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Are you looking for the album called E.A.T Prologue?

E.A.T Prologue is a short story included in the E.A.T Prologue album, released on December 18, 2020. The story details the travels of Banica Conchita and her servants through parallel worlds, the latest one being the world of angels and demons.

Plot Summary[]

Inside the Evil's Theater II, Ron Grapple maintains the "Fat Man", its radioactive power source; he is the only one able to survive its exposure due to his regenerative power as a zombie. After leaving the room, he encounters Fry Kitchen, another servant of Banica's, who relates to him that a battle had broken out within the theater and that they had traveled to a new parallel world. Soon after, Lich Arklow in his black Rollam bird form arrives with the girl Baum Kuren on his back, and Ron and Fry let the two into the theater. Lich then takes him to another room, where they discuss how, due to the hero Jarre's betrayal during their time in the world of giants and beastmen, everyone in the theater save Ron had died. Thus, Lich was forced to transplant the crew's souls into the corpses he had on-hand, unable to use the special mud they had stocked up to create mud doll bodies. Seeking further explanation, Ron is taken by Lich to the theater's cockpit, where he reveals that he had put the soul of Seth Twiright into the theater itself, making the building his new body.

Lich then explains that he was unable to put Banica's soul into a beastman body due to her having a human soul, as opposed to rest of the crew's, whose souls were closer to that of gods. Lich states that they need the soul of Banica's alternate self to put her body in, and that he is certain it is Baum. Ron objects to them killing Baum, before Banica herself comes to them, having been put in a red cat doll by Seth as her temporary body. Banica remarks that she is willing to take Baum's body, but is concerned that she's blind. Lich says he intends to restore her eyesight before killing her, leaving the room. A few days pass, and the crew are unable to transfer Banica to Baum's body. Banica then discusses her plans to turn the theater into a restaurant as part of her plans to adapt to their new world. Ron reminisces on how he had always wanted to travel with Banica during their days at the Conchita Mansion centuries ago, and is grateful that he's able to take that journey now.



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