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Evil's Theater[note 1] was a small theater in the middle of the Millennium Tree Forest built by Gallerian Marlon and Ma to house his collection of the vessels of sin. After the judge's death, it became the residence of Ma, Gammon Octo and the awakened vessels of sin.


Early History[]

In EC 982, Judge Gallerian Marlon acquired the abandoned property in the Millennium Tree Forest and had the building demolished. After it was torn down, the skeletal corpses of Adam and Eve Moonlit were discovered and the judge had a graveyard built around the theater grounds.[1] Following the plans drawn up by Ma, Gallerian had the theater built, including technology from the Magic Kingdom Levianta.[2]

After its completion in December of that year, the vessels of sin in Gallerian's possession were transferred to the theater for a time.[3] Ma then added the Twin Blades of Levianta to the vessel collection.[2] Afterwards, Gallerian created a documentary showcasing the vessels of sin he collected for the theater, keeping it as the only film played at the isolated cinema.[4]


After Gallerian's demise in August of EC 983, Ma inherited the judge's collection and stored them in the theater.[5] In an effort to keep the awakened Clockworker's Doll alive, she was connected to the inner mechanisms of Heartbeat Clocktower as a form of life support.[6] Sometime after, Adam Moonlit and Banica Conchita were given bodies made of mud.[7] Taking on the name of the "Gardener",[8] Ma had the awakened vessels assist her in her ambition.[9]

Residing in the Graveyard, the Master of the Graveyard devoured anyone who wandered onto the theater grounds,[10] accompanied by her servants Arte, Pollo, Lich and Eater.[11] Meanwhile, Gear remained in Heartbeat Clocktower and maintained it for the Clockworker's Doll's life support.[12] Around the same time Lilith Baldured, acted as the theater's waitron.[13]


In EC 990, the Clockworker's Doll began singing the Clockwork Lullaby.[4] Afterward, numerous treasure hunters came to the theater seeking Gallerian's rumored fortune there;[14] all of them were swiftly captured by the Master of the Graveyard and her servants and eaten.[5] At some point, Heartbeat Clocktower broke down.[15] Gear then sacrificed his heart to keep the rusted clock tower's gears functioning, connecting him to its inner mechanisms and binding him to the tower.[16]

Afterward, the Clockworker's Doll was revitalized.[17] With Ma's encouragement, the Director Doll headed the theater's inhabitants as "Master of the Court" and continued Gallerian's quest to collect the remaining vessel of sin, Grim the End.[18] As intruders began making it past the theater's graveyard, they were captured and put on trial by the Doll, sentencing them all to death.[17] Around that time, Bruno Zero successfully infiltrated the theater and was put on trial, although later acquitted by the Doll.[19]

At some point, Gammon Octo infiltrated the theater and was captured and convicted by the Master of the Court. The man was later exempted from execution and recruited as the theater's choreman at the behest of Waiter.[20] Later on, Ma and Gammon wrote screenplays together about those involved with the vessels of sin and the Original Sin.[21] In EC 998, the Master of the Court called all the inhabitants of the theater together for a "trial" meeting.[20]

World's End[]

That same year, the dictator Nemesis Sudou destroyed the forest with Punishment and Evil's Theater was the only thing to survive the blast thanks to Ma's magic. In EC 999, Nemesis infiltrated the theater and ended up killing Ma inside it. Afterwards, Nemesis left the site of the forest and destroyed the entire world with Punishment.[22] Around that time, Adam and Eve burst out of the Director Doll's stomach.[23]

After the destroyed Third Period merged with the Hellish Yard, Evil's Theater was rebuilt by Adam as his mother Irina's new body and made to float above the former site of the Millennium Tree Forest.[24] Several dead former members of the Tasan Party then began congregating there to listen to Gammon Octo's address.[25] Later on, Adam initiated the Re_birthday prematurely, causing Evil's Theater to transform into a Black Box and be caught in its own reformatting as part of its invocation of the Court ending.[26]



Graveyard Heartbeat.jpg

The Graveyard[note 2][note 3] was the cemetery surrounding the theater and the domain of the Master of the Graveyard. Built after corpses were found at the original construction site,[1] it was regularly patrolled by the awakened vessel of Gluttony and her servants later on.

Heartbeat Clocktower[]

Clocktower Heartbeat.jpg

Heartbeat Clocktower[note 4] was the tall clock tower at the center of the Theater and the domain of Gear. The awakened vessel of Greed protected and maintained the spire to preserve the life of the burned Clockworker's Doll.[12] Seventeen years after its construction, the clocktower broke down due to its aging parts.[15] Once Gear sacrificed his heart and linked himself to the tower, the clock began to work again and the Clockworker's Doll was saved.[17] As a result, he could neither leave the clocktower nor enter the main theater.[13]

Evil's Kingdom[]

Image 38.jpg

A small cinema within the theater. It had a director's office connected to the interior of the theater's main hall.[2] Although originally showing a documentary of Gallerian introducing his "collectibles",[4] other films written by Ma and Gammon were later shown at the cinema; the theater's inhabitants also viewed the films on occasion.[21] The Waiter acted as its waitron.[13]

Evil's Court[]


The courtroom within the theater and the domain of the Master of the Court. Those who bypassed the Graveyard were captured and brought before the Master of the Court. Throwing a speedy and unfair trial, the doll sentenced countless intruders to death.[17] The courtroom also acted as a meeting place for the inhabitants when needed, called a "trial" by the Director Doll.[27]

Director's Office[]

The Director's Office[note 5] was the office where the vessels of sin were stored in the theater; this collection room was located in the interior of the theater's great hall.[2] The room itself had an interior room inside of it.[24]

Great Hall[]

The Great Hall[note 6] was the main hall in the building that had the director's office at its interior.[2]

Known Inhabitants[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • The theater's clocktower, Heartbeat Clocktower, is named after the clocktower located at Castle Hedgehog.
  • The Evils Court booklet shows that the inhabitants remained attentive in case Michaela, the successor to Held, tried anything that could bring harm to the cinema.[28]
  • In traveling to a parallel world, Banica utilizes a sky fortress she names "Evil's Theater II".[26]




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