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"If it turns into a way to kill time, that's no problem."
―Elluka Clockworker[src]

Elluka Clockworker, regarded as the Sorceress of Time and the Eternal Sorceress, was a powerful mage. Awakening from Sin in the wake of the Levianta Catastrophe, the immortal accepted a quest from Held to collect the vessels of sin on a whim. She later became involved in numerous incidents and conflicts caused by the sin vessels over the centuries. She was one of Levia and Behemo's reincarnations.


Early Life[]

After the twin gods Levia and Behemo incarnated in Elluka Chirclatia's body and Levia became the consciousness for the new reincarnation, "Elluka" awoke from Sin in the Magic Kingdom Levianta in EC 013. Recalling her beloved Kiril Clockworker using the forbidden ark and Clockwork Secret Art to resurrect her, freeing the dragon Levia-Behemo and destroying the Magic Kingdom, Elluka left the Leviantan wasteland and vanished from the public eye.[1] She took on the surname "Clockworker" in memory of her engagement to Kiril.

Elluka is tasked to collect the vessels of sin

Remembering him to be her old friend, Elluka visited the god Held and told him about her murder, resurrection, and what transpired during the catastrophe. The earth god related events that had occurred in his forest regarding Adam Moonlit and Eve Zvezda, who had been secretly living in a cottage nearby. He explained they had been raising Hänsel and Gretel after Eve killed their mother, Project 'Ma' candidate Meta Salmhofer; Adam and Eve abandoned the twins in the forest due to the famine caused by the Levianta Catastrophe before they returned and killed their false parents.

Afterwards, the twins had split Eve's Original Sin into seven vessels of sin that were scattered across the world.[2]. Held tasked Elluka with collecting the demon-possessed objects before they caused calamities for humans.[3] Feeling bored and partially guilty for the situation, Elluka agreed.[4]

Venomania Event[]

"Our foe is a monster who has killed many people. And we haven’t even been able to figure out how he does it. Surely even you must understand that if we were to slip up it would be dangerous for us."
―Elluka to Karchess[src]
Chara img6.jpg

Although not knowing what form the vessels of sin took, Elluka nonetheless began searching for the vessels in order to limit the number of HERs. During her quest, Elluka traveled throughout Evillious, giving aid to others in order to form relationships with collaborators and gain leads on the vessels of sin.[5]

In EC 126, while visiting Marquis Ferdinand in the town of Mystica in Asmodean, Elluka encountered a young Lukana Octo, who related to her how she dreamt that a drought would come upon the town. Intrigued by the girl's apparent magical power, she believed Lukana's story and left immediately. Acquiring a Ziz Tiama, she returned to Mystica several months later with the octopus, faced with the foretold drought. The sorceress then sacrificed the ziz tiama at a nearby mountain range, conjuring a rainstorm that lasted for days. Elluka left the town soon after.[6]

In EC 132, she helped quell a rebellion in Retasan fortress, earning the gratitude of the Beelzenian Empire and Princess Aprilis Beelzenia. Around EC 136, Elluka gained information that Queen Yufina Marlon possessed a vessel of sin; by the time she arrived in Marlon, however, Yufina had gone missing.[5]

Later, Elluka was brought by King Martius Marlon into the Beelzenian Imperial Family's investigation concerning the disappearances of women throughout Asmodean, their youngest sibling Maylis Beelzenia also being among the missing women.[7] Traveling to Asmodean herself, Elluka attempted to visit the mansion of Gumina Glassred, another disappeared woman, only to be turned down at the entrance by one of the servants.

Hearing the servant complain about another previous visitor, Elluka learned from him that the Marlon noble Karchess Crim had also visited two days prior, and that he was staying in Lasaland. She later met with Karchess where he was staying at. As Karchess complained about how the imperial siblings were acting slowly despite Sateriasis Venomania obviously being the culprit, Elluka cautioned him that Sateriasis appeared to be a powerful man akin to a monster.

Soon after, Elluka asked Karchess about Yufina's vessel of sin, which he revealed was a Golden Key pendant. As she asked to borrow it, explaining it could defeat Sateriasis' demonic power, Karchess refused. Elluka then said she would be at an inn nearby in case Karchess changed his mind, leaving the room soon after.

The following day, Elluka visited the mansion of Sateriasis, although turned down by him under the pretense of still recovering from his family's massacre. Soon after, Karchess killed Sateriasis with the Golden Key.[5] Elluka then ended up assisting with the aftermath of the incident, also failing to find the Venom Sword. Deducing the fugitive Karchess would be in Elphegort, as it was situated between Marlon and Beelzenia, the sorceress traveled to its capital, Aceid, and indulged herself at the Werra bar in its Southern District.

After reflecting on her recent failures, Elluka paid for her drinks and left the tavern. Failing to find Karchess, Elluka continued to assist the Empire in solving the case with Venomania. During her investigation, she learned that Mikulia Greeonio, Princess Maylis, and Lukana Octo had sired Venomania's children and pursued them. Learning that Mikulia had fled from home with her son, Elluka discovered her at a brothel in Lasaland.[8]

Elluka met with her soon after and noticed that she shared Eve Zvezda's appearance, although not sensing any Demon of Sin within her.[9] After witnessing Mikulia die,[2] Elluka left. While investigating Maylis, she learned about the imperial family's cover up of her pregnancy and Maylis giving up her daughter to Baron Tae Conchita and his wife.

Afterward, she pursued Lukana and, learning she started a new life in the Eastern region of Bolganio, pursued her there. Meeting with Lukana again in EC 136, Elluka learned more about what had transpired during the incident and how Lukana was being pursued by the mage I.R., so she could steal her body and its unique prophetic dream power. Elluka offered to swap bodies with the woman, explaining that it would deprive I.R. of her reason for pursuing her and let Lukana live a normal life. Lukana accepted and Elluka performed the swap. After seeing Lukana reconnect with her confused child, the sorceress found no signs of the baby having HER and left.

In EC 138, Elluka met with Gumina Glassred and, mistaken for Lukana, decided not to explain the situation and go along with the act. During their conversation, Elluka learned what had happened to Gumina after the incident and convinced her to explain her connection to Duke Venomania as Cherubim. Afterwards, Elluka witnessed her servant, Carol Shields, questioned Gumina about whether the former's attempt to destroy her engagement with the real Sateriasis was because she loved Cherubim. Hearing no answer, Elluka left.

Soon after, she learned that Karchess had started a movement with Yufina to overthrow Marlon and establish a "legitimate" Marlon government instead. She wrote an account of what she had learned in the past two years and her plans to leave Elphegort in pursuit of Karchess.[8] Sometime after failing to acquire the Golden Key from the Marlon Royal Family, Elluka reported everything she had learned to Held.[9] Hearing about a Countess Mikulia married to the lord of Calgaround in later years, the mage assumed she was a different person.[2]

Disappearance of Conchita[]

"No, we must hurry! Because this time, no matter what it takes—we're going to get our hands on the Vessel of Deadly Sin!"
―Elluka investigating Conchita[src]
Chara img5C.jpg

Over the years, the Emperor appealed several times for Elluka to serve the imperial family, but she had never accepted.[10] In EC 324, Elluka received the alleged Twin Blades of Levianta from the Levin Church in the Lucifenia region of Beelzenia, although the swords she was given turned out to be fake. She nonetheless took the blades to an inn in Rolled and kept them by her side; having had a prophetic dream of the "Phantom Thief Platonic" attempting to steal the blades by bribing the innkeeper so she could put a sleeping drug in her tea, Elluka easily evaded the trick and that night only pretended to sleep.

Once Platonic had entered her room and tried to take the swords, Elluka grabbed her by the arm and took her by surprise, quickly revealing how she'd learned of her theft beforehand. Noting Platonic's resemblance to Eve Moonlit, she interrogated Platonic on her heritage and determined that she was a descendant of Mikulia Greeonio. Then, after failing to learn who her employer was, Elluka revealed how the twin blades were a fake and her plans to make use of Platonic's talents.

With Platonic in tow, Elluka forced the thief to work for her and kept her magically bound to prevent her escape.[10] She additionally tried several times to teach her simple spells, but the training failed each time. The mage decided to bring up the recent events with Held and, after placing a capture spell on the thief, left her in their residence en route to Held's Forest.

Elluka met with the tree and explained what had happened with the Twin Blades, complaining bitterly about her failures thus far. Held seemed unconcerned with her problems, though he warned her that the Magic Kingdom had been rebuilt, despite Elluka's lack of concern about the matter. They then ended up discussing the matter of her "hired" servant, Elluka noting her inability to learn magic and her unexplained resemblance to both Mikulia and Eve. Held again brushed off her concerns as a coincidence. They continued to talk until Elluka, upon a comment from Held, realized she hadn't left Platonic any food and ran back to rectify the issue.[9]

In July of EC 325,[11] while staying in Lucifenia, Elluka and Platonic were captured and brought to the Beelzenian capital of Rucolebeni to have an audience with Empress Juno Beelzenia. Although vexed by her treatment, Elluka nonetheless explained to Empress Juno why she had Platonic in her employ, brushing off Juno's protestations that she should have turned Platonic in to the proper authorities after capture. She additionally claimed to wanting to keep Platonic around because of how "cute" she looked. Empress Juno then revealed the reason she'd had Elluka brought to her: to investigate Banica Conchita's apostasy and supposed cannibalism.

Once again suspecting the involvement of a vessel of sin, Elluka agreed to help investigate; seeing Platonic's use, Elluka bartered for her exoneration in exchange for aiding her investigation. In August, they reached the city of Re Tasan and were brought to its mayor, who explained how governance over the Conchita region had broken down. They were then brought to an undead soldier that had been captured and housed in their jail. Platonic confirmed it was the same kind of creature that attacked her, leading Elluka to realize that she had infiltrated the Conchita Mansion before.

Convincing the mayor to open the cell up, Elluka used a spell to commune with the undead monster. He revealed himself as the Conchita Family's chamberlain, Ron Grapple, explaining how a demon possessing a red wine glass was the cause of Banica's reanimated army. After begging Elluka to help save Banica and her son by taking the glass, Ron completely fell apart. Afterwards, the sorceress determined they needed to investigate Banica's mansion. As Platonic tried to play ignorant about the glass, Elluka realized Platonic had likely gone to the mansion to steal it and began to suspect her mysterious client was someone else seeking the vessels of sin. She resolved to go to the mansion with Platonic, threatening her into compliance when she protested.

Arriving at Gasto by August, the pair entered the tavern and met the minstrel Xenos Jaakko, learning from him that the corpse soldiers had completely disappeared and that the mansion appeared empty. As Xenos then started to sing to them, the two ignored him and left the bar, discussing the odd information he shared. Elluka then resolved to go to the mansion immediately, forcing the tired Platonic along.

Reaching the estate grounds, Elluka unlocked the gate with a spell and the two entered to find the mansion and grounds seemingly deserted. After discussing the possibility that everyone had fled, they discovered Murara, Arte's undead pet pig. As the pig crumbled to bones, Elluka determined that whatever power raised the undead soldiers was gone, and continued on expecting to find Banica's corpse. Instead, upon entering Banica's room the two discovered a baby lying on a plate next to the bloody wine glass.

They collected the baby and the wine glass; upon their return, Elluka handed the baby over to Empress Juno and reported that Banica had vanished without a trace. During this time, Platonic managed to outwit Elluka and escape with the wine glass.[10] Around the turn of 5th century EC,[12] Elluka became acquainted with Will Jaakko;[13] for his research, she elaborated on what she knew of Banica, the Glass, and the Seven Deadly Sins.[14]

Three Heroes[]

"Mariam, the life I lived here in this country with you and Leonhart... It was fun, as is. I guess it did end up being a way to stave off boredom after all."

During Beelzenia's war with the Kingdom of Lucifenia, Elluka served the Emperor as a staff officer,[15] becoming known as "The Witch of Beelzenia" during the conflict. Around that time, Elluka met Prim Rogzé. Sensing her great magical potential, the mage began instructing the fascinated woman in basic magical arts, though the noble departed for Marlon before her training was complete.[16]

In EC 478, Elluka hired Gast Venom to act as her escort while she traveled. During their time together, Elluka told him about the Seven Deadly Sins, including the Venom Sword. Around EC 480, the Beelzenian Emperor's son tried to pursue a relationship with her, which she rejected.[15] Soon after, she and Gast came up against Lucifenia's executive officers, Leonhart Avadonia and Mariam Phutapie, in battle. Summoning a windstorm, Elluka blew their weapons away and defeated the two. She was afterwards confronted by King Arth I on the battlefield and refused to fight him, instead fleeing into the Millennium Tree Forest.

Arth and Elluka agree to the Sanosun Bridge Oath

A week later, she met with King Arth and Queen Anne, along with Leonhart and Mariam, at the Sanosun Bridge. Arth invited her to join him and serve by his side; Elluka agreed to the deal and pledged her loyalty to the Lucifenian King, defecting to Lucifenia.[17] Afterwards, she battled her former comrade, Gast, both surviving the exchange.[18]

Becoming involved in numerous conflicts as part of Lucifenia's military expansion, the sorceress became close friends with Arth, his wife Anne, and her comrades, Leonhart and Mariam.[19] Around this time, she met the local blacksmith Langley and visited him whenever she needed her weapons repaired.[20] By EC 490, they were regarded as the Three Heroes due to their wartime exploits together.[21]

Twiright Prank[]

"What—what are you carrying in your body...?"
"Bwahahahahaha! It's what you've always been searching for, always, for five hundred years, Elluka Clockworker!"
"–! A demon of deadly sin..."
―Elluka and Minister Presi[src]
Cha3 img (1).jpg

In EC 491, not long after the death of King Arth, Queen Anne went to Elluka for advice over the strange behavior of her daughter, Riliane, fearing she was affected by magic or a demon. Learning about her poor behavior and sudden interest in becoming the heir, the mage suspected Minister Presi Rogzé was plotting something, using his claim that Riliane was the actual successor in Arth's will. Anne affirmed she'd have Mariam investigate and Elluka awaited her friend's results.

After a failed assassination attempt on Prince Alexiel, the court mage rushed to Prime Minister Genesia's quarters, certain Presi was involved. When she arrived, she discovered Genesia's lifeless body, alongside Presi and Riliane, the princess in the process of eating hare meat. Elluka accused Presi of killing Genesia, which the minister admitted to, saying he poisoned him.

Soon into the confrontation, Elluka learned that Presi was borrowing power from the Demon of Sin possessing her. The sorceress prepared to fight him, but was overwhelmed by his demonic power during the fight. Before he could deal the final blow, Mariam intervened to save Elluka. Fighting together, the two defeated and killed Presi and the court mage sealed the demon inside the hand mirror it came from, unintentionally removing Riliane's memories of her twin brother as a side effect.

Later, Elluka attended a meeting with Mariam and Leonhart as the two discussed the new developments in their lives, while she, disinterested, read a book.[22] While the number of wars during Queen Anne's rule decreased, Elluka continued to work for the queen.[19]

Fateful Days[]

"At any rate, I won't let it be like Venomania and Conchita... I won't have another failure like those incidents in my past. This time, I have to keep it from happening."
―Elluka regarding the possessed Riliane[src]

After Queen Anne's death in EC 499, Elluka attended her friend and ruler's funeral alongside Mariam and the weeping Princess Riliane. The sorceress cried in private over her friend's demise. Later, Elluka attended an assembly of ministers and the Princess in the Hall of Sounds. When Riliane stood at the meeting and proclaimed it was her birthright to govern the nation, the mage noticed she was once again possessed by a Demon of Sin, more deeply rooted than before.

The Three Heroes discuss Riliane's crowning

Once the conference ended, Elluka met with Mariam and Leonhart and discussed the country's new political situation, and what they were planning to do about it now. After some debate, they ended up deciding to go with the original plan of enlisting Alexiel, now Allen, as a servant in the palace, and otherwise respecting Riliane's rule as princess. After some more banter, the mage retired to her room, ostensibly to sleep. That night, she received a prophetic dream of the Princess being executed, the royal palace assaulted, Elphegort invaded, and Mariam lying dead in the Heavenly Yard.

Considering both Arth and Anne's deaths, the mage resolved to continue her original mission for the vessels of sin.[23] The next day, Elluka met with Mariam in the Hall of Mirrors, informing her after pretending to attack with her with a toy dagger that she intended to leave Lucifenia soon, now that Anne and Arth were dead. Mariam pleaded with her to stay, and Elluka was swayed enough to train a new court mage to master magic for the Kingdom within two or three years.

Before the conversation could go much farther, the two were interrupted by Ney, relaying Leonhart's message for the head maid to look at the new servant boy. After Mariam left, so did Elluka, telling Prime Minister Minis Stoup that she was heading for Elphegort to receive an apprentice.[19]

The Apprentice[]

"Hmmm, having one of my spirits reincarnated into a human, and brought up as a sorcerer... Thinking up such exorbitant ideas as usual. The reincarnation technique is your specialty, so I suppose it wouldn't be impossible..."
―Held and Elluka[src]

Elluka met with Held in the Millennium Tree Forest to request permission incarnate one of his forest spirits as a human to help her prevent Lucifenia's destruction, telling him about Riliane's possession and her inability to exorcise her. In order to cast the Clockwork Secret Art, she would need an apprentice. In light of Held's doubts and some further discussion of how the demon could have possessed Riliane, Elluka bemoaned her failures in the cases of Venomania and Conchita, and her resolution to avert the disaster she saw in her prophetic dream.

Elluka takes out her anger on the god

Held remained calm and indecisive on assisting even as Elluka became increasingly frustrated, eventually falling asleep, to her great rage. As she attacked his trunk, she was hit from behind with pome fruit turning to find defensive Michaela and Gumillia in their animal spirit forms. After a brief discussion with them, Elluka considering them as apprentice candidates, she left. On the way back she spotted a girl on the way back, noticing her poor state but ultimately deciding to ignore it, returning to the palace before it got dark.[19]

While walking in the halls Mariam met with Elluka and discussed her trip to Elphegort, Elluka admitting she hadn't yet found a disciple. After a brief lecture from Mariam on keeping her identity secret, Elluka inquired on how Allen was getting along with Riliane. Mariam's explanation was soon interrupted by the twins themselves playing, Riliane threatening to behead Allen before tackling him. Elluka watched the following exchange between the two and Mariam, noticing Riliane's assertion that her threat was not a joke.

After the two left, the conversation soon shifted from Riliane's troubling behavior to her and Allen's resemblance, with Elluka reassuring Mariam that she would convince anyone who noticed that it was a coincidence. Remembering the Netsuma girl she had seen earlier in the forest, Elluka asked about the race's persecution in Elphegort, Mariam confirming it was still ongoing. The two engaged in light banter for the rest of the conversation.[23]

About two weeks later, Elluka returned to the Millennium Tree Forest in time to hear Held giving Michaela a lecture on how spirits and gods should remain uninvolved in human affairs. After a brief disagreement on that matter, Elluka pressed Held for a response on her request, seething when it became clear he no longer remembered their conversation. Once she had calmed down, she said she felt another vessel of sin in Elphegort, and after a long moment of silence Held agreed to give her two spirits: one to train as her apprentice and the other to search for the sin fragment in Elphegort.

Elluka teaching her disciples

Settling for taking Gumillia and Michaela, and agreeing to return them to their spirit forms after three years, Elluka took the two spirits west to incarnate them in the forms of their choosing, with the stipulation that they be Elphe and female, preferably the image of someone who was not alive anymore.[24] After the ritual was complete, Elluka found an abandoned house in the Lost Woods and sheltered the three of them there to practice their magic and learn the basics about being human. She trained the two and occasionally returned to the palace before coming back.

Once she was satisfied with their level of knowledge after three months of training, she tasked Michaela with locating the vessel in Elphegort, potentially in the hands of King Thorny Elphen, Duke Parkage Meld, or Keel Freezis, and left for Lucifenia with Gumillia in tow.[25]

During their journey through the forest, Gumillia explained her severe farsightedness in comparison to her time as a chipmunk. Though largely unconcerned with the range difference, Elluka reluctantly conjured a pair of glasses for her, though with the caveat that she only use them when needed as she thought them unsightly.[26]

Reign of Evil[]

"Lucifenia shall perish soon enough."
―Elluka's prophecy[src]

Admitting her apprentice to the palace, Elluka began training her magical talent in preparation for teaching the girl the Clockwork Secret Art;[27] during that time, the sorceress told Gumillia what she had learned about the Glass of Conchita and its powers.[28] Around that time, she overheard several of the ministers discuss Riliane and Allen's resemblance. Pulling her influence as a wise prophet, the mage told them that there were always three people in the world that looked alike, hence their resemblance to one another.[23] Around the same time, she began giving Allen healing ointment that she made.[29]

In EC 500, she attended Leonhart's funeral after he was assassinated, though only to call him an idiot to his gravestone.[30] About nine months since training them, Elluka received the sign from Michaela that she located a vessel of sin.[24] Since Allen was heading into Elphegort, she ordered Gumillia to give the servant the Very Amazing Green Onion to give to Michaela.[20]

Later that night, the sorceress contacted Michaela through the Very Amazing Green Onion. Hearing Michaela's report, Elluka learned that she had found Keel Freezis was in possession of the Venom Sword while she was working for him and that Gast Venom was plotting to obtain it. She told Michaela to watch the vessel in case it would cause trouble in the future, as well as explaining Gast's purpose for searching for the sword. When Michaela asked about Gumillia, the court mage told her she would be able to use the Clockwork Secret Art within the next six months. As their signal began to fade, Elluka reminded her disciple to contact her if something serious occurred and to remain there and relax.[27]

The next day, Elluka attended the conference in the palace's Hall of Sounds regarding the diplomatic missions to Marlon and Elphegort. As the minister's discussions of Allen's report began to drag, Elluka summarized that they needed to carefully watch Keel Freezis and not let their guard down, congratulating Allen for his work. When Minis brought in Queen Dowager Prim's gift later on, Elluka was dazzled by the sight of a baby ziz tiama and identified it as a "Very Amazing Octopus".

At the behest of the disgusted Riliane, Elluka took the gift and held it in its glass container. After hearing Minis reveal that King Kyle withdrew his engagement to Riliane in favor of a green-haired girl he met, the sorceress asked in disbelief if Kyle's mother actually agreed to the decision. Minis answered that the Queen Dowager decided to respect her son's decision without giving her personal opinion.[31]

Elluka argues with Mariam about her departure

Several days later, Elluka was in Riliane's room when Mariam returned from Elphegort to report any discoveries on the identity of Kyle's secret lover. Hearing that Mariam remained clueless, Elluka added that they only knew that she was a "green-haired girl" and that everyone in Elphegort matched that profile. This led to Riliane ordering Minis to invade Elphegort and slaughter its population of green-haired women.

When Riliane ordered the Prime Minister to burn the Lost Woods for the invasion, Elluka objected on Held's behalf. For her disagreements with the order, Riliane ordered Elluka's death. The furious court mage immediately resigned, and despite Mariam's repeated pleas to not leave she persisted, suggesting she may even leave for the Eastern countries. Elluka then noticed Allen was watching them, and revealed to him her prediction of Lucifenia's inevitable demise. When he asserted that he would be staying with Riliane, she told him to take care of his sister and bade a fond farewell to Mariam, leaving for good.[32]

Green Hunting[]

"Aaaaaagggh, enough! You're always so stupid! You, Riliane, the King of Marlon, Allen, Leonhart, Mariam, all of you, every one of you is a stupid, stupid idiot!"
―Elluka to Michaela[src]

Leaving the palace with Gumillia, Elluka headed to the Lost Woods. With the help of her apprentice, Elluka used the Very Amazing Octopus she received to conjure a rainstorm to douse the fires burning the woods. The two left after seeing the Lucifenian soldiers retreat back to the palace and headed deeper among the trees. As they were congratulating, Germaine Avadonia suddenly approached her. The daughter of Leonhart offered the two shelter at her home, but the mage refused, since they were being hunted by the Lucifenian army. With that, Elluka and her apprentice disappeared into the forest's depths.[32]

The sorceress then contacted Michaela through the Very Amazing Green Onion, telling her to escape from Elphegort as her dreams were coming true. After Elluka had explained the situation, Michaela told her about how she was the "lover" that began the whole mess. Anxious, Elluka told her she needed to escape, being Riliane's target, and reassuring her that she and Gumillia would try to curb the casualties until Lucifenia would fall by her predicted revolution. She ordered Michaela to head north of the city of Aceid, to Nemu, a place where she could use magic to cast a reincarnation spell to return to her forest spirit form. When Michaela refused, the mage ranted how she, Riliane, Kyle, Allen, and Leonhart were all fools and that everyone was an idiot.

Elluka was further aggrieved when she overheard Gumillia tell Michaela she too didn't want to return to her spirit form. After learning about Michaela's hiding place in a well in the Millennium Tree Forest, Elluka recognized the location and told her they would meet her there once everything calmed down.[33]

She and Gumillia went to Keel Freezis' mansion only to find it burned down. They infiltrated the nearby barracks to retrieve the Venom Sword but discovered the vessel of sin was missing and collected the rest of his property instead. After a short rest, they headed to Michaela's hiding spot. However, they arrived to find Michaela dead and the weeping King Kyle instead.[34]

Around that time, Elluka noticed Kyle had been possessed by the Demon of Lust.[35] After the King left, they retrieved Michaela's body and then witnessed it become tree saplings. Astonished, they visited Held and confronted him about the issue. They then learned that Michaela was chosen by the earth god to succeed him as the Millennium Tree. Angered, the sorceress argued with him before the deity spoke with Gumillia and returned to his slumber.[34]


"I'm used to it."
―Elluka regarding her recent failures[src]

During the Lucifenian Revolution, the two traveled to the Freezis Mansion in Marlon to explain what had occurred to Keel. The merchant, surprised by the revelation about Michaela, told them to give the sapling to Clarith. The two women revealed they managed to recover Keel's property from his burned-down mansion and, after some negotiation, returned them to him. Grateful, the merchant abided Elluka's request to hide them from Lucifenia and give her the Venom Sword. While there, Elluka sealed the Venom Sword, noting its magic felt weak, and was surprised to see Keel's wife, Mikina, there.

After hiding out for some time during EC 501, the two returned to Lucifenia once The Daughter of Evil was executed and traveled to the Held Monastery in Elphegort in search for Clarith.[36] Finding her at the monastery, Elluka approached the white-haired girl and introduced herself and Gumillia before offering her Michaela's sapling, telling her the whole truth about Michaela as a spirit and her transformation into a sapling, over tea.

She described how they found Michaela's body and commented that she believed Kyle also contributed to her death and explained how she was chosen as the next guardian of the world by Held. Then she told her what Keel told them and that Gumillia was reluctant to hand her over to the white-haired girl. After a short silence between the master and apprentice, Elluka said they would let Michaela decide, having Gumillia to conjure a manifestation of Michaela's human form from the sapling for Clarith and her to see. Michaela chose Clarith, and Elluka departed with Gumillia.[34]

About a week later, Elluka and Gumillia returned to check on Clarith. They secretly observed that Riliane was with her, but decided to leave the situation alone, concluding that Riliane should no longer be affected by the Demon of Pride. Proud to have acquired the vessel of Lust, Elluka decided to head to the East with her apprentice in search for the vessels of sin and the two stopped in an inn in Asmodean.

While there, she examined the sword and realized the Demon of Lust was absent from the weapon. Infuriated, she tore off the seal before flinging the blade. In her frustration, she came to the revelation that the Demon of Pride was absent from its vessel as well, she collapsed to the ground, distraught and telling her apprentice that the demon had vanished, even though she was certain it was inside the mirror when she sealed it.

Gumillia asked if it was possible for the demons to disappear from their vessels and Elluka denied it, saying their original bodies remained in the vessel even if they possessed humans. After the shocked sorceress sat motionless for a short while, she stood up, began packing her luggage, and told Gumillia their trip to the East was cancelled until they figured out what happened to the demons.[36]

Witch Hunt[]

"I want you to explain from beginning to end. Everything from when you and Miss Gumillia left this house five years ago."
"That's going to take a while."
―Yukina and Elluka[src]

Gumillia and Elluka returned to Lucifenia to spy for information. As part of their search, Elluka had them pursue King Kyle since he had been possessed by the Demon of Lust during their last meeting. With the King annexing Lucifenia as part of Marlon, Elluka and Gumillia infiltrated the royal palace where he resided and learned the Demon of Lust was gone and he had since been possessed by the Demon of Pride.[35]

Once they found that Kyle owned another one of the hand mirrors for the vessel, they attempted to steal it that night from his bedroom. In the midst of their theft, the King awoke and discovered their actions. Forced to flee, the two lost possession of the Venom Sword during their escape;[37] they were later added to the "Witch Hunt" decreed by King Kyle.[14] Suspicious that Kyle's two consecutive possessions weren't simply a coincidence, Elluka decided to investigate Queen Dowager Prim.

In EC 502, the two traveled to the Marlon as part of their investigation. While attempting to find Prim at Marlon Castle, they were instead ambushed by the Special Maneuvers Task Force and the sorceress Abyss I.R. Not expecting there to be other powerful mages left, Elluka was unprepared and was quickly defeated by Abyss in battle. As her body was taken by the sorceress, Elluka used the Swap Technique to place her soul in Gumillia's body as she fled.[35]

Reunited with the Apprentice[]

"You're saying Abyss had taken over your body..."
―King Kyle[src]

In EC 505, when Abyss I.R. attempted to take Gumillia's body as well, Elluka's wrestled control of her body from the sorceress, causing both women to faint. Germaine then attempted to slay the incapacitated Elluka but Gumillia stopped her, explaining that it was Elluka inside her proper body again.

After Gumillia fainted from exhaustion, Elluka followed Germaine and Yukina as they took the apprentice to her room. Elluka explained to Yukina how the Demon of Lust had been missing from the Venom Sword, how she had gone to the Lucifenian Royal Palace to find the Demon of Lust in Kyle. However, the demon possessing him at the time had been Demon of Pride, the Lust demon having left by that point; this led to Kyle's overconfidence in starting wars with other countries.

Elluka told Yukina that someone else must have been the cause of Kyle's possession, and explained how she and Gumillia had gone to Marlon to investigate Prim, only for her to be captured by Abyss I.R. and the Special Maneuvers Task Force and escape using the Swap Technique on Gumillia. When Yukina asked who Abyss I.R. was Elluka stated she didn't know, having blown her soul away already.

The mage mused that Abyss could've been one of the "Ma"s of 500 years ago since she also seemed to have the swap technique; She then stopped, seeing the red cat from the battle walk into the room. After some questions of ownership, Elluka ended up handing it off to be adopted by Mikina, who had entered soon after. Elluka remained in the mansion with the others for the time being, staying in Gumillia's room.[35]

Battle of Castle Hedgehog[]

"No way. Frankly I'm completely worn out from the duel with Abyss. Gumillia and I will have a hard time using magic until at least the next full moon."
―Elluka's response to Kyle's plea for help[src]

While drinking black tea with Gumillia in her room, Germaine came in with Kyle Marlon and the sorceress introduced herself. After sipping her tea in her seat, she explained what had happened to her to the king. There was some slight contention by Elluka over Kyle's actions towards her and Gumillia when he was possessed, he soon changed the subject to corpse soldiers who were sighted up north and that Prim and Ney both seemed to be at Castle Hedgehog, hence why he planned to soon march his armies upon the castle. Though requesting her assistance in the invasion, Elluka told him she and her apprentice would need time to recover from their fight. She then informed him that on the upcoming new moon, the dead soldiers would be at their weakest.

After the King haggled for Germaine's support, Kyle thanked Elluka for the advice and began to leave when Gumillia offered to enchant the weapons of the King's soldiers. Though Elluka was somewhat put out by her cooperation, Gumillia reminded her of the need to obtain the Glass of Conchita, which was in Ney's possession. When Gumillia brought out two of the vessel of Pride's mirrors, Elluka added that Prim may still have the last piece, reaffirming the importance of sealing both the glass and the mirrors to neutralize the demons inside. Elluka finally agreed to cooperate, though adding that she and Gumillia wouldn't have a very large role.[18]

Over the next few days, Gumillia and Elluka engraved enchantments into all the soldiers' weapons to help them combat the supernatural threat. Around that time, Elluka advised the attack during the day and that taking the Glass of Conchita from Ney would likely shut down the corpse soldiers. Having not yet given out all the provisions to the troops, the two mages traveled with the army to Lioness and helped oversee the reapportioning of the weapons in the main square. While Kyle oversaw the event with her, Elluka stated she'd flee immediately if the town became a battlefield, as she was weak without her magic. She also added a more powerful enchantment to Chartette's rocket glove, which Kyle had with him.

During the battle across the Blood Pool Region, the mages remained at Lioness Castle to avoid the undead soldiers while in their weakened state. After the battle, Elluka met with Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Germaine, and Gumillia in one of the castle's bedrooms while the Marlon King explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney. Afterward, Kyle presented the Glass, hand mirrors, and doll vessel that Prim had said was modeled after the "Original Sinner".

Elluka had Gumillia take out the vessels they had, noting they now had four vessels, though still not sure what had happened to the Venom Sword's demon. Though Kyle requested the sword back, Elluka refused, and furthermore explained she had already put a simple sealing spell on them. Germaine interrupted that they still had to decide what to do with Ney, who was present but unconscious.

There was some debate over the matter, Yukina wanting to tell Ney the truth, Elluka wanting to discard her, and Germaine wanting to hear Ney admit she'd killed Michaela and apologize. Elluka eventually agreed with the others, then explained they'd need to return to Bariti and prepare first, commanding Gumillia to collect the vessels.

The group then heard a sound outside the room. When Keel went to examine, they heard him talking to someone outside the room before being swiftly interrupted by a dull sound. When the door opened and the room was filled with a flash of blue light,[16] Elluka saw a masked woman in the doorway before being rendered unconscious.[38]

Once she and the others awoke, they discovered the vessels of sin missing, Keel seriously injured, and Ney dead. Elluka was then taken to another room to check if she needed treatment.[16] Furious that the vessels of sin slipped from her grasp again, the pink-haired sorceress recalled what she saw, realizing Abyss I.R. had actually been the red cat she always had with her and that she had taken possession of the missing Mikina to steal the vessels of sin.[38]

Elluka spent the next two weeks searching for the perpetrator with Gumillia and Germaine. During the period, she shared what she concluded with her two compatriots. Elluka then determined the fugitive mage would've most likely fled to the nearby Lucifenia, given Marlon's embargo on Elphegort and the other nation's wide distance from the nation.

Elluka then requested Germaine search the Lucifenia territory for Abyss and the swordswoman agreed. While sending Gumillia to search for her in Levianta, Elluka continued her search in Marlon. After Germaine successfully defeated Abyss I.R. and freed Mikina, Gumillia and Elluka collected and sealed the Glass of Conchita and Marlon Spoon in her possession.

Voyage East and West[]

"Yes, the Sorceress of Time, Elluka Clockworker. But she... they still haven't returned from the East."

In EC 508, both Elluka and her disciple became involved in the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse and Abyss I.R.[39] Around that time, Elluka lost the Glass of Conchita to the villainous sorceress.[40] Sometime after EC 531, Elluka met with Shaw Freezis and he agreed that Elluka was allowed to freely utilize the wealth and power of the Freezis Foundation, forging a contract.[41] In EC 548,[42] Elluka and Gumillia began their journey East in pursuit of the Twin Blades of Levianta.[43]

Elluka and Gumillia disguising themselves as natives

In EC 549, they came upon a large wall blocking their path, and a watchman who refused to let them enter on the grounds that the king had mandated that none except their own people were allowed to pass through the gates.[44] Following the refusal, Elluka and Gumillia made repeated attempts to make their way inside by disguising themselves as the people of the nation. When they were discovered for a third time, Elluka lost her temper. Conjuring a powerful wind, the sorceress blew the watchman away and opened the gates with Gumillia.[45] They were both bewildered to find nothing on the other side.[46]

Soon after, they came upon a vast ocean.[47] The two later took a small boat across the sea to Jakoku. The two were then reunited with Chartette Langley and allied themselves with the Tokugawa faction, taking part in the Jakoku Civil War.[48] After failing to retrieve the Twin Blades of Levianta for years, Elluka and Gumillia left Jakoku in EC 558 and returned to the West.[42] Some time after Clarith and her monastic order, the Sisters of Clarith, erected an examinations system to protect the New Millennium Tree, Clarith gave Gumillia and Elluka permits to freely enter the Millennium Tree Forest.[2]

Investigative Journalist[]


Some time later, Elluka was approached by Shaw. Terrified at the prospect of growing older and dying, Shaw begged the sorceress to give him the secret to immortality, though she refused. Later on, she discovered that Michaela had used her power to extend Shaw's lifespan in violation of Held's rules not to interfere with humans; as a result, she quarreled with the god.[2]

During the late sixth century EC, Elluka decided to disappear from the public eye due to her legendary status becoming more of a problem. She and Gumillia chose to masquerade as Shaw's deceased great-granddaughters, Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre with his approval. They used the resources and power at his disposal to assist in their quest to collect the vessels.

In order to maintain her disguise, Elluka regularly dyed her hair green and used a spell to change her eye color to match. With Shaw's influence, Hanne became an investigative journalist for the Schuburg Newspaper Company in Aceid, Elphegort, suspending contact with her "sister" for prolonged periods of time.[49]

During this time she also became acquainted with Shaw's grandson, Dashaw Freezis, their friendship soon leading to Dashaw developing feelings for her.[50] Around the same time, Hanne became acquainted with Shaw's aide Bruno Marlon. Over the course of her newspaper work, Hanne met and became close friends with Constable Ayn Anchor, telling him stories of legendary heroes such as Leonhart Avadonia.

In EC 597, Hanne attended a business meeting with Dashaw in the town of Lioness. During the event, the town was suddenly swept up in flames. Oblivious to the approaching fires around her, Hanne was pushed out of the way by Dashaw and watched as her friend burned alive.[51] Learning the perpetrator was allegedly the famed "Elluka Clockworker", Elluka stuck to her Hanne persona while she and Shaw searched for her impersonator randomly causing trouble. In EC 608, Hanne visited her fake great-grandfather for a time before returning to Elphegort.[52]

Uncovering the Past[]

"What do you know about the "Flower of the Plateau"?"
―Mayor Julia Abelard to Hanne[src]

Around EC 609, Hanne discovered the memoirs of Yukina Freezis and read through her entries. While reading Yukina's accounts of visiting Calgaround while the mages had been journeying East, she became fixated on on her mention of the Flower of the Plateau and its importance for Elluka. After discovering the original manuscript of Yukina's "Flower of the Plateau" fairy tale was missing, Hanne decided to investigate further under the pretense of writing an article about the tale for the Schuburg paper.

Afterwards, the reporter arranged a meeting with the mayor of Calgaround, Julia Abelard, on August 31 of that year. On the appointed day, Hanne called upon a carriage to take her to the town, viewing the scenery and plantations outside her window as the coachman brought her there. As they approached the city, Hanne noted with shock the bright red of all its buildings.

After entering into the city, Hanne quickly located Julia Abelard for her interview, learning during the initial small talk that the red buildings were to show reverence to the "Virgin Mother," Meta Salmhofer, revealing to the surprised reporter the town's heretical status. Eager to change the subject, Hanne asked about the history of the town, though learning no new information from Julia's following lecture. She then followed up with an inquiry about Mikulia Calgaround and the Flower of the Plateau story, Yukina Freezis' manuscript on said anecdote having disappeared.

Julia asked beforehand how much Hanne knew, and the reporter shared with her the contents of Yukina's journal on her visit to Calgaround with Kyle, and said author's plans to write the story due to the shocking things they learned there. Satisfied, Julia brought out Hermann Bälz's account of the history of Calgaround, and shared the entries for Gilbert and Mikulia Calgaround, noting rumors that Gilbert's early death from illness was really murder. When questioned, she clarified that the Flower of the Plateau was about both Mikulia's supposed involvement in his death, as well as two others who risked ruining her reputation.

Julia relayed that Mikulia was beautiful and loved by the people, supposedly a flower vendor; however, due to her being an outsider, rumors began to spread, sparked by the discovery of two skeletons at the bottom of a well in her mansion after her death. Hanne questioned how Mikulia may have murdered the men and Julia related the medicinal qualities of greeonian plateau roses' roots as a sleeping medicine, called "Gift". In high enough doses, it could kill.

Hanne views the portrait

After further discussion did not turn up any further information, Hanne prepared to leave, thanking Julia for her story. Before she could leave, however, the mayor suddenly remembered the library, suggesting she visit both to see a portrait of Mikulia and Gilbert painted by Minister Gumina Glassred and possibly find older documents that might be able to shed more light on the tale. Intrigued, Hanne decided to take her up on her offer.

Walking to the library, Hanne noticed no one there at the reception desk and quietly entered on her own, searching and eventually finding the portrait of Gilbert and Mikulia. Startled by the young woman's appearance, Hanne stared at the picture until she was greeted by the librarian, who was wearing a cloth around his head and face. After a quick introduction, he invited her to check the old vaults for information while he cleaned.

After briefly searching for books from four hundred years ago, Hanne examined books from the fourth century EC onward and discovered "Evillious Travels" by Xenos Jaakko, reading of the minstrel's encounters with the Phantom Thief Platonic, the daughter of a noble in Calgaround, and noting the thief's description. After fruitlessly searching for more books on Platonic, Hanne walked to the reception desk.

Walking behind the desk, the reporter spotted a yellowed book under the counter. Recognizing the original manuscript of "The Flower of the Plateau," Hanne picked up the book; kicking open the door, she grabbed the librarian by the collar and demanded to know why it was there. When the librarian played dumb, she snapped that books on the Freezis Foundation's Lost List had to be turned over to the Foundation immediately upon discovery. Upon continued sputtering on his end, she threatened to report him to the World Police.

Intimidated by her threats, the man admitted he had gotten the book from Père Noël. Agreeing to leave his involvement out of it if he told her more, Hanne listened as the librarian explained he bought the book from a masked blue-haired man in Toragay claiming to be the leader of Père Noël. The reporter stood contemplating this before the librarian ran from her, and she watched him escape through the window. Deciding not to pursue him, Hanne returned to the coachman and confirmed she was leaving, explaining that she was headed to Toragay.[52]

Toragay Epidemic[]

Arriving at Toragay, Hanne checked into the town's local inn. Learning of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim's recent death after attempting to visit him, Hanne met with his father-in-law, Dr. Marx Felix, discussing the circumstances of Kaspar's death. She then investigated Kaspar's connection to Père Noël for two days.

After returning to the Schuburg Newspaper headquarters in Aceid, the company's president gave Hanne a summon to go to the Freezis Foundation headquarters. Visiting Shaw, she learned from the old man that Père Noël was led by a woman, and that someone using the name Elluka Clockworker had visited Toragay. Shaw then allowed her full use of Foundation resources.[53]

Continuing to investigate the case over the next two weeks, Hanne returned to Toragay. She met with constable Ayn Anchor and discussed how the investigation by the World Police was halted due to pressure from the Freezis Foundation. After inspiring Ayn to crack down on Toragay's black market, Hanne was directed by Ayn to the doctor who performed Kaspar's autopsy, Puerick Rogzé.

Margarita shows Hanne her medicinal ingredients

Discovering Marx in critical condition while visiting the Felix manor, Hanne later met with Puerick in Lucifenia, discussing the possible causes of Kaspar's death and Marx's illness. Eventually talking about the poison Gift and its history, Hanne later returned to Toragay and attended Kaspar's funeral. Seeing Kaspar's wife Margarita, Hanne was reminded of her resemblance to Mikulia and burst into laughter, thrown out of the funeral ceremony.[54]

Given an update by Ayn two weeks later, Hanne decided to investigate Margarita, visiting her at the Blankenheim Mansion under the pretense of writing a feature about Kaspar. Interviewing her, Hanne learned that the couple's finances had been dwindling due to Kaspar's indulgent spending habits and that Kaspar had started a new business with Margarita's friend "Elluka". Touring the mansion, Hanne discussed the history of Elluka Clockworker with Margarita. After Margarita directed her to a charity institute, Hanne discussed with her Dr. Felix and her sleeplessness.

Visiting the charity institute, Hanne met with the director, Rita Flohn, the two discussing the seemingly miraculous circumstances of Margarita's birth, as well as her marriage and sleeplessness. Learning that Margarita had been seen with a woman in red clothes like Julia's, Hanne was given a red liquid the woman left behind. Sleeping at the inn, Hanne was awoken by commotion and hid, only to find Heidemarie pursuing the kidnapper of the idol Rin Chan.[51]

Consulting with Puerick about the red liquid, Hanne was told by Puerick that he wasn't sure if the poison was a separate component or the result of the blood rotting. Hanne then speculated that the blood was put in to mask the poison, suspecting a Demon of Sin. Discussing Kaspar and Dr. Felix's autopsies, she concluded that Margarita had used them to refine her poison. Preparing to return to Toragay, Hanne was stopped by several men in black, told that Shaw had died.

Accompanied by Heidemarie, Hanne attended Shaw's funeral before his aide Bruno Marlon announced he was arresting them for the Lioness Burning Incident and Toragay Charity Institute poisonings respectively using the temporary power granted to him by the Foundation. Subdued by the Interrogation Execution Department, Hanne asked Bruno why and was told he'd be granted a position in Père Noël if he eliminated them.

Thrown into prison at the World Police Headquarters, Hanne and Heidemarie discussed Margarita's inexplicable role in the poisoning at the Charity Institute. Announcing that they no longer needed to use their false identities with Shaw dead, Hanne prepared to escape with Heidemarie before Ayn and Hob Homer arrived, unlocking their cells and giving them updates on the ongoing Toragay Epidemic. Learning that the "disease" had spread and that the town had been quarantined, Hanne knocked out Ayn shortly after Heidemarie did the same to Hob.[50]

Changing back into their mage attire, Elluka and Gumillia rushed to the hospital where Marx was being treated. Learning that Margarita had left seeking her friend masquerading as Elluka, Elluka determined that Margarita had gone to Calgaround, the new location of Père Noël's black market. Preparing to leave, the two witnessed Dr. Felix suddenly wake up from his coma and rant about deception and the involvement of a Doll before dying.

Discussing the implication of his words, the duo made their way to Toragay, blocked by the World Police's quarantine. Seeing their old coachman try to get through to his mother before the police began to arrest him, the two intervened. Having the coachman bring them to Calgaround, the two entered the mayor's mansion, greeted by Julia.

Speaking with them about Margarita and Gift, Julia was asked about Fifth Pierrot's whereabouts, replying that he had fled, but that they could rescue Rin Chan in the basement if they could defeat her. Realizing "Julia" didn't have a red cat with her, Elluka heard her reintroduce herself as Fourth Shadow. The three battled, eventually coming outside to the garden. After Gumillia killed Fourth Shadow using her Greeonian plateau roses, she and Elluka went upstairs to the mansion's second floor, seeing Margarita attempt suicide. Although trying to save her, the two failed and Margarita seemingly passed away.

As they found Rin Chan in the basement, Elluka remarked on her resemblance to Riliane. As she discussed with Gumillia where to return her, Elluka was stabbed by a hidden Sixth Venom, recognizing him as the librarian.[49] Rushed to the hospital by Gumillia, Elluka later returned to Toragay after her treatment, meeting up with Gumillia and learning that there was another "Julia Abelard", a Lucifenian aristocrat.

Soon after, the coachman, his mother Brigitta and Toragay's pharmacy owner Egmont arrived, explaining that several of the townspeople had survived by hiding in the Blankenheim Mansion's basement and drinking a makeshift antidote. Remarking on their resourcefulness, Elluka asked him for the medicine's raw materials.

Elluka confronts Eve within the Doll

Elluka and Gumillia then entered the Millennium Tree Forest, meeting Puerick at the New Millennium Tree and discussing with him the possibility of making an antidote both from the tree's sap and the blood of the survivors. Elluka then spoke with Michaela regarding the use of her sap to aid the humans before leaving to confront Margarita inside the abandoned Moonlit Residence.

Seeing her inside, Elluka revealed her realization that "Margarita Blankenheim" was actually the Clockworker's Doll, and that the Demon of Sloth had hypnotized everyone into believing she was the actual Margarita Felix since birth. As "Margarita" revealed that there originally wasn't a Demon of Sloth but a human posing as a demon instead, Elluka confronted her as Eve Moonlit. Despite Eve's pleas, she absorbed Eve's soul into her body, intending to destroy it within. Afterwards, Elluka returned to the Millennium Tree and head out to Lucifenia with Gumillia.[2]

Père Noël[]

Realizing she was actually an incarnation of Levia and regaining all her memories, Elluka stayed in denial and clung to her current identity.[55] She also hypnotized Gumillia into forgetting she had absorbed Eve into her body.[56] She and Gumillia then traveled to Lucifenia, investigating Père Noël; around this time, Elluka's legs stopped functioning and she became confined to a wheelchair. Later on, the mage duo confirmed that the Rolled prostitute Yuzette Ora owned the Venom Sword and was the target of Fifth Pierrot's serial killings.

Elluka and Gumillia are recruited into Père Noël

The two then took over "Isabel's" residential brothel, Elluka hypnotizing everyone into thinking they were the owner and her assistant, respectively. After Fifth Pierrot successfully killed Yuzette, Elluka, having witnessed the crime, assured she wouldn't speak of the crime if he let her speak with First Santa Claus. Meeting with Julia two days later, Elluka claimed to be Eve possessing Elluka's body, demonstrating her knowledge and powers of hypnosis. Elluka and Gumillia were then recruited into Père Noël as Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper, respectively.[57]

Following the eruption of Julia's presidential scandal, Elluka met with Fifth Pierrot, revealed to be Julia's adopted son Lemy, and offered for him to flee with her to Jakoku before leaving him to ponder the decision. Later learning that Lemy had tattled to Julia, Elluka fled the brothel with Gumillia.[58] She then had Gumillia ambush and shoot Lemy in an alley, using Ayn as bait. Scorning the dying boy, Elluka left with her apprentice.

Later on, Elluka received a letter from Julia, who revealed herself as Irina and challenged her to a duel at Merrigod Plateau.[59] Later on, Elluka and Gumillia gained access to the Abelard Mansion, Irina having gone missing and the World Police investigating Père Noël. Examining Irina's treasury, the two confirmed that the vessels of sin were missing, Elluka deciding to take up Irina's challenge.[56]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau[]

On January 29, Elluka and Gumillia made their way to Merrigod Plateau, hiring Toragay's coachman again. The two then discussed Elluka knowing Irina's identity, Gumillia breaking her hypnosis. Blocked by Sixth Venom during the journey, Elluka attempted to hypnotize him but failed, instead defeating him with Eve's lightning magic and taking Grim the End in his possession.[56]

The two then confronted Irina inside the tomb of Pale Noël at the plateau's Apocalypse Cliff, beginning to duel. After Lemy joined the fray, Irina explaining how he was unable to die normally as a sin contractor, the four of them were locked in a stalemate and battled for hours. After Gumillia fatally shot Lemy with the transformed golden key,[60] Elluka eventually defeated Irina. Irina then relinquished control of Germaine's body, self-destructing her red cat body and bringing Elluka into Levia's inner psychological world, causing her to fully reawaken as Levia.[55]


Following Levia's reawakening and eventual fusion with Eve and Irina into Ma, Ma continued to use Elluka's identity throughout her travels in Bolganio.[61] After Nemesis Sudou regained all her memories as both Levia and Elluka, she retained part of Elluka's personality as well, namely her love for the world and her attachment to her friends.

Personality and Traits[]

"If staying means to watch the ones you love die, then you would rather abandon everything and run away. You did the same thing back with the 'Levianta Catastrophe'..."
―Held to Elluka[src]

Elluka was a typically whimsical and careless sorceress. Due to the circumstances of her long life, Elluka acted blunt and apathetic on the surface. She struggled with showing affection towards others, only sought to sate her own boredom, and even undertook her task to collect the vessels of sin with a half-hearted effort. Her apathy led her to be largely ignorant of the workings of the vessels of sin, to her disadvantage and in contrast to Irina. Although occasionally helping others on her quest, she appeared unsympathetic to the plight of most individuals and resorted to rudely or playfully brushing aside others' comments or situations. She similarly preferred to flee when a situation got difficult.[19]

Her relaxed behavior, however, hid how deeply she cared about other people. Initially Elluka closed herself off from humanity out of guilt for her role in the Levianta Catastrophe.[2] After meeting her friends in Lucifenia, Elluka began to open up and regain her "humanity"; before and after this period, she could easily be persuaded to help with others' causes or problems, and she in truth cared deeply about the suffering of individuals. Because of her tendency to run, however, she would suppress these feelings and escape rather than see those she cared about being hurt or dying. She similarly regretted making friends with the knowledge of their inevitable deaths, becoming burdened with grief as one by one she outlived them all.

Much like her true identity Levia, Elluka could also act hysterical, and rude at a moment's notice, dropping her mask of childishness and making it appear as if she had mood swings. She similarly tended to physically vent her anger or annoyance.[19] Matching her lackadaisical personality, Elluka was extremely vain about her appearance, explaining her hatred of glasses.[26] She hated taking baths,[62] and loved black tea while conversely hating milk. She also hated cats,[35] while having a fascination with octopi due to their uses.[31]

Skills and Abilities[]

"I am privileged with overflowing magical power."
―Elluka, touting her skills[src]

Elluka was a powerful sorceress and was regarded with respect by her peers. Her power was great enough that she was able to attain the position as Lucifenia's court mage.[19] The sorceress's most notable ability was her inherent youth and immortality. Elluka also wielded Swap technique, which allowed her to swap her consciousness with that of others. When exchanging bodies, all her magical talents and abilities, such as her immortality, transferred to the new body.[63]

After acquiring Lukana's body, she wielded the ability to use Purple Dream and could dream of the possible futures. Her visions showed only images that she could recognize. On top of that, her foresight's reliability was based on the "color" of the image. If the dream was "purple" then it was destined to occur and could not be changed.[19] Her foretelling skills as Lucifenia's court mage earned her a reputation due to their flawless precision.[29] She was a master of the reincarnation arts, capable of incarnating the spirit of any being as another entity, such as a human or an animal, after preparing the necessary ritual.

She was also powerful with cleansing magic, able to remove the Demons of Sin even when they were purposefully made difficult to exorcise. She was also capable of casting Clockworker Magic but preferred not to cast it due to its heavy risks.[19] Elluka was also skilled in using a ziz tiama octopus, able to cast a powerful rainstorm when sacrificing it,[31] and able to grow one to an enormous size for offensive purposes.[64] Elluka also possessed a degree of skill in sewing, and would repair her own damaged clothes.[65]

Character Connections[]

Held: A friend of Elluka's. Elluka cared deeply for Held, going on her quest to gather the sins on his behalf and becoming protective of him when the god was in danger. She would often take counsel from the him over the course of her quest; nonetheless, she was often vexed by his tendency to point out her own faults or fall asleep mid-conversation, and was infuriated when he withheld information from her. Due to his inability to feel pain, Elluka often took her anger out on Held's physical form.

Kiril Clockworker: The man that Elluka falsely remembered as her fiancé. Elluka cared for Kiril deeply, intending to marry him and later keeping his name after his descent into insanity and eventual death. She experienced great regret for losing him, fleeing rather than experience the pain of watching him die.

Irina Clockworker: The girl Elluka falsely remembered as her sister-in-law. While regretting her loss as a sister and unaware of her continued existence after the Levianta Catastrophe, Elluka often came up against Irina over the course of her quest, both suspicious of I.R. and antagonistic towards Abyss I.R for spreading chaos in Evillious. Similarly, she came to attack Irina's other alias Julia Abelard directly.

Lukana Octo: A body Elluka swapped into. Elluka swapped bodies with the magically-receptive Lukana to keep the latter out of I.R's hands, although she also appreciated the woman's magical potential. She preferred this body for several hundred years.

Gumillia: Elluka's apprentice. Elluka found Gumillia to be a useful apprentice due to her magic potential, though she was often annoyed by her straight-laced nature and by her being overprotective to a fault. She greatly cared for Gumillia's well-being, such as when taking her away from the Green Hunting, and had the forest spirit accompany her throughout many centuries. She trusted her to handle difficult tasks, like working in Père Noël.

Michaela: A disciple of Elluka's. Elluka would occasionally play with Michaela as a spirit; finding her to be easy to reason with and, later, useful for gathering the sins, though surprised by Michaela's choice of Eve for a body. As a friend, Elluka cared deeply for Michaela's well-being, such as in aiding her during the Green Hunting and becoming incensed when the latter chose to remain a human during this time, risking her life.

Mariam Phutapie: A fellow member of the Three Heroes. Elluka and Mariam had a deep friendship cultivated over the course of the Lucifenian Expansion War. She was impressed by Mariam's fighting skills, although amused by her serious and overprotective nature and habit for kicking, as well as disagreeing with her tolerance for Riliane's cruel regime. Elluka enjoyed spending time with Mariam and was greatly saddened by having to leave her, later mourning her death.

Leonhart Avadonia: A fellow member of the Three Heroes. Elluka and Leonhart had a deep friendship cultivated over the course of the Lucifenian Expansion War, although she had difficulty expressing this friendship, such as in calling him "dimwit" at his funeral, and was occasionally flustered by his forthright manner. She enjoyed spending time with him and was greatly saddened by his death, mourning him along with Mariam.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Elluka's employer after Arth and Anne's death. Elluka was expressed concern that she was being possessed by a Demon of Sin. She became outraged by Riliane's selfish whims and disregard for the lives of others as a monarch, eventually leaving the palace at the commencement of the Green Hunting.

Lemy Abelard: A fellow member of Père Noël. Elluka saw Lemy as too valuable to be left with Irina, as a reincarnation of Hänsel, thus attempting to make him leave with her. Because of his value, when he refused her offer she found it necessary to kill him instead, finding his eventual death humorous.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Elluka's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Luka, containing "luka" at the end.
  • Her fascination with octopi is a reference to Tako Luka and Elluka's representative Vocaloid.
  • Elluka's code number in Père Noël may relate to the magical and lucky connotation of the number seven in Western cultures, coinciding with her codename of "magician" and her occupation as a mage.
  • Mothy claims that when he'd first conceived Elluka's character as the sorceress in The Daughter of Evil Series, she was originally to be an antagonist that opposed the Lucifenian Resistance and masterminded the kingdom's fall to chaos, before giving that role to other characters.[66]


  • Mothy describes Elluka's attitude to be the same as when he is drunk.[citation needed]
  • She shares the same presumed birthday (January 30) with her Vocaloid.[67]
  • When asked about his favorite character in The Daughter of Evil Series, mothy answered that he liked the Three Heroes.[68]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Elluka was voted as the fourth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.
  • Elluka's sewing hobby may be an allusion to her eventual body swap with Lukana, a tailor.
  • Fittingly, the brothel she owned as Seventh Magician was located on the 7th block of Rolled.
  • In Story of Evil: The Paper Demon and the Secret Archive, a character named Elluka chats with Haruto on SNS, having an interest in demons and the occult.




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