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The Elphen Royal Family[note 1] was the royal lineage that ruled the Kingdom of Elphegort. Governing the kingdom, the family persisted for centuries.


Early History[]

Following its foundation, the Elphen Royal Family became the rulers of the Kingdom of Elphegort, residing at the royal palace in Aceid. Sometime during the EC 400s, the reigning king renamed Held's Forest to the "Millennium Tree Forest" in accordance with the teachings of the Levin Church's Levia sect.[1] At some point the family began using Merrigod Plateau as a vacationing spot during the summer.[2]


Later in the century, Thorny Elphen ascended the throne.[1] After the outbreak of the Lucifenia-Elphegort War in EC 500, Thorny fled the capital and retreated to the fortress at Merrigod Plateau before cooperating with the Lucifenian Resistance to end the conflict.[3] Nearly a century later, Soil Elphen ascended the throne.[4] During the ninth century EC, the Elphen Royal Family began working with other Evillious nations to create a union state in response to the local opposition to the royal government.[5]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Elphen Royal Family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[6]

Known Members[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • All of the family's known members have names related to plants.




  1. エルフィン王家