

"The hero Germaine Avadonia isn't the sort to imperil another person's life for her own goals."
"...You don't know anything. Nothing at all, about me."
―Yukina and Germaine[src]

Germaine was a brave and strong-willed swordswoman, led by her own moral compass and a strong sense of justice. From a young age, Germaine would never back down from a challenge no matter the danger if the cause was a worthy one,[47] and as an adult refused to let wrongs go unpunished. This manifested as brawling with those who took advantage of the weak, leading the Lucifenian Revolution in part because of Riliane's abuse of the people,[48] and disapproving of Marlon's imperialist policies.[29] This bravery and dauntlessness made Germaine argumentative and stubborn, even with those she was closest to,[48] and she was often defensive about her beliefs and motivations.[16]

Early in life, this attitude manifested in an overwhelming sense of vengeance, particularly where Riliane was concerned. This thirst for vengeance, however, would sometimes come at the cost of innocents;[48] following the losses she suffered in the Revolution, Germaine realized the difference between justice and vengeance and that the latter only led to more suffering. As such, she disapproved of anyone fighting just for retribution the way she had,[25] and preferred to keep out of conflicts that didn't concern her.[29] Later, she'd even completely reversed her old philosophies in favor of forgiving Riliane for her crimes in light of the girl's later suffering.[40] She similarly also disapproved of killing someone unable to defend themselves.[30]

Additionally, while Germaine never backed down from an enemy out of cowardice, she nevertheless knew when to pick her battles and acted with reserve when necessary, even when young.[10] As such, she was able to calmly leave things that were beyond her understanding to those more equipped to deal with them, such as the Demons of Sin.[24] Particularly as she grew older, Germaine also developed a less hot-blooded demeanor and and preferred to keep her cool even in stressful situations, both out of her guilt and her own experiences. This culminated in gracefully accepting her own death after her life was stolen by Abyss I.R., content to see how peaceful the country she loved had become.

Germaine was, however, a brash and often unfeminine woman, easily getting into fights and breaking social codes of etiquette.[49] Like Leonhart, she loved wine to excess, often getting drunk in public;[8] following her brother's death, Germaine began drinking for a time to drown out her depression from the event and still enjoyed wine to excess afterwards.[19] As part of this excess Germaine, like her ancestor, enjoyed eating lots of meals.[31] She similarly gave little regard for her physical appearance or for how she acted around others,[8] even having no qualms jumping through windows to make a quick exit.[29]

Skills and Abilities[]

"...I see, you're Leonhart's daughter, are you? Hate to admit it, but you've got me."
―Gast Venom[src]

Germaine grew up to be strong and skilled with a rapier under the tutelage of Leonhart Avadonia, York, and the sword master Nahed later in life.[50] As a swordswoman and as a brawler,[11] she was able to effectively battle several opponents at a time and take advantage of an enemy's habits in combat to turn against them, as well as able to dodge and defend against even the quickest attacks. Even while blinded, Germaine was able to listen closely to another's movements and act accordingly.[10] With her father's advice and her own experience as a soldier,[10] Germaine was also a skilled tactician and leader; as a result, her aid in battle almost assured the success of her side.[16]

In addition, Germaine's skill as a warrior was boosted by her abilities as a descendant of Banica Conchita, healing from injuries at a much faster rate than an average human as well as having a high endurance. Similarly, her higher metabolic rate gave her a huge appetite and she ate many meals;[31] Germaine also demonstrated a high resistance for alcohol and was able to drink twenty shots and still stand, although drinking less for a time after Leonhart's death.[15] Despite this endurance, Germaine handled water poorly and would easily become seasick.[27]

In part because of her strength, Germaine was a charismatic individual and, with her compatriots, able to influence public sentiment to her favor and lead armies in her cause. Taking advantage of the growing disapproval of Princess Riliane, she was able to rally the citizens of Lucifenia to revolt and similarly was able to rouse a crowd to begin the Revolution quickly.[15] Although not always accepting them, Germaine's skill as a leader had her offered several commanding positions and,[17] due to her status as the Hero of the Lucifenian Revolution, she could quickly inspire loyalty in her troops.[30] She also, due to being the descendant of the demon contractors Sateriasis Venomania and Banica Conchita, had a significant amount of magic potential, enough to become a sorceress.[51]

Character Connections[]

Leonhart Avadonia: Germaine's adopted father. Despite quarreling with him often when he made decisions she disapproved of, Germaine loved and respected Leonhart very much, sharing his love of wine, headstrong nature, and many of his values. She became overcome with grief and rage at his death; even after making peace with it, Germaine continued to miss her father. She often made silent remarks directed at him and looked to his memory for guidance.

Allen Avadonia: Germaine's adopted brother. Germaine was initially put off by Allen's cynical and unsociable attitude, but the two became very close after their rescue of Chartette. Germaine was impressed with Allen's swordsmanship and sense of justice, although occasionally their relationship would turn caustic. While horrified to learn of his role in her father's death, Germaine missed Allen bitterly after his execution and was relieved to learn he was innocent in Michaela's death.

Chartette Langley: Germaine's childhood friend. Germaine was flattered by Chartette's treating her as a big sister, despite her older age, and enjoyed spending time with her. While trusting Chartette’s credibility as an informant, Germaine was constantly concerned for her safety, dating back from childhood; after seeing her take part in the revolution, she gained new respect for her fighting abilities.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Germaine's target of revenge. Germaine was disgusted by Riliane's abuse of power, growing to hate her after the princess had Leonhart assassinated. This hatred was her main motivation in starting the Lucifenian Revolution. After Allen's death and several years had passed, Germaine became disillusioned with vengeance and eventually forgave Riliane.

Kyle Marlon: A source of support for the resistance. Germaine, while amused by Kyle's altered behavior in his "Karchess" persona, appreciated his motivations of revenge for joining the Lucifenian Resistance. She bore him no ill will for the annexation of Lucifenia, although became concerned for him once he became influenced by the Demon of Pride during his rule; understanding his pain, she tried to persuade him to give up his goal of revenge.

York Le Corbusier: A fellow member of the resistance. Germaine often spent time with York and trusted him as her second-in-command during the Lucifenian Revolution. While often taking part in his battles, she also provided a voice of reason to his quick temper, stopping him from rash action.

Gumillia: Germaine's employer. Germaine saw Gumillia as a viable source of income and agreed with her goals for continuing the greater good.

Yukina Freezis: A friend of Germaine's. Over the course of their acquaintance Germaine and Yukina became very close, with Germaine taking a protective role over the girl and later spending time with her after her employment to Gumillia had ended.

Abyss I.R.: Germaine's opponent. Germaine, particularly after allying with Elluka and Gumillia, saw Abyss I.R. as only an enemy and an evil woman. She thus treated her coldly and wished to protect others from her cruelty, quick to attack when the opportunity arose. Despite this, she was eventually caught off guard by her and her body taken over by the mage.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Her last name, Avadonia, seems to be a corruption of Abbadon.
  • Her name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, MEIKO, with Germaine's romanization containing "mei".
  • Her original surname, Beelzenia, is a reference to Beelzebub, the patron demon of Gluttony.


  • Ironically, she would question if she was the reincarnation of the legendary Vampiress Vanika Conchita due to her zeal for drinking wine.[11]
  • Her exceptional beauty as noted by her foster father is alluded to in Fifth Pierrot, where the possessed Germaine, First Santa Claus, is listed as the "sexy hottie".
  • She shares the same birthday (November 5th) with her Vocaloid.[52]
  • Due to her lineage to Duke Venomania, Germaine had the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[53]
  • Originally, the origin of Germaine's birth and how she was adopted by Leonhart was planned to be included in The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red but was cut for convenience.[54]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Germaine was voted as the seventh most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.
  • According to mothy in a Q&A, Germaine would win against Kyle in a one-on-one duel, but lose if they were leading armies against each other.




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