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"I was thinking of taking the opportunity to observe Admiral Dylan's heroic figure in action."
―Kyle Marlon[src]

Dylan was an admiral of the Kingdom of Marlon and the captain of the Royal Victoricia. Serving under King Kyle, Dylan accepted Keel Freezis' request to safely transport his son Shaw to the Evillious mainland and fetch the king and his daughter Yukina. After departing from Lucifenia, Dylan commandeered the voyage back to Marlon.


Early Life[]

"Do you have any experience with fighting a monster like that before?"
"I've brought down a whale before. Although it was a whole lot smaller."
―King Kyle and Dylan[src]

Born in EC 463, Dylan eventually became an admiral of the Marlon navy. Spending ninety percent of his time on deck each year, the admiral came to serve as the captain of the Royal Victoricia, which Queen Prim assigned to escort Prince Kyle in all his sea journeys during the EC 490s. Afterward, Dylan became close friends with the prince and later king over the course of their many voyages together. Later in his life, he married a woman over twenty years younger than him.[1]

The Merchant's Request[]

In EC 505, Dylan was asked by Kyle's friend, Keel Freezis, to sail his son Shaw over to Lucifenia and fetch both the king and his daughter, Yukina. The admiral complied to the merchant's request and safely transported Shaw and his eleven bodyguards over to the Marlon territory; he soon after prepared to depart for Marlon, having added Kyle, Yukina, Germaine Avadonia and Gumillia on board. During this time, he allowed Yukina to tour the deck of the ship and oversaw as Beelzenia's Captain Chartette Langley and Lucifenia's Riliane Mouchet stayed briefly to make deliveries for Kyle and Germaine.

After making sure that all of his passengers were safely below deck,[2] the ship departed and Dylan oversaw the voyage, having the ship take a detour route south in response to the poor turn of the tides. After he later retired to his room for a time, Dylan was alerted by news of pirates approaching the ship and he raced from his cabin to assess the situation. As the six ships approached and started opening fire, he began planning his counterattack and studied the pirates' movements, noting them as amateurs.

Once they engaged in battle with the pirates, Dylan oversaw as his crew sank five of the pirate vessels, and then watched as the remaining ship rammed the Royal Victoricia and prepared to board them. Dylan prepared for close quarters combat with the pirates and had his men swarm the enemy ship before most of the pirate crew had boarded. The pirate captain and his second then boarded the ship alone and Dylan battled with them briefly before being knocked out.

Dylan awoke some time later when the ship was being approached by a giant Ziz Tiama Octopus, and oversaw a rapid, yet ineffective, assault on the monster. During the attack, Gumillia requested permission to work on the cannons and, with Kyle's persuasion, Dylan reluctantly obliged. He then watched as the mage put runic inscriptions on fifty of the cannons and, on Gumillia's direction, he had all of the affected cannons fired at the giant octopus.

With the creature weakened and the cannons ruined, Dylan relayed orders from Kyle to his crew to cut around the octopus and aim for the mainland. After they successfully passed the monster, the ship docked safely at the port town of Jamet. Once there, Dylan and his crew said goodbye to Kyle and his comrades before heading off to party in town.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

Dylan was a cautious yet jovial man. A responsible captain, Dylan cared greatly for his crew and the passengers of his ship, always considering their safety and acting accordingly. Serving under King Kyle, the two shared a close relationship and the admiral shared several details about his personal life with the monarch. This extended to Kyle's close friend Keel as well, readily accepting the merchant's request to fetch Kyle and his daughter for him.

The admiral was a logical and rational man honed from his years of experience; times of danger, he possessed grace under pressure and was able to remain calm when dealing with life-threatening situations such as pirate attacks or attacks from animals as large as a whale. Despite this, Dylan was unable to deal with completely foreign threats to his knowledge, such as the giant aotako octopus, and was easily bewildered when other people displayed strange or unexpected behavior. Dylan also had no qualms with marrying a woman twenty years younger than him.[1]

Skills and Abilities[]

"It's already over."
―Dylan facing pirates[src]

Dylan was an excellent seaman, able to perform his duties as admiral and stay at sea for a large part of the year. Due to his years of maritime experience, he also possessed extensive knowledge regarding sea-based warfare and could judge whether or not a cannonball would hit his ship given the distance it traveled. Because of this knowledge, Dylan was a skilled strategist and was able to sink enemy ships very quickly. Aside from this, he had an awareness of the typical motivations and tactics of pirates. Despite his skill at sea, Dylan was considerably weaker at swordplay and was more easily defeated in close combat.[1]

Character Connections[]

Kyle Marlon: Dylan's king. Becoming acquainted with the prince at a young age, Dylan was loyal to Kyle as the eventual sovereign of Marlon as well as becoming close friends with him. Because of this, he was quick to assure his safety, albeit also willing to let the king do as he pleased in tough situations, and would also keep him updated on his personal life. Dylan would extend that friendship, as well, to Kyle's other acquaintances, doing Keel a favor due to this.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Dylan's name is derived from Welsh, meaning "great tide"; Marlon, Dylan's native country, in inspired by the British Empire.
  • Kyle's description of Dylan having killed a whale may be a reference to Captain Ahab, the protagonist of the famous novel Moby Dick.


  • Dylan is described as beginning show signs of his age with wrinkles forming along the edges and to have also grown a mustache.[1]