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Eater Sabella, also known as the Worldeater, was a subordinate of the Demon of Gluttony and a former forest spirit of Held. Following his friend Lich out of the forest, Eater began serving the new Demon of Gluttony and was incarnated as a death god. Becoming the chef of the Graveyard restaurant, Eater served at the establishment before it was shut down by Judge Gallerian Marlon.


Early Life[]

Born in the Second Period, Eater became childhood friends with Lich Arklow,[1] as well as the research assistant of his cousin Vlad Tuberci.[2] Eater thus accompanied them on the Climb One when they set out following the Second Period's destruction. He was one of the 62 crew members who were killed due to Seth Twiright, and whose spirit data was arranged to be reincarnated into forest spirits.[3] Sometime after incarnating in Held's Forest in BT 528,[4] Eater continued to be friends with Lich.

Death Gods[]

After Lich was banished from the forest due to putting a human's soul inside a mud doll sometime during the EC 470s, Eater followed them out.[5] Eventually taking up residence in Column Forest in Marlon, the two continued to remain in their animal forms. Eater later welcomed Lich home in EC 505, discussing with him their living arrangements. When Ney Phutapie suddenly attacked with her corpse soldiers, Eater easily defeated them.[6] The two later became subordinates of the new Demon of Gluttony Banica Conchita, remaining dormant inside her wine glass vessel.[5]

During the Duel of Merrigod Plateau, Banica unleashed Worldeater on the dueling twin gods and Irina Clockworker inside Levia's inner psychological world. Worldeater then clashed with their magic, getting caught in the blast.[7] Later on, Eater was reanimated as a death god by his master and set up the Graveyard restaurant in Levianta along with Lich. Serving as the restaurant's chef, Eater kept the wine glass as well as one of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia in his possession.

When the USE Dark Star Bureau Director Gallerian Marlon had the restaurant shut down and Banica's wine glass seized, Eater fled the establishment and evaded the authorities. Later, with Lich, he broke into Gallerian's home wielding a kitchen knife, demanding that Gallerian release his master and becoming angry when met with his confusion. He was further enraged when Bruno Zero shot him in the stomach, lifting him up by the neck before Lich ordered him to stop. He then stood by as Lich explained the situation, watching the wine glass be returned to them and then seeing Lich receive subsequent orders for them to serve Gallerian from then on.

Along with Lich, Eater thus became part of PN. Later on, he had a short conversation with his commander Feng Li, barely replying to his comments.[5] After the outbreak of the Leviantan Civil War in EC 983, Eater fled Gallerian's mansion during the conflict.[8] He ended up accompanying Lich to Evil's Theater, where they took up residence with its other strange inhabitants.[2] Around EC 990, Eater encountered Gammon Octo and, transforming into his giant skeleton form, attacked him and rendered him unconscious.[9]

World's End[]

In EC 999, Eater perished along with the other inhabitants of the theater when it was destroyed by Punishment. Later on, he received another body from Lich, and accompanied his master when she returned to Beelzenia and constructed an illusion of her mansion there. When a Black Box floated to the mansion, Eater destroyed it under Lich's orders, sleeping among the wreckage when he was suddenly visited by Allen Avadonia and Nemesis Sudou.

After conversing with them, Eater led them inside to Banica; when Banica prepared to stop Gammon and travel to Evil's Theater, Eater accompanied her along with her other servants, Allen, and Nemesis, using his Worldeater form to fly them there.[1] He then waited outside while the others entered. Much later, Eater saw Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, possessed by Ma, fly out of the theater, ignoring him when he greeted her.

When Allen and Nemesis came outside, they told Eater that the others were gone and that they needed to escape, only for Lich and the servants to make it out of the theater at the last second. With the four of them on his back, Eater took off into the air as Evil's Theater turned into a Black Box. He later relayed, when asked, how he'd spotted "Waiter", and pointed her out on the ground.[10]

When Allen and Nemesis formed a plan to stop Ma, Eater let Allen down to distract her and then helped Nemesis make preparations to stop Ma,[11] in exchange for her promising to help Banica. With Nemesis summoning a tornado to trap Ma, she and Eater flew out and pulled Allen free of the winds. He continued to carry the two of them as they grappled with Ma, flying them over to her.[12]

After Ma was defeated, Eater accompanied Banica, Arte, and Pollo to the Grave Yard as part of their preparation to journey to a parallel world, leaving Lich behind when they couldn't find him.[13] Once they returned, Eater carried over the new Evil's Theater with Seth's equipment, with Banica intending to make it the ship they voyage in. After Lich made Eater a smaller body so he could fit inside the theater,[14] he accompanied Banica and the rest of her servants to the parallel world, serving as her chef.[15] During the trip, the ship was attacked by Ma, causing it to malfunction and threatening to crash, only for all of them to survive the ordeal.[16]

Personality and Traits[]

"Eater’s a good kid. He’s just clumsy, and he’s never really had many friends. –Aside from Lich."
―Nemesis to Allen[src]

During his time as an earthling, Eater was a docile, albeit clumsy and awkward individual, having only Lich as a friend.[1] In the Third Period, Eater was loyal and obedient to his master, serving Banica's will alongside Lich. During times of conflict, Eater often fled the scene rather than getting involved, although he was capable of violence and anger when it came to protecting Banica. Aside from this, Eater slurred his speech and could be uncommunicative when interacting with others.[5]

Skills and Abilities[]

"My ultimate dead soldier, the ‘Worldeater’–Come, eat them all up!"
―Banica unveiling Eater in his Worldeater form[src]

As an earthling, Eater was capable at his work as a research assistant in biotechnology, enough to be included in the crew of Climb One.[3] As a forest spirit, Eater presumably had the abilities associated with spirits, such as transforming into an animal or performing magic. He was also able to communicate with normal animals.[6]

As a death god, Eater had a large, strong figure, standing at over two meters tall, and could withstand bullet wounds, and his skin was a quicklime white like the rest of the undead soldiers.[5] Eater could also pass as human, although giving off a cadaverous stench. Eater was also capable at being a chef to the point of being able to wield a kitchen knife in combat,[5] although his food allegedly lacked variety.[15] Compounding this, Eater could shapeshift into a giant skeleton, Worldeater, and could also grow wings and fly.[1]

Character Connections[]

Lich Arklow: Eater's friend and fellow spirit. During their time in the Second Period, Eater was childhood friends with Lich, and as he grew up he continued to have Lich as his only friend. After being chased out of the forest, Eater followed after Lich and the two began serving Banica together. After being incarnated as death gods, Eater continued to work closely with Lich during their operation of the Graveyard restaurant.

Banica Conchita: Eater's master. Fiercely loyal to her, Eater carried out Banica's will, even making violent efforts to protect her and her vessel.

Gallerian Marlon: Eater's eventual superior. After he shut down the Graveyard restaurant, Eater broke into his home and used violent means to retrieve the Glass. After being ordered by Banica to serve him, Eater became Gallerian's subordinate as well, joining his police force.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Eater is inspired by the concept of shinigami, gods or spirits that invite humans toward death in Japanese religion.
  • The Worldeater is described as being the "ultimate corpse soldier" by Banica.
  • The Worldeater is similar to the Gashadokuro in Japanese mythology, a giant skeleton monster made from the bones of those who died from starvation.


  • A variant of the corpse soldiers called "Worldeaters" also existed during the late EC 900s as a result of the world's rules breaking down.[17]