Gammon Octo, also known as the Cursed Gardener, was a USE soldier, the leader of the Tasan Party, and a descendant of Sateriasis Venomania. Losing his brother to Gallerian Marlon's injustice, Gammon joined the anti-government organization in opposition to the blatant corruption. Years later, he came to Evil's Theater in search of the Venom Sword. Put on trial, he was saved by the Waiter and became a choreman for the theater inhabitants.


Early LifeEdit

"Then... could you at least return that–that katana to me? It’s a very important heirloom passed down in my family!"
―Gammon asking Gallerian Marlon for the Venom Sword[src]

Gammon was born a member of the Octo Family and the younger brother of Nyoze in the Union State of Evillious in EC 960, living in Levianta's Samadin region.[1] Born with a curse from his ancestor Sateriasis Venomania that gave him an uncontrollable lust for women, Gammon tried combating the curse by distancing himself from women and carving anti-demonic runes onto his body, to no avail.[2]

Later on, Gammon became a sergeant major in the Leviantan military.[1] In EC 978, his commander Tony Ausdin had him and his brother assigned to tend to the playwright Ma while she lived in the army quarters, Ma told to ask Gammon or Nyoze for anything she needed.[3] That same year, Nyoze was framed and convicted for the murder of Medea Col by the Dark Star Bureau Director Gallerian Marlon.[1] After Nyoze's trial, Gammon quit the military.[4]

He then attempted to set up a meeting with the judge for several days. Unsuccessful each time, Gammon traveled to Gallerian's mansion that night, refusing to be sent away. After he pleaded with Gallerian that Nyoze was innocent, the judge threatened him with the ramifications of his words and he silently listened to his reasoning for Nyoze's guilty verdict. Gammon then tried to at least retake the Venom Sword from Gallerian's custody and failed, Gallerian forcing him to leave after.[5] Embittered, Gammon became president of the Tasan Party.[4]

For JusticeEdit

After Nyoze escaped and became a fugitive, Gammon kept contact with him while he lived in Rolled under the name of one of Gammon's subordinates, "Shakuson". As president of the Tasan Party, Gammon began working tirelessly from both Levianta and Elphegort to put an end to Gallerian's corruption. Over time, he also began suffering from not having contact with the Venom Sword, understanding that whatever was inside the sword had acted upon him like a drug while it was in his family's possession. He also requested that the real Shakuson go by the name "Ben" from then on.[6]

In EC 982, Gammon began looking into Nemesis Sudou, the perpetrator of several killings in Rolled and Nyoze's friend, by Nyoze's own request. Obtaining documents from Gallerian's aide Bruno Zero, detailing among other things Gallerian Marlon's history with the playwright "Kayo Sudou", Gammon discovered that Nemesis was Gallerian's illegitimate daughter and an assassin for the Dark Star Court's secret espionage force, PN. He subsequently wrote a letter to Nyoze keeping him updated on current events, as well as suggesting he continue observing Nemesis as she could be key to taking down Gallerian.

MoN Illist CH4

Gammon recruits Nemesis

When Gammon received a reply from Nyoze, his brother had stated his refusal to use Nemesis; furthermore, Nyoze instructed him not to hurt her if she ended up shooting him for her employers. After Nemesis shot Nyoze in December of EC 982, Gammon had her tracked as she fled to Retasan and then had her abducted from her hotel room. In private, Gammon met and spoke with his brother's killer, learning that she had fled to avoid her employers, whom she now hated.

When Gammon brought up that one of them was her father, she asked for him to confirm this and he shared with her all that he had learned about Gallerian and Kayo Sudou. Gammon then began trying to convince Nemesis to join the Tasan Party once she initially refused. As he did, he covered a variety of topics with her and discussed the various objectives of the party, including ending the corrupt Dark Star Bureau, ending the war going on in Evillious, and stopping the discrimination of native Elphes in Elphegort.

As Nemesis continued to have doubts, Gammon espoused his philosophy of achieving justice even if one had to do bad things to do it; when the conversation turned back to Nyoze, he pointed out how he had refused to use her and wanted to save her until the very end. After this, Gammon successfully convinced Nemesis to join the party and take revenge on those like Gallerian, who had taken her loved ones from her.[7]

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

The following year, Gammon attended Tony Ausdin's trial for the slaughter he instigated at Zenosai and the murder of Shiro Netsuma, observing as Gallerian give Tony a not-guilty verdict.[4] Not long after, he joined Nemesis at Shiro's grave and listened as she talked about her relationship with the woman, pointing out that Gallerian had betrayed her memory by his recent verdict. The two chatted for a time about the progress of the Tasan Party and the strange occurrences happening in the world; afterwards, Gammon had them leave the grave, explaining how the time for revolution was at hand with the disgruntled populace and soldiers.

Gammon also instructed Nemesis to take revenge by killing Tony and Gallerian, herself.[7] A month later, in August of EC 983, the Tasan Party instigated a civil war in Levianta led by Gammon Octo. During the fighting, Gammon led the militia to murder Jason Jack as their first victim, in retribution for his committing the murder that Nyoze was framed for.

Gammon's troops then targeted the corrupt official Bindi Freezis, only for Bindi to be smuggled out of Alicegrad. After USE soldiers were brought in to quell the riots, Gammon was able to turn the disgruntled soldiers onto the side of the militia due to his military background. On August 10th, Gammon and his men successfully captured the Dark Star Courthouse and arrested Bruno Zero.

Finding Gallerian had escaped,[4] Gammon had him tracked to his house; he and the militia surrounded the house and waited for Nemesis to arrive, instructed to let her handle Gallerian. While they waited, they were attacked by blue flames, which surrounded the mansion. After Nemesis arrived and asked about the fire, Gammon explained what had happened and watched as Nemesis seemingly began talking to herself over it. He then tried and failed to convince Nemesis to leave Gallerian to burn to death, only watching as she went inside and confronted him. Not long after, Nemesis shot and killed Gallerian as they'd agreed.[8]

Evil's TheaterEdit

"I carry this fearsome curse upon my body and, to undo the curse, the sword passed down from my ancestors was needed. I came to this forest, alone, to seek it."
―Gammon's "testimony"[src]

Following the Leviantan Civil War, Gammon reformed his organization as a political movement in Elphegort and the Tasan Party became immensely popular in the wake of Gallerian's downfall. When Nemesis' history in the criminal gang Zeus was discovered and she was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, Gammon used his influence to arrange a shortening of her sentence;[8] in EC 989, Nemesis was released from prison and rejoined the party, becoming elected as its vice leader below Gammon.[9]

Years later Gammon, still suffering from his uncontrollable lust, ran away from Aceid, unable to do his job properly and not wanting to hurt Nemesis.[2] He then headed for Evil's Theater where Gallerian Marlon's fortune allegedly had been stored, hoping to find the Venom Sword there.[10] After he arrived at the theater, he managed to elude the Master of the Graveyard and her servants Arte and Pollo;[11] however, he was then knocked unconscious by Worldeater.[2]

Shortly after, he was trialed and sentenced to death by the Master of the Court.[12] As he awaited his execution, the Waiter stepped forward and recruited him to be their choreman. With few other options, Gammon became the new "Gardener" of the theater, replacing the mage and playwright, Ma.[13] At some point, Waiter cured his curse using the Venom Sword.[2]

Afterward, Gammon began cleaning up after the residents and doing any jobs they needed of him. He also began helping Ma with creating screenplays about various characters related to the Seven Deadly Sins for the theater. Using his Purple Dream ability, he was able to detail the lives of his ancestors to better understand his curse; using the experiences he envisioned, the Cursed Gardener was able to adapt numerous historical events into screenplays.[14]


Gammon explaining his reasons for coming to the theater

Around this time, he had a dream envisioning the Master of the Court's future should her utopia be realized.[15] Concerned about its relation to the world's destruction in EC 999,[16] he wrote down his vision as one of the screenplays, although the other theater residents paid it no mind when showed the screenplay.[15] During his time there, Gammon learned that the Servants were merely copies of Hänsel and Gretel created from their remaining wills left in the Glass of Conchita.[17] He was also made the replacement for the unawakened vessel of Lust.[18]

In EC 998, Gammon attended the "trial" held by the Master of the Court, searching for the vessel of Wrath, annoyed they didn't just have a normal meeting.[19] During the assembly, he explained his need for the Venom Sword after being given permission by the Master of the Court.[20] Later, Gammon was tasked with organizing the court "motions" for the Master of the Court and he reviewed the cases while reflecting on what they learned from each story.[14] When Evil's Theater was destroyed by Punishment along with the rest of the world in EC 999, Gammon perished with the rest of the theater's inhabitants.[2]

World's EndEdit

"For this 'evil’ we must extinguish–we need only target five people."
―Gammon addressing the Tasan Party[src]

Following the destruction of the Third Period in EC 999, Gammon was one of the many human souls trapped on the ground world as it merged with the Hellish Yard. He then joined the efforts of Irina Clockworker, Gallerian Marlon, and Michelle Marlon to save the world, not given the full details but knowing that they would enact a Re_birthday with the irregular twins Adam and Eve, and that they needed all the most compatible Demon of Sin contractors.[21] After Adam reconstructed Evil's Theater, Gammon watched a film there about the vessels of sin until his comrades, the spirits of the Tasan soldiers, arrived to the theater.


Gammon tasks the Tasan Party with hunting down the demon contractors

Gammon then addressed them at the center of the gathering, talking about the "evil" that had plagued the world through its various catastrophes and the circumstances of the world's destruction by Nemesis Sudou. Claiming the soldiers must destroy the source of all evil to save the world, Gammon implored his comrades to use the Black Box Type X that they had to target Sateriasis Venomania, Banica Conchita, Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, Kayo Sudou, and Nemesis, as part of their "god-given" mission.[2]

Gammon then returned to Evil's Theater, residing in the director's room with Gallerian. When Riliane came to confront him with the other sin contractors, Gammon met with the girl and discussed his reasons for going back on his debt to her, albeit directing her to ask the Sleep Princess when she was available. He then offered what little information he knew about the current state of the theater and its inhabitants. Hearing someone enter, Gammon left the rest of the explanation to Gallerian and left for the entrance.[21]


Gammon compels Allen to kill Riliane

There, Gammon found Nemesis, Allen, Banica, and Banica's servants come to confront them. Wielding a gun and sword, Gammon took on Nemesis and Allen while Banica and her servants attacked the others. Adam and Eve then ran out to Gammon during their duel; they were followed by Riliane, whose soul had been taken over by Ma and who had absorbed all of the other sin contractors. Although trying to attack Ma, Gammon was quickly dispatched and only watched the confrontation between her and the others.

When, in response to Ma, Adam initiated the Re_birthday prematurely, Gammon panicked before the reformatting began.[22] Watching Ma escape the theater, Gammon urged Allen to kill Riliane to save the world and briefly attempted to kill Nemesis to prevent Ma from using her as well. He was soon after trapped in the theater while Allen and Nemesis escaped.[23] As part of their invocation of the Court ending, Gammon was caught in the "reformatting" by Irina and traveled to a repeat of the Third Period, eventually reincarnating.[24]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I don’t have faith in people who loudly call for justice. How many weak people are shedding tears in the background of worthless heroism?"
―Gammon's reaction to Red Shoe Parade[src]

Gammon was an individual embittered by his experiences. As a result of the corrupt climate of the USE, Gammon originally was instilled with a strong sense of justice which he took to extremes. Wanting to end the suffering in Levianta and Elphegort at any cost, Gammon espoused an ideal that the ends justified the means and that one should be willing to do bad deeds, even murder, if it meant protecting someone else or ending corruption.[7] Although seeming to take a more nuanced view of "justice" later, Gammon continued to despise corruption and,[16] at the world's end, espoused extreme methods to "save" it.[25]

Following his introduction to Evil's Theater, Gammon appeared more pessimistic, often sighing and despairing of the outcome of his or others' endeavors.[26] As part of this, through the use of his Purple Dream ability, Gammon became concerned about the outcome of collecting the vessels of sin,[15] believing that EC 1000 would herald the world's destruction.[16] He also became hostile to the idea of pointless and harmful heroics being justified with "justice", seemingly in spite of his attitudes in the Tasan Party.[27]

Despite these demeanors, Gammon was not distressed by how he had become used to living in the theater with the inhuman inhabitants, although sometimes exasperated by their strange natures.[19] He also considered himself different from humans,[26] possibly due to his being affected by the Venom Sword.[7] Gammon himself remained concerned with this "curse" and suffered as though from drug withdrawal without the presence of the sword.[6] Aside from this, he was interested in learning about his ancestry and origin using his prophetic ability.[14] He was also very observant, taking notes and formulating theories on all he learned while in the theater.[26]

At the world's end, Gammon appeared to put aside his misgivings with Gallerian, working with him to revive the world.[21] Despite this, he still maintained his extremist facade when in front of the other members of the Tasan Party.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Every once in a while, I tend to get prophetic dreams. When I do, I write them down. I thought maybe they could be useful in some way."
―Excerpt from Gammon's writings[src]

Gammon was trained in the Union State of Evillious military, attaining the rank of Sergeant Major,[5] and as leader of the Tasan Party he exerted great skills in management, charisma, military leadership, and investigation.[7] Besides this, he inherited his ancestor's prophetic dream ability he denominated as "Purple Dream", allowing him to dream events from either the past or future. His ability to peer into the past was assumed accurate, used to help construct the screenplays about past events with Ma.[14] However, his ability to see the future was often inaccurate, estimating his vision about the alleged utopia having less than a fifty percent chance of being correct.[15]

Although dubbed the "Gardener", Gammon's work at Evil's Theater ranged from tasks of choreman to that of a secretary, filing and organizing the transcripts for the Master of the Court's "court cases". He also had skills as a scriptwriter, collaborating with Ma in creating the screenplays of Evillious' past.[14] Because of his visions and collaboration with Ma, Gammon became very knowledgeable of Evillious' history with the Seven Deadly Sins, creating several theories about the different people he envisioned.[26]

Due to his curse resulting from his enchantment by the Venom Sword, Gammon uncontrollably lusted after women to the point that it crippled his life,[2] with the Venom Sword being able to assuage his curse whenever he was near it; this led to his addiction to the Venom Sword's presence, which he himself likened to being addicted to opium.[6]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Nyoze Octo: Gammon's brother. Gammon and Nyoze were close, with Gammon trusting Nyoze completely and becoming motivated to take down Gallerian in the wake of his brother's false conviction. As part of this closeness, Gammon utterly respected Nyoze's word, not killing Nemesis on his request despite her being his killer.

Nemesis Sudou: One of Gammon's partners. Although initially knowing her as his brother's killer, Gammon hoped to use Nemesis to bring down Gallerian and, as Nyoze additionally had loved Nemesis, spared her and sought to turn her against her former employers. The two worked closely together in the Tasan Party until Gammon's disappearance into Evil's Forest. Although lusting after her as part of his curse, Gammon saw fit to abandon his post in order not to hurt her.

Gallerian Marlon: The man who condemned Gammon's brother. Following Gallerian's false conviction of Nyoze, Gammon became contemptuous of Gallerian's greed and corruption. As such, he became dedicated to bringing him down at any cost. After the world's destruction, he set aside his hatred for Gallerian to invoke the court ending.

Master of the Graveyard: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Gammon initially saw the Master of the Graveyard as an obstacle towards getting the Venom Sword and eluded her. After becoming the Gardener, Gammon cohabited with her as with the rest of the inhabitants of Evil's Theater and was particularly curious about the nature of her Servants.

Master of the Court: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Gammon acknowledged it was only her naivete and not real malice that allowed her to be manipulated into executing visitors, but disagreed with her idea of Utopia. In addition, he was exasperated with her adherence to trials rather than regular meetings, although Gammon was not willing to face the Master of the Court's anger if he spoke on the matter.

Waiter: A fellow member of Evil's Theater. Gammon thought of her as a spoiled girl, understanding her selfish reasons for saving him. As the choreman, he would do some of her work around the theater and was curious about her resemblance to the Female Servant.

Ma: A fellow member of Evil's Theater and the previous Gardener. Gammon got along with Ma well enough to help her with her screenplays using his Purple Dream ability, learning more about the past via their relationship. He also served as her employee, tending to her garden. Despite this, he disagreed with her theory that utopia would result from the sins being gathered.

Sateriasis Venomania: Gammon's distant ancestor. Gammon showed an interest in learning about his heritage since making his way into the theater, learning about him using his Purple Dreams.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • One definition for the word "gammon" is to speak misleadingly or deceptively.
  • Gammon's name is written as 我門 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "myself" and "gate" respectively; his surname is written as 奥戸, using the kanji for "inside" and "door", respectively.
  • His surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning "eight".
  • Gammon's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, Gackpo, with both names sharing the first two letters.


  • In Evil Food Eater Conchita, the Vocaloid Gackpo is credited as the "choreman" for the song, referencing Gammon's outcome as the Cursed Gardener;[28] similarly, one of Père Noël's members, Sixth Venom, was labeled as being used for "chores" in Fifth Pierrot.[29]
  • In the Evils Court booklet, Gammon does his job as a "clerk" via organizing the songs in the album and leaving his commentary for each "court case" from the Evils Court booklet.
  • Due to their lineage to Duke Venomania, both Gammon and Nyoze had the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[30]
  • According to mothy in the Livestream of Evil, Gammon wears his hair over his eye for aesthetic purposes.




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