Feng Li, codenamed No. 3, was the commander of the officers in PN. Due to the breakdown of the rules in the Third Period, he was born with the appearance of a golden tiger despite being completely human. Reluctantly becoming an employee of the corrupt Freezis Family, Feng joined the organization PN to combat the Freezises and went under the employ of Bruno Zero and, later, Gallerian Marlon.


Early HistoryEdit

Feng was born in Mukoku to the Li Family with the appearance of a tiger. He eventually immigrated to the USE and was hired as a pet by the Freezis Family, reluctantly accepting the job for food money. Later on, Feng left the Freezises and joined the organization PN, otherwise known as "Père Noël", designated as No. 3.


Feng meets Gallerian along with the other members of PN inside Lunaca Labora

In EC 960, Feng and the other members of PN went to Lunaca Labora when the young judge Gallerian Marlon was nearly killed by Loki Freezis, tending to his injuries there. When Gallerian awoke, he became shocked when Feng spoke to him and Feng had to explain how he was a human with the appearance of a tiger. He stood by as the others explained to Gallerian that they could help him get revenge on Loki for what he had done, and was surprised when Gallerian chose to go the high road and have him trialed in a court of law.[1]

The following year, Feng visited Jorm Zusco in prison, with Gusuma Yarera and Ma, to assess if he was fit for release. While there, he chatted with Gusuma; Feng had to repeatedly remind him that he was a human while they discussed his and the other PN members' job opportunities after quitting from the Freezis Conglomerate. Feng and the others later saw Jorm's violent behavior and he brought up the possibility that it was because of the strange phenomena in the world; thoughtful over Jorm's case, he left with Gusuma and Ma.[2]

Police NeutralityEdit

Around EC 978, Feng was hired as Gusuma's bodyguard and eventually became the commander of the officers in the Police Neutrality, no longer treated like a talking tiger.[3] Later that year, Feng met with Bruno regarding reactivating Père Noël to investigate the Titanis Sinking Incident, being the first to agree to their undercover investigation out of owing Gallerian. Over the next two months, Feng learned that the Zeus gang in Aceid had a member in the Millennium Tree Forest who had used a ziz tiama to destroy the ship. Feng later told Gusuma what he had learned, asked to turn the culprit over to the Yareras.

After Père Noël reconvened at a bar in Yatski, Feng reported his findings to Bruno Zero and told him the location of the culprit in the forest. When pointing out what he heard from Gusuma, the two agreed that Père Noël would nonetheless capture the culprit and turn them over to the law.[4] Later on, as Gallerian prepared to judge Bindi Freezis for his role in the sinking of the Titanis, Feng chatted with Bruno about recent events over tea. Finding him distracted, Feng tried to reassure Bruno about Gallerian's apparent new madness with believing a doll was his dead daughter Michelle.

Having sent their colleague Hel to check on what Gallerian's verdict would be, Feng and Bruno were later shocked when she arrived and declared that he had judged Bindi innocent. Later on, in the wake of Police Neutrality pinning Medea Col's murder on Nyoze Octo, Feng met with Hel in a conference room and tried to reassure her as she voiced her suspicions that Nyoze was being framed for the murder. He comforted his friend, noting how stressed she'd been since Bindi's trial, and tried to suggest that Gallerian's turn for using corrupt court tactics might be for a good cause that they don't know yet. They soon left the room together.[5]

Later on, Feng met with one of the new recruits of Police Neutrality, Eater Sabella, sharing a mostly-one-sided conversation with him and promising not to judge him for his strange appearance.[6] After learning of Shiro's death in the war in EC 983, Feng went with Hel and Bruno to Gallerian's office. Hel and Feng explained in order that they planned to resign, unable to put up with his corruption any longer; he further claimed, when Gallerian threatened them, that they didn't intend to become his enemy and convinced him not to try killing them. With that, Hel and Feng left PN.[7]

Later LifeEdit

After leaving Gallerian, Feng returned to his home country and settled down for a time. During this, he met and fell in love with a girl and had two children with her, despite his tiger appearance. When Mukoku later went into turmoil, Feng was forced to move back to Levianta.[8] Over a decade after leaving PN behind, he reunited with his fellow members.

Seeking to take down the dictator of Elphegort, Nemesis Sudou, Feng accompanied Hel, Bruno, and over ten other soldiers as they made an assault on the headquarters of the Tasan Party; Feng hid in a cart while Hel approached the building on the pretext of making a food delivery. Hel then unleashed Feng on the headquarters' guards, and he began the attack with his fellow soldiers to divert them from Bruno's infiltration team. Due to Nemesis' special abilities, the attack failed.[9]

World's EndEdit

"We don't have our bodies anymore. That much is obvious. Why is it obvious? Well right now you're not a "tiger"–you have the appearance of a lovely young man."
―Hel to Feng[src]

When Feng died, his spirit form became a handsome young man in accordance with his ideal form. After Nemesis Sudou destroyed the Third Period in EC 999, Feng met up with Hel Jaakko on the ground world as it merged with the Hellish Yard. There, Hel explained to Feng how they had failed to prevent Nemesis from blowing the world up with the weapon Punishment, but that, because Punishment destroyed the boundary between between heaven and the Hellish Yard, they were being suspended on the ground world in their spirit forms.

Hel continued to explain to Feng the current unrest going on between all of the spirits. Just as Feng and Hel agreed to go together to Evil's Theater to investigate the goings-on, the two encountered a Black Box.[10] After being sucked up into the Black Box, Feng and Hel were freed and regrouped with the rest of the former members of PN. Later, they were among the souls singing the Clockwork Lullaby to stop Ma, with Feng having changed back into his tiger form.[11] Feng was presumably incorporated into the new world created by Allen and Riliane during their Re_birthday.[12]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Feng was a strong-willed individual with a desire for justice at heart. Proud of his abilities, Feng sometimes acted arrogantly towards those that he considered inferior to himself.[1] He nonetheless maintained a cool-headed and thoughtful attitude in most situations, and commonly would be a voice of reason when his colleagues were upset.[13] Feng was also not above taking part in dirty dealings or engaging in battle directly, but only for the sake of doing what was right.[5] He similarly couldn't abide by someone being corrupt for their own sake, and refused to tolerate the murder of his friends.[7]

Despite having the appearance of a tiger, Feng did not identify as one and shared none of the animal's behaviors, having to repeatedly remind people of this fact.[2] Fittingly, when he died Feng was finally able to achieve his ideal form, that of a young man such as he had been meant to be born as.[10] Because of his own strange appearance, Feng also wasn't judgmental when it came to others who looked unusual.[6]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Being in the shape of a tiger, Feng was an extraordinarily powerful individual, capable of ferocious attacks using his sharp teeth and claws and having the strength of a fully grown adult tiger.[7] This and his history in PN made him skilled in battle, and he was similarly a more than capable commander, although he occasionally had difficulty being taken seriously because of his appearance. His skills extended to his ability to conduct investigations and gather intelligence, as well.[3]

Despite being in the shape of a tiger, Feng was capable of standing up on his hind legs for at least a short amount of time; similarly, he also had learned how to use a cup with his front paws.[5] As his shape didn't reflect his species, Feng was also still capable of having human children with his spouse.[8]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Hel Jaakko: One of Feng's colleagues in PN. Hel and Feng were good friends over the course of their time together in the secret organization, and even later when they had obtained legitimate jobs. Willing to support each other through thick and thin, Feng and Hel ended up working together to the end and ended up accompanying each other after the World's End.

Shiro Netsuma: One of Feng's colleagues in PN. Feng and Shiro were on good terms over the course of their work in the secret organization, and later when they had all obtained legitimate jobs. Shiro's murder by Tony Ausdin was one of the catalysts that led to Feng quitting from Gallerian's employ.

Bruno Zero: One of Feng's employers in PN. Feng and Bruno were on good terms over the course of their work in the secret organization, and later when they had all obtained legitimate jobs. Supportive of Bruno and bearing him no ill will for supporting the corrupt Gallerian, Feng ended up working with Bruno to the end.

Gallerian Marlon: One of Feng's employers for PN. Initially contemptuous of Gallerian, Feng came to respect him considerably as the one who put Loki behind bars and continued to damage the Freezis family. Although trying to believe in him even as his court tactics became more unjust, Feng eventually got fed up with Gallerian's corruption and left his employ, although not seeking to get in his way after.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • According to mothy in a livestream, Feng is based on Fenrir from Norse mythology, a being who was similarly born in the body of a beast; the characters that comprise Feng's full name match that of Fenrir, フェンリル (fenriru).




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