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Gammon Loop Octopus was a commanding officer of the Magic Kingdom Levianta's security forces, the older son of Miroku Loop Octopus and a member of the Loop Octopus Clan. Collaborating with Adam Moonlit during the first Project 'Ma', after the project's failure Gammon staged a coup to overthrow the magic kingdom's corrupt senate and made public Maria Moonlit's prophecy of doom that began the project.


Early Life[]

Gammon was born to the Loop Octopus Clan in the Magic Kingdom Levianta during the late BTs as the older son of Miroku Loop Octopus. Although the head of his family, Gammon was discarded as his father's heir due to having no magical ability. Entering the military instead, Gammon became a commanding officer of Levianta's security forces and, at some point in his life, got married and had children. As he became accustomed to the politics of Levianta, Gammon became frustrated with the inefficiency and corruption he found in the kingdom's senate, particularly under his father's rule as head senator. Due to this, he began collaborating with the head of the royal institute research facility, Horus Solntse, in plots to overthrow the government.[1]

The First Project 'Ma'[]

Gammon is blackmailed into a tentative partnership

With Horus Solntse's "death" later on, Gammon chanced to meet his adopted son and the new facility head, Adam Solntse, and learned that the latter knew of his connection with Horus. With this information being damaging for both of them, Gammon agreed to a partnership with Adam to prevent it going public. Over the next year since then, the two of them began regularly going out drinking together, during which time Gammon vented his frustrations with the Leviantan government and the suspicions he had that his father had done away with the country's queen, Maria Moonlit.[1]

In BT 005, after Maria Moonlit announced a prophecy that the kingdom would be destroyed unless the dragon gods Levia-Behemo were reincarnated, Gammon and Adam arrived late to the resultant meeting by the heads of state. Gammon was therefore present when the senate launched Project 'Ma' in secret to avert the prophecy.[2] After the project was launched, Gammon learned from Adam that he was actually Maria Moonlit's son.

Adam proposed that he use Project 'Ma' and the project's potential candidate to put himself on the throne of Levianta, where he could enact governmental reform and make Gammon head of the senate. Long frustrated with the government, and having had a purple dream about Adam prior, Gammon was convinced and collaborated with him as he had once done with Horus. To that end, he used his contacts to procure the recipe for Venom so that Adam could use it to brainwash the 'Ma' candidate.[1]

Seeking The Mother[]

When Adam planned for the project candidate to be the infamous Meta Salmhofer of the terrorist group Apocalypse, Gammon protested the expedition as too dangerous, though he accompanied it nonetheless and took part when it devolved into fighting.[1] He later accompanied Adam and the scientist Seth Twiright into Held's Forest on a second expedition to find the rumored "Witch of the Forest" protecting people there. When their convoy was attacked by Raisa Netsuma's White Army, Gammon defended the carriages with the other soldiers. He and his men handled the opposing army while Adam and Seth, rescued by Eve Zvezda, continued on to Nemu village.

After driving back Raisa's soldiers, Gammon sent his men to the capital to get reinforcements for an offensive against the White Army. He then met back up with Adam and Seth at Nemu to guard them himself, and to bring them a device they were to use to test others' magical potential. When Seth, who had been injured, returned to the capital for medical treatment, Gammon stayed behind to guard Adam and Eve.

During one of their outings to continue searching for the Witch of the Forest, the three of them were attacked by Raisa as Nemu village itself was attacked by Meta Salmhofer's army. Raisa was quickly subdued by Eve, who was in fact the Witch of the Forest they sought, and Gammon brought her into custody, giving Raisa's sword to Adam. With Eve selected as the new Project 'Ma' candidate, Gammon accompanied her and Adam back to the capital.[3] There, Gammon and Adam resumed going out drinking together, where they talked about how Adam was dating Eve for the sake of their plan, and their plans to kill Miroku as part of the coup.[1]

Facing the Truth[]

Over the course of his plans to overthrow the government, Gammon came to the conclusions that Seth Twiright was Miroku's servant twenty years ago and had aided his father in using Venom to brainwash the queen, only that instead of brainwashing Maria, whom he suspected was long dead, Seth had used it on his Miroku to make the senator believe his own purple dreams were Maria's prophecies.[4]

When the first Project 'Ma' failed with Eve's miscarriage, Gammon met with Adam at the bar and tried to reassure him to start the plan over with a new candidate. Faced with Adam giving up on the plan entirely, Gammon went ahead and launched his rebellion to overthrow the senate as his former co-conspirator fled the country.[1] During the revolution, Gammon abducted Miroku, who had been rendered insensible by the Venom, and brought him to the Levia-Behemo temple where Seth was waiting for him. There, he confronted Seth with his suspicions before going on inside to find the queen and affirm for himself if she was really there. While inside the temple, Gammon was faced with the "truth" of what had happened to the queen and uttered a scream.[4]

Following this, Gammon became the head of the Leviantan senate and removed all the previous senators from their positions of power, replacing them with sons from the same families, including his younger brother. He then made public the "truth" of Miroku brainwashing Maria Moonlit, promising the Leviantan populace to reform the senate to serve the queen rather than use her. In addition, he made public Maria Moonlit's prophecy of doom and Project 'Ma' that was established to prevent this, appointing Seth as the head of the project at the research institute.[5]

To Avert the Prophecy[]

As part of his campaign of reform, Gammon reorganized Levianta's security force into the Royal Capital Army and used it severely crack down on Apocalypse. He also arranged for the corpses of criminals to an installation outside the capital after executions. When Seth Twiright approached Gammon about Meta being a candidate for the next Project 'Ma', he reluctantly agreed on the condition that Meta not be made queen if the project was successful, instead to be given only a higher status and other rewards.

Seth soon successfully captured Meta, and she was brought into the project and impregnated with the God Seed. Once she gave birth to a boy and girl several months later, Gammon went to observe the twin children with Seth where they were put on life support. He declared that the twins should be taken to Alicegrad, where the queen would use the Swap Technique to make them viable receptacles for Levia and Behemo, elaborating on how the Leviantan queens would use the Swap Technique to receive revelations from the gods over the ages. A few days later, the birth of the twins and the subsequent success of Project 'Ma' was made public, and the Evillious Calendar was established.[5]

In spite of the apparent success, Meta escaped the facility and fled with the twins not long after. To save face, Gammon put all the blame on Seth, using the latter's experiments with creating artificial humans as cause to sanction him and kick him off the project while the senate searched in vain for the missing children.[6]

Personality and Traits[]

Gammon was a driven and ambitious military man. Denied his political heritage, Gammon poured his hard work into rising through the ranks of the kingdom's security forces instead.[1] This not only gave him a particular interest in weaponry and combat, but instilled in him a sense of pragmatism as the head of Levianta's security forces and a sense of professionalism as a soldier.[3] Additionally, Gammon was willing to take even unscrupulous means to achieve his ambitions, whether by condoning the brainwashing of innocent victims,[1] working with suspicious individuals like Seth, or by taking the seat of head senator using force.[4]

Despite this, Gammon's ambitions were colored by a frustration with the corruption in Levianta's government and a stated desire for reform. Gammon was highly irreverent and suspicious towards the senate he served and questioned the current status quo, particularly when it came to his own father.[1] Although in practice his reign as head senator was in some ways similar to the old regime, such as in pinning the blame on Meta's escape elsewhere to maintain good public relations, Gammon at least publicly tried to mend much of the government's past corruption. Unlike his fellow politicians, as well, Gammon fully believed in Maria's prophecy and so genuinely poured his resources into Project 'Ma' to prevent the end of the world.[5]

In behavior, Gammon was shown to be blunt and rude in the presence of the Leviantan senate.[2] He also was shown to regularly drink such as during his partnership with Adam, in some instances drinking quite heavily.[1]

Skills and Abilities[]

As a member of the Loop Octopus Clan, Gammon possessed the Purple Dream ability that allowed him to see prophetic dreams about the future. Despite this, he had no magical ability himself. Gammon instead cultivated several nonmagical skills, particularly armed combat with swords and guns, and demonstrated himself as being a quick study.[1] After becoming head senator, Gammon also displayed an uncharacteristic knowledge of the Queens of Levianta and their ability to perform the Body Swap.[5]

Aside from his physical abilities, Gammon had various contacts in the Magic Kingdom Levianta due to both his position in the military, collaboration with Horus Solntse, and presumably his own family, one of these contacts being able to procure the recipe for Venom.[1] Gammon also displayed an amount of political savvy as head of the Leviantan senate, able to keep and navigate his position through the turmoil of Maria's prophecy becoming public.[5]

Character Connections[]

Miroku Loop Octopus: Gammon's father. Despite their familial relation, Gammon showed little love towards his father and was completely willing to kill him for the sake of overthrowing the corrupt Leviantan government. He was ultimately contemptuous of him and what he later became as a result of being brainwashed by Venom.

Adam Solntse: Gammon's co-conspirator. Although initially partnering with him to prevent his secret getting out, the two formed an uneasy companionship with each other, with Gammon going out drinking with him and sharing his frustrations. Despite the circumstances of their relationship, Gammon also thought Adam and Eve made a good couple, and that Eve could have liked Adam without the use of Venom.

Seth Twiright: One of Gammon's charges. Gammon protected Seth while he worked in the security force, but grew increasingly suspicious of him and his role in the government corruption of Levianta. Despite this, Gammon continually worked with Seth on Project 'Ma', though was not above scapegoating him when things went wrong. Gammon also worked closely with Seth's alias Horus.



  • Although Gammon Loop Octopus' appearance, name, and behavior is almost identical to that of Gammon Octo, no clear connection between the two has been established outside of lineage.
  • It is unknown what Gammon learned in the temple that caused him to scream.