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The Ferdinand Family[note 1] was a family of nobles in Asmodean charged with governing the town of Mystica. They became involved in the Venomania Event.


Early History[]

Some time around the start of the EC 100s, a boy was born in the Ferdinand family and was raised alongside a sibling. The boy became marquis and married, while the sibling also presumably married and had a son. Governing the town of Mystica from the family manor, Marquis Ferdinand served the Beelzenian Empire, developing a twisted obsession with Princess Maylis Beelzenia.[1]

Venomania Event[]

In March, EC 136, Marquis Ferdinand helped with the investigation of the mysterious disappearance of the women in the Empire. The next month he was slaughtered along with his wife when Duke Sateriasis Venomania found out about his involvement in investigating the incident.[1] His position was then replaced by his nephew, who moved into the family mansion. He then helped Count Karchess Crim with his investigations into the serial disappearances later that year.[2]

Known Members[]




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