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The Freezis[note 1] was a cryogenic freezing chamber used for preserving living beings. Developed by the earthlings, the device was used to keep a living organism in hibernetic stasis, allowing them to survive frozen in time long past their generation.


At some point prior to the creation of the Third Period, the earthlings created the Freezises. Following the creation of the ground world, the sun god cast down five Freezis devices along with numerous other Second Period technologies onto the ground, burying them deep within the earth in the north of Evillious. The super technology was later excavated by the Magic Kingdom Levianta and moved to an underground facility in Marlon's Blood Pool region sometime after. At some point, five ghoul children babies were frozen in the Freezises.

Around the turn of the second century EC, the Zorach Family began safeguarding the Freezis devices and the ghoul children they kept in stasis. Following an earthquake during the latter half of the fifth century EC, one of the babies awoke prematurely and was freed from his pod. On January 30, EC 611, the Zorachs shut down the Freezis devices, killing the infants hibernating inside, per the god Behemo's command. Afterwards, the facility was abandoned and sunk into the earth until reaching the molten lava down below, destroying the Freezises.[1]


Designed with a clear glass coffin-like shape, a Freezis was large enough to hold one individual in its space. The occupant could then be sealed in the box and cryogenically frozen, inducing the individual into a hibernetic sleep. Due to the freezing, the occupant would remain frozen in time while the device remained active and therefore be able to survive long past the individual's physical lifespan without any actual aging. As a side effect of the freezing, the device emanated an extreme cold that could affect the device's immediate surroundings.

Despite its effective ability to keep the occupant in stasis, the user could be awakened prematurely in the case of violent stimuli affecting the device. Should a Freezis lose power or be shut down while the occupants were still inside, the rapid change in temperature would cause the occupants to immediately shrivel up and die. Freezis devices could be linked up to one another through a single control panel, allowing them to be monitored and controlled both individually and as a group.[1]


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The term Freezis matches the first few characters for the word "freezing", フリージング (furiijingu).


  • Interestingly, the ghoul child who escaped the Freezis pod went onto have the name "Keel Freezis" to the outside world, making the "Freezis" name famous across the Evillious region.




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