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"You’ve been deceiving everyone. …Me, and even the “Twins of God”. Unbelievable, that you’re still alive, Original Sinner—Eve Zvezda."
―Elluka Clockworker[src]

Eve Moonlit, born Eve Zvezda and known posthumously as the Original Sinner, was a witch from Nemu in the Kingdom of Elphegort and the wife of Adam Moonlit. Brainwashed, Eve fell in love with Adam and became the first candidate of Project 'Ma', failing to birth her twins. Eve then fled with Adam to Held's Forest and the two married. Adopting the twins Hänsel and Gretel after she murdered their mother, Eve was killed in turn by them years later, assuming the role of the Demon of Sloth soon after.


Early Life

"After this you will become the mother of gods, ‘Mem Aleph’."
―Adam to Eve[src]

Born in the village of Nemu in the Kingdom of Elphegort in BT 021,[1] Eve grew up to become a powerful witch of the Zvezda family and subsequently kept her powers sealed in accordance with Nemu's laws.[2] Around BT 005, Eve encountered Adam Moonlit. Given the brainwashing drug, Venom,[3] the witch fell in love with the scientist and followed him back to the royal institute in Magic Kingdom Levianta. After passing the tests admirably, she was submitted as a test subject for Project 'Ma'.[4]

Adam told Eve that she would be the mother of the gods, the Ma.[5] He would then soothe her insecurities on the matter, and she expressed a desire to get married with him in Held's Forest afterwards.[6] After being implanted with the seeds of god, Eve awaited giving birth to her and Adam's children. Following an examination, the staff confirmed she conceived twins, naming them Cain and Abel.[4] Later on, Eve gave birth to the twins and they were discovered to be stillborn.[7]

Original Sin

"My children are nowhere to be found!"
―Eve during her hysterics[src]

Eve screams while covered in blood

With the project a failure, the witch fled from the Magic Kingdom Levianta to Elphegort with Adam.[8] Eventually reaching Held's Forest, living in a small house as woodcutters.[9] Soon after, the two married in the woods.[10]

Soon, Eve became caught up in the riots caused by Apocalypse. Covered in blood, the witch became frantic and screamed that she could not find her children.[11] Over time, Eve became envious of those who had children, wanting to have what she lost. In EC 001, she discovered a boy and a girl on the ground. Thinking they were red fruits, in her hunger, she took them.[12]

While heading back home, Eve found herself chased by the looming shadow of their mother; perceiving her to be a bear, she ran. [13] Eventually making it to her home, she turned back to see Meta drawing in on her; eyes turning red, she killed her just as she clutched her cloak.[14]


The "bear" reaches for Eve

Eve entered her home with the "fruits" still in hand and was greeted by Adam. When he saw the "fruits", Eve saw his smiling face descend into horror.[15] As Adam explained to her how their children were already dead and that she needed to return "these children" to their mother,[16] Eve's delusions broke and she recognized the "fruits" she stole were actually twins.

She screamed at the revelation, realizing her crime but refusing to give up the stolen children.[17] After Adam insisted on her returning the children,[18] she explained that she couldn't because she had already killed their mother outside their home.[19]

Moonlit Abandonment

With the mother dead and children orphaned, Adam and Eve kept the twins and raised them as their own. Over the years, Gretel caused plenty of mischief for them, prompting Eve to often scold her.[20] Following the Levianta Catastrophe of EC 013, the effects of the disaster spread to Elphegort, causing a famine.[9] A few months later in EC 014,[21] the two reluctantly agreed to abandon their foster children in the forest to starve to death so that they could survive the famine. With a gloomy expression, Eve and her husband led their foster children deep into the forest before abandoning them and returning home.[22]

Devastated, Eve mourned their loss while Adam comforted her. Soon after, they heard a knock on the door and answered, horrified to see the manic expressions of their abandoned children at the entrance. While their children laughed,[23] Eve was shoved into the house's oven by Gretel and burned alive.[24]

Demon of Sloth

"The item that ruled ‘Sloth’ among the ‘Vessels of Deadly Sin’…In reality, it never existed in the first place. What, then, happened to the Demon of Sloth? The answer is simple. The ‘demon’ dwelled not in a vessel, but people."
―Eve regarding her situation[src]

After her death, Eve's soul became one of the seven demons scattered across the world by Hänsel and Gretel. Accepting her alias as the "Demon of Sloth", Eve used the Swap Technique to take a human as her vessel. When her latest vessel died around EC 118, Eve migrated to the body of her unborn granddaughter, transforming her to have her appearance.[25] The girl, Mikulia Greeonio, became Eve's new host thereafter. After seeing I.R. give Mikulia the Clockworker's Doll she had fashioned, Eve migrated to the doll as her new vessel.

As Mikulia played with her vessel, Eve spoke to her under the delusion that she was one of the demons. Explaining her situation, Eve suggested to Mikulia that she leave the harem, clarifying that she wasn't under the influence of Sateriasis Venomania's Lust spell. Eve was later taken by I.R. when she left the Venomania Mansion in EC 137.[26]

Afterward, Eve conversed with her about both their pasts; the witch learned about Irina's future sister-in-law Elluka Clockworker having been revived after Irina had killed her and about how Irina's brother Kiril had gone about revitalizing Elluka via the ark Sin, hence Levianta's destruction.[25] As the years progressed, Irina continuously experimented on Eve to try instilling a new power the red cat mage could use to destroy everything, including the gods.[27]

Flower of the Plateau

Main Article: Mikulia Calgaround

"Mikulia, who I’d believed long dead, going to Calgaround, becoming the wife of a feudal lord, causing such an incident–I wondered if it was a different person with the same name. But the one depicted in the portrait was truly Mikulia, there was no mistaking that."
―Elluka Clockworker[src]

Years after the Venomania Event, the Clockworker's Doll was activated, putting everyone, including Eve herself, under a powerful hypnosis. The Doll then assumed Mikulia's identity, crafting a new persona and becoming a florist, settling in Calgaround in EC 141. Garnering fame as the "Flower of the Plateau", Mikulia believed herself to be the former prostitute while Eve slumbered in her subconscious.[25] After murdering two connections to "her" past, Mikulia killed her husband using the poison Gift in EC 151.[28] After Countess Mikulia's death, Eve's memories returned and she awakened.[25]

Phantom Thief Platonic

Main Article: Platonic

"You once spent time as a human in another era as well. And I acted for a little while alongside you then."
"Hahaha, you’ve figured that out as well, hm? Makes me nostalgic …You worked me very hard back then didn’t you, Elluka?"
―Elluka and Eve[src]

During the EC 300's, the Clockworker's Doll was activated once more and she assumed herself to be a daughter of the Calgaround Family.[25] Becoming known as the Phantom Thief Platonic, the infamous thief was hired by the mage AB-CIR to steal a red wine glass from Duke Banica Conchita in EC 325. Initially failing,[29] she was forcibly employed by Elluka Clockworker after being tasked to steal the Twin Blades of Levianta from her.

Later that year, Platonic managed to steal the glass from the sorceress while returning from their investigation of Banica's disappearance. After returning home to her family and later delivering the vessel to AB-CIR,[30] Platonic eventually died,[28] reawakening Eve from her slumber again. AB-CIR eventually reacquired the Doll sometime afterward.[25]

Story of Evil

"It looks like Michaela, but my mother said it was modeled after someone else. If I recall correctly she said it was the 'original sinner' or something..."
―King Kyle regarding the Clockworker's Doll[src]

In EC 482, the Doll was one of the vessels given to Prim Marlon by her court mage, Abyss I.R. During the Hedgehog Upheaval in EC 505,[31] Prim brought the vessel of Sloth with her while she lay in the uppermost room of the clocktower. After being confronted by her son, Kyle, Prim invoked Eve's power in order to control the Demon of Lust in one of the vessel of Pride's fragments.

Once Prim was killed by her daughter, Ney, Eve revoked the power she lent. The doll was later collected by Kyle and brought with him to Lioness Castle. Shortly after, Abyss I.R. stole the Doll along with the other vessels of sin before fleeing to Lucifenia.[31] Around the EC 560s, Irina successfully infused Eve with the ability to conjure the Court at her command.[27]

Third Sleep Princess

Main Article: Margarita Blankenheim

"We... all of us... have been deceived!"
―Dr. Marx Felix[src]

In EC 593, Julia Abelard replaced the corpse of Marx Felix's stillborn daughter with the Doll and activated it, causing Eve to believe she was Margarita Felix.[25] Fixated on marrying her beloved Kaspar Blankenheim, Margarita lapsed into depression during her loveless marriage to the philandering marquis. Comforted by Mayrana Blossom, the girl joined the woman's criminal organization, Père Noël, as "Third Sleep Princess" and helped with their illegal operations.

After Mayrana gave her the formula for Gift, Margarita went on a psychopathic rampage, killing her husband and decimating her hometown of Toragay with her experimental creations.[32] Suffering from the resurging memories of Eve's past incarnations,[25] Margarita refined a Seventh Gift at the Mayrana's mansion in Calgaround. She then ingested her own poison, unlocking Eve's fragmented memories and deciding to head to the forest before finally dying.[33]

Confrontation in the Forest

"…Will you stop trying to keep up this pointless deception already? I already know who you really are!"
―Elluka to Eve[src]

Eve is confronted by Elluka

Shortly after Eve's consciousness reawakened, the doll left the mansion. Weeks later, in November of EC 609, she traveled to the Millennium Tree Forest, walking into the clearing where the New Millennium Tree was located. As Gumillia and Michaela stared at her in shock, the doll caught Elluka's attention and then went to wait for her in her old home, the abandoned house. Sitting down in a chair, Eve greeted Elluka as she entered.

She related how her memory returned after she drank the Seventh Gift, with Elluka following up with a summation of what had occurred and how she had replaced the real Margarita Felix when the baby died. Elluka speculated that being able to fool everyone into the switch with a sort of hypnosis was her ability as the Demon of Sloth. The doll mused on how even she had been taken in by it, believing herself to be the human Margarita up until her death.

Elluka then pointed out that the same had happened in another time, and Eve readily admitted to having been Platonic as well. Elluka explained that she'd assumed Platonic was a descendant of Mikulia, thus explaining the appearance, but because Mikulia's child had been killed and disposed of according to "The Flower of the Plateau", that was impossible. When the doll asked why Mikulia couldn't have had descendants with the lord Calgaround, Elluka asserted that she had witnessed Mikulia's death in Asmodean, before she ever supposedly reached Calgaround. The doll agreed then that she had been the Mikulia in the "Flower of the Plateau" as well. She told Elluka that her body was originally made by I.R. to simulate Mikulia's appearance, something that Elluka hadn't known previously.

Eve elaborated for Elluka on how the vessel for "Sloth" hadn't existed originally, and so the demon instead dwelt inside human hosts, altering each generation's appearances to look like hers until I.R. created the new vessel. Hearing Elluka muse it was the Swap Technique, she attempted to continue the ruse that she was a demon, but Elluka had already figured out her true identity as Eve; incensed, she crossed over and grabbed the Doll around the neck. Eve finally removed the hypnosis she had over the mage and allowed her to see her true form as the Gine doll.

The two exchanged barbs over their respective purposes in continuing to exist in this way, each of them lacking in a true drive to motivate them. Eve commended Elluka on figuring everything out, telling her she'd poison her as a reward. Elluka responded by asserting her determination to destroy Eve, partially out of a newfound desire to rid the world of the likes of mages, gods, and demons so that humanity could develop on its own. When Eve pointed out that she couldn't be killed by ordinary means, Elluka began the spell for the Swap Technique, intending to take Eve's soul into her own to destroy it. Despite Eve vainly attempting to talk her out of it, after fifteen minutes, Elluka's pink light consumed the entire cottage and Eve's soul was torn from her doll vessel.[25] Drawn into her spirit, the mage's consciousness was suppressed and slumbered in Elluka's mind while the mage utilized her magical power for herself.[34]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau

"Awaken— Master of the Court."
―Irina summoning the Court[src]

Eve summons the court

During the Duel of Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611, Eve's consciousness was awakened after Elluka was caught in the blast of Black Box Type S; as a result, Eve was transported to Levia's inner psychological world. Once she reached the top of the place's massive staircase, she blankly stared at Gumillia, Behemo, and Irina already waiting on other sides of the temple square. She passively watched Levia join them and discuss "Elluka Clockworker's" true identity with Irina.

After they finished their conversation, Irina approached Eve and wrapped an arm around her while she described the completion of her experiments fifty years ago. She then whispered in her ear for the "Master of the Court" to awaken and Eve immediately transformed Levia's mental world into the Court. As Irina boasted about what she accomplished with the Clockworker's Doll and prepared to continue her duel with the twin gods in the reset stage, the Demon of Gluttony intervened and clashed with the gods instead,[27] resulting in Irina, Levia, and Eve's souls fusing together as a new being in Elluka Clockworker's body: Ma.[35] Following the birth of the irregular twin "Eve" and the world's subsequent destruction in EC 999, Eve's soul separated from Ma and merged with the twin's, giving her a will.[36]


In the wake of her death, the other six vessels of sin created from Eve's Original Sin unleashed havoc on numerous occasions, corrupting their holders and causing catastrophes for nearly a millennium in the Evillious region.[9] Eve herself became known as the "Original Sinner", and was regarded with disdain for her actions during her lifetime. The spirit Michaela, when asked by Elluka to imagine the image of an Elphe woman, pictured Eve the night she stole the twins from Meta. She then incarnated as a human with the witch's visage.[37]

Centuries later, in EC 982, Eve and her husband's skeletal corpses were discovered while their long abandoned home was being demolished for the construction of Evil's Theater. Afterwards, a graveyard was constructed around the theater grounds.[38] The playwright Ma wrote several screenplays concerning Eve's actions at Evil's Theater and they were made into films. While watching the film with another visitor, Ma claimed that Eve's kidnapping-murder in the forest had begun it all.[12]

Eve's incarnations were recorded in history to varying degrees, many earning folklore or rumor being passed on through the centuries. Due to their nature, few records existed regarding the actual birth or death date of many of her different personas.[28] While never widely accepted by the public, the Clockworker's Doll was recorded by Will Jaakko as one of the vessels of sin in the possession of the mysterious mage "I.R." and "AB-CIR", though the true nature of its "demon" was never discovered.[39]

Personality and Traits

"...What is your purpose? For what reason have you continued to survive this long? Even as far as becoming your current form—"
"Purpose? –I don't have one."
―Elluka and Eve[src]

Eve was a capable and good-natured woman broken by her circumstances. Being the Witch of the Forest, Eve used her powers in defense of others as a heroic figure, not even hesitating to come to others' aid in times of danger. Later on, this developed into a desire to eradicate the evils of the world and fix the rampant corruption present in her home country. Despite her devastatingly powerful magical abilities, she was humble and worked in a more modest occupation while keeping her true nature secret; this humble background in a remote village led to her naivety when taken out of her home environment. Due to her being attacked by a bear in childhood, Eve also had a fear of them which she carried into her adult life, coupled with a respect of the forest spirits who saved her.[40] She similarly came to deeply respect Held for his believed role in the agriculture of Elphegort despite being taught he was an "evil" god.[41]


Eve displaying her delusional state

Following the murder of her community and her own father, Eve was left devastated and thrust out of everything she'd found familiar. Because of this, she quickly became enamored of and emotionally dependent on Adam, even to the point of ignoring her better judgement about his intentions if it meant maintaining their relationship.[40] With her similarly devastating miscarriage and failure to complete the project, Eve's feelings for Adam and reliance on him only worsened. Alongside this, to protect herself she developed a delusional state from which she never fully recovered, recurrently in denial that her children had died at all,[42] and insisting they were missing. This difficulty facing reality was the source of her kidnapping Hänsel and Gretel, perceiving them first as fruits and then as her own children.[43]

After becoming a "demon" of Sloth, Eve's mental stability degraded further. With no real purpose for life, and seeming to not even know her own identity initially, she fittingly lazed about throughout the centuries,[26] save for the few times the Doll was used and she underwent self-hypnosis. While she regained her own sense of self, Eve considered herself both intrinsically a part of and different from her various incarnations and seemed to look at their lives as small distractions for her. Eve in particular developed a complex regarding Adam Moonlit and the life he'd promised her during Project Ma, becoming obsessed with him and with anyone who resembled him.[25]

Eve's behavior also took on a malicious bent. Once dedicated to protecting the innocent, with her successive tragedies Eve began to value her own happiness even if it meant hurting others. She at first explained away these actions with her delusions and otherwise clearly expressed guilt, such as when abandoning Hänsel and Gretel survive the famine.[23] By contrast while she "slept" during her incarnations, Eve's subconscious self became inclined to spread chaos and she seemed take pleasure in the lives taken by her and her incarnations, even mocking and toying with Elluka when the latter realized the truth about her existence.[25] Subconsciously, however, Eve did seem to desire deep down a chance to start over and fix her mistakes, as shown through others, like Michelle, who were influenced by her personality.[44]

Skills and Abilities

"Taste the menace of—The Original Sinner Eve Moonlit!"
―Elluka utilizing Eve's powers[src]

Eve was exceptionally skilled in magic and was arguably the best witch in the Magic Kingdom Levianta at the time,[4] enough for her abilities to be considered on par with those of the Demons of Sin.[45] Among her abilities were possessing the powerful Swap Technique,[25] wielding lightning magic,[2] and having a powerful hypnosis resulting from her being an inheritor of Levia. However, she kept the latter two sealed using the Marlon Spoon during her time in Nemu.[40] Due to Eve acting as a "demon" through the Swap Technique, she suffered from similar weaknesses as the Demons of Sin, able to be completely sealed in her vessel or be forced to find a new one if it was destroyed.[25]

After she became the "Demon of Sloth", Eve's hypnosis could be projected as a field, affecting people's perceptions and memories; this included influencing people to perceive the Doll as an ordinary human. This hypnosis was strong enough to affect skilled mages and even Eve herself, forcing her consciousness to "sleep" in her incarnation's subconscious, influencing them while they lived as a human. Since the hypnosis was unable to be "turned off", Eve's incarnations were tireless and sleepless.[33] Despite all this, Eve's consciousness would reawaken upon the incarnation's death.[25]

Compounding this hypnosis, Eve had the cumulative memories of her different incarnations. This resulted in her ability to magically create an airborne version of Gift and manipulate it to her will. Due to Irina Clockworker's experimentation, Eve could also conjure the Court at Irina's command, resetting the area so that all living things within it were mortal, even gods. Eve's power and relation to the demons also left her immune to their influence; this ability extended to her incarnations.[46] Aside from this, Eve could allegedly forge demon contracts with humans;[45] one of the powers she supposedly granted was the ability to transplant the Demons of Sin into vessels other than their own.[47]

Character Connections

Adam Moonlit: Eve's partner and later husband. Eve fell deeply in love with Adam over the course of Project 'Ma', accepting his marriage proposal and running away with him after the projects were a failure. Her marriage with him was a happy one and would often do things in hope of getting his approval, such as stealing the fruits, as well as taking comfort from him when conflicted over troubling matters.

Hänsel: Eve's foster son. Eve initially perceived Hänsel as a fruit and took him in hunger, believing he was crucial to her happiness. Though she later felt remorse for the theft after realizing Hänsel was a baby boy, she continued to want children and so raised him as her son. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the boy during the famine in Elphegort, Eve felt great regret for doing so and was shocked when he returned.

Gretel: Eve's foster daughter. Eve felt remorse for her theft of the child, but nonetheless continued to want children and so raised her as her daughter. As her daughter, however, Eve was constantly scolding her for her antics and troublesome behavior. While later becoming desperate enough to abandon the girl during the famine in Elphegort, Eve felt great regret for doing so and was shocked when Gretel returned.

Meta Salmhofer: A woman Eve murdered. Despite meeting Meta before, Eve thought little of her except as an obstacle to obtaining the fruits. For a time, Eve perceived her as a bear and, although guilty for her theft, desperately wanted to escape from her. After learning the truth, Eve was appalled by her murder of Meta and showed remorse for it afterwards.

Cain: Eve's stillborn child. Eve had looked forward to Cain's birth with great anticipation, as both her own child and the reincarnation of one of the Dragon Gods. Eve was unable to accept Cain's stillbirth and became desperate to replace the loss that resulted from it.

Abel: Eve's stillborn child. Eve had looked forward to Abel's birth with great anticipation, as both her own child and the reincarnation of one of the Dragon Gods. Eve was unable to accept Abel's stillbirth and became desperate to replace the loss that resulted from it.

Mikulia Calgaround: One of Eve's incarnations. During her time as Mikulia, Eve's soul remained dormant, unaware of Mikulia's actions. Sometime later she passed away, regaining memories of her "past self". Eve cared little for her past life, seeing it only for the malice she spread through it.

Platonic: Another one of Eve's incarnations. Like Mikulia before her, Eve's soul slumbered during Platonic's life, ignorant of her actions until Platonic died; gaining her past memories. Eve teased Elluka about working with her as Platonic, saying she cared little for her time as the thief.

Margarita Blankenheim: Eve's most notorious incarnation. After drinking her own Gift, she passed away, allowing Eve's soul to become conscious, and gained her past memories. Although making use of her image later, Eve commented shortly after about caring little for that persona.

Eve: A soul Eve Moonlit fused with. Their fusion allowed her to gain a will; she also retained at least some Eve's abilities, such as forging demonic contracts.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Eve Moonlit is inspired by Eve from Judeo-Christian mythology; like her biblical counterpart, she commits a grave act against God and is burdened with the Original Sin.
  • Eve's maiden surname, Zvezda, is the Slavic word for "star".





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