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The Freezis Mansion[note 1] was the residence of the Freezis Family in Elphegort. Located in Aceid's Northern District, it functioned as both a living quarters for the merchant family and their many servants and as a meeting place for Keel's associates before being burned down in the Lucifenia-Elphegort War.


Early HistoryEdit

Around the mid EC 490s, Keel and Mikina Freezis moved into the mansion and made it their home along with their children.[1] As Keel's business grew, the mansion became a headquarters for the merchant guild and Keel held dinner parties at the estate each month for himself and his constituents.[2]

Discovery of the DivaEdit


Michaela performing before the guests

On December 28, EC 499, Earl Felix visited the mansion to speak with Keel regarding Lucifenia's current affairs. During the banquet held the following month, one of the Freezis maids, Michaela, performed as the main event, wooing the audience with her singing. Becoming a sensation among the visiting audience, the "Diva of Elphegort" performed at the next banquet a month later.[2]

Several weeks later, Kings Kyle Marlon and Thorny Elphen met with Keel at the mansion to discuss sending foreign aid to the Kingdom of Lucifenia.[3] Sometime after, Keel negotiated selling one of his collectibles, the Venom Sword, to Gast Venom at the mansion. After the mercenary refused the asking price, the merchant received an ambassador from Lucifenia, Allen Avadonia, regarding the recent relief sent to the starving kingdom.[3]

Lucifenia-Elphegort WarEdit

Several days later, Ney Phutapie reported to the mansion regarding recent events in Lucifenia. Afterward, Keel called for a meeting of the family and some staff about Princess Riliane's on-going search for Kyle's Elphe sweetheart, Michaela. At the start of the Green Hunting a few days later, the staff fled the mansion and the family was arrested by the Lucifenian army shortly after. Once the family was deported to Lucifenia, the soldiers burned the mansion to the ground.[4] Later on during the conflict, Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia visited the mansion's remains and salvaged Keel's collectibles from the estate treasury.[5]


Banquet HallEdit


The Banquet Hall[note 2] was the reception hall where formal meals and dinner parties were held. The room was large enough to accommodate dozens of people and was furnished with lavish seating and tables for all of the guests.[2] Three curtained windows lined one of the walls with mirror and paintings hung for decoration. There was a slightly elevated stage on another end of the room for entertainment, complete with curtains and a piano for music. A chandelier hung centered with the stage.[6]

Drawing RoomEdit

The main parlor within the mansion. The space served as a waiting room for Keel Freezis' guests.[2] The room was furnished with a fine sofa with a small table on the left side along with another luxury couch and chairs on either side; a rug was laid beneath them. Along the wall behind the sofa was an armoire with modest decorations. The walls were decorated with Keel's private art collection, including the only surviving portrait drawn by King Kyle.[6]

Waiting RoomEdit

A room for visitors preparing to meet with Keel Freezis in his private room. It was outfitted for holding any new guests and had at least one window looking outside. It was modestly decorated with a few rare antiques from Keel's personal collection.[7]

Keel's Private RoomEdit

Keel Freezis' personal meeting room. The space served as a private quarters for Keel and his associates, as well as guests visiting on political business.[7] It was decorated with many pieces of Keel's personal collection, including various rare antiques. The room was furnished to accommodate a small number of guests with a fine table and a few chairs. It also maintained an open-hearth fireplace.[6]


Keel Freezis' personal study. The room served as an office for his business work. It was lined with full bookshelves on one wall from floor to ceiling with curtained windows on the adjacent wall to the right. It was furnished with two luxury cushioned couches and a fine coffee table.[6]

Servants' RoomEdit

The living quarters for the mansion's servants. The room was sized and furnished to accommodate all of the mansion's staff, serving as a place of rest when ever the household servants were not on duty; due to the large amount of work required of each servant, however, few spent much personal time in the room.[2]


The room in the mansion used for preparing and cooking food. The space was used to prepare all meals for guests, family members, and household staff.[8] The kitchen was furnished with a counter and cabinets equipped with all the necessary tools for preparing each meal; an open firestone oven was built into the far left wall with the main entrance and exit to the right of it past the counter.[6]


A well kept enclosure just outside the mansion. The garden was a spacious fenced in area not far from Keel's room, containing lush vegetation, spare structural decor, and a fountain.[6] The growth of the garden was tended according to Mikina Freezis' preference; while full of flowers during the warmer seasons, the garden became barren in the cold months due to plants losing their bloom.[2]

Laundry AreaEdit

The outside area used for washing linen. It served as a spot for servants to clean and dry clothes in the open air.[3] It was situated around the garden area behind the main estate. It maintained a wooden water basin for soaking and scrubbing clothes along with a few tables for folding and stacking.[6]


The storehouse for Keel's purchased artifacts and merchandise. Items purchased for sale were moved to the treasury until needed to be shown to buyers or at Keel's discretion. Due to the value of some of the artifacts stored within, the treasury was sealed up and lower ranking servants were not allowed inside.[2]

Known InhabitantsEdit



  • The mansion was full of fine arts and antiques, but noted as lacking in more luxurious decor.[7]





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