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"It is the organization that holds the most power in Evillious—Or so it used to be said."

The Freezis Foundation,[note 1] later known as the Freezis Conglomerate,[note 2] was a massive corporation founded by Shaw Freezis. Created as part of reorganizing his father's firm, the business grew into a global trade empire, having numerous smaller companies under its umbrella.



In EC 531, Shaw Freezis reorganized his father Keel's firm into a business conglomerate,[1] sponsored by the Marlon Royal Family.[2] Shortly after its inception, President Shaw had the foundation begin informal experiments to discover the secret to immortality.[3] Over the years, the foundation continued to prosper and expanded numerous industries under its banner, including the Schuburg Newspaper Company in Elphegort and the Freezis Fishery Association.[4]

New World Expansion[]

In EC 573, the Freezis Foundation organized, funded, and established the first international police organization, the World Police, with the cooperation of all the Evillious nations in order to crack down on organized crime.[5] Around that time, the foundation purchased the Castle Hedgehog property and offered it to the World Police as a new facility for their secret Interrogation Execution Department. At some point, Shaw took on a member of the Marlon Family as his closest aide, the new Bruno.[6]

After several of the original manuscripts of Yukina Freezis' lost works were discovered being sold on the black market, the foundation issued a Lost List naming all missing manuscripts for the public to be turned in upon discovery.[4] As the years progressed, the foundation had the World Police mercilessly crack down on copyright defilers and criminal syndicates jeopardizing its business operations.

The foundation funded an expedition to charter the seas west of Marlon and discovered the continent of Maistia in EC 592; colonizing it, the foundation harvested the New World's resources for trade to Evillious.[6] During this period, Shaw Freezis' granddaughters Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre were set up with positions in the Schuburg Newspaper and the World Police's International Works Department, respectively.[7]

Père Noël[]

In EC 597, Dashaw Freezis and Hanne went to Lioness on business when the town was burned to the ground by "Elluka Clockworker", killing Dashaw.[8] That same year, Bruno Marlon took a trip to the Lucifenian Republic on business when he was attacked and secretly killed by Kaidor Blankenheim. Two months later, Kaidor returned, disguised as Bruno, and took over his duties.[9]

Following the rise of criminal operations by Père Noël, the Freezis Foundation began investigating the organization. In EC 599, a new headquarters was constructed in Bariti and Shaw moved into it as his permanent residence. As the years progressed, the Freezis headquarters continued to be expanded with renovations.[6] On August 18, EC 609, Bruno attended the inauguration party for President Julia Abelard as a representative of the Freezis Foundation.[10]

Later that month, the foundation's information network discovered a supposed sorceress going by the name of "Elluka Clockworker" was spotted in Toragay and was supposedly the leader of Père Noël. In early September of that year, Hanne was given full access to the Foundation's resources to investigate the mysterious murder of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim that occurred in Toragay and its potential connection to "Elluka".[6]

Soon after, Bruno pressured the World Police's Elphegort branch to halt the investigation into the black market run by Kaspar. After the governments of Elphegort, Marlon, and Lucifenia announced their joint effort to limit tobacco trade on September 6 in response to the marquis' death, the Freezis Foundation rebounded heavily against the sanctions to the trade.[11]

New Management[]

Following Shaw Freezis' death on October 17, Bruno Marlon took temporary control of the Foundation while the business deliberated over his successor.[5] After the situation in Toragay escalated into mysterious, widespread epidemic, the Elphegort government entrusted the Freezis house with the investigation into the events. Shortly after, the foundation issued a quarantine of Toragay and had the World Police cut off traffic leading to and from the city at all checkpoints.[7]

On October 19, Bruno had a Interrogation Execution Department unit arrest Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre for their alleged connections to the Lioness Burning Incident and the Toragay Serial Killings.[5] After the official announcement of Toragay's total decimation by the World Police on November 8, the Freezis Foundation announced they would send an investigation team to further look into the incident.[12]

Later that month, Aai Freezis was selected as Shaw's successor as president of the Foundation and both Bruno and Nob Nicole were selected as her vice presidents,[13] Bruno tasked with Evillious' development while Nob was assigned to oversee the New World's projects. Shortly after, the Freezis Foundation began covertly trading with Evillious' black market through Bruno's new membership to Père Noël.

While illegal trade began becoming an increasing problem in the New World, Vice President Nob began focusing resources on eliminating Père Noël's black market. Throughout May of EC 610, Vice President Bruno sent over numerous workers to Maistia to take over the foundation's development projects in Maistia. Around mid-May, Bruno had the International Works Department recall its investigation unit into the Rolled Serial Killings back to headquarters in Marlon.

On May 23, the foundation leaders met with Lucifenian officials at the Lucifenian Palace to discuss countermeasures to crime in the New World. Several hours later, a Justea unit interrupted the meeting and arrested Kaidor Blankenheim for masquerading as Bruno Marlon and his alleged connection to Père Noël.[9] Afterward, President Aai and Vice President Nob called for Lucifenian President Abelard's resignation due to her apparent collaboration with Kaidor.[14]

Change in Business[]

After the Marlon royals were chased from the throne by the Viwirtz family, the Freezis Foundation lost influence.[2] Sometime after, the foundation came in contact with the alleged Elluka Clockworker of legend. Hoping to learn her secret to her apparant immortality, the Freezis Foundation provided the mage whatever money and power she required.[3] Following the rebellion of Marlon's Maistian colonies in EC 760, the Freezis Foundation gradually lost power in the Blue Country's subsequent war with them until Maistia's independence was recognized and hostilities ceased in EC 776.[15]

Afterward, the Maistia branch began limited trade with Jakoku from the new United States of Maistia, establishing a trade house in Enbizaka. Over the following years, the Freezis Foundation began heavily competing with the Yarera-Zusco Firm.[2] After Perrié Cutie Marlon joined its Maistia branch, the foundation experimented on the woman, successfully imbuing her with youthful vitality.[3]

During the EC 800s, Akuna Manager Perrié received threatening letters from an anonymous sender. The trade house was later burned in the great fire sweeping through Enbizaka in December of EC 838, killing several employees.[16] Following the fire, the foundation funded the town's reconstruction, rebuilding the trading house.[2] In EC 852, Perrié cooperated with the Maistian government to send an armada to Jakoku and forcibly end the nation's isolationism, expanding trade with the nation.[15]


Eventually, the foundation grew into a massive conglomerate,[17] with Múspell Freezis as its president around this time.[18] Around EC 978, the business lost some of its holdings in Maistia due to a civil war, its influence growing weaker as a result.[19] In EC 985, Múspell died, leaving his position to be inherited by his eldest son Surtr. As the Tasan Party rose to power in Elphegort and began opposing them, the conglomerate suffered even more as a business over the years.[18]

Organization and Structure[]

The Freezis Foundation maintained a president as its chief executive employee and was owned by the Freezis family. Under the president were vice presidents to which the president could delegate work. Following the president's death or retirement, the position was typically passed down to the former president's oldest male heir, although other relatives could be given the position in the absence of said heir.[13]

Functioning as a massive business conglomerate, the foundation contained multiple businesses in various nations under its umbrella, such as the Freezis Fishery Association, the Schuburg Newspaper Company and Freezis Publishing.[4] It also had control over the World Police, with the foundation's executive employees being able to use the World Police's forces for their own ends. Aside from this, the Association supplied a Bruno broker as the president's aide in exchange for the aide taking over as head in the case of the president's death with no immediate existing heir.[5]

Sometime before the discovery of the New World, the foundation employed explorers,[6] as well as sailors for its merchant ships. Following its expansion into Maistia and the Akuna region, the foundation also maintained branch managers to oversee its international business operations.[15] As part of its policies, at least one the conglomerates's Elphegort branches only hired non-Elphes, to the point of having a hold on certain jobs in Aceid.[20]

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In business, a foundation tends to be an organization run for philanthropic or legal economic reasons and kept afloat by the finances of a family or individual; meanwhile, a conglomerate is defined as a corporation that is made up of a number of different, seemingly unrelated businesses.



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