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Deadly Sins of Evil: Judgment of Corruption is the sixth Deadly Sins of Evil light novel, which was released on August 26, 2016. The novel was written by Akuno-P and illustrated by you-ring and Ichika. It covers the events of Judgment of Corruption and Miniature Garden Girl.

Publisher Summary[]

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Plot Summary[]

In EC 944, the narrator observes the trial of Elluka "Ma" Clockworker at the Dark Star Bureau courthouse. The head judge, Hanma Baldured, ultimately declares her a witch and gives her the death penalty. She says goodbye to her lover, Gandalf Marlon, and their baby, Gallerian, before being taken away. The narrator reveals himself to be Sickle, deciding to observe the path of Gallerian's life.[1]

Fourteen years later, Gallerian is among the ten Levin University students watching a witch trial at the Dark Star Courthouse. Months later, court officials, including Hanma, meet regarding the applicants and decide to accept all six of them. At the university batch's graduation party, Gallerian speaks to his roommate Tony Ausdin, before he is offered an invitation on a hunting trip by his friend Loki Freezis. He declines, and the two are joined by Loki's girlfriend Mira Yarera.[2]

Two years after, Gallerian is now ranked "7th Class Senior Judge". He speaks with Mira after a lecture, revealing that he will be presiding over a trial as judge for the first time. Later, Gallerian looks over documents regarding the case he has been appointed to, finding out that the defendant is Kayo Sudou, surprised at how much she resembles his mother. The trial begins a week later, with Kayo acting as her own defense. Gallerian acquits her, surprising everyone but Kayo, due to a witch being declared innocent for the first time.

Gallerian is called into Hanma's office; he explains that he wants to gain Kayo's favor so they can learn more about witches. Given a suspension by Hanma as an ostensible punishment, Gallerian takes up Loki's invite to go hunting in Pixie, where Kayo is.[3] Later on, Gallerian meets up with Loki and is introduced to his butler, Bruno Zero. Loki physically abuses Bruno, surprising Gallerian. The three drive off, eventually arriving in a snowfield. Loki mentions that they should start soon, confusing Gallerian, as there is no game around, before Loki declares he's the game.

Gallerian runs for his life while Loki rants about his jealousy and outrage at his surpassing him. He continues to fire at Gallerian, missing several times, before stumbling upon his body on the ground. Bruno checks and confirms that he is dead, before Loki remarks that this might be "Shiro's" work. Bruno whistles for her, asking that she take care of Gallerian. The two leave shortly afterwards.

Gallerian wakes up in an unfamiliar place, and briefly wonders if it is the afterlife. However, the members of PN enter, Hel Jaakko explaining that Shiro had shot him without killing him and that the place was Lunaca Labora. Bruno arrives, offering his help in killing Loki. Gallerian refuses, explaining that he would like to try him in the court instead. The members of PN state they would like Gallerian to join them.

Another person, Postman, joins them, and Hel asks that they bring in the owner. Postman brings in Kayo; when asked why they all hold distaste for Loki, she replies that it was the Freezis Conglomerate they have a problem with, having betrayed Elluka Clockworker by beginning the witch hunts that continued on even today. Everyone else in the room is someone who once worked for them, including the tiger, Feng Li. Gallerian is taken aback by this new information regarding Loki, and agrees to help them. Kayo asks to be called "Ma" from now on, and Sickle ponders on whether Gallerian's choice is the correct one.[4]

Mira meets with Gallerian at the temple of Levia-Behemo, and is overjoyed at seeing him alive and well. She explains Loki's motives, and reveals that he, along with the rest of the Freezis Family, hunt humans for sport. Gallerian asks to be introduced to her brother Gusuma. Ma and Gallerian later meet with the man, who agrees to help them bring Loki's crimes to light, though they will need to gain his mother's approval before he can hand them over money. Ma suggests they attempt to use a bribe to get Gusuma's adopted brother, the serial killer Jorm Zusco, out of death row to do so. Thanks to Ma and Gallerian, his execution is successfully suspended four days later.

Gallerian continues to recover in Lunaca Labora. Bruno offers him something to eat, when suddenly Mira enters the room, startling Bruno. She leaves for a moment, and Gallerian takes the opportunity to ask him why he holds a grudge against the Freezises. Bruno explains his origins as a slave, and how Loki killed his entire family, along with how he met Shiro, Hel, and Feng, though he wouldn't reveal how he met Ma.

More than a month later, Loki is tried by Hanma and given him to 30 years of imprisonment. Mira visits him several days later in jail; she reveals that he has been disowned by his family, that she is pregnant with Gallerian's child, and that they will be married next year. In a different area of the jail, Feng, Ma, and Gusuma visit Jorm. Feng has quit working with the Freezises, as have the others. Once at Jorm's cell, the man attacks Ma, and she concludes that he should not be released, being a HER like Loki. They agree to at least keep him from being executed.

Having gained money from his marriage, Gallerian now lives in a mansion. He discusses his future plans with Bruno, who offers to become his butler. He agrees, and the two continue to talk before Bruno excuses himself to make a phone call. The next day, Postman delivers a gun to Loki, from his father: he is being told to kill himself. He does not, and is ultimately shot by Shiro, though it is ruled a suicide.[5]

Two years after, Ma is serving as Gallerian's advisor, who is now "5th Class Senior Judge". Thanks to both, no one has been found guilty of witchcraft in the past two years. Gallerian's marriage is suffering, however, and Bruno is concerned about his closeness with Ma. The two meet up at a restaurant to discuss a trial; Gallerian reveals that he remains in his marriage for his daughter Michelle's sake. After Ma orders some Blood Grave in celebration of his birthday, he becomes drunk, and sleeps with Ma.

They hold an affair for half a year, until Bruno asks that she end it, on the basis that she is Gallerian's mother. She leaves, and later meets up with Hanma, revealing him to be her apprentice. He asks that she leave, as they are being pursued. As the World Police burst in during a trial, Hanma casts ice magic to incapacitate them and escapes.[6]

Fourteen years later, PN has become reorganized into Police Neutrality, the Dark Star Bureau's own police force. Shiro and Tony visit him to ask for Ma's help in aiding the USE forces combat the dead soldier problem they are experiencing, though Gallerian says he hasn't heard from her since she disappeared. A few moments later, one of his servants delivers a letter to him from Ma.

Bruno, Shiro, Tony, and Gallerian walk around the Misty Mountains, before encountering Postman, and shortly afterwards, Ma. Asked about her disappearance by Gallerian, Ma dismisses it as her being whimsical. In private, Bruno asks that she not start a relationship with Gallerian again, and she agrees. They all head back to Levianta, where Ma assists the USE as requested by Tony.

Later on, Gallerian and Michelle discuss her upcoming trip to Marlon, before being visited by Ma, who introduces herself to Michelle. She asks Gallerian to help her fund a film based on "The Daughter of Evil". She leaves shortly after. Three weeks later, Gallerian hears of the news of Mira and Michelle's deaths, resulting from their ship, the Titanis, sinking.[7]

Gallerian asks that PN investigate the matter further, but is ultimately denied this. Instead, Bruno, Shiro, Hel, and Feng, along with Postman, agree to activate "Père Noël" once again, and look into it themselves. They learn of the gang Zeus' involvement, and of one particular member, a "demon beast user", who is responsible for the ship's sinking. Bruno, Shiro, and Postman locate the member's home, located in the Lost Woods. As they begin to question a woodcutter that resides there, they are trapped and attacked by the branches of the trees surrounding them. Sickle, overseeing all of this, asks the Millennium Tree Michaela to stop, and she complies. As everything returns to normal, the three question the woodcutter once more. Inside the house, they spot a doll seemingly made in the image of Michelle and theorize she was the beast user's target. Asked to deliver it to Hel, Postman instead delivers it to Ma; she mentions that it is a vessel of sin and ponders using it as a "replacement" for Michelle.

Gallerian is visited by Ma at his mansion, where she discusses the Vessels of Sin and their wish-granting powers. Handing him the Marlon Spoon, Ma explains how the being residing in it is no longer a demon, but "Adam". She elaborates on how he can help grant Gallerian's wish. Gallerian agrees on contracting with him, and Sickle notes on how this was not the correct choice.

The next day, Bruno reports his success in capturing the culprits of the Titanis' sinking. Thanking him, Gallerian asks that he keep "Michelle" company. Bruno begins to cry, believing his old friend has become delusional, before being introduced to the Clockworker's Doll. He continues to cheerfully talk to the doll, told she wanted the vessels of sin for her birthday despite receiving no audible response.[8]

Bindi Freezis, the mastermind behind the Titanis Sinking Incident, is being tried, thanks to PN. Meanwhile, Bruno expresses to Feng his worry at Gallerian's state, although his delusions seem to only affect how he perceives Michelle's death. Just then, Hel bursts in, believing Gallerian to have gone mad, as he has declared Bindi innocent.

At Gallerian's office, Bindi thanks Gallerian, having bribed him. He asks another favor of Gallerian, and a week later, 20 members of Zeus are murdered by Jorm. Later on, Ma and Gallerian talk inside his mansion, discussing Gusuma's outrage and Gallerian's collaboration with the Freezis family. Ma mentions that she's located one of the vessels already, and explains that the more vessels that are collected, the more difficult it is to acquire the next one, due to the Twins of God.

The two visit Nyoze and Gammon Octo's home in Samadin, seeking to retrieve the sword vessel the two brothers own. Once there, Gallerian sees the sword in their living room and tries to touch it; Nyoze forbids him, stating that anyone other than an Octo would be taken it by its enchantment. Gallerian and Ma are ultimately unsuccessful in retrieving it, and are asked to leave.

Later, Bindi asks another favor of Gallerian, asking that he help his friend Jason Jack be declared innocent of murder, as he has killed a prostitute. Looking over the case files and details gives him an idea, and two weeks later, Nyoze is found guilty of murder. He is sentenced to 15 years of prison. Bruno assisted Gallerian in forging the evidence, Gallerian having gained Nyoze's sword.[9]

Gallerian obtains a wineglass, another vessel of sin, from the Graveyard restaurant after having it shut down. He speaks with Bruno on the matter at his mansion, when the two are attacked by corpse soldiers, including Eater Sabella. Lich Arklow arrives and asks that Gallerian return the glass and release "Waiter". He takes the glass and is absorbed into it, before returning dejectedly and explaining that he and Eater are now servants of Gallerian, at his master's request, and that the glass is his, provided that he keeps Ma away from it, and he promises to find the "grave yard". Sickle notes that they were once forest spirits, though Lich was driven out after creating a human made of mud, and Eater followed him, the two becoming servants of Demon of Gluttony.

Sickle also mentions how Gallerian now has four vessels in his possession, and that although Gallerian's original goal was to reform the witch trial system, he has been dishonorable. He has gained fame for being corrupt and accepting bribes. Gallerian believes that by collecting the vessels, he can heal his daughter, though this is a lie. Ma's only goal is to become a "pure" being, and is using Gallerian to achieve this. Sickle later speaks with the Doll, and she explains how happy she is, also telling him how she and her "friends" will soon be moved to a theater in the forest. She also reveals her identity after he promises to keep it secret.[10]

The USE has managed to stop any major wars from occurring in Evillious, though there is major political unrest in countries such as Lucifenia. Heleus Gone is tried for the murder of Asmodean's crown prince, though he is not executed, on Gallerian's orders. Nyoze Octo listens to the verdict on his radio, before turning it off, predicting an oncoming war. He wonders what his brother, Gammon, will do, before leaving with his girlfriend to the summer festival.

Just as predicted, Asmodean declares war on Lucifenia, causing political turmoil involving neighboring countries in the following months. In Elphegort, Gallerian and Ma overlook the construction of "Evil's Theater", noting that it will be completed in a month, and it is where the vessels are to be kept. After its construction is completed, all of Gallerian's vessels save for the Marlon Spoon are transferred. Ma begins to reside there and adds the Twin Blades of Levianta to the collection.

In February 983, Tony Ausdin commands his troops on the way to Asmodean, their opposition. They halt in the village of Zenosai due to the snow. Shiro once lived here, escaping from her hometown, where she was worshiped by the Held sect because of her resemblance to Clarith. Tony is approached by a Netsuma girl with a flower basket and is ambushed with a stick of lit dynamite instead. Following an explosion, and Tony orders his forces to kill the villagers. Shiro attempts to stop him as he begins shooting, but is ultimately accidentally shot by him as well, dying shortly after.

The news of this slaughter becomes known throughout Levianta, thanks to the Tasan Party in Elphegort. Gallerian will be acting as the judge for Tony's trial, and leaves to speak with him. He questions Tony's motives, before accepting to help out, in exchange for a bribe. Gallerian leaves, and Sickle muses on how he is alone, and begins wondering when Gallerian's trials became so unjust. During Tony's trial, Gallerian announces him innocent, outraging those watching, amongst them Gammon Octo. The man notes that Gallerian is now finished, as the latter leaves for his office.

Once there, he is confronted by Hel, Feng, and Bruno. Hel has quit the Dark Star Courthouse, and Feng PN. The two leave. Bruno confirms that he will not abandon Gallerian, comparing himself to Allen from The Daughter of Evil. The Tasan party attempts to have Gallerian persecuted for his crimes, but are unable to, thanks to Bindi's intervention. However, evidence of his corruption is leaked to the press, and the Leviantan Civil War breaks out in April of EC 983.

There is civil unrest and violence, with the main targets being the rich benefited by Gallerian's judgments. They also target Bindi Freezis, and he seeks Gallerian's help in getting out of the country, asking for Postman's help. Postman arrives, and safely transports him out of Alicegrad, taking him to Lunaca Labora. He is surprised to meet Gusuma there, who hates him for causing his sister and niece's deaths. Bindi is killed by Jorm.

Bruno is captured by the population after an 18-hour attack on the Dark Star Courthouse, though Gallerian escapes through a passageway. He is helpless; no one has come to kill him yet, and he briefly wonders as to why. Adam then appears to Gallerian and mocks him, and explains that it is Eve's soul that is in the Clockworker's Doll, not that of his daughter's. Gallerian refutes this, before Adam calls the Doll forward, inquiring on her identity. She asks to look out the window, proceeding to set the protesters on fire with her blue flames. This makes Adam panic, as he realizes this is not Eve, and that Ma lied to him. He breaks their contract, and leaves. Gallerian loses the ability to hear the doll.

With the mansion set on fire, Sickle muses on his fate, before beginning to fly away. He is amazed to hear Gallerian call out for him, and the two speak for a moment. Gallerian asks that he tell him what Bruno and Ma have kept from his for so long, and he initially refuses, before giving in and telling him, leaving Gallerian astounded. Sickle flies away, beginning to regret having told him this.[11]

A new narrator, Bruno, explains his current circumstances. After being jailed by the people's militia, released by the government and jailed again, he traveled to Evil's Theater to investigate the rumors surrounding Gallerian's fortune. Exonerated by the Master of the Court, he traveled to Maistia, becoming the president's spy. Eight years later, Bruno sets out on a new mission: to stop Nemesis, Elphegort's dictator, from destroying the world. She is Gallerian's other daughter, mothered by Ma.[12]






  • When revealing information about the novel, mothy jokingly tweeted as a "spoiler" that the main character dies at the end.[13]


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