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"On the night of the full moon the experiment begins."
―Unknown girl[src]

Full Moon Laboratory is a song released by Akuno-P on February 25, 2010. It is linked to Wordplay and the Clockwork Lullaby Series.


The singer of the song talks about performing an experiment on the night of a full moon, and attempting to create a person. She remembers that "they" told her that they cannot return, so the singer must continue with their experiments. The singer describes that she "destroys something and makes something".

The singer recalls that she still hasn't forgotten the words that she first learned, and now it's her turn to teach a new song. On the night of a new moon, the experiment continues. The singer notices that her white doctor's gown has become redder, and continues to "destroy something and destroy again". She reveals that she is trying to create the person who had created her, and with a wish for herself to someday play that game, she states "I’ll be here no matter what, right".


フラスコの底で うごめいてるあなたは
今これから始まる 儀式のいけにえ

液体の中の固体が 静かに溶けだす
サンプルは多ければ 多いほどいい

いなくなる前に あの人は言った
君は君の実験を 続けなさい」

満月の夜に 始まる実験
試薬の匂いが 心を狂わす

仮説の検証 理論の計算
何かを壊して そして作りだす

二つを合わせて 一つに変えたとして
それが二倍の価値に なるわけじゃないよ

本当に手に入れたいものは たった一つ
それを作り出すため 実験は続く

最初覚えた あの言葉たちは
次は私が教える番 新しい唄

三日月の夜も 終わらぬ実験
白衣が次第に 紅く染まりだす

対象の観察 常識の否定
何かを壊して そしてまた壊す

あの人が私を 創ったように
今度は私が あの人を作る

いつかまた 始めましょうあの遊び
私はいつでも ここにいるからね

FURASUKO no soko de ugomeiteru anata wa
Ima kore kara hajimaru gishiki no ikenie

Ekitai no naka no kotai ga shizuka ni tokedasu
SAMPURU wa ookereba ooi hodo ii

Inakunaru mae ni ano hito wa itta
"Mou koko ni wa modoranai
Kimi wa kimi no jikken wo tsudzukenasai"

Mangetsu no yoru ni hajimaru jikken
Shiyaku no nioi ga kokoro wo kuruwasu

Kasetsu no kenshou rison no keisan
Nanika wo kowashite soshite tsukuridasu

Futatsu wo awasete hitotsu ni kaeta to shite
Sore ga nibai no kachi ni naru wake ja nai yo

Hontou ni te ni iretai mono wa tatta hitotsu
Sore wo tsukuridasu tame jikken wa tsudzuku

Saisho oboeta ano kotobatachi wa
Ima mo wasurete inai kara
Tsugi wa watashi ga oshieru ban atarashii uta

Mikadzuki no yoru mo owaranu jikken
Hakui ga shidai ni akaku somaridasu

Taishou no kansatsu joushiki no hitei
Nanika wo kowashite soshite mata kowasu

Ano hito ga watashi wo tsukutta you ni
Kondo wa watashi ga ano hito wo tsukuru

Itsuka mata hajimemashou ano asobi
Watashi wa itsudemo koko ni iru kara ne

You, wriggling at the bottom of the flask
Are now the sacrifice for the ceremony that will begin after this

The solids inside liquids silently dissolve
The more samples the better

Before disappearing, that person said
“I won’t return here again
Continue with your experiments”

On the night of the full moon the experiment begins
The scent of reagent drives my heart mad

An inspection of hypothesis, a calculation of theory
I destroy something, and I create something

Supposing I joined together two so that they became one
That doesn’t mean it’ll come to have twice the value

There is just one thing that I truly want to obtain
In order to create it, the experiments will continue

Those words I memorized in the beginning
I haven’t forgotten now
So next it’s my turn to teach a new song

Even on the night of a new moon, the experiment won’t end
This white doctor’s gown gradually stains red

Inspection of subjects, denial of common sense
I destroy something, and I destroy again

Just like that person made me
This time I will create that person

Someday let’s begin that game again
Because I’ll be here no matter what, right?

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related Songs[]


Wordplay shares with Full Moon Laboratory a similar theme of inverting the "Lu li la" lullaby, such as forming it into “La la la lu lu lu."

The Song I Heard Somewhere[]

The Song I Heard Somewhere shares much of the same melody and lyrics with Full Moon Laboratory, Irina making several callbacks to the experiments performed under the full moon and singing in a similar fashion to the mysterious girl.




Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • The song's PV is based on the interface of a electronic sound board, with the fluctuating meters and measurements remaining in sync with the song's tune.
  • Throughout the song PV, the PV image from Wordplay appears faintly in different orientations and visibility, ranging from faintly visible and upside down to nearly opaque and rightside up.
  • At one point during the song PV, the camera focuses on two charts labeled L and R, possibly referencing Rin and Len; interestingly, R is represented by the color red while L is represented by the color blue.
  • Similarly, during the first chorus, the song PV is tinted blue while, during the second chorus, it is tinted red; a similar color symbolism is used in Bloodstained Switch.
  • The lines "Those words I memorized in the beginning, I haven’t forgotten now" and "So next it’s my turn to teach a new song" are references to Wordplay and Clockwork Lullaby, respectively; the singer also sings "la la la lu lu lu", the pattern sung in Wordplay, instead of the regular "lu li la".
  • In-universe, the name of Lunaca Labora means "full moon laboratory" in ancient Leviantan.