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"One of the fragments that it gave birth to, his name is Hänsel."

Ending Boy Hänsel is a song released by Akuno-P on March 19, 2015 as a bonus track for the purchase of the Seven Crimes and Punishments album and Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot from Animate. The song follows the life of Hänsel and his reincarnations up until the end of the world.


The narration tells of how a seed of "malice" inside a beaker birthed Hänsel, a boy able to reincarnate; he lives as a woodcutter's son who defeats a witch, a slow-witted servant of Gluttony, Fifth Pierrot under the command of Santa Claus, and now an apostle of the eventual true end. The narration states how he appears on the full moon with either a silver knife or glass bottle depending on the person.

It then explains how the gods created the world as a millennial kingdom that was supposed to have eliminated malice, with four endings according to its rules: The endings of the Masters of the Graveyard, Court, Hellish Yard, and Heavenly Yard, the final ending possibly leading to utopia. As each ending is unavoidable, ultimately no matter the conclusion, punishment is mete equally to all. It notes that Hänsel's destiny beyond the millennium is yet unknown, being either an angel or mad familiar depending on the person.














BIIKAA no naka de ugomeita
Chicchana chicchana akui no tane
Umareta kataware no hitotsu
Sono na mo HENZERU

Tatoe sono mi ga kuchiyou to
Nando demo kurikaesu tensei
Sore wa kami no shogyou
Sashite akuma no itazura

Aru toki wa mori ni sumu kikori no ko
Warui majo wo kamado ni hourikome
Aru toki wa akujiki no meshitsukai
Atama no warui kachiku sewa gakari
Mata aru toki wa gobanme no PIERO
Idai na SANTAKUROUSU no musuko
Soshite sono shoutai wa
Seitou naru shuumatsu no shito

Mangetsu no kagayaku yoru
HENZERU wa arawareru
Hikari obita kyouki wo sono te ni mochi

Sore wa gin no NAIFU ka
Aruiha GARASU no kobin ka wa
Kare no me no mae ni tatsu anata shidai

Shichyu no kami ni tsukurareta
Chicchana chicchana kono sekai
Akui wo haijo shita hazu no
Sen nen oukoku

RUURU no naka de youisareta
Yottsu no kotonaru ENDINGU
Shounen wo te ni shita mono ga
Sore wo erabu darou

Hakaba no nushi wa shi wo motarasu
Subete no mono wa nushi no ibukuro ni
Houtei no nushi wa shinpan wo motarasu
Subete no mono wa sabaki wo ukeru
Meikai no nushi wa jigoku wo motarasu
Subete no mono wa towa ni yurusarenai
Tenkai no nushi wa shokuzai wo motarashi
YUUTOPIA kedo michibiku darou

Izureka no shuumatsu ga
Sekai ni otozureru
Sore wo sakeru koto wa kesshite dekinai

Sadamerareta ketsumatsu ka
Yugamerareta IREGYURAA ka
"Batsu" wa hitoshiku minna ni kudasareru

Sen nen no toki wo koe
HENZERU wa arawareru
Mizukara no shukumei wo shiranu mama ni

Kare wo tenshi ni suru ka
Kyouki no tsukai ma ni suru ka wa
Kare no me no mae ni tatsu anata shidai

A tiny, tiny seed of malice that wriggled inside the beaker
One of the fragments that it gave birth to, his name is Hansel
If his body should rot away, he’ll be reborn any number of times
That was the doing of gods, as a prank of demons

Once the child of a woodcutter living in the forest, he tossed the evil witch into the stove
Once the servant of gluttony, he was a dim-wit in charge of livestock
Once more the Fifth Pierrot, he was the son of the great Santa Claus
And his true colors are as an apostle of the ending that will become canon

On a night when the full moon shines, Hansel will appear
Holding a deadly weapon tinged with light in his hands,
Whether that’s a silver knife, or a glass bottle
That depends on you standing before his eyes

This tiny, tiny world created by the four pillar gods
This millennial kingdom that should have eliminated malice
Four different endings were prepared in the rules,
What the boy holds in his hands may just decide them

The Master of the Graveyard brings death, everything goes to the master’s stomach
The Master of the Court brings the trial, everything receives judgment
The Master of the Hellish Yard brings hell, no one will ever be able to be forgiven
The Master of the Heavenly Yard brings atonement; this will show the way to Utopia

Any of the endings may come to the world
That certainly can’t be avoided
The established conclusion, or the distorted Irregular
Punishment will be given to all equally

Crossing the time span of a millennium, Hansel will appear
While not knowing his own destiny
Whether he’ll become an angel, or an insane familiar
That depends on you standing before his eyes

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related Songs[]

Escape of Salmhofer the Witch[]

Escape of Salmhofer the Witch covers Hänsel's birth in a beaker as alluded to in Ending Boy Hänsel. The song shows how he was created first in Meta's womb and later stolen from the Leviantan Royal Institute.

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night[]

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night details the story of the original incarnations of Hänsel and his sister Gretel, after they are abandoned in the woods by their parents. The song references the events of this one, with the "witch" being thrown in a furnace.

Evil Food Eater Conchita[]

Evil Food Eater Conchita portrays Hänsel's service to Banica Conchita, one of the contractors of Gluttony and later the demon herself, as alluded to in Ending Boy Hänsel.

Fifth Pierrot[]

The song Fifth Pierrot details Hänsel's service to "Santa Claus" during his incarnation as Lemy Abelard, working as the titular Fifth Pierrot mentioned in Ending Boy Hänsel.

Genesis Girl Gretel[]

Genesis Girl Gretel is the theme song of Gretel, explaining her existence as a counterpart to Hänsel as a genesis girl. Both songs list the twin's incarnations throughout the years and what happened to them, with both songs containing similar melodies and lyrics.




Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In-universe, an ending boy is an irregular with powers of destruction.[1]


  • A unique album CD cover card was included with the purchase of the Seven Crimes and Punishments album and Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot from Animate for a limited time; by scanning the card with a COCOAR app, the song file was sent to the scanner's smartphone.
  • During a livestream interview held on August 2, 2015, mothy stated he would like to make a counterpart to the song featuring Gretel; he qualified he didn't want to release the songs too soon, believing it would be "unfair" for those who paid for Ending Boy Hänsel's code.


  1. "Outlaw & Lychgate" – Chapter 3