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Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot is the fourth Deadly Sins of Evil light novel, released on March 19, 2015. The novel was written by Akuno-P and primarily illustrated by Ichika. It covers the events of Fifth Pierrot.

Publisher Summary[]

What's Fifth Pierrot?

"And turns black to red"

The song was posted by mothy on Nico Nico Douga in June, 2011. It used the VOCALOID Kagamine Len for the vocals. A song related to the Seven Deadly Sins Series, it tells the story of Lemy: an orphan boy taken up as the adopted son of the wealthy woman, Julia. It depicts the figure of Lemy living as the killer known as "Fifth Pierrot".

Plot Summary[]

An unknown narrator explains how Levia and Behemo were twin gods and, though buried in the ground in the ark, the two were discovered and became worshiped by a kingdom as false gods. They give a false prophecy to the kingdom's queen of planning to destroy the world unless incarnated, beginning Project 'Ma'. As a result, the twins Hänsel and Gretel are born and their birth commemorated by the Evillious Calendar.[1]

In the Lucifenian Republic, EC 609, Julia Abelard makes her election speech as the new president of Lucifenia, watched by her son, Lemy Abelard. During the speech, Lemy is greeted by Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb and the two talk for a time before they continue listening to his mother's speech. The story then flashes back to how Julia adopted Lemy from an orphanage in Rolled, receiving a gift from her for the Nativity Festival before being taken in as her son. Afterwards, it returns to Lemy's conversation with Gatt before he heads home to wait for his mother. A mysterious voice then reminds him about his mother's inauguration party at the Lucifenian Palace, where his friend Rin Chan is scheduled to sing.

The story then flashes back to how Lemy met and later befriended the voice, Ney, after Lemy touched a wine glass in his mother's treasury and later received it as a gift. The boy later changes clothes and heads to the Lucifenian Palace for the inauguration party. Following Ney's instructions to the Hall of Mirrors, Lemy is greeted by a man he is reminded to be Bruno Marlon. Along with the man, Lemy watches as Rin Chan performs. Bruno then asks Lemy about his friend's resemblance to him and Lemy explains how she looked different when he knew her in the orphanage.

At Bruno's prompting, Lemy recounts how he first saw Rin Chan sing first at a circus three years ago, and how he and his mother shocked by her new appearance. He also recounts how, after the show, he was almost kidnapped by two thugs, Yarera III and Zusco Jr., only to be rescued by a "Fifth Pierrot". Afterwards, Bruno Marlon and Lemy discuss possible reasons for Rin Chan's changed face, as well as her employer Ton Corpa's dubious reputation. Lemy also points out that her voice has also changed since he last saw her. The narrator from before, Julia, then speaks about the history of Pale Noël, Père Noël's namesake, his mistress Meta, and Project 'Ma'.[2]

The voice of Ney encourages Lemy to save Rin Chan on his own, while a newspaper reports two months later on how a Cirque de Lune performance was to be carried out in Milanais Theater, the circus sponsored by Ton Corpa. Days before the performance, Lemy sneaks into the Corpa Mansion, having been unable to meet with Rin and his friend suffering under allegations of lip-syncing; dressing as a member of the circus, Lemy locates Rin and learns she's in danger of being killed by Ton as a result of the scandal. Attempting to escape with her, Lemy is stopped by Ton Corpa, who threatens them both. Becoming completely possessed by Ney, Lemy kills Ton and takes Rin Chan from the mansion.

Afterwards Lemy takes a carriage to Toragay, planning to see his "Aunt Mayrana", and talks with Rin Chan over their escape plans. They arrive at an inn in Aceid and Rin tells Lemy about her history with Ton, including how he had her face changed to look like Princess Riliane's with Seventh Magician's magic sword. While resting, Lemy has another nightmare of being abandoned in the water by the mysterious woman, crying out for his "mother" not to leave him.

That evening, the children set off for Calgaround and hear gossip from the coachman before being dropped off and walking to the city on foot. Arriving at Mayrana's home, Lemy meets with his aunt and she reveals that Julia was already waiting for him. Julia then narrates about the true nature of the twins Meta birthed and their possibility of being HERs due to the involvement of Seth Twiright.[3]

On January 4th in Rolled, a prostitute is stabbed. Her attacker notes his search isn't over, as the prostitute is not Seventh Magician. Months earlier, Lemy speaks with his mother in Rolled and is praised for his deeds, Julia revealing her control over the criminal organization Père Noël. In response to Lemy's shock, she explains how the organization works for the cause of "good" in a world riddled with mistakes and offers Lemy membership. Lemy accepts, despite Ney's arguments against it. Lemy is then given his first mission, to eliminate the traitor Seventh Magician, and takes up the mantle of Fifth Pierrot. 

Three months later, Lemy continues to kill prostitutes in search of Seventh Magician, having become at ease with murder and walking home after dispatching another woman. He argues with Ney over serving his mother and arrives home to meet Bruno Marlon, Second Dealer. After chatting with Lemy over their recent admittances into Père Noël and the arrival of two Justea investigators into Rolled to look into the murders, Bruno departs. The next day, Ayn Anchor investigates in Rolled with his partner, an inebriated Willus Zorach. Looking over the crime scene, the two speculate on the nature of the crime and its perpetrator and determine the murderer to be looking for a target; they decide to search for the target for the time being.

Meanwhile, a woman in hiding as a prostitute and using the power of the Demon of Lust becomes anxious by Père Noël's new hunt for her. "Isabel" is then given a new customer by the brothel owner. Receiving the boy despite his age, she prepares to service him when he reveals himself as Lemy; he then taunts Seventh Magician Yuzette Ora. Julia then narrates about her history possessing bodies with the red cat Seth put her into, attempting to get revenge on Elluka and spread HERS. She also speaks of having high hopes of becoming Master of the HERs through Lemy.[4]

In a well-lit building, Lemy's target resolves to move quickly and kill the assassin before she's killed in turn. As Lemy attempts to kill Yuzette, she resists and pulls out the Venom Sword, using its power on Lemy. Although initially appearing entranced, Lemy kills Yuzette under Ney's control and, once back to himself, prepares to leave with the Venom Sword. Stopped by Ney, Lemy is convinced to kill the only witness to his crime, the brothel's owner; instead, the owner reveals to Lemy that she won't speak of his crime and only wishes to speak with First Santa Claus. Although Ney argues she's a different person, the owner claims to be Third Sleep Princess, Margarita Blankenheim.

Two days later, Lemy and Julia visit the brothel and the owner convinces Julia she is Third Sleep Princess by demonstrating her knowledge and hypnosis skills, explaining how she gained control of Elluka's body but weakened herself in the process. She introduces her hypnotized assistant Gumillia, and the two are reintroduced to Père Noël as Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper. Suggesting fruitlessly that Ney be "Fourth Shadow", the new Seventh Magician raises a glass to the new Père Noël.

Three months later, Lemy is given his new assignment by Second Dealer, to kill his fellow vice president of the Freezis Foundation Nob Nicole during their meeting with Julia. Bruno evasively discusses his past and relationship with the Freezis Foundation before commenting on Lemy's willingness to kill and departing. Meanwhile, Ayn and Willus wait in an inn and discuss their now dead lead and her killer, a new Fifth Pierrot.

After receiving orders to stop the investigation from their Chief Homer, the two discuss the possibility of Bruno pressuring him and resolve to catch him and Pierrot both with their new information. The two then visit the brothel and meet with its owner for themselves; with her cooperation, they investigate "Isabel's" past as a fortune teller and her clientele, including a Kaidor Blankenheim listed with Bruno Marlon. As a result, they resolve to investigate Kaidor and Bruno further. Julia narrates again about her rivalry with Elluka and their relationship with her brother Kiril, noting how she's possibly appeared before her once again.[5]

On May 23, Aai Freezis, Nob Nicole, and Bruno Marlon arrive in Lucifenian, preparing to meet with Julia. That evening Lemy waits in the ceiling to assassinate Nob after the meeting, before two investigators burst into the room, Ayn and Willus. They grill Bruno Marlon about his manipulation of the World Police and his movements to take over Nob's duties in the vice presidency, accusing him of working in the black market and targeting Nob himself. As they reveal their knowledge of his true identity as Kaidor Blankenheim, Julia signals Lemy to kill Bruno, but the boy is unwilling to act on her orders.

Kaidor is arrested after his long history of deception and, later on, interrogated at Castle Hedgehog by the World Police's Interrogation Execution Department. Sleeping in an inn away from the subsequent suspicion and attention being cast on his mother, Lemy speaks with Seventh about his mother's predicament. She then offers to escape to Jakoku with him, arguing with Ney in the process. Giving the boy his choice, Seventh departs with Eighth Sniper to allow Lemy to think it over. That evening, Lemy dreams of two people, a woman who resembles Julia, and a girl who resembles Rin, discussing his situation before he's spotted and wakes.

The next morning Lemy returns home and meets with his mother over breakfast, resolving to speak with her. During the night, he later enters the brothel and finds only Gatt, Seventh Magician having fled. Julia narrates about her various pawns in the past and their usefulness to her, while also dwelling on her deeper relationship with Lemy.[6] By September 19, the newspaper publishes Bruno's death, having been assassinated by Gatt. Despite this, the suspicion over Julia Abelard leads to her impending resignation; wishing to protect his mother, Lemy prepares to kill her enemies.

Over the next months, multiple individuals opposed to Julia end up dead and Ayn continues his investigation. In the inn, Ayn ponders over his results and the identity of Fifth Pierrot. He then receives a message from Heidemarie to meet him by the Abelard estate. During the night, Ayn waits by the estate for Heidemarie; as she fails to arrive, he's drawn to an alley and meets Lemy. The boy prepares to kill the investigator, only for Ayn to remember him as the boy he rescued four years ago while investigating undercover as a clown.

Lemy protests this information and prepares to kill Ayn, only to be shot at the last moment. Seeing "Hanne" arrive, Ayn watches as Lemy dies, scorned for sympathy by Hanne, really Elluka Clockworker. Julia, really Irina Clockworker, sends a letter to Elluka to duel at Merrigod Plateau.[7] Elluka reassumes her original name as she plans to settle things with her newly revealed sister-in-law. Meanwhile, as the World Police crack down on the remnants of Père Noël with Julia Abelard missing, Elluka and Gumillia gain access to the Abelard mansion and examine Julia's empty treasury. With the vessels of sin missing, they decide to head out to Merrigod Plateau as per the challenge in the letter.

On January 29, the Toragay coachman takes Elluka and Gumillia on the way to Merrigod. Gumillia discusses Elluka knowing the identity of the letter's sender, Irina, after breaking her hypnosis placed to make her forget Elluka had absorbed Eve. The carriage is then confronted by Sixth Venom with the Golden Key in his possession. Elluka and Gatt quip at each other's allegiances before beginning the duel, Elluka unable to hypnotize him but defeating him with Eve's magic nonetheless. Subduing the assassin, they take the Golden Key and continue on to Calgaround, discussing Irina's potential threat. On arrival, Elluka directs them to Apocalypse cliff and determines to kill Irina once and for all.

Thirteen hours before, Lemy is roused from his grave by Ney, protected from death due to his contract with the Demon of Gluttony. He changes clothes and takes the wine glass left by the grave. Julia narrates about the mechanics behind the Demons of Sin and their vessels, remembering how she made the Clockworker's Doll and that "Ney" shares the Glass of Conchita with the Demon. She then relates her surprise when she had met with someone she knew again inside one of the vessels.[8]

Meanwhile, someone congratulates Lemy on his resurrection and instructs him to head to Apocalypse Cliff in Merrigod Plateau to where his mother is, introducing herself as the Demon of Gluttony. Lemy arrives at the cliff and is directed to the grave of Pale Noël by Ney, lead into a cave on the cliffside. Making his way inside, Lemy spots his mother fighting Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper. As Lemy is spotted, Seventh Magician learns that contractors are immune to ordinary means of death; as Julia insults her luck-based survival, Elluka attacks, only to be stopped by Lemy. As Gumillia attempts to subdue Lemy, Elluka focuses on Julia and the four begin to duel.

An unknown narrator comments on the duel and the power of its participants, before wishing to break the stalemate. He questions Adam not lending Gumillia the Golden Key's power for this purpose; learning Gumillia doesn't have the hate necessary for a contract, the speaker takes his turn to act as the Demon of Wrath. Becoming exhausted, Gumillia continues to battle Lemy before being spoken to by a voice, the Demon of Wrath. As Gumillia struggles, the Demon attempts to persuade her to contract; while initially refusing, she eventually gives in to make a special temporary contract and the Key turns into a golden bullet. Using it, she shoots and kills Lemy.

Lemy awakens in a bright red place and is greeted by Ney, finally remembering his sister's name as Arte. He's then greeted by the Demon of Gluttony, remembering her as his lord, and she shows him the scene outside the glass with Julia crying over his corpse. He then recalls his other name, Pollo, as he comes to join Arte and Banica Conchita about to eat dinner.

Meanwhile, the Demon of Wrath comments on the state of events before Gumillia speaks to him again, asking for his name. It decides to tell her its human name: Seth Twiright. Irina then narrates about Seth's attempts to increase the number of HERs, being one himself, through the creation of ghoul children. She also recalls his becoming the Demon of Wrath, considering him now an enemy for killing Lemy.[9]

Following Lemy's death, Irina is defeated and returns to her cat body. As Elluka intends to attack the cat, Irina declares that she will end "Elluka's" false memories using the special Black Box device Seth once prepared inside her cat body. Self-destructing, Elluka and Gumillia are caught in the explosion. Afterwards, Gumillia wakes up in a temple and encounters Irina in her original human body at the top. A person wearing a maid outfit then joins them and greets Gumillia and Irina, followed by Eve Moonlit and a young woman in a lab coat.

After Gumillia questions where Elluka is, Irina explains that "Elluka Clockworker" is the woman in the lab coat. Gumillia then greets the woman properly as Levia, who had lost her memories and gained Elluka Chirclatia's as a result of the Levianta Catastrophe. Now with everyone inside Levia's inner psychological world, the god questions Irina on how she had known the truth, as well as speaking to Gumillia on own true role to monitor her.

After explaining her knowledge of the mechanics of the world, Irina awakens Eve as the "Master of the Court" and transforms the dimension into the Court; she then announces her intentions to destroy everything, beginning with the conclusion of her duel with Levia and the one in the maid uniform, Behemo. Before starting the duel proper, Banica Conchita intervenes with the undead soldier "Worldeater" and attacks all participants. The Demon, mage, and god all clash in the duel. Irina narrates that her own desires, aside from those of a HER, was to have children.[10]

Gumillia awakens in a new place, the Hellish Yard. Speaking with one of the inhabitants about the region, the mage is directed to the entrance to the Heavenly Yard; there, she meets Behemo as well as a sentient mask, the true form of Seth Twiright. After discussing the whereabouts of the others following the clash, Gumillia attempts to go to the Heavenly Yard with Behemo; unable to enter while living, she remains behind with Seth and speaks with Behemo a final time, learning that a miasma in the yard will turn her insane eventually. Seth resolves to research the miasma, and convinces Gumillia to wear him for the time being to provide him with arms and legs.

Meanwhile, in the Glass of Conchita, Banica discusses the outcome of the duel with Arte, pleased that the threats to her desired ending have been virtually disposed of with the three Ma candidates' souls merged together. Announcing her intention to find the Grave Yard, she finishes up her meal. At Pale Noël's tomb, a woman emerges from the cave and struggles to determine her own identity and purpose, overwhelmed with the memories of Levia, Eve Moonlit, and Irina Clockworker. She eventually determines a new name for herself: "Ma".[11]

In February an old woman is pushed through Rolled in a wheelchair by Ayn and headed to Milanais Square, the woman once known as Julia Abelard. At the end of January, Gatt is arrested and Julia was discovered claiming to be the "hero of the revolution". Ayn and Willus visit the rapidly-aging woman, who introduces herself as Germaine Avadonia and explains her activities a century prior.

Willus and Ayn privately discuss the likelihood of her speaking the truth and allow Germaine to be transferred to Lucifenia. Then taking her on a temporary outing, Ayn wheels the wizened Germaine through Milanais Square as he broods on past events, the woman happy with Lucifenia’s progress since her time.[12]

Gallerian Marlon walks through the Hellish Yard and meets a masked woman, who declares him bound for hell but for one chance. Introducing herself as the Master of the Hellish Yard, she clarifies that if he gives up his fortune he will be spared. As he tells her his answer, Gallerian wakes up in his office, having been studying documentation on Fifth Pierrot of three hundred and fifty years ago.

His close aide Bruno Zero enters and gives a report on the construction of Evils Theater, as well as discussing the whereabouts of the fugitive Nyoze Octo and his future disposal by No. 8. After next arranging his dinner with Ma, Gallerian eventually allows Bruno to leave. The narration notes how peace and conflict coexist and repeat, the "karma of evil" not yet over.[13]





Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Though not originally planned to receive its own light novel adaptation, mothy decided to sandwich an adaptation of Fifth Pierrot between his release of Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep and The Tailor of Enbizaka's novel adaptions due to the important events that occurred during the era.
  • In the novel's afterword, mothy explains that Eve's identity was supposed to revealed alongside Levia's, and that Rin Chan was originally going to be a one-shot character.


  • As part of the promotion for the novel, a limited time album cover card and unique track was given by presenting a receipt with proof of purchasing both the light novel and the Seven Crimes and Punishments album from Animate to one of its cashiers.
  • A limited time clear bookmark was also provided for purchase of the light novel from Animate.
  • A new short story written by mothy was mailed in for early purchases of the light novel along with the limited edition version of the Seven Crimes and Punishments album, starting in June, 2015.



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