"And the people called me 'Witch'."
―Meta Salmhofer[src]

Escape of Salmhofer the Witch is a song released by Akuno-P on July 30, 2012. It is the third song in the Original Sin Story, following the life of Meta Salmhofer right up to the events of Moonlit Bear.


A woman named Meta Salmhofer grows up without knowing who her mother or father was. When she's twenty, she falls in love with a "murderer". Because of her attraction to him, his evil stains her and people begin to call her a witch.

Eve Moonlit, covered in blood, is discovered by Meta, and she suddenly finds herself bound in chains. On the day of her execution, a man who resembled "the criminal murderer" she fell in love with offers to free her if she would consent to being a test subject. She agrees and becomes involved in Project 'Ma'. Inoculated with "God's seed", Hänsel and Gretel are born as test subjects with no father. Meta remembers then that she had been like Hänsel and Gretel, artificially created without parents. Meta refuses to let her children grow up like she did, and steals them from the laboratory.

Fleeing, Meta takes Hänsel and Gretel to Held's Forest and keeps them from other people. While taking a walk through the forest one night, she leaves the babies alone for a moment. When she comes back, the babies are suddenly gone.


花散る森の道 駆け抜けた
胸に抱いて 夜を走る逃亡者

父も知らず 母も知らず 一人ぼっちで育ってきた
二十歳の時 愛したのは 人殺しの犯罪者



「子供たちがどこにもいない」 血まみれで泣き叫ぶ女
それを見下ろす私に突如 巻きつけられた鎖

罪はいつか裁かれるもの 牢獄は無機質で暗く
処刑椅子の前に立った 彼に似ている科学者

今 二人の利害が重なった

冷たい石の道 駆け抜けた

埋め込まれた神の種が 私の中で鼓動をたてた
産み落とした可愛い双子 父のいない実験体

思い出した 思い出した
人造体(ghoul child)だったことを




花散る森の道 駆け抜けた
胸に抱いて 夜を走る逃亡者

隣の国 隠れ暮らす
月夜の中 出かけるのは
子供たちと私が お気に入りのエルドの森


Hana chiru mori no michi kakenuketa
Akai futatsu no kajitsu
Mune ni daite yoru wo hashiru toubousha

Chichi mo shirazu haha mo shirazu hitori bocchi de sodatte kita
Hatachi no toki aishita no wa hitogoroshi no hanzaisha

Aku ni hikareta naraba
Mizukara mo somatte iku
Soshite hito wa watashi wo "Majo" to yonda

Hana saku aku no michi kakenuketa
Akai senketsu wo abite
Haitoku no ai ni nigekonda togabito

"Kodomotachi ga doko ni mo inai" chimamire de nakisakebu onna
Sore wo miorosu watashi ni totsujo maki tsukerareta kusari

Tsumi wa itsuka sabakareru mono rougoku wa mukishitsu de kuraku
Shokei isu no mae ni tatta kare ni nite iru kagakusha

Koko kara detai watashi
Jikkendai ga hoshii kagakusha
Ima futari no rigai ga kasanatta

Tsumetai ishi no michi kakenuketa
Shiroi shuujin fuku wo nuide
Mukau sono saki ni wa kenkyuujo

Umekomareta kami no tane ga watashi no naka de kodou wo tateta
Umiotoshita kawaii futago chichi no inai jikkentai

Omoidashita omoidashita
Watashi no katsute konna fuu ni
BIIKAA no naka de tsukuridasareta
Ghoul child datta koto wo

Kuda ni tsunagareta waga kotachi
Migatte na no wa wakatteru
Kono kotachi wo omocha ni wa saseyashinai!

Nigete bakari no jinsei deshita
Watashi ga erarenakatta
Hito kakera no ai wo
Semete kono kotachi ni wa

Atae tai

Hana chiru mori no michi kakenuketa
Aisuru futari no akako
Mune ni daite yoru wo hashiru toubousha

Tonari no kuni kakure kurasu
Hitome wa sakenakya ikenai no
Tsukiyo no naka dekakeru no wa
Kodomo tachi to watashi ga okiniiri no ERUDO no mori
Tanoshii sanpo ni naru hazu na no ni
Honno sukoshi me wo hanashita suki ni

"Kodomotachi ga doko ni mo inai no"

I ran through a forest path where flowers scatter
A pair of red fruits
Held to my breast, I run through the night a fugitive

Not knowing my father, and not knowing my mother, I had grown up all alone
When I was 20, the one I loved was a culprit of murder

If you’re attracted to evil
You’ll find yourself tainted too
And the people called me “Witch”

I ran through an evil path where flowers bloom
A criminal who was splattered with red, fresh blood
And fled to a corrupted love

“My children aren’t anywhere” cried a bloodstained, wailing woman
Looking down on that, I was suddenly wreathed in chains

My sins will one day be judged, the prison is inhuman and dark
A scientist who resembles him, stood in front of my execution chair

I, who wants to leave from here
The scientist, who wants a subject
Now, our two interests overlapped

I ran through a cold stone path
Taking off my white prisoner clothes
The destination I face is a research lab

The embedded divine seed pulsated inside of me
The two adorable twins I had birthed, experimental subjects without a father

I remember, I remember
That I was a ghoul child
Once manufactured inside a beaker
In this same way

My own children connected by the beaker
I know it’s selfish
I won’t let these children become their toys!

It was a life of only running away
The love I was not granted
Even a fragment of
I want to give to my children at least

I ran through a forest path where flowers scatter
Two babies that I love
Held to my breast, I run through the night; a fugitive

In a neighboring country, we live hidden
We had to stay out of the public eye
In moonlit nights we go out
The children and I
In our favorite, the forest of Held
It should have become a fun walk, but
In the mere moment I had taken my eyes off them,

“My children aren’t anywhere!”

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Moonlit BearEdit

Moonlit Bear details the alluded theft of Meta's children as well as its aftermath, describing Meta's death at the hands of Eve Moonlit.

Project 'Ma'Edit

The song Project 'Ma' recounts the events that would lead to Seth Twiright seeking out Meta, as well as describing Eve Moonlit's past and miscarriage.

Ending Boy HänselEdit

Ending Boy Hänsel makes allusions to Hänsel's birth in a beaker shown in Escape of the Witch Salmhofer, as well as his subsequent fate afterwards.





  • Throughout the song PV, two red circles appear featuring five distinct images: blood splatters, two fruits, patches of grass with flowers and butterflies, two dragons, and twin fetuses.
  • Interestingly, each of the images are connected to Hänsel and Gretel, either through their mother and their births or through their early lives.
  • The dragon and fetus contain the Levianta crest near the center, referencing the images' other connection to Project 'Ma'. 
  • The song ends with the sound effect of cawing crows, the same way Moonlit Bear begins.
  • Although the song's official video depicts the screaming woman in the song as being Eve Moonlit, the Original Sin Story: Crime novel depicts this woman as being an entirely unrelated villager.


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