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Fifth Pierrot is a manga short included in MIKU-Pack 13, released on May 15, 2015. It was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by Ichika. The manga briefly covers the new job taken up by Lemy Abelard, murdering the residents of Rolled by night.

Plot Summary[]

Lemy Abelard narrates how he learned from "Ms. Santa" that the world was filled with mistakes, his mother petting his head as he smiles. Dressed in his pierrot costume and makeup, Lemy finishes reminiscing and opens his eyes. He then narrates how, without an audience during the "circus" of night, the devilish cage has been opened yet again; the specter of a girl looms among the stars hanging from a ceiling. In the city of Rolled, a frightened woman hides around the corner. Brandishing his bloodied knife, the blood-splattered Lemy questions who his next victim will be tonight.



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Lemy's monologue is taken directly from the song of the same name, summarizing the main events of it and the first half of the light novel.


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