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The Evillious Commerce Alliance,[note 1], sometimes referred to as the Freezis Commerce Alliance,[note 2] was a trade coalition composed of various big businesses in Evillious. Led by the Freezis Firm, the group eventually dominated the Evillious market through its communication network, growing into a financial empire.



Sometime during the EC 490s, numerous business owners agreed to join the trade coalition proposed by Keel Freezis, forming the Evillious Commerce Alliance. Headed by the Freezis Firm, its members accepted Keel Freezis as the trade union's president and began meeting at the mogul's monthly banquets at his mansion, establishing an extensive information network with the help of the Association.[1] The trade coalition eventually dominated the regional market, bringing profit for all its members.[2]

Reign of Evil[]

After the Freezis Family was arrested by the Lucifenian royal government during the Green Hunting in EC 500, the Corpa Firm paid for the commerce alliance's president and his family to be under house arrest at the Corpa Mansion in Rolled. The Freezis Firm later rallied the trade coalition to secretly support the Lucifenian Resistance in its planned coup against the royal government.

A week after outbreak of the Lucifenian Revolution later that year, the commerce alliance's merchant in Rollam joined the ailing revolutionary army,[3] keeping them supplied until the battle was won.[1] With the revolution's success, Keel attended the peace talks concerning Lucifenia's future and agreed to King Kyle Marlon's proposal that Marlon occupy Lucifenia to aid the new government and execute Princess Riliane.

Marlon Operations[]

Following Marlon's annexation of Lucifenia in EC 501, the commerce alliance supported King Kyle's regime, its members profits growing with the island nation's blockade of Elphegort. In EC 505, President Keel wrote a letter to King Kyle inviting him to a banquet at his new mansion in Marlon and to bring his daughter Yukina with him.

Later that year, the Freezis Firm had the commerce alliance supply weapons to Kyle's army a day before the planned Hedgehog Upheaval. By the time Keel retired and his son Shaw reorganized the Freezis Firm into the Freezis Foundation in EC 531, the commerce alliance had dissolved; despite this, the Association continued serving the Freezis Foundation in the following decades.[4]

Organization and Structure[]

The Evillious Commerce Alliance was a cooperation between multiple large businesses in Evillious headed by the Freezis Firm and its president. Because of this, the trade union's member companies were still functionally separate and largely acted on their own while still following the objectives set by the Freezis Firm's president. After being assisted by the Association, the commerce alliance also established an extensive information network, allowing it to dominate the Evillious market and ensure profit for its member companies.

Known Members[]




  1. エヴィリオス商業連合
  2. フリージス商業連合