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Eve was one of the irregular twins birthed by the Master of the Court. Born shortly before the world's destruction, she lacked a will, fusing with the soul of Eve Moonlit.


Early LifeEdit

Eve, along with her twin Adam, ended up in the womb of the Clockworker's Doll. In EC 999, Eve and Adam were born in the Millennium Tree Forest and burst out of the doll's womb area;[1] shortly after, they were destroyed by Punishment along with the rest of the forest.[2]

The End of CapriccioEdit

At some point, Eve fused with the soul of Eve Moonlit, thus gaining a will. Returning to Elphegort, she forged a contract with Michelle Marlon, giving the girl her power of putting souls to sleep. She then took up residence in the theater with Adam, Gammon Octo, Gallerian Marlon, and Michelle.[3] While there, she spoke with her twin about their mutual desire to return everything to how it was.[4]

When Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and several other sin contractors came to the theater to confront the "Sleep Princess", Michelle went to join Eve and Adam in the interior room of the theater and the three played while the confrontation played out. As Ma resurfaced from within Riliane and absorbed all the contractors, including Michelle, Eve and Adam ran to tell Gammon while he fought with the intruding Allen Avadonia and Nemesis Sudou.

When Ma came out into the exterior room of the theater and attacked the group with lightning, Eve shielded the others from her attack and rebuked her for absorbing the contractors and, by doing so, betraying the Master of the Court who had helped her to survive. Soon after, Adam prematurely initiated a Re_birthday on the theater despite Gammon's warnings.[3] The twins then collapsed as they, Gammon, and the theater were caught in the "reformatting" event as part of their invocation of the Court ending, and traveled to a repeat of the Third Period,[5] with Eve presumably reincarnating as Eve Zvezda.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Due to dying almost immediately after her birth, Eve lacked a well developed consciousness. But after fusing with the spirit of Eve Moonlit, Eve gained a more pronounced will, as well as some of the original Eve's memories and personality; as part of this, she was a devoted child to the Master of the Court. However, her childishness still remained part of her behavior, such as enjoying playtime with Michelle.[3] Most prominent among her motivations was to return the ruined world to how it once was.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As an irregular, Eve possessed the ability to perform the Re_birthday spell with Adam, capable of remaking the world. She was also capable of forging contracts, endowing her contractors with Eve Moonlit's powers, such as hypnosis and the manipulation of Gift.[3]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Master of the Court: The vessel that held her. She viewed the Master of the Court as her mother, and was as a result loyal to her, agreeing to invoke the court ending for her sake.

Eve Moonlit: A soul that fused with Eve. Eve retained some of her personality and memories, including her devotion to the Master of the Court.

Adam: Eve's twin. Eve and Adam were born alongside each other and remained together throughout the events after the world's end. Eve appeared to be close with Adam due to their sibling relationship as well as the souls they fused with.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Eve is inspired by Eve from Judeo-Christian mythology; like her biblical counterpart, Eve shares a relationship with her Adam counterpart.





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