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The Freezis Firm[note 1] was a merchant guild founded by Keel Freezis. Expanding across the Evillious region, the firm eventually became the lead business in the Evillious Commerce Alliance, dominating the region's market through the trade union until its reorganization.



In EC 492, Keel and Mikina Freezis expanded their general store in Aceid, Elphegort into a thriving business,[1] establishing the Freezis Firm under Keel's name. As the business continued to meet success, it expanded across Elphegort and into Lucifenia, Marlon, and Levianta.[2] With their enormous assets, part of the firm's wealth began secretly funding the ambitions of Queen Prim Marlon around EC 493.[1] Later on, it funded the creation of a monastery dedicated to the god Held in Elphegort.[3]

Commerce Alliance

Eventually, the Freezis Firm proposed a trade coalition with other businesses to share valuable information with one another for mutual profit. The companies agreed and Keel was selected as the new commerce alliance's president.[4] When the Association joined the trade union, it agreed to have one of its Bruno agents would always act as a close aide and informant to the head of the Freezis Family in exchange for Keel allowing the same Bruno to assume full authority over the business in the event of a power vacuum until a successor was properly determined.[5] As the Evillious Commerce Alliance regularly met and exchanged information at Keel's mansion during his monthly banquets, the Freezis Firm flourished.[4]

Reign of Evil

In EC 500, the Freezis Firm agreed to send aid to the Kingdom of Lucifenia on behalf of the Elphegortean government as part of a joint effort with the Kingdom of Marlon to relieve Lucifenia's famine and troubled populace.[2] At the start of the Green Hunting later that year, Keel and his family were imprisoned by the Lucifenian royal government at the palace dungeon. The commerce alliance later liberated the Freezises and gave them residence at Corpa's mansion in Rolled.[3]

Shortly after, the company moved its headquarters to the new Freezis Mansion in Bariti,[6] Marlon and began secretly funding the Lucifenian Resistance for their planned coup against the royal government.[3] A week after the outbreak of the Lucifenian Revolution later that year, the Freezis Firm had the commerce alliance's merchant in Rollam joined the ailing revolutionary army,[7] keeping them supplied until the battle was won.[8] With the revolution's success, Keel attended the peace talks concerning Lucifenia's future and agreed to King Kyle Marlon's proposal that Marlon occupy Lucifenia to aid the new government and execute Princess Riliane.[9]

Marlon Operations

Over the following years, the Freezis Firm continued to financially support King Kyle's regime after he annexed Lucifenia and blockaded Elphegort to promote trade in Marlon and profits for the commerce alliance's members; as part of the efforts, the blockade increased the firm's domestic sales.[10] The company also began publishing the novels written by Keel's daughter, Yukina, with the books instantly becoming bestsellers.[11]

In EC 505, the firm arranged a deal for the commerce alliance to supply new weapons for Kyle's soldiers as the king prepared for a rescue operation of his mother in the Blood Pool region.[12] Shortly after, President Keel suffered a concussion and remained in a coma for several weeks. After he awoke, the ailing president retired, handing the organization over to his son, Shaw. With his father's guidance, firm grew under Shaw's leadership until it was reorganized into the Freezis Foundation in EC 531.[13]

Organization and Structure

Functioning as a business firm, the Freezis Firm maintained a president as its chief executive employee and was owned by the Freezis family. After joining the Evillious Commerce Alliance, the firm led said alliance and made ties with other businesses in the region, benefiting from the Association's vast information network.[8] As part of the alliance, the firm's president was supplied with a single information broker by the Association, who acted as the president's closest aide.[5]

Known Members


Conceptualization and Origin

  • In business, a firm is a private company that works for the purpose of economical profit.




  1. フリージス商会
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