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"Honor and praise our own great Conchita."
―Pollo and Arte[src]

Evil Food Eater Conchita is a song released by Akuno-P on March 3, 2009. It is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Gluttony.


The story takes place in Gasto, Beelzenia as Banica Conchita, a well-known duke of the country, eats up a supper that would sicken a normal person. As the song goes on, it explains how she once ate only the most delicious and exquisite food; now her tastes have evolved so that she wants something new and grotesque every day, even to the point of eating blue poison and the very dishes. She is shown being served by a maid and butler who demand that others praise and respect her.

Her fifteenth chef, Josef, asks for a brief vacation, angering Banica. Later, she devours a special dinner with blue hair as an appetizer for the salad. Not yet satisfied, she also eats her butler and maid after asking for seconds. When everything has gone, she finally eats herself. At the end, the song notes that though she has tasted all the most rotten foods, no one will ever know what she tasted like.












何にもないし 誰ももういない


「マダ タベルモノ アルジャナイ」

食材はそう 彼女自身

"Saa, nokosazu tabenasai"

Fushuu tadayou haitoku no yakata
Kyou mo hajimaru saigo no bansan
Mi no ke mo yodatsu ryouri no kazukazu
Hitori kuiasaru onna no egao

Kanojo no namae wa BANIKA KONCHIITA
Katsute kono yo no bishoku wo kiwameta
Sono hate ni kanojo ga motometa no wa
Kyuukyoku ni shite shikou no akujiki

Warera ga idai na KONCHIITA
Kono sekai no shokumotsu wa
Subete ga anata no tame ni aru)

Kuraitsukuse kono yo no subete
Ibukuro ni wa madamada aki ga aru
Aojiroku kagayaku moudoku
MEIN DISSHU no SUPAISU ni saiteki♥

Hone no zui made shaburitsukuse
Tarinakereba sara ni mo kaburitsuke
Shitasaki wo kakemeguru shifuku
Bansan wa madamada owaranai

Kotoshi ni haitte juugoninme no
O-kakae KOKKU ga kou itte kita
"Sorosoro o-hima wo moraemasen ka?"
Mattaku tsukaenu yatsura bakari ne

Warera ga idai na KONCHIITA
Uragirimono ni wa
Mukui wo ukete itadakimashou)

Kuraitsukuse kono yo no subete
Kyou no MENYUU wa tokubetsusei na no
Aojiroku kagayaku mouhatsu
OODOBURU no SARADA ni choudo ii♥

Hone no zui made shaburitsukuse
Tarinakereba "okawari" sureba ii
Chotto soko no meshitsukai-san
Anata wa donna aji ga suru kashira?

Itsu shika yakata wa monuke no kara ni
Nani mo nai shi dare mo mou inai
Sore de mo kanojo wa motometsuzuketa
Kyuukyoku ni shite shikou no akujiki

Kuraitsukuse kono yo no subete
Kanojo wa mizukara no migite wo mite
Soshite shizuka ni hohoenda


KONCHIITA no saigo no akujiki
Shokuzai wa sou kanojo jishin
Shoku wo kiwameta sono karada no
Aji wo shiru mono wa sude ni inai

“Come, eat without leaving anything.”

In a corrupted mansion with a rotten stench hanging in the air
Today as well the last supper begins
With numerous foods that could make anyone’s hair stand on end
Is the lone smile of a woman looking to eat

Her name is Banica Conchita
Formerly a master of this land’s gourmet foods
To that end what she pursued
Was to extremes the most supreme evil food

Honor and praise
Our own great Conchita
This world’s food
All of it exists for you

Completely devour everything in this world
There’s still room to go in my stomach
This pale blue, shining, deadly poison
Is most suitable as a spice for the main dish

Chew it down to the bone marrow
If that’s not enough, bite into the dishes too
The tip of my tongue running with supreme bliss
This dinner isn’t over by a long shot

My fifteenth cook
Employed this year said to me:
“Before long might I be able to take a vacation?”
Good grief, you can’t do anything with these people, huh?

Honor and praise
Our own great Conchita
Let’s give thanks
For receiving traitors’ just desserts

Completely devour everything in this world
Today’s menu is specially made
The pale blue shining hair
Is just right as an hors d’oeuvre for the salad

Chew it down to the bone marrow
If that’s not enough, you should get “seconds”
Just a second, Mr. Servant over there
What kind of taste do you have, I wonder?

Before she knew it the mansion was completely empty
And there was nothing inside, there wasn’t anyone anymore
Nevertheless she continued to desire
To extremes the most supreme evil food

Completely devour everything in this world
She looked at her own right hand
And quietly smiled

“There’s still something to eat isn’t there?”

Conchita’s last evil food
The ingredients were, yes, her very self
Now there’s no longer anyone who knows the flavor
Of the body that had thoroughly mastered foods

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV TextEdit











“Come, eat without leaving anything.”

~Today’s breakfast~

Vegetable juice with 16 kinds of veggies
Cornflakes with plenty of iron
Poison mushroom consommé soup
Chef’s whimsical salad
The Servant’s specially made brioche
A combo platter of out of season fruits
Coffee that keeps you up forever (low calorie)

~Today’s lunch~

Grilled scallion and raw scallion salad, garnished with big scallions
Pink octopus carpaccio, queenly flavor
Japanese eggplant grill, without eggplant
Bread vaguely made by the maid
Chef’s special fried ice cream
Self-made high potion (milkshake mix)

~Today’s dinner~

Whimsical chef salad
Long thin pasta, –long and thin at any rate
Assorted combo platter of (Due to adult circumstances this can’t be shown)
Muddy galleto, RR flavored
(Due to adult circumstances this can’t be shown) soup
Wine red as blood—Or rather, blood

~Today’s supper~

(Due to adult circumstances this can’t be shown)

“If anything’s left behind, I’ll be scolded”

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Seven Crimes and PunishmentsEdit

Banica's gluttony and wish to devour everything is alluded to in Seven Crimes and Punishments, with the duke expressing that even the world will one day be dissolved in her stomach acid.

Drug of GoldEdit

Drug of Gold expands upon the life of Banica's cook and his reasons for coming into her employ, as well as detailing his attempted escape and death.

Ending Boy HänselEdit

Ending Boy Hänsel alludes to Hänsel's service to Banica, detailed in Evil Food Eater Conchita, as one of his incarnations.

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Genesis Girl Gretel alludes to Gretel's service to Banica, detailed in Evil Food Eater Conchita, as one of her incarnations.

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The Japanese word 悪食 (akujiki) also means "eating meat", a sin that breaks Buddhist law.
  • The Japanese word 娘 (musume) means "daughter" or "young, unmarried woman"; interestingly, it was translated as the gender-neutral "eater" by mothy
  • Banica's name is an anagram of the Latin word caniba, meaning "cannibal".
  • Conchita is a Spanish diminunitive of the name Concepción, meaning "conception".
  • The song's English title, "Beelzebub party", is a reference to Beelzebub, the patron demon of Gluttony; the name is also referenced in Master of the Graveyard's English title, "Graveyard party". 


  • Like the other songs in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, the song PV begins with the phrase "さあ" (Saa).
  • After each chorus in the original song PV, a menu detailing Conchita's meals for the day were shown, revealing her progressively worse meals; as she cannibalizes her staff, her menus were increasingly censored.
  • The meals listed on the first two menus make several jokes and references to the Vocaloid fandom, The Daughter of Evil Series, and miscellaneous real-world foods or objects. 
  • The original PV displays credits to the "staff" at the end of the video, crediting Gackpo as the "chore man", alluding to Gammon Octo's role in Evil's Theater
  • The dining chair Conchita sits in throughout the original song PV has a stylized fork and knife along the back of it.
  • The song was rearranged by mothy to improve the vocals of the original, titled "Evil Food Eater Conchita (revised)"; the new song PV included a progressing timeline after each chorus detailing a historical account of Conchita's life.
  • Another rearranged version of the song was released to promote the The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red, titled "Evil Food Eater of Beelzenia", an instrumental track included in Four Melodies of Evil ~The Daughter of Evil Novel Music Collection~.
  • Of his instrumental tracks, mothy has a particular personal liking for Evil Food Eater of Beelzenia.[1]



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