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Genesia was the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lucifenia and the regent of Prince Alexiel. After the death of King Arth, the prime minister was selected by Queen Anne to act as Alexiel's guardian on his behalf. When his life-long rival, Presi Rogzé, contested Alexiel's legitimacy as the successor, Genesia became engulfed in a political scandal over the rightful heir to the throne.


Early Life[]

Genesia was born a noble in the Kingdom of Lucifenia during the fifth century EC. During his childhood, he met another noble around his age, Presi Rogzé, and the two entered an intense rivalry, constantly trying to best one another.[1]

Time in the Ministry[]

After he came of age, Genesia became a minister at the royal palace and continued his competition with Presi, who had also become a minister there. As time progressed, Genesia was given praise for many achievements while Presi was continually credited for failures.

Around EC 480, the Beelzenian mage Elluka Clockworker defected to Lucifenia, displaying her supernatural powers before the ministers as proof of her magical abilities. After her defection, Genesia became acquainted with the beautiful mage and offended her with his lewd behavior. Eventually, Genesia was chosen to become the Prime Minister due to his achievements.[1]

Battle of Succession[]

After King Arth's death in EC 491 and the end of Lucifenia's conquests with its neighbors, Queen Anne selected Genesia as the guardian to Arth's chosen heir, Prince Alexiel. In December of that year, during the ministers' assembly in the Hall of Sounds, Presi claimed Princess Riliane had been the true heir, not Alexiel, and accused Queen Anne and the Prime Minister of conspiring to prop up a false successor with a fake will.

When Genesia and the others laughed at the ridiculous scenario, the Interior Minister presented the "real" will before the assembly, clearly stating that Riliane was the true successor, much to everyone's shock. With rumor spreading that Anne and Genesia were in an affair, debate sparked among the ministers and some sided with Presi that Riliane should be the rightful heir.

Shortly after a failed assassination attempt on Alexiel, Presi confronted Genesia in his office and poisoned the prime minister with Gift. While his rival happily watched him die, Genesia collapsed before he could reach the exit and succumbed to the poison.[1]


Not long after his death, Genesia's corpse was discovered by Elluka and briefly lamented his fate before confronting his murderer and battling him. With the help of Mariam Phutapie, Presi was defeated and Princess Riliane was successfully exorcised of the demon possessing her.

As a result of the chaos, Prince Alexiel was publicly declared dead and secretly adopted by Leonhart Avadonia under a new name to prevent another incident by Presi. In the wake of his death, Genesia was succeeded by Minis Stoup, who remained the Prime Minister up until the Kingdom's demise during the Lucifenian Revolution.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

Genesia was an unpleasant, lewd, and yet seemingly reliable person. Known for his sexually offensive language, the Prime Minister gained a sizable reputation for his crude behavior, making the rumors of him and Anne being in an affair believable to some of the other ministers. At the same time, however, Genesia was considered dedicated and respectable among his peers and was largely treated as an honest person. As a result, he was trusted with acting on behalf of the young Prince Alexiel until he came of age. The man also showed a degree of competitiveness, leading him and Presi to become eternal rivals since childhood into their adulthood.[1]

Skills and Abilities[]

Genesia was a powerful and capable politician, easily rising through the ranks to become prime minister. The Lucifenian monarchy and ministry noticed and utilized his political prowess, entrusting Prince Alexiel's regency to Genesia. Presi believed that Genesia's accomplishments were stolen from the lower-ranking minister and believed Genesia capable of deceit.[1]

Character Connections[]

Presi Rogzé: Genesia's rival and fellow minister. Cultivating a rivalry with the noble at a young age, Genesia strived for excellence in his political agenda and outshined Presi at every opportunity. Like the other ministers, he did not take the other seriously and laughed off his attempts to gain more power.

Anne Lucifen d'Autriche: Genesia's monarch. Genesia and Anne were comparatively close, enough so that she trusted him with becoming Alexiel's regent and rumors spread among the ministers of their having an even deeper involvement.

Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche: The young prince of the Kingdom of Lucifenia. As his guardian, Genesia was persistent that Alexiel was the true heir to the throne, opposing Presi and his claim that Riliane was the rightful successor.