The Duel of Merrigod Plateau[note 1] was the name given to the battle between the mage duo Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia and the remnants of Père Noël, Irina Clockworker and Lemy Abelard. Taking place at Pale Noël's tomb at the plateau of its namesake, the duel unofficially ended Père Noël.



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Following the arrest of Kaidor Blankenheim on May 23, EC 610,[1] the noble was assassinated by Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb in his prison cell at Castle Hedgehog that September. In the ensuing months, persons investigating or criticizing President Julia Abelard in Rolled, Lucifenia were murdered by her son, Lemy Abelard under his Père Noël alias "Fifth Pierrot". During his attempted murder of Justea investigator Ayn Anchor on December 26, Lemy was fatally shot by Gumillia under Elluka Clockworker's order and later buried in the local cemetery.[2]

A month later, on January 26, EC 611, President Julia announced her resignation from the presidential office. Immediately after, "Irina Clockworker" issued a letter challenging Elluka to confront her at Merrigod Plateau before fleeing there to Pale Noël's tomb with Gatt Coulomb. On January 29, around 2:00 AM, Lemy revived and headed to his mother's location at Apocalypse Cliff, guided by the Demon of Gluttony. Later that day, around 3:00 PM, Gatt ambushed Elluka and Gumillia whilst en route to Merrigod. Swiftly defeated, he was subdued and deprived of the golden key he carried before the mages continued onward.[3]

Beginnings of BattleEdit

Early in the morning of January 30, Elluka and Gumillia confronted Irina within Pale's tomb and the mages began to battle. The mage was quickly cornered when Lemy arrived in the main chamber around 2:00 AM and joined the fray, sprinting toward Elluka to stab her before being fatally shot again by Gumillia. Immediately recovering from the wound to his heart, the boy pressed his assault. Gumillia quickly swapped out her lead rounds for magic bullets and shot the boy again to only slow his offense.

Irina launched a fire blast at Gumillia before Elluka fired a bolt of lightning to cancel out the attack. Pairing off Irina against Elluka and Lemy against Gumillia, the four exchanged blows for the next two hours. During the fighting, Elluka and Irina continually countered one another while Gumillia kept slowing Lemy's assault while unable to actually defeat him; as it progressed, Gumillia cast acceleration inscription marks upon her weapon and the Clockwork Secret Art upon Lemy with little effect.[4]

Stalemate BrokenEdit

When the raging Lemy lunged at her with his knife, the green-haired mage deflected his blade using the barrel of her gun, causing him to lose balance. Transforming the golden key into a bullet, Gumillia loaded it into the revolver and shot Lemy in the head, killing him.[4] With the stalemate broken, Irina's exhausted attacks were easily dodged and the mage was shortly cornered again. As Elluka drew near to finish her, the mage relinquished control of her human body and revealed her red cat form from behind Pale's tomb.

Activating Black Box Type S within the stuffed animal's heart, Irina's body exploded and enveloped both Elluka and Gumillia in the blast. Drawn into Levia's inner psychological world, Irina, Levia, Behemo, Eve Moonlit, and Gumillia confronted each other at the top of the temple. Afterward, Irina commanded Eve to awaken as the Master of the Court, creating the Court within the mental realm. As Levia and Behemo prepared to continue "Elluka's" duel with Irina, the Demon of Gluttony entered the dimension and summoned her Worldeater to devour everyone else present.

Irina and Levia joined in attacking the creature with their fire and lightning, clashing their attacks. In the ensuing massive blast, Gumillia and Behemo were blown out of the dimension and into the Hellish Yard while Levia, Irina, and Eve's souls were fused into one. Satisfied with the result of the exchange, the Demon of Gluttony returned to her wine glass and the duel informally ended.[5]


In the immediate aftermath of the battle, the new being in Elluka Clockworker's body left the tomb and dubbed herself Ma. After recovering from the battle, Behemo left for the Heavenly Yard while Gumillia remained with Seth to await Levia's return.[6] Shortly after, the World Police arrived and arrested Germaine Avadonia under the belief she was Julia Abelard along with confiscating the vessels of sin found in the tomb.[7] Suffering from rapid aging, Germaine died two months later.[6]

Civilian PerceptionEdit

Despite the lack of witnesses to the actual event, the duel continued to be remembered centuries afterward among the lore surrounding Merrigod Plateau.[8] Historically, the fugitive Julia Abelard was publicly believed to be captured in the wake of the battle,[7] rumors of her being the famed Germaine Avadonia becoming sullied with speculation over the years.[9] In contrast, the alleged Eternal Sorceress "Elluka Clockworker" continued to be recorded throughout history in the wake of the duel, though her apprentice Gumillia was noted to have disappeared since then.[10]




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