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The Ferdinand Mansion was the residence of the Ferdinand Family in Mystica. Built in the suburbs away from the main town, the mansion was subjected to the massacre by Duke Sateriasis Venomania.


Early History[]

At some point, the Ferdinand Family settled in the mansion. In EC 126, Elluka Clockworker visited the mansion to conduct business with Earl Ferdinand before leaving.[1] Sometime after, Marquis Ferdinand began collecting belongings of Princess Maylis Beelzenia and enshrining them in the mansion.[2]

Venomania Event[]

In April of EC 136, Duke Sateriasis Venomania visited the mansion and soon after slaughtered the entire Ferdinand household, rooming in at the estate with I.R.[2] Several days later, the Duke welcomed Lilien Turner to the manor. Later that evening, Rajih Assad infiltrated the mansion and battled Duke Venomania;[3] following the peasant's defeat, the duke left with I.R. and soon after Rajih left with Lilien.[4] Soon after, the marquis' nephew moved into the mansion as his successor. Several months later, Karchess Crim visited the manor and discussed the recent massacre and related disappearance with the new marquis.[5]




A bedroom within the mansion. It was furnished with a fine-crafted bed and other luxurious furniture and had two decorated windows on its farthest wall.[3]

Drawing Room[]


A guest room within the mansion. It was furnished with fine-crafted chairs and a fireplace. The room was used to hide the bodies of Duke Venomania's victims.[3]

Dining Room[]


The dining hall within the mansion. It was furnished with a fine-crafted table and chairs and a fireplace. It had at least one window. Several paintings adorned its walls.[5]

Shrine Room[]


A secret chamber within the mansion maintained by Marquis Ferdinand. It functioned as a shrine for Princess Maylis Beelzenia, featuring her portrait, some of her clothes and jewelry, among other belongings.[2]

Known Inhabitants[]