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"If I’m with you surely it can be overcome."
―Older Brother[src]

Desert Bluebird is a song released on July 7, 2010 in the EXIT TUNES' Supernova 3 album and later uploaded with a PV by Akuno-P two days later. The story follows two siblings as they hunt for a mystical blue bird. While ostensibly set in Lucifenia, it bears no apparent connection to the Evillious Chronicles.


In the distant future where civilization is all but wiped out, a brother and sister are looking for a bluebird, sure they can weather any disasters together. They meet an old woman who tells them of a bluebird that has the power to fulfill any wish and asks them to find it. If found, the bluebird could save the world. They set off, "packing their car full of hope" in search of the bluebird. After a long journey, they find it inside a Lucifenian state-run factory, perilous to humans due to high radiation. While the brother is too hesitant to go inside, the girl "packs her heart full of courage" and enters the building in his stead.

She then retrieves the bluebird, only to suffer and die from the radiation. Discovering this, the brother begs the bluebird to restore his sister, and the bluebird disappears as the girl wakes up again. The two walk ahead and find themselves near a blue ocean at the end of the world. It is there where the world will be rebuilt by the hands of its inhabitants. At the end of the PV, on the screen is shown, "The Desert Bluebird is a miracle."


砂の中 埋もれた世界
僕らは探しているんだ 青い鳥
辛くても 君と一緒なら


それは砂漠の BLUE BIRD

青い鳥 それは伝説
長い旅 僕らは見つけた

決して踏み入れてはいけないと 恐れている人々


砂の中 埋もれた世界
君は見つけ出したんだ 青い鳥
腕の中 目を閉じている君



君と僕 歩いたその先

辛くても 君と一緒なら


Suna no naka umoreta sekai
Bokura wa sagashiteirunda aoi tori
Tsurakute mo kimi to issho nara
Kitto norikoerareru

Bunmei no horonda kono sekai
Bokura kyoudai no mae ni arawareta rouba no tanomi goto
Sekai wo sukuu tame no aoi tori
Mitsukedashite hoshii

Sore wa sabaku no BLUE BIRD
Totsuzen yudanerareta sekai no yukusue
Kuruma ni kibou wo tsumekonde
Bokutachi no tabi ga hajimatta

Aoi tori sore wa densetsu
Arayuru negai wo kanaete kureru kiseki
Nagai tabi bokura wa mitsuketa
Aoi tori no ibasho

Kuzurekaketa kyodai na tatemono
Kesshite fumiirete wa ikenai to osorete iru hitobito
Chucho suru boku no tame ni kimi wa
Hitori de kakedashita

Nanika okireba itsumo boku no
Senaka de furuete ita kowagari na imouto
Kokoro ni yuuki wo tsumekonde
Kimi wa tatemono ni haitte'ku

Suna no naka umoreta sekai
Kimi wa mitsukedashita n da aoi tori
Ude no naka me wo tojite iru kimi
Mou mezame suru koto wa nai

Kaku de osen sarete ita shisetsu
Ushinatta mono wa amari ni mo ookii
Boku wa aoi tori ni negatta

Kimi wa futatabi me wo samasu
Aoi tori wa dokoka e kiesatta

Kimi to boku aruita sono saki
Tadoritsuita sekai no hate
Soko ni wa aokute hiroi
Umi ga atta

Subete wa kore kara hajimaru n da
Jibuntachi no te de sekai wo tsukurinaosu n da
Tsurakute mo kimi to issho nara
Kitto norikoerareru

Sore wa kiseki

In the world buried in sand
We’ve been searching for the blue bird
Even though it’s painful, if I’m with you
Surely it can be overcome

In this world with civilization destroyed
Before us siblings an old woman appeared with a favor
“In order to save the world, I want you to
Locate the blue bird

That’s the desert BLUE BIRD
Suddenly we were entrusted with the fate of the world
Packing our hopes in the car
Our journey began

Blue bird, that’s a legend
A miracle that could grant every wish
After a long journey, we discovered
The blue bird’s location

An enormous, crumbled building
There were people who feared that it shouldn’t be walked in
For the sake of the hesitant me, you
Ran in alone

If something happened, my timid little sister
Would always tremble at my back
Packing courage into your heart
You enter the building

In the world buried in sand
You discovered it, the bluebird
In your arms, with your eyes shut,
You won’t be waking up again

A facility polluted with “nuclear radiation”
What I had lost was too much
I wished to the blue bird

Your eyes open once again
The blue bird vanished somewhere

I walked with you beyond then
We finally reached the far end of the world
There was a blue and vast…

Everything will begin from here
We’ll rebuild the world with our own hands
Even though it’s painful, if I’m with you
Surely it can be overcome

It’s a miracle

English translation by Pricechecktranslations



  • Older Brother (first appearance)
  • Younger Sister (first appearance)
  • Old Woman (first mentioned)
  • Desert Bluebird (first appearance)


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In French folklore, the bluebird represents enduring happiness and is the origin of the phrase, "bluebird of happiness"; Lucifenia, the country the song is set in, is inspired by France.
  • In Native American folklore, the Sun's firstborn son was named Bluebird and the animal was believed to be a spirit associated with the rising sun, possibly alluding to the sun over the ocean toward the song's end.
  • The song's plot also may be inspired by the play The Blue Bird (L'Oisea bleu) by Maurice Maeterlinck, telling the story of a girl, Mytyl, and her brother, Tyltyl, who try finding the "blue bird of happiness."


  • The emblem of Lucifenia appears in the song, albeit more elaborate than its other depictions.
  • The earth god Held appeared as a bluebird when confronting Nemesis Sudou and Allen Avadonia after the Third Period was destroyed.