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Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita is the second Deadly Sins of Evil light novel, released on September 24, 2013. The novel was written by Akuno-P and primarily illustrated by Ichika. It covers the events of Evil Food Eater Conchita and Drug of Gold, portraying the life of Banica Conchita and the result of her endless gluttony.

Publisher Summary[]

What's Evil Food Eater Conchita?

"Honor and praise our own great Conchita!"

Posted on Nico Nico Douga in March 2009 by mothy, it used the VOCALOIDs MEIKO and Kagamine Rin and Len for the vocals. The song with the theme of "Gluttony" in the Seven Deadly Sins series, it depicts the life of "Banica Conchita", filled with the gastronomy of the world. Within this clip, notice the Menu of the Day, such as "toadstool consommé", for Lord Banica.

Plot Summary[]

Note: This summary is incomplete; improved summary pending until full translations are acquired.

At the Graveyard restaurant, a new customer comes in and is greeted by the Waiter. Offering Blood Grave wine for the aperitif while they await the first course, the waiter explains the wine's history with Vampiress Vanika and her inspiration, Banica Conchita; at the behest of the customer, the waiter decides to tell the story of Evil Food Eater Conchita between each meal and begins the tale.[1]

As the hors d'oeuvre is brought in, a Tasan pig, the waiter takes the opportunity to explain the history of the Tasan Empire and its collapse. She also elaborates on the pig being forbidden by the Levin Church and how a non-Levin believer, Muzuri Conchita, had ignorantly eaten the pig. Relating that the gourmand descended from Maylis Beelzenia and the infamous Sateriasis Venomania, the waiter begins the tale of how Muzuri ate the baemu for his daughter Banica's first birthday.

In November of EC 296, Muzuri surveys the gifts given to him by the lords of Beelzenia for Banica's birthday celebration. After discussing the birthday, Muzuri receives a new livestock from an unknown sender, which is moved to the barn. When asks the stockman about the gift, he surveys the barn's pigs and recognizes the baemu, excitedly explaining its rarity to the others. As they discuss the sender of the pig, Muzuri declares it a gift from God and eventually determines to eat the legendary pig for Banica's dinner that night.

He has the baemu brought to the kitchen and the cook examines it, discussing its preparation. During their conversation, the baemu goes wild and is killed by the Duke, who leaves it in the cook's hands. Later, the cook urges Muzuri back and shows him a wine glass found in the pig's stomach, perfectly intact. The cook protests to not eat the baemu's stomach in case of any glass debris. The Duke insists he cook it for him anyway. After returning to the dining hall, Muzuri has the first taste of the delicious baemu; the dishes are then eaten by everyone in the household save Banica, and the wine glass is added to Muzuri's treasury.

The next morning, Ron discovers the head cook dead, having vomited blood, and the family doctor is unable to determine the cause of death; Ron and Muzuri, suspecting the baemu, have the whole household examined. The next day the man on livestock duty is found dead as well. On the third day, Megour's personal maid dies, while the gardener dies on the fourth day. On the fifth day, the family doctor returns and speaks with Muzuri, relating how he had discovered unusual things in the corpses' stomachs.

A day later, on the doctor's suggestion, a mage is invited to the Conchita estate and introduces himself as AB-CIR. After Muzuri explains the situation and mentions the wine glass, AB-CIR identifies the glass as the problem and requests he bring it to him. The mage then exposites that the pig was likely a contractor with a demon, becoming mindless eating puppets. He continues on that, by eating the pig, the Conchita household has also contracted its Gula disease; he begins the story of a town, Gula, struck by the disease before Ron brings the glass and the mage's red cat retrieves it. He notes that the disease will continue to kill but, as one man survived in Gula by keeping himself full for ten years, the Conchita household must do the same.

Over the next several years, the Conchita household eat themselves full, Muzuri imposing heavy taxes on the people to keep their food reserves full. When six years old, Banica leaves leftovers and an enraged Megour forces the dishes down her throat. Eventually, revolts break out in Muzuri's territory and the entire household suffers. Two months before the ten years are up, a famine occurs in the empire and members of the household die off, their corpses left about the mansion.

Half a month before the deadline, Muzuri watches as a crazed Megour enters with Banica, looking for food, and catches sight of a corpse. She then attempts to take Muzuri's sword to carve up the dead; attacked by his wife, the Duke recognizes her madness and kills her.

The waiter relays that only Muzuri, Banica, and Ron were ultimately able to escape the curse; he continues that Muzuri was stripped of his territory by the Beelzenian Imperial Family and that the Conchita family would only gain it back fifteen years later with Banica as the family head. Seeing the next dish arrive, he notes he will next talk about Banica's love.[2]

While Banica was away, Ron Grapple takes the opportunity to clean the twins' room, discovering a wine glass in the fireplace. As he prepares to throw it away, Arte and Pollo stop the chamberlain and kill him. Banica returns after hearing Ron had gone missing but collapsed due to her dramatic weight gain. Confined in bed, she is visited by the Demon of Gluttony, promising to save Banica from certain death by making a contract with it so she could taste the world of the ultimate food.

Although she refuses, the Demon leaves its offer open before leaving. The next day, Banica awakens to find the Demon had left its wine glass filled with baemu blood. Unable to resist the temptation, Banica drinks the blood and forges the contract with the Demon. The waiter explains that event ended the story of Gourmet Noble Banica and began the tale of Evil Food Eater Conchita.[3]

After finishing the story, the waiter tells the customer to pay for the meals, only to discover that they are part of the Dark Star Bureau, investigating the business. Arrested while the police flood in and search for a glass and mirror, the waiter panics and notices that the chef has already fled the restaurant.[4]

Later, the new Demon of the Glass smiles and reflects on her life while in a judge's possession after witnessing the arrest. She remembers how she came to be from eating the old demon, as well as remembering the many owners she had, and thinks back on how she had finally reunited with the souls of Hänsel and Gretel in preparation for becoming the Master of the Graveyard. The Demon waits for the day she can leave the wine glass and devour everything in the world.[5]





Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In the novel's afterword, mothy explains that he originally conceptualized Banica as a flying monster that could eat meteorites headed toward Earth; he also states he originally thought of having a servant character represented by Hatsune Miku in the Evil Food Eater Conchita song PV.


  • When purchasing the first edition version of the novel, a benefits booklet "menu" is provided, including illustrative profiles by Ichika with commentary from Akuno-P, several four-panel manga, and a short story titled "Gloom of Held".[6]
  • For the novel's contents page, it is set up as a menu, dividing its chapters into the terms for different meals such as the French hors d'oeuvre and poisson and the Italian sorbet, followed by the name of the dish.



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